Readily do readily read on the third generation of Web site

recently discovered a very simple with the notes, readily see the new website. After I read it much praise, on the spot to remember their name is (just 5, to record their information (this may be interesting, you understand)), so anytime after use. Interestingly, in order for the whiteboard to be easier to use, they hardly ever ask for membership. That is to say, without membership, you can start using it right away, and the process can exit in less than 20 seconds. That might be their easy job, at least I think so.

below, first introduce some of the advantages of this station close to the user, and then talk about how we should continue to do the station.

"when you see some good text data on the network " select ", cut copy home, then where to put? May be placed in the word file, stored in the portable hard disk, and then open the home…… Good trouble which may open; Email, take all these things put in, send an email to yourself, sweat, or trouble; have a lazy (I had so often), is to send a letter to each other: QQ MSN, " the following is I have to remind myself. " go home and open " the history dialogue record " you know, it’s not easy,


now, just go to and paste the information right away and get a " right away. ". This ultra short URL is only five, and casually find a note paper, you can write it. Go home, and then go to  the website, with the five letters number, you can immediately call out the information you need. More subtly, when you transfer data with an ultrashort URL, you can also add the information you need in the text box, press ", submit the ", and the system will give you another new url."

believes that everyone has read this and has a profound message for everyone. What kind of website can insist to do, can do well?. Mainly close to the user, think of the user’s thinking, anxious users of the urgent, standing in the user’s point of view analysis of the problem, is a good site. Nature will live forever.

Every demand situation in the life of

, the network really pervaded? Maybe you do a new website "event" web site, let them think you can readily do readily see, users will soon come to embrace.

editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your contribution! This is a low quality soft Wen, but the article mentioned in the website creative good! At least is the author of an attempt!