Shanghai planetarium to lead people to explore the mysteries of the universe

vast universe is always desirable, along with the development of China’s space technology, the mysterious veil of the universe is constantly being opened, leading people to explore the mysteries of the universe. The development of the astronomical industry is very fast, many places have set up a professional planetarium, Shanghai planetarium officially started, so that the people of Shanghai to close to the stars.

who said that the steel cement in the city, can not look up to the sky? Into the world’s top planetarium, open the infinite galaxy of the universe, in Shanghai is not a dream! As the world’s largest planetarium building area — Shanghai planetarium started, innovation center construction and innovation of BizArt Shanghai science, will form a gold "big triangle" — to the Museum of science and technology to explore new technology, go to the museum since 2020 after the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, deep secret Astronomical Museum universe, will become an international metropolis "life science" the perfect combination of.

secret appearance of light and shadow changes like celestial bodies run

Shanghai planetarium site located in the lake near the lake, the United States by the Italian architectural office and the Shanghai modern architectural design institute to form a joint design. The other three main buildings such as the intersection of interplanetary orbit, meaning earth, the sun and the moon spherical building "run" during the regional landscape; the main building and the design of the 4 non concentric trails, outward natural extension, like the beautiful spiral arms very galaxy.

main building on the "round hole skylight" "ball screen aura" and other unique characteristics of the design, so that the building itself is an astronomical instrument". The highest point of the whole building is an inverted dome, sky watchers in the deep sky quiet looking at the sky; "three ball" in the main building, with a dome theater, there is a ring structure, the light will cast a different aura, sometimes rounded, sometimes missing angle……

Xu Xiaohong, director of the Ministry of construction and construction of the

planetarium headquarters, said the planetarium project belongs to the unique shape of the opposite sex construction, construction technology is difficult. The construction of the planetarium will use a variety of advanced technologies, such as full life cycle BIM demonstration application, rainwater recycling and ecological purification, solar renewable energy utilization, light pipe system, ground source heat pump, etc..

secret exhibition across the galaxy to listen to the astronomical story

walks into the Shanghai planetarium to see what? Planetarium started on the occasion, a department of the universe drama, an astronomical story, but also slowly brewing. The final demonstration project, is expected to complete the project approval.

According to

, the Shanghai planetarium main exhibition will be divided into "home" "universe" and "journey". "Home" exhibition from people familiar with the sky, day – Earth – month slowly began to lead the audience to walk through the solar system, through the Milky Way galaxy, "universe" exhibition from time and space, light, gravity, elements and life five