What need to pay attention to open chain hotel

we usually travel to do things, to live in the hotel, go out to travel to stay in the hotel, the hotel market is also very hot. A lot of people all know, at present hotel of the chain joins in the industry to have good development foreground, say specific management, chain hotel joins in how? What are the major factors that affect the operation of franchise stores?

A, health and safety is a top priority of the hotel. Safety in production is the most important task, we must put safety in the first place; there is no security there is nothing, not to mention economic benefits. Operators only pay attention to the restaurant decoration and grade, and sometimes ignore the health requirements. Food hygiene is also very important, can not relax at all times, we must strictly abide by national and local laws and regulations, to the customer’s diet health! Personal hygiene can not be ignored, the staff of the hotel is the highlight of our hotel, but also to establish the basis of the internal image of the hotel, good personal hygiene is also the embodiment of professional ethics.

two, food and service is the vitality of the hotel. In the past, some operators believe that the quality of food first, quality of service second, and practice has proved that: service first, dishes.

three, the hardware and software is the grade of the hotel. Hardware is the main structure and decoration of the hotel, location, facilities, tableware, tables and chairs, dishes, guests can see the touch of the. Software is the brand of the hotel, is the corporate culture, is the embodiment of the spirit of the quality of the staff, as well as the reception level, quality of service, the value of the dishes to the guests.

actually operates a hotel chain is not difficult, pay attention to some details, you can successfully open the chain hotel. These three points are the key to the impact of the chain hotel business, do a good job of these preparations for your chain hotel franchise to bring more good business.