What do you think of the 7 day of the national day of the spread to earn a profit of 500 thousand

Tianya forum in Chongqing, the emergence of a title for the letter? National Day 7 day stall earned a post of 500 thousand, attracted many users hot.

bonusgiven network called "dawn – Garbage brick house, post time is 22:14 on October 8th. In the bottom of the title of the text, there is only one word, such as false replacement false penalty ten". To 3 yesterday afternoon, users click rate has more than 5000 times, reply to several of the ten. In the face of questions and questions, the author said he sold a couple loaded.

netizen "extraordinary" analysis is more rational, in addition to the 7 day "500 thousand net profit of 70000, according to the daily put 10 hour per hour on average $7000, net profit of more than and 100 RMB per minute, that every minute you have to sell the same net profit of more than 100 pieces of things out, is it possible?"

stand age: 1 years

What stall how much money? This reporter interviewed two stall stall stall.

although Wang Yan put the mouse pad is various, but Wang Yan admitted that most of the time a day to earn fifty yuan, less time is only twenty or thirty yuan. Less than two thousand yuan a month.

stand age: 3 years

if so easy to earn money, who will start a company?!

Zhang is selling women’s