Let the enterprise involved in Entrepreneurship help more flexible and more able to control

nearly two years, China’s job market situation is not optimistic. The same is true of venture capital market. Although China has launched a number of entrepreneurial support policies, but in the face of the vagaries of the market, there will be a sense of difficulty.

"in today’s employment situation is grim, many college students because of lack of experience and experience, caused by failure." In January 27th, the provincial CPPCC members, Henan Deyu supermarket chain Limited company chairman Zhang Deyu said in an interview with reporters.

in addition, the government to have interest in entrepreneurship students posted to the related enterprise to carry on the practice, the fledgling entrepreneurs to help students clear business objectives, development planning, by imparting entrepreneurial experience, docking strengths projects to improve college students’ entrepreneurial success rate.

than government behavior, enterprise behavior to be more flexible and this flexibility is more effective for entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurial projects will still be in line with the market, profit. Contact with enterprises, can learn more effective experience, realize the dream of wealth.

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