2016 Huizhou city women’s entrepreneurship award selection began enrollment

to set an example to further encourage the majority of interested women to participate in entrepreneurship. Huizhou city to carry out "2016 Huizhou women entrepreneurship Shijie award. Whether it is self recommendation or recommend others, the registration deadline for the 15 day of this month.

candidates take place recommendation, recommendation system, social network and the way of combining the self recommendation. The counties (districts), the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Association, Municipal Association of women entrepreneurs will recommend more than 3 candidates; one can go to the local women’s Federation, bureau of science and technology, intellectual property office, and receive the form, fill in the print and electronic documents in January 15th, submitted to the Municipal Women’s Federation propaganda department recommended network; in January 15th before the login related website, download the application form, fill in by the requirement of good.

candidates need to meet the conditions of

1. at least 18 years of age, working in Huizhou for more than 2 years (not limited to household registration) of female citizens;

2. abide by the law, advocating self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement spirit, with a high ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities;

3. is a leading and innovative team leader who has made outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, product innovation and brand innovation;

4. through the application of women’s small business loans to achieve the entrepreneurial dream of women, entrepreneurial projects have a certain degree of innovation, to attract more women’s employment, operating capacity and good prospects for development;

5. actively participate Internet plus female entrepreneurship practice, outstanding women use electricity, micro business platform sales promotion Huizhou specialty products business, better efficiency, outstanding women have strong demonstration effect;


6. in the local or in the same industry play an exemplary role, have a certain influence on women’s entrepreneurship demonstration base and female social organization;

7. created in the pioneering spirit, be enthusiastic and press on independent innovation research, application, significant technological invention, and promote enterprise innovation, service innovation, technological innovation, business model innovation, integration innovation is recommended