The best cook Wang Xiaoxiao’s career

do not know when did not want to cook, anyway, Xiaobian was determined to be a cook, of course, that’s just talk, the chef is usually fat uncle, there is little woman as a cook, but today to talk about this as the most beautiful cook was an exception, looks too sweet she is to become a chef?

2014, after graduating from school in, easily find a job in Chengdu. After work, she often made delicacy treat myself well after each happily in the circle of friends Slide Show, friends praise. Many friends also deliberately went to her home, rub eat, after the taste of screaming fun. Wang Xiaoxiao thought, "since I have this craft, why not start their own business". Said dry, Wang Xiaoxiao to the market to buy fresh ingredients, try to do cold eat rabbits, chicken, spicy beef and other cold food series, the results of a one-time success.