Store operators do not do not pester entangled

Many people believe that

should have such a consumer experience, after entering a store, shopping guide immediately went up, all kinds of propaganda, finally not because there is no selection to the right products, but because of being entangled Daogouyuan out of the shop. So, in the course of our business entity store, we must bear in mind that the store operators do not tangle do not bother, so as to get more consumer recognition.

if we observe a row of parallel shops can be found immediately: a full customer shops will attract other guests have been passing in a shop; guests did not affect other guests will go.

when a person does not want to buy something in particular, would be more casual love shopping, look at shops, if he saw no guests in the shop, so he will come to a standstill. On the other hand, see one family group at the store, he will go along for the ride. Because a lively shop, the true story of the " there must be a good thing " information, it is easy to arouse the curiosity of customers. Furthermore, a guest not a shop, there are customers, the clerk will immediately approached to greet, and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

anyway, regardless of how attractive display of goods, if there are no other customers in the shop is always feel unable to secure a visit and purchase, on the other hand, in the noisy crowd is able to carefully selected shops; auction period is the portrayal of the crowd. The more crowded, the more crowded the crowd will be, a large group of people will attract a large group of people to come, this is a wonderful and inevitable phenomenon. Therefore, the structure of the store itself is conducive to the emergence of this phenomenon is in the design and planning of the store must pay attention to.

at this time we have to do is not pester don’t bother, give the customer a relatively free space, the guests do not love at any time with the clerk about doing excessive hospitality, if the customer into the store clerk was too warm, it is easy to cause the customer sentiment. Do not bother to say is not entangled in the timely and effective help, so that customers feel free to browse, enjoy the tour, enjoy the freedom of shopping.

is now a lot of shopping as a service to passion, resulting in enthusiasm over the head, scaring away customers. In a word, the guide in the service process, pay attention to try to figure out the customer’s psychology, face the different character of the customers with different service modes, make customers feel relaxed, not too frightened to guest enthusiasm.