Sisters killed at home in front of her mother killed her boyfriend revenge

recently, a pair of underage sisters in Hubei, Enshi was killed at home, according to the police investigation, the murderer was the sister of the mother’s ex boyfriend, emotional entanglements caused by the murder of two children revenge. The suspect has been arrested.

1 29, high Luo Xuanen County town murder occurred, it is understood that later that day 7 always suspect Teng Xu (male, 41 years old, Xuanen County town of Lijiahe) in the high board Luo Zhen Liao Cun Liu (female) in the home, Liu’s two daughters (a 8 and 13 year old) hacked, then escape. Mian 22 PM, Teng in Gaoluo town pour water village was arrested by the police.

it is reported that the murderer Teng aquatic, live in five groups of Dongping Lijiahe village, with the victim’s mother Liu once lived together for one year, but did not receive a marriage certificate. Liu recently because of a contact with a boyfriend, Teng Shui took extreme behavior, resulting in tragedy.

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