Royal Navy’s Warship HMS York Monitors Russian Aircraft Carrier

first_img View post tag: HMS View post tag: York View post tag: Aircraft HMS York has been activated as the Royal Navy’s fleet ready escort, and is monitoring the largest ship in the Russian Navy, the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.The Type 42 destroyer sailed north from her home port of Portsmouth last week and first observed the Admiral Kuznetsov north east of the Orkneys in the early hours of Monday, 12 December 2011.She will remain in close company with the Admiral Kuznetsov and her supporting task group, consisting of a destroyer, two frigates, two tankers and an ocean-going tug, whilst they are in the vicinity of the UK.The Admiral Kuznetsov and her task group are believed to be deploying to the Mediterranean for exercises and training. The aircraft carrier is 999 feet (304m) long and displaces around 55,000 tonnes.It is the first time she has deployed near the UK for a number of years and HMS York’s presence continues to demonstrate the Royal Navy’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of UK waters.The Admiral Kuznetsov task group is currently within the international waters of the Moray Firth sheltering from poor weather.HMS York’s Commanding Officer, Commander Rex Cox, said:“Our presence is a clear signal to the Russian task group that the Royal Navy is active and alert around UK waters and we will continue to monitor their activities as they make their way south.“We are well-practised in this type of operation and are ready to position anywhere around the UK and to provide a robust presence when called upon.”[mappress]Naval Today Staff, December 15, 2011; Image: mod Share this article December 15, 2011 Royal Navy’s Warship HMS York Monitors Russian Aircraft Carrier View post tag: Russian View post tag: Warship View post tag: Navy View post tag: Navy’s Back to overview,Home naval-today Royal Navy’s Warship HMS York Monitors Russian Aircraft Carrier View post tag: Naval View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Carrier View post tag: Monitors View post tag: Royallast_img read more


first_imgWHAT IS ON YOUR MIND TODAY?Todays “READERS POLL” question is:  Should City Council approve an ordinance change that will allow a Deputy Mayor to be appointed acting Mayor in case something happens to the Mayor?If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] County Observer has been serving our community for 16 years.Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistribute.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Eliot Lipp Gets Down On New Track ‘You Think’ From Forthcoming LP [Premiere]

first_imgVeteran musician and producer Eliot Lipp is gearing up to release his 9th studio album, Come To Life (Old Tacoma Records, Pretty Lights Music) in May 2016. After more than a decade living in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York (but equally home on the road), the intrepid producer returned to his roots in the Pacific Northwest before recording the album, much of which came together over a single inspired weekend.Returning home provided Lipp with new inspirations for his blend of sampledelic funk and techno­ inspired hip­hop beats. The mossy green woods and snowy mountains of the Pacific Northwest were essential to the ambiance and texture of the sounds. The result is a digital landscape filled with beautiful analog creations.“The music I make is a soundtrack to my life,” explains Lipp. “I made this record to help me stay positive while life was being a little rough on me. I discovered a therapeutic power in music I never knew existed.”  Come To Life is a musical journey all the way through. The album showcases many different musical styles, and shows off Lipp’s musicianship. “Somewhere between the instrumental hip-hop on my first records and my more recent dance floor inspired beats, I found that a certain funk in all of that remains consistent. This new album is about an awakening so I felt it was important to dig back in to my musical past for inspiration. I came back with some well rounded electronic grooves.”In anticipation of the new album, Lipp has shared the track “You Think” with L4LM! Listen to the premiere, below:With Come To Life on the horizon, Lipp will hit the road for several dates across the country with Blockhead, as well as Late Night Radio and SuperVision. Be sure to keep up at Lipp’s official website for up to date info, album news, and tour date announcements.last_img read more

Harvard Remembers 9/11

first_imgThe Harvard community remembers where they were on September 11th and reflects on how it has changed their lives and the world around them.last_img

Karisma dances for charity

first_imgA midmonth charity arts showcase called Karisma has raised $20,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Nepali hurricane relief efforts, according to Karisma president and founding director Meenakshi Krishna ’17.Founded in 2012 by a group of college and high school students, Karisma has raised $18,000 for various charities in the past. This year’s event shattered its records.Karisma celebrates South Asian culture by bringing together bhangra, Indian classical dance, and other performance groups on the college and high school level. This year’s event, held in Krishna’s hometown of Long Island, N.Y., included performances by Wanted Ashiqz (featured on “So You Think You Can Dance”), Cornell Bhangra, Broadstreet Baadshahz (winners of the Bollywood America title), and Drexel Jhalak.“Karisma started as a way to unite students through the means of the arts for a good cause,” said Krishna, who has been dancing since she was 6. “Dance, research, and children’s education have been my passions since high school.”last_img read more

Professors examine foreign policy under Trump administration

first_imgRosie LoVoi | The Observer Professor Rosemary Kelanic said the Trump administration’s foreign policy has been driven largely by the president’s self-perception. Kelanic presented as part of a “Pizza, Pop and Politics” panel hosted by NDVotes.Kelanic was one of two professors who discussed the Trump administration’s foreign policy in a “Pizza, Pop and Politics” panel hosted by NDVotes on Tuesday evening. As to what will drive U.S. foreign policy decisions under the Trump administration, Kelanic said the president‘s ego will be a determining factor.“The underlying logic is what is good for [Trump’s] ego at any given point in time, and how does he view himself?” she said.President Trump’s identity as a dealmaker is also a driving force in his foreign policy agenda, Kelanic said. As a result of these traits, Kelanic said American foreign policy may become largely determined by President Trump’s personal relationships with other world leaders. “He’s likely to favor those who flatter him and disfavor those who criticize him,” she said.Michael Desch, a professor of political science and director of the International Security Center at Notre Dame, agreed with what much of Kelanic said. Foreign policy is also shaped by public opinion, especially under the current administration, Desch said, as Trump has taken advantage of a major shift in public opinion. “President Trump ran for office and was elected at a time in which the political culture of a significant fraction of the American public had changed,” Desch said. “A new sort of approach to politics in general, and foreign policy in particular, had emerged.” Desch identified this new trend in American foreign policy as “Jacksonian,” after President Andrew Jackson. Some of the key tenets of this political philosophy are high levels of nationalism, populism and a pessimistic view of international politics. During a question-and-answer session, Kelanic and Desch addressed the U.S. foreign policy with regards to North Korea.The situation with North Korea might not allow Trump to be as aggressive as he may wish he could be, Desch said.“The president very clearly came into office thinking that what he wanted was a military solution to the North Korean nuclear program because diplomacy had clearly failed,” Desch said.But as it became clear to Trump that any military option in North Korea would have severe repercussions, he seems to have settled for continued pursuit of diplomatic solutions, Desch said.Desch also addressed American foreign policy with regards to the situation in Israel and Palestine. Trump’s view of himself as a dealmaker may provide him with the necessary motivation to pursue a deal between Palestine and Israel — a deal which many have deemed to be almost impossible to achieve, Desch said. “You say [it’s] too big a deal to Trump, and it’s like waving the red flag in front of the bull,” he said.Tags: Foreign Policy, NDVotes, Pizza Pop and Politics, The Trump Administration Though President Trump has promised to put America first, professor of political science Rosemary Kelanic said in reality, the current administration’s policies are closer to “Trump first” than they are to “America first.”“I think that [Trump] conflates his personal interests with the interests of the United States,” Kelanic said. “He doesn’t really draw a distinction between what is in the national interest and what he thinks and likes and doesn’t like, and what he desires and doesn’t desire.”last_img read more

Act One Will Be Filmed for PBS Broadcast

first_imgWe bet those crazy revolving stairs look just as great on screen! Lincoln Center Theater’s Act One, written and directed by James Lapine, will be filmed during its final weeks of performances for an anticipated PBS broadcast. The play, based on the autobiography by Moss Hart, stars Tony nominees Santino Fontana and Tony Shalhoub. The production is up for five Tony Awards this year, including Best Play and Best Leading Actor for Shalhoub. Santino Fontana Past PBS broadcasts of Lincoln Center Theater productions include Twelfth Night, Contact, The Light in the Piazza, South Pacific and The Nance, which will also play movie theaters this summer. Based on Hart’s autobiography, Act One chronicles his impoverished childhood and his determined struggle to escape poverty and forge a career in the theater. This path led to his collaboration with George S. Kaufman and their first great success, Once in a Lifetime. Act One began performances on March 20 at Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theater, where it will play its final performance on June 15. In addition to Fontana and Shalhoub, the show features Tony winners Andrea Martin and Chuck Cooper, Will Lebow and Matthew Schechter. Tony Shalhoub Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on June 14, 2014center_img Act One Star Files View Comments Andrea Martin Chuck Cooper View All (4)last_img read more

UVM scientist charts gross happiness through Twitter

first_imgUniversity of Vermont,The gross domestic product of the United States ‘ that oft-cited measure of economic health ‘ has been ticking upward for the last two years. But what would you see if you could see a graph of gross domestic happiness?A team of scientists from the University of Vermont have made such a graph ‘ and the trend is down. Reporting in the Dec. 7 issue of the journal PLoS ONE, the team writes, ‘After a gradual upward trend that ran from January to April, 2009, the overall time series has shown a gradual downward trend, accelerating somewhat over the first half of 2011.’ ‘It appears that happiness is going down,’ said Peter Dodds, an applied mathematician at UVM and the lead author on the new study.TwitteronomicsHow does he know this? From Twitter. For three years, he and his colleagues gathered more than 46 billion words written in Twitter tweets by 63 million Twitter users around the globe.In these billions of words is not a view of any individual’s state of mind. Instead, like billions of moving atoms add up to the overall temperature of a room, billions of words used to express what people are feeling resolve into a view of the relative mood of large groups.These billions of words contain everything from ‘the’ to ‘pancakes’ to ‘suicide.’ To get a sense of the emotional gist of various words, the researchers used a service from Amazon called Mechanical Turk. On this website, they paid a group of volunteers to rate, from one to nine, their sense of the ‘happiness’ ‘ the emotional temperature ‘ of the ten thousand most common words in English. Averaging their scores, the volunteers rated, for example, ‘laughter’ at 8.50, ‘food’ 7.44, ‘truck’ 5.48, ‘greed’ 3.06 and ‘terrorist’ 1.30.The Vermont team then took these scores and applied them to the huge pool of words they collected from Twitter. Because these tweets each have a date and time, and, sometimes, other demographic information ‘ like location ‘ they show changing patterns of word use that provide insights into the way groups of people are feeling.The new approach lets the researchers measure happiness at different scales of time and geography ‘ whether global patterns over a workweek ‘ or on Christmas.And stretched out over the last three years, these patterns of word use show a drop in average happiness.Or at least a drop in happiness for those who use Twitter. ‘It does skew toward younger people and people with smartphones and so on ‘ but Twitter is nearly universal now,’ Dodds said, ‘Every demographic is represented.”‘Twitter is a signal,’ Dodds said, ‘just like looking at the words in the New York Times or Google Books.’ (Word sources that the team is also exploring in related studies). ‘They’re all a sample,’ he says. ‘And indeed everything we say or write is a distortion of what goes on inside our head.’But ‘ like GDP is a distortion of the hugely complex interactions that make up the economy and yet is still useful ‘ the new approach by the UVM team provides a powerful sense of the rising and falling pulse of human feelings.Getting serious about happiness‘Individual happiness is a fundamental societal metric,’ the researchers write in their study. Indeed the ultimate goal of much public policy is to improve and protect happiness. But measuring happiness has been exceedingly difficult by traditional means, like self-reporting in social science surveys. Some of the problems with this approach are that people often don’t tell the truth in surveys and the sample sizes are small.And so efforts to measure happiness have been ‘overshadowed by more readily quantifiable economic indicators such as gross domestic product,’ the study notes.The new approach lets the UVM researchers almost instantaneously look over the ‘collective shoulder of society,’ Dodds says. ‘We get a sense of the aggregate expressions of millions of people,’ says Dodds’s colleague Chris Danforth, a mathematician and a co-author the study, while they are communicating in a ‘more natural way,’ he says. And this opens the possibility of taking regular measures of happiness in near real-time ‘ measurements that could have applications in public policy, marketing and other fields.The study describes hundreds of insights from the Twitter data, like a clear weekly happiness signal ‘with the peak generally occurring over the weekend, and the nadir on Monday and Tuesday,’ they write. And over each day happiness seems to drop from morning to night. ‘It’s part of the general unraveling of the mind that happens over the course of the day,’ said Dodds.In the long-term graph that shows an overall drop in happiness, various ups and downs are clearly visible. While the strongest up-trending days are annual holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, ‘all the most negative days are shocks from outside people’s routines,’ Dodds say. Clear drops can be seen with the spread of swine flu, announcement of the U.S. economic bailout, the tsunami in Japan and even the death of actor Patrick Swayze.On the dashhboard‘In measuring happiness, we construct a tunable, real-time, remote sensing, and non-invasive, text-based hedonometer,’ the Vermont scientists write. In other words, a happiness sensor.Right now the sensor is only available to the researchers, but Dodds, Danforth and their colleagues have in mind a tool that could go ‘on the dashboard’ of policy makers, Dodds says. Or, perhaps, on a real estate website for people exploring communities into which they might move, or, simply, ‘if someone is flying in a plane they could look at this dashboard and see how the city below them is feeling,’ he says.Of course feelings change quickly and the nature of happiness itself is one of the most complex, profound issues of human experience.‘There is an important psychological distinction between an individual’s current, experiential happiness and their longer term, reflective evaluation of their life,’ the scientists write, ‘and in using Twitter, our approach is tuned to the former kind.’And looking ahead, the Vermont scientists hope that by following the written expressions of individual Twitter users over long time periods, they’ll be able to infer details of happiness dynamics ‘such as individual stability, social correlation and contagion and connections to well-being and health.’Dodds and his colleagues are no strangers to the debates over the role of happiness that can be traced back through Brave New World to Jeremy Bentham, Thomas Aquinas, and Aristotle. ‘By measuring happiness, we’re not saying that maximizing happiness is the goal of society,’ Dodds says. ‘It might well be that we need to have some persistent degree of grumpiness for cultures to flourish.’Nevertheless, this study provides a new view on a compelling question: why does happiness seem to be declining?See graph:…(link is external)Read Abstract: is external)last_img read more

January 15, 2005 News and Notes

first_img January 15, 2005 News & Notes January 15, 2005 News and Notes News and Notes Rebecca G. Doane was honored with the 2004 Athena Award at the recent 13th Annual Athena Awards luncheon for her “high level of business and professional excellence, community service, and assistance to other women in obtaining their full potential.” Tod Aronovitz, a former president of The Florida Bar, recently addressed those attending a Miami forum on legal ethics in Florida. Aronovitz spoke on topics including The Florida Bar disciplinary process, compliance with Florida Bar rules, multijurisdictional practice in Florida, and professionalism. David B. Honig of Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.S.C., in Indianapolis, Indiana, was co-author of “Prolific Plaintiffs or Rabid Relators? Recent Developments in False Claims Act Litigation.” The article appears in Indiana Health Law Review. Fred Leonhardt of GrayRobinson in Orlando was reappointed by Gov. Jeb Bush to the Board of Directors for Enterprise Florida, Inc. Josh Whitman, of Milton Leach Whitman in Jacksonville, participated in the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers’ Tampa seminar, “Discovery through Trial in the 21st Century.” His topic was “High Voltage Cross Examination.”last_img read more

National Association of Caterers: Proposed Measures for Hospitality

first_imgHygienic requirements for areas open to the publicMandatory installation of disinfectants at the entrances to buildings and toiletsMandatory use of protective masks (covering the mouth and nose) by service personnelDisinfection of primary work surfaces (eg reception desk, reception desk, food desk, bar)Disinfection of tables after each guest visitWithout the use of menus, wine lists and price lists – instead: oral recommendations / menus under the transparent foil on the table / use of plates / printing of the daily offer with disposable pads or on A4 paper, which must be discarded after useNew dishes and utensils must not be served and picked up at the same timeDistance controlIt is necessary to ensure the distance between the tables or separate the tables with a physical partitionSitting and consuming at bars and bars is not allowedGuests and access restrictionsLimit the number of people at the table to 10 peopleIt is possible to serve standing guests if they keep social distances, without high tables, with consumption by handUntil the guests arrive, keep the table empty, serve utensils when the guests sit downObavezno isticanje informacije za pridržavanje epidemioloških mjeraCleaning regulations Ugostitelji predlažu suspenziju poreza na potrošnju i spomeničke rente, obračun komunalne naknade sukladno prometu, kao i odgodu provođenja odluke o povećanju najma terasa ugostiteljskih objekata. National Association of Caterers (NUU) published a Proposal of Measures for Catering, related to the current situation around covid 19 and the possibility of opening catering facilities as part of the 3rd phase for starting economic activities, which is scheduled for May 11, 2020 5. Additional hygiene measures in the kitchen and after receipt of goods Prema anketi NUU-a provedenoj na više od 300 ugostiteljskih objekata, ustanovljeno je kako će u okviru mjere rada ugostiteljskih objekata isključivo na terasama, obim poslovanja unutar sektora pasti za 60 do 80%. Nešto više od 90% ugostitelja smatra kako pod takvim mjerama neće moći poslovati, dok čak 65% ugostitelja pod takvim mjerama niti ne želi otvoriti svoje objekte. Build trust by communicating with guests. This includes continuous and transparent information on hygiene measures taken. Ono što je trenutno ključno je da se definiranjem jasnih propisa mogu stvoriti preduvjeti za prevenciju širenja zaraze i strategiju za sigurno okruženje u ugostiteljskim objektima. This proposed measure applies to the entire hospitality industry. The caterers suggest that the local self-government units take the measure first adopted by the Lithuanian Vilnius, and in Croatia it be taken by Bjelovar and Pula, which allows the expansion of the terraces due to the need for mutual distance. More than 90% of caterers believe that they will not be able to do business exclusively with traffic only on terraces Mandatory wearing of protective masks in the kitchenPosluživanje na švedskom stolu – bez usluge samoposluživanja, buffet stol-pregrada iza kojeposlužuje osobljeRedovna dezinfekcija ruku i pranje ruku od strane kuhinjskog osoblja i uslužnogosobljaDisinfection of transport equipment before loading into bags / boxes or delivery vehiclesAko je moguće, uvođenje smjena tako da stalno rade isti djelatnici po smjeni. 6. Open and transparent communication with guests While we are waiting for the recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters regarding the epidemiological measures that will be prescribed to them, we are bringing a proposal of measures and regulations for the opening of catering facilities, which they have compiled in the National Association of Caterers. Also, caterers suggest that the metrics of monitoring the turnover of catering facilities be defined, which will be the basis for the discussion on the reintroduction of consumption tax, if the business conditions ever allow additional tax burden. • Obvezno čišćenje posuđa, pribora za jelo i čaša u perilici posuđa s deterdžentom ili čišćenje deterdžentom i visokom temperaturom “Ne provedu li se spomenute mjere bez odgode, nažalost dovesti će do drastičnog zatvaranja ugostiteljskih objekata čime će tisuće, ako ne i deseci tisuća Hrvata ostati bez posla” zaključuje Medak. “U situaciji kad ugostiteljstvu nije omogućeno obavljati svoju djelatnost unutar vlastitog objekta, to bi svakako bio značajan doprinos daljnjoj stabilizaciji ugostiteljske djelatnosti. Pritom napominjem kako je jedina realnost privremeno dopustiti proširenje terasa bez dodatne naknade, uz eventualno ograničenje povećanja terase do maksimalno 30%, što je minimum kako bi se broj stolova na terasama u novim uvjetima imalo približio broju stolova na terasama ugostiteljskih objekata prije donošenja mjera” ističe Marin Medak, iz Nacionalne udruge ugostitelja. last_img read more