On the use of consumer demand for e commerce and profit

with the rapid development of Internet, electronic commerce is becoming more and more explosive growth; never "net" of traditional companies also began to get involved in this industry, in the hope they can promote their own company performance more clear with this e-commerce tide; and for a company to carry out business expansion, e-commerce is a relatively low-cost way, and stronger penetration ability.

is now almost all of the enterprises have began to prepare to do or have in the electronic commerce, and very clear is few; many people go seems to be just a spectator, only standing on the sidelines of the job. Look at some giants with huge capital to hit advertising, drainage, they can only feel powerless and frustrated, that is how sad ah. But then again, not every success in the field of electronic commerce are large companies, on the contrary there are some strength is not particularly strong in small and medium-sized enterprises also achieved success, even many large enterprises have been playing e-commerce covered all over with cuts and bruises. read more

Airbnb how to travel from 3 people to the global short rental Empire

enrichment view

Airbnb: air accommodation (Air Bed and Breakfast). An accommodation across 30 thousand city, serving the global hostel booking platform. Hold on to the pain points of the travel community, through 600 thousand different homes, apartments, tree houses, cabins, castles, ice huts, and everything else you can imagine.

also show the social circle, those meaningless, immutable and frozen hotel? Do you feel shy, too not to force the grid. As the forefront of the trend in the people, has long been ignored in these traditional tourist accommodation. For them or the world, what is really needed is a new travel experience, while the desire to have a personality, creative travel experience. read more

Fuanna 11 fictitious experts said the alleged price gouging counter price


fuanna official flagship store marked discounted benchmark price — counter price, no trace. Experts pointed out that the fictitious "fuanna counter price", equivalent to the original fiction, alleged price gouging.

online product store no price comparison with the same basis

fuanna fiction "counter price" suspected of price fraud

"double 11" on the same day, the famous brand fuanna to counter price as a benchmark, to the "double 11 Carnival price" as a temptation, through a substantial price difference to attract people crazy bargain, contributed to the Tmall sales amounted to 128 million yuan, ranking the top three textile products. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that Tmall fuanna official flagship store marked discounted benchmark price — counter price, no trace. Experts pointed out that the fictitious "fuanna counter price", equivalent to the original fiction, alleged price gouging. read more

Retired hammer CTO before money morning again but this time instead of mobile phone

the company’s new product is an intelligent terminal for video calls.

retirement before the hammer CTO money morning.

long appearance money morning finally coming out, but this is not a mobile phone manufacturers on behalf of him.

November 1st, Beijing Digital Home Technology Co., Ltd. released a new round of Pro H1". This is a video service for the design of the scene, hoping to develop a better video call experience intelligent products.

at the press conference, Qian Chen as the company’s vice president introduced some of the features of the new product. This is his first public appearance since July due to personal reasons to leave the hammer technology. read more

The introduction of 6 Foreign Social travel web site emphasizes equal sharing among friends

write in front of

probably because of the origin of sociology, I always like to consider business issues from a cultural and human perspective. The operation mode of tourism website is matched with the travel culture and travel concept of a society. Travel, especially outbound tourism has been very mature in western countries, high popularity, and whether it is economic, visa, holidays, or mentality more easily, they travel very casual and random, the saying goes.

I met

in Europe for most of the trip in the young people, do not know where will the next station, even where will it go tomorrow, not to mention the trouble of the Raiders do; at the same time because of the popularity of travel, most materials can be shared between friends, there is seldom inside a circle of friends, one or two everywhere to play, most are due to various restrictions no opportunity situation. This is the current status of China, long-distance travel enthusiasts or part of the world, tourism forum is also in accordance with this mode of operation: by a small group of opinion leaders led us to see the world, most people are in the position of the crowd. read more

Phpwind Ji’nan exchange will be awesome Shandong nternet entrepreneur

"search for new opportunities, meet new friends" place in the exchange will be held successfully in Ji’nan in March 5th, the Shandong area nearly 300 owners of the atmosphere overflowing passion.

the meeting by Ali group’s universal station software and service provider phpwind to join the Taobao alliance held, Sohu micro-blog live micro-blog live broadcast. The meeting aims to integrate the Alibaba, Taobao group Taobao platform merchants, payment system, Ali cloud computing, phpwind and large local community resources and valuable experience, the Alibaba’s overall e-commerce platform, community construction platform of excellent technology and products to the Shandong area of Internet entrepreneurs. read more

The shop customer service two shifts the highest monthly income of tens of thousands

Metropolis Daily News reporter Nie Lijuan, Li

as long as there are people who have experienced online shopping, online shopping will not feel strange, they are a pro, the introduction of product performance, to guide the buyer orders.

but some people do not know, in fact, many customer service is not shop owner, and even do not know the owner. Shop size, the need for a large number of online customer service, online customer service companies came into being. The company signed a contract, its customer service staff for a specific online service. read more

Cheetah prospectus submitted plans to go to the United States PO highest financing 300 million

read: prospectus cheetah mobile 54 million yuan acquisition of toto lottery network interpretation: out of the cheetah listed Tencent and 360 between the cheetah the United States intends to submit the prospectus to IPO $300 million financing plan to the highest Kingsoft cheetah’s IPO application submitted to the United States intends to finance $300 million stake Fu Sheng 17% mobile cheetah prospectus Abstract: clean master overseas active users

April 3rd, cheetah today filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission IPO application, plans to raise up to $300 million. Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Macquarie capital as its IPO underwriters. read more