Mixed Doubles

first_imgOne thing I’ve learned from several years of skiing at Breckenwolf every Wednesday night with a bunch of middle aged dudes who may or may not be taking nips of whiskey between runs, is that it’s really hard to wrestle with skis on. It’s awkward, like you have these giant feet that get in the way of your otherwise normal sized body. Mountain top wrestling is a key component to Whiskey Wednesday, as is the end of the night, anything goes “Chinese Downhill Race” (copyright Hot Dog…The Movie, 1984). It’s typically an every-man-for-himself affair, where the entire group races to the bottom, skiing as fast as they can while also trying to knock each other down. Like roller derby, but on skis, and with whiskey.This week, we changed up the format by adding a “mixed doubles” approach, where teams of two raced down the mountain taking different routes. One team member takes the center line, the other takes the far right and the team with the highest placed combined finish takes gold. After five years of racing the exact same way week after week, this new format proved to be just the thing to spice up Whisky Wednesday. I can see why bored married couples start swinging.There was still plenty of carnage and high-speed hijinks, but you now had a partner dynamic to consider. Sadly, while my partner did quite well and finished second overall, I ate shit half way down the mountain. It was a spectacular crash. I was in a full tuck on the straight of way, going roughly 78 miles per hour, and hit a patch of sticky snow. It was like Velcro. My skis began to wobble and I couldn’t hold it together. You know that clip of Lindsey Vonn rag-dolling at the Olympics a few years ago, where she slid half way down the mountain on her back? It was just like that. The crash was Olympic in its awesomeness. I have road rash on my back from sliding across the ice, er, “packed powder.”My individual input into the race may have been lacking, but the mixed doubles format was money. So, we carried it throughout the night, playing doubles ping pong, and singing Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton duets in the car. Kidding. Or am I?Oh, and one of the Whiskey Wednesday members wore a speed racing suit. Not on the mountain to ski, but in the bar for ping pong. Because Whiskey Wednesday.last_img read more

Peruvian Navy Starts Annual Social Action Program

first_imgBy Gonzalo Silva Infante/Diálogo April 24, 2018 In mid-March, the Peruvian Navy initiated the first of its 40 social assistance campaigns planned for 2018. The annual humanitarian program, carried out with Navy riverine vessels known as Itinerant Social Action Platforms (PIAS, in Spanish), began March 19th. For the first humanitarian campaign, five PIAS set off for rivers of the Peruvian jungle and the shores of Lake Titicaca to serve more than 200 communities and more than 70,000 people. River hospital crafts BAP Morona, BAP Corrientes, and BAP Curaray joined the effort. In 2018, the ships will provide medical assistance, health programs, nutrition, education, security, and environmental protection, as well as other services to more than 250,000 people in hard-to-reach rural communities in the Amazon jungle and Lake Titicaca. The goal is to promote development and inclusion in remote regions of Peru. “This activity combines three fundamental pillars of the Navy’s work,” said Admiral Gonzalo Ríos Polastri, general commander of the Navy. “[That includes] protection and social inclusion, contributing to development, and security in the broadest sense of the word.” Vital services PIAS cruise Lake Titicaca and rivers of the Amazon like floating hospitals and are equipped with gynecology clinics, labs, operating rooms, dental offices, imaging centers, and pharmacies. Each PIAS has a crew of 20 Navy troops—including doctors, health specialists, and service members—and 20 officials from various participating state organizations such as the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status, and Comprehensive Health Insurance. The platforms provide preventive medicine courses and informational workshops on the prevention of drugs and domestic violence. The townspeople also benefit from government services and can participate in pension and education programs, as well as receive identity documents. “The civic actions of the Navy units were often the only government presence in riverine communities,” Adm. Ríos said. Despite all services carried out in the PIAS, obstetrics remain among the most valued. April 12th marked the first birth of the year aboard one of the Navy ships. Doctors on the PIAS Río Napo, which traveled along a tributary of the Napo River, in the Amazon, treated surgically and cared for the mother, a member of an indigenous community. The newborn received a complete medical exam, immunizations, and other necessary services. In 2017, eight babies were born aboard the PIAS. In addition to its medical and social support, the Navy carries out fundamental work for the development of the institution. Assistance campaigns aboard the PIAS also serve as training for participating service members. “It allows us to work on fostering a national identity. Of course, it’s a given that the campaign enhances the institution’s image. It gives us a presence in remote zones,” Commander Christian Salas Ormeño, chief of the division of Contribution to Development and Disaster Risk Management of the Navy General Staff, told Diálogo. “It also allows us to have personnel and ships enlisted and trained, to watch our borders, monitor our rivers, and develop within a naval and institutional framework. It positions us and gives us more management capacity with the government.” Major project The Navy’s humanitarian experience in the Peruvian Amazon dates back to the 19th century, when the first ships arrived to support rural populations. During the 1970s, the Navy incorporated the first hospital-ship units specialized in medical and dental care. “We realized that we were not changing the reality of these towns,” Cmdr. Salas said. “We then saw that we had to work out a proposal on another level that could really help.” In 2012, the Peruvian Navy’s Amazon Region and Fifth Naval Zone General Operations Command, based in Iquitos, developed a strategic concept of sustainable social action to respond to the needs of rural populations—the itinerant platform was born. The first PIAS campaign took place in 2013 in the Napo River basin. The PIAS Río Yavarí, in the process of being built, will join the five PIAS in service (Río Putumayo I, Río Putumayo II, Río Morona, Río Napo, and Lago Titicaca). The Navy announced the production of six additional PIAS to shore up the humanitarian assistance program. “The idea is for 10 to always be in operation,” Cmdr. Salas said. “We expect to have two in reserve so that 10 are always in operation.” Since 2013, the PIAS carried out 64 social action campaigns and brought assistance to more than 530,000 people. Including goals for 2018, the total number of campaigns will reach 104. “Navy personnel participate in the program with singular pride in serving our Amazon and its inhabitants,” Adm. Ríos concluded. “[And,] because we continue to carry the organized presence of the government, the anticipated completion of the planned platforms will allow us to continue moving forward in the projected coverage of all our rivers.”last_img read more

More bang for your vacation buck

first_imgIt is not a stretch to say that people love to travel. Be it in the US or out, it’s just fun to get away. Unfortunately, the idea of traveling outside the US seems expensive. You either need to be a wealthy entrepreneur or save for several years in order to view a new country’s sights.Well, here’s the cool thing: There are cheap places to travel where the American dollar goes a long way. Here’s a short list of four amazing vacation destinations that won’t break your bank.ArgentinaLet’s start with the dollar value. A single US dollar is worth just over 42 Argentinian pesos. According to an article on Investopia, the cost of living is so low, you can live on $1,000 a month, or $1,500 a month for couples, and be just fine. For vacations, you’ll spend an average of $64 per day, per person. With its waterfalls, green plains, beautiful cultures, and amazing wine, Argentina is one of the best places to go.VietnamThis number might blow your mind, but a single US dollar is worth 23,247 Vietnamese dong. According to Smarter Travel, about $20 a day will pay for food, fun, transportation, and hostel stay. It’s easy to live like a king in Vietnam. From the gorgeous Halong Bay to the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a must for budget-minded vacationers. Not to mention they have the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival, the largest fireworks festival in Asia.Costa RicaHave a buck on you? In Costa Rica, it’s worth 575 Costa Rican colón. Depending on how you budget your money while you’re there, you could spend as little as $32 per day. Obviously, this number represents a barebones vacation, but you get the idea of just how inexpensive it can be. Costa Rica boasts mountains, cloud forests, volcanoes and beaches. Don’t miss out on this amazing destination.The Dominican RepublicOne US dollar is equal to 51 Dominican pesos. The average daily spending is going to cost you around $122 per person, per day. While this isn’t as amazing a Costa Rica, you’ll still get a lot for your money. The Dominican Republic offers many beaches, perfect for putting up your feet and sipping on a Mai Tai.Now, go plan a cheap and fun vacation. 111SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Derek San Filippo Derek is a freelance writer who spends his off time either working with his rescue animals or writing children’s books. He lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife … Web: www.financialfeed.com Detailslast_img read more

UK local authority funds face £115bn asset ‘fire sale’ due to MiFID II

first_imgLocal authority funds in the UK face a “fire sale” of up to half their £230bn (€314bn) in assets if they are reclassified as retail investors under a European Directive coming into force in 2017.Triggered by the transposition of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), the new rules would do away with MiFID I’s framework allowing asset managers to treat local public authorities automatically as professional clients.Instead, asset managers would be forced to assess whether public authorities, including the administering authorities behind the UK’s 101 local government pension schemes (LGPS), possessed the requisite knowledge to invest in institutional products.In a briefing note sent to funds last week, the UK’s Local Government Association (LGA) warned that the LGPS would be “defaulted to retail client status”, leaving them with a “much reduced pool” of asset managers and consultants with which to work. “Those managers willing to deal with you will offer a restricted range of products, and, due to the extra compliance checks and reporting required for retail clients, those products could cost more,” the note said.“If, when the Directive comes into force (January 2017) you hold assets in products outside of the scope of those available to retail clients, you may find the manager will eject you from that product, resulting in a ‘fire sale’ of assets.”It added: “First estimates are that up to 50% of LGPS assets may be affected.”The LGA said a “fire sale” could be averted if the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in charge of drafting the regulation, allowed for a transitional period, during which the LGPS could retain its stakes in institutional products.Alternatively, it noted, funds could ‘opt up’ and be classified as professional clients, requiring every local authority fund to demonstrate to each of its external managers it possessed the requisite experience, expertise and knowledge so it was “capable” of making its own investment decisions.It is understood that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), in charge of LGPS regulation, is working to address the matter.A source within DCLG said the department would be doing its “level best” to avoid a divestment of holdings, which it said could see asset sales occur at “entirely the wrong time”.“We really must try to avoid that at all cost,” the source added.The LGA could not say how long an assessment to opt up would take, but warned funds not to be surprised if the process was not complete if a significant number waited until late 2016 to start the classification process.The association said it was in discussions with the FCA on ways to make the transition “smoother” for the LGPS, and was also talking with the Investment Association about the development of a standardised process allowing the funds to achieve professional status.It did not say if the rules would impact plans to create LGPS asset pools but said it was talking with both the DCLG and the Treasury about any potential impact.last_img read more

Are investors returning to hedge funds?

first_imgAllocations to hedge funds outweighed redemptions in the second quarter of 2017, after six consecutive quarters of net outflows, according to data firm HFR.The firm reported inflows of $6.7bn (€5.8bn) between April and June, offsetting redemptions of $5.5bn.The most popular strategy was global macro, HFR said, with investors adding $5.2bn in the second quarter. In the first half of 2017 global macro funds experienced net inflows of $6bn.Within this sector, systematic and CTA strategies attracted the most attention, with $3.1bn inflows in the second quarter and $7.9bn net new money since January. Event-driven funds – particularly special situations funds – led the redemptions. Special situations funds experienced net withdrawals of $2.2bn, HFR reported.Kenneth Heinz, president of HFR, said: “While the capital-raising environment has improved, it remains challenging with low implied and realised volatility creating a performance-moderating headwind for managers.“Allocation trends reflect the forward-looking nature of investors, focusing on quantitative and trend-following strategies, despite these not being top performing areas, as well as on equity and fixed income beta-reducing exposures.”Heinz added that funds positioned to navigate a low-volatility environment would likely continue to dominate inflows in the second half of the year.Hedge funds’ total assets under management rose to $3.1trn by the end of June, according to HFR.However, figures from rival data firm eVestment painted a different picture for inflows and outflows.Focusing just on the month of June, eVestment reported a net outflow of roughly $7bn across the hedge fund sector.The company also reported a tough month for macro funds, in contrast to HFR’s quarterly data: the sub-sector lost $6.4bn in net outflows.Long/short equity funds led the net inflows, eVestment said, adding $1.6bn in June.Some pension schemes have reduced their hedge fund exposure in recent months, or exited the sector altogether.Most recently, the Dutch sector scheme for doctors, SPH, said it planned to cut all its hedge fund holdings due to high costs and complexity. SPMS, the Dutch scheme for medical consultants, reduced its allocation last year following disappointing performance.However, a survey of more than 1,000 investors by consultancy firm Mercer, published last month, found that allocations to hedge funds grew by 4.6% year-on-year.last_img read more

Federer targets Wimbledon after knee surgery blow

first_img Loading… Promoted ContentYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime8 Best 1980s High Tech GadgetsBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The WorldFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread ArtSome Impressive And Almost Shocking Robots That ExistCan You Imagine Quitting A Role Because Of Dislike For W. Smith?10 Of The Dirtiest Seas In The WorldThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show You8 Scenes That Prove TV Has Gone Too Far7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better Roger Federer has undergone surgery to resolve a longstanding knee problem and said Thursday he would be out of action until after the French Open while his rivals backed the 38-year-old to return as strong as ever. The 20-times Grand Slam winner revealed on his Facebook account that he underwent surgery in Switzerland on Wednesday and would miss a string of tournaments including the May 24-June 7 French Open. Roger Federer pictured after beating Rafael Nadal during an exhibition match in Cape Town on February 7 “As a result, I will miss Dubai, Indian Wells, Bogota, Miami and the French Open,” he said. Federer, who has amassed 103 career titles, explained that he had intended to avoid surgery if possible but the problem in his right knee refused to go away. He will now target a return for the grass court season and an assault on a ninth Wimbledon title after reaching the final in 2019 where he had two championship points before losing an epic final to Novak Djokovic. “My right knee has been bothering me for a little while,” added the world number three who reached the Roland Garros semi-finals last year. “I hoped it would go away, but after an examination and discussion with my team, I decided to have arthroscopic surgery in Switzerland yesterday.” “After the surgery the doctors confirmed that it was the right thing to have done and are very confident of a full recovery. “I can’t wait to be back playing again soon – see you on grass.” Federer, French Open champion back in 2009, will miss Roland Garros for the fourth time in five seasons. His absence from Paris means his great rival Rafael Nadal, the 12-time champion, can draw level with the Swiss on 20 majors. Federer also underwent surgery on his left knee in February 2016 which allowed him just seven tournaments that season. However, that surgery-enforced absence eventually paid dividends with another Australian Open title and then Wimbledon six months later. He has only played one tournament in 2020, making the semi-finals of the Australian Open where he was defeated again by eventual champion Djokovic. – ‘Wise decision’ – His last appearance on a court was an exhibition event in Cape Town earlier this month where his charity match with Nadal was played in front of 50,000 spectators, a world record for a tennis event. This year’s Wimbledon runs from June 29-July 12 with the Tokyo Olympics tennis event following from July 25-August 2. Federer has yet to win a singles gold medal at the Games. He was a silver medallist in London 2012 while, four years earlier in Beijing, he won the doubles title with Swiss teammate Stan Wawrinka. Federer’s decision to skip the French Open was met with understanding by organisers. “We are disappointed not to see Roger again,” tournament director Guy Forget told France Info. “If he had taken this decision, then it was the wisest.” Russian world number five Daniil Medvedev said it was sad to see Federer forced to sit out the US hardcourt and European clay court seasons. “The news shocked me. I didn’t know he was going to have an operation,” said Medvedev who is the top seed at the ongoing Marseille ATP event this week. “It’s a little sad for him in the sense that he misses tournaments when he is still playing well. I’m sure he’s going to come back well at the grass court season. Read Also: Federer undergoes knee surgery, will miss French OpenFellow veteran Gilles Simon, who played Federer for the first time 12 years ago, said the great Swiss will be a serious contender on his return.“The last time it was hard but he still won the Australian Open in his stride after not playing for nine months!” said the 35-year-old Simon.“There’s nothing else to say. We’ll wait and see.”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Stabbing lands lad in hospital

first_imgThe 18-year-old resident Meljun Aguirre sustained two stab wounds on the back, police said. Tagged suspects were the certain Kyle, Toto, Mico, Angelo and their three other unidentified companions.According to police investigators, Aguirre was walking when he was mobbed, mauled and stabbed by the suspects around 11:30 p.m. on July 25. Officers of Police Station 10 have yet to arrest the suspects, who fled after the incident./PN BACOLOD City – To the hospital was where a lad landed after he got stabbed in Barangay Handumanan.last_img read more

Donna Hoeing inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame

first_imgNEW CASTLE, Ind. — Loaded with basketball talent and tradition, the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame proudly announces their 2017 women’s induction class, to be honored at the 16th annual Women’s Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 29, 2017.Donna (Lamping) Hoeing amassed outstanding numbers at Batesville High School and Ball State University. A four-year starter at Batesville, she set a school record with 1,553 career points (21.3 ppg) and 845 rebounds (11.6 prg), scoring in double-figures in 71 of 73 games in her career, including a single-game best of 40 points. She graduated from Ball State University as the program’s all-time leading scorer, totaling 1,104 points in 93 career games. A two-time 2nd team Academic All-American and BSU’s 1984-85 Female Athlete of the Year, she was later named as one of five players to BSU’s 1st team 1980’s All-Decade Team. Since 1985, she has worked at Batesville High School as a math teacher and girls basketball coach. An assistant from 1985-1991, she served as head coach in stints from 1991-1995 and 1999-2000, leading the Bulldogs to three sectional titles in that time. She resides in Batesville.Nikki (Anderson) Cerbone set the Johnson County career scoring record and remains the leading scorer in Center Grove history with 1,347 points in her prep career. Also totaling 662 career rebounds, she averaged over 20 points and 10 rebounds per game as a junior and senior, earning Indiana All-Star honors in 1987. Playing in all 110 games over her four-year career at Butler University, she totaled 1,128 points and is among program leaders in FT (196-240 81.7%), single-game scoring (32) and single-game FGs (14). Employed in education, she has been a coach in the girls basketball programs at Center Grove, Greenwood and Franklin Central since 1993. She lives in Indianapolis.Krissi Davis was a part of standout teams at Noblesville High School, including their 1987 undefeated state championship squad. Scoring over 1,000 points for the Lady Millers on teams that were 81-17 and won four sectionals, two regionals and the 1987 state title, she was selected a member of the 1987 Indiana All-Stars and has since been inducted into the Hamilton County Basketball HOF. Playing in 118 games at the University of Notre Dame, she was a two-time team MVP, graduated as the program’s 7th all-time leading scorer with 1,194 career points and received the Bryon V. Kanaley Award, the most prestigious honor presented to a Notre Dame senior athlete who has been exemplary as a student and leader. Since 1995, she has been operations manager at Davis/Haslam and resides in Noblesville.Beth (Davis) Fagan of Greenfield-Central High School is recognized as one of Indiana’s all-time best female athletes. Selected as 1st team all-state in volleyball, softball and basketball during her prep years, she was a member of the 1988 Indiana All-Star squad after setting Greenfield-Central records in career points (1,617), rebounds (695) and assists (233). Averaging 22.4 points and 10.6 rebounds as a senior, she was named All-American by Street & Smith’s, Womens Basketball News and USA Today. In an injury-shortened three-year career at Wake Forest University, she scored 1,172 points, becoming just the 3rd player in program history to break the 1,000 point plateau. She remains among program leaders in numerous categories, was named a college Freshman All-American, 2nd team all-ACC, Academic all-ACC and in 2011 was named an “ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament Legend.” Employed in banking and education/coaching, she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.Charlie Hall of Kokomo built upon a notable playing career with an astounding coaching career and continued contributions to the game. A two-time North Central Conference scoring champion with 1,163 career points in two seasons at Kokomo, he averaged 23.7 points per game over his high school career. At Columbus College (GA), he ranked among program leaders in scoring and assists, including their single-game scoring record of 43 points. Entering coaching, he served as varsity assistant and JV boys coach at Kokomo under Hall of Famers Carl McNulty and Basil Mawbey from 1980-1997, including leading the Wildkats to a regional championship in a 1992 stint as interim head coach, before taking over the Kokomo girls basketball program in 1997. In eight seasons with the Lady Wildkats, his teams were 172-22 (.887), winning eight NCC titles (a 54-1 overall conference record), five sectionals, four regionals and the 2003 4A championship with a perfect 26-0 record. He was a seven-time NCC Coach of the Year, recipient of numerous other Coach of the Year honors and was chosen as the 2003 Indiana All-Stars head coach. From 2007 – 2008, he was an assistant women’s coach at Ball State, before assuming the position of Indiana All-Stars game director – a position he still holds – in 2008. Under his leadership, the Indiana girls and boys All-Star teams are a combined 27-5 in their annual competitions against the Kentucky All-Stars. He resides in Kokomo.Jennifer Jacoby led Rossville High School to new heights, graduating as the 2nd all-time leading scorer in IHSAA girls basketball history and 1991 Indiana Miss Basketball. Averaging 33.7 points and 11.3 assists per game as a senior, she totaled 2,344 career points (29.3 ppg) in her high school career. Among her school records were single-game scoring (49), single-game assists (19), season assists (238) and career assists (685). At Purdue University, she recorded 795 points and 427 assists and started 82 games as a part of two Big Ten champion teams and their 1994 NCAA Final Four appearance. She played two seasons in the ABL before a career in athletics and education including stints as an assistant coach at the University of Illinois, Miami (OH) University and Indiana University and as coach or athletic administrator at Benton Central, Cathedral, Clinton Central, Knightstown and Frontier high schools. She resides in Rossville.Patricia (Babcock) McGraw had a decorated career at Culver Academies and Northwestern University. Indiana’s 1990 Miss Basketball and a three-time all-state selection, she was further recognized as a Parade All-American and the Gatorade, Naismith and USA Today Indiana Player of the Year honors her senior year. Scoring 2,199 career points and graduating as the 2nd all-time leading scorer in IHSAA girls basketball history, she led the state in scoring as a junior at 32.2 points per game and held career prep averages of 26.8 points, 13.2 rebounds and 3.6 blocks. She graduated from Northwestern as the program’s 5th all-time leading scorer (1,353), 3rd all-time leading rebounder (813) and 4th in career FG% (.546). She was a two-time all-conference and two-time academic all-conference selection, helping the Wildcats to two NCAA tournament appearances. Since 1997 she has been a sportswriter for the Daily Herald newspaper in suburban Chicago, as well as a television analyst at the Big Ten Network, Chicago Sky TV, DePaul University TV and IHSA TV for Illinois state basketball finals telecasts. She resides in Lake Villa, Illinois.Widely recognized as an outstanding coach and athlete in Evansville, Louise Owen gets her due as a pioneering girls basketball state championship coach. A 1947 graduate of Evansville Central H.S. and 1951 graduate of Evansville College, she was a 31-year teacher and coach at Evansville Reitz High School. Hired as girls basketball coach in 1975, she led her team to a sectional championship in the inaugural season of IHSAA girls basketball and led them to a 26-1 state championship season in 1980-81, the 6th season of IHSAA girls basketball. Leading her teams to 100 wins in eight seasons (.725), she was named 1981 Indiana All-Star coach and also coached girls tennis and girls track. An accomplished tennis player, she won various city, state, national and world championship titles. She resides in Evansville.Bridget Pettis has had success at every level of the game. A 1989 Indiana All-Star from East Chicago Central High School, she averaged 17.6 points and 7.5 rebounds per game as a senior under HOF coach Bobbie DeKemper, leading them to an 18-2 record and the first two sectional championships in program history. A two-year player at Central Arizona Junior College and two-year player at the University of Florida, she graduated from Florida holding all the school’s three-point field goal records and 6th best career scoring average (15.2 ppg). Pettis was an all-SEC selection and helped the Gators to their first-ever NCAA Tournament berth. The 7th overall pick of the Phoenix Mercury in the inaugural WNBA Draft (1997), she played eight seasons in the WNBA with Phoenix and the Indiana Fever, playing a franchise-record 154 consecutive games with Phoenix. An assistant coach with the Mercury, Los Angeles Sparks, Tulsa Shock and currently the Dallas Wings, she resides in Phoenix, Arizona.Julie (VonDielingen) Shelton has a distinguished career as a player and coach in Indiana basketball. A 1989 Indiana All-Star from Seymour High School, she scored 1,564 points and grabbed 912 rebounds, setting nine school records and earning Parade 4th team All-American honors. A member of three sectional and three regional champion teams, she helped the Owls to a 1987 state finals appearance under HOF coach Donna Sullivan. Excelling at Butler University, she remains their all-time leading scorer with 2,018 points after leading the team in scoring and rebounding for four seasons. A four-year 1st team all-conference selection and 1993 Conference Player of the Year, she was a 1993 All-American and Academic All-American. Spending 16 seasons as the girls head coach at Mt. Vernon (Fortville) High School, she led them to 260 wins, including a 2013 3A championship and 2012 3A runner-up finish. Since 2014, she has served as assistant women’s basketball coach at Butler University. She resides in McCordsville.Renee Westmoreland holds a unique spot as a Miss Basketball and state champion player from one of the state’s most storied girls basketball programs. Playing for HOF coach Donna Cheatham at Scottsburg High School, she averaged 24.4 points, 5.8 rebounds 6.0 assists and 4.2 steals for the 1989 state champions and earning Indiana’s Miss Basketball title after playing in three state finals. Among her school records were 1,816 career points, 441 assists and 394 steals along with single-game scoring (49), season points (658) and season steals (120). Scoring 1,258 points at Western Kentucky University, she was a member of their 1992 NCAA National Runner-Up squad and graduated 2nd in program history in career assists, steals, minutes played, 3FG made, 3FG attempts, 3FG% and FT% and 9th in career scoring. She resides in Boonton, New Jersey.On the 30th anniversary of their undefeated state championship season, the 27-0 1986-87 Noblesville Lady Millers will be inducted collectively into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. The 7th undefeated state champion in Indiana high school girls basketball history, their undefeated season marked the start of four consecutive state finals appearances from 1987 – 1990, the only program to accomplish that feat in the history of the one-class girls basketball state tournament format. They will become the 7th IHSAA girls basketball team inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.The Indiana Fever Silver Medal Award is presented to Bob Bridge. A graduate of Evansville North High School and Indiana University, he is a longtime sportswriter with the Bedford Times-Mail. Employed with the paper since 1979, he was a 2005 inductee into the Indiana Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame, has been named the ISSA’s Corky Lamm Sportswriter of the Year and a recipient of numerous awards from the Associated Press, United Press International, Society of Professional Journalists and Hoosier State Press Association. Covering girls and boys high school basketball for many years, his coverage included the early 1990’s dominance of Bedford North Lawrence High School basketball, including state finals appearances by their girls teams in 1990, 1991 and 1992 and boys state finals appearances in 1987, 1988 and 1990 and other Southern Indiana prep teams. He resides in Bedford.The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame’s 16thAnnual Women’s Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017.The day’s events will include a free reception at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame museum that afternoon and a banquet that evening at the Primo Banquet Hall in Indianapolis.Reservations are available online now and tickets for the banquet will be made available in 2017.Call the Hall at 765-529-1891 or visit www.hoopshall.com for more information.last_img read more

Fellaini keen on emulating Keane

first_img After a tortuous summer, the Belgium international can start preparing to make his United debut against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford on Saturday. Although manager David Moyes knew as soon as he was appointed as Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor that he wanted Fellaini to make the switch from Goodison Park with him, it was not until the last dregs of the transfer window that a £27.5million switch was finally concluded. But now it has, Fellaini has set his sights on having an Old Trafford career to remember. “Roy Keane was an aggressive player who could win every ball,” said Fellaini. “Maybe I can do this as well. “I can win the ball. I can clear the ball. I can play clean. “The manager must decide where I play but I want to play defensive midfield. “In the past they have had (Eric) Cantona, Keane, (David) Beckham. I hope (I can do it too). I will work hard for this.” United did not confirm Fellaini had become the fourth most expensive player in their history until 2am on September 3, three hours after the transfer window had closed. Prior to that, the 25-year-old had driven back to Everton’s Finch Farm training complex for one final time in order to persuade Blues manager Roberto Martinez of his desire to leave. That, coupled with Fellaini’s decision to forgo £4million in bonus payments, finally triggered Everton chairman Bill Kenwright’s decision to sanction a transfer the former Standard Liege man thought would never happen. Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini wants to emulate Roy Keane and become a Red Devils legend. “With the chairman at Everton you never know,” he said. “Sometimes I thought there was no chance for me to join Manchester United. “But I talked with the manager. It was a big opportunity for me to join one of the biggest clubs in the world. “I know what my objectives are. I want to win trophies. That is why I play football. “With Manchester United I have a big chance to win something.” Moyes has been criticised for allowing a £23.5million clause in Fellaini’s contract to lapse on July 31. The decision effectively cost a hefty sum, although United insist they did not actually pay any more than the initial sum. Yet Moyes was motivated more by a desire to conclude a double deal which also involved Leighton Baines. It was only when the possibility of signing the England full-back disappeared that Moyes split the deal. “We didn’t want to give up on Leighton,” said Moyes. “We felt the best way to do that was to try and keep the two deals together. “Only at the last minute did we split them.” After five years working with Fellaini, Moyes believes he has exactly the kind of attributes he needed in a midfield shorn of Paul Scholes following his retirement and Darren Fletcher due to his ongoing battle against illness. “Marouane is very noticeable for many reasons,” said the Scot. “He can play several roles and I needed that. We have a busy schedule coming up. “We want to be able to play different ways in different games.” Moyes has overseen the development of a shy young player, who found it difficult to communicate, to the more confident presence he has spent so much to acquire. “Marouane is now a mature player, who has got better as he has gone along,” said Moyes. “He has also scored a fair weight of goals in the Premier League, which is always important. “He wouldn’t want to say it here but he was desperate to join Manchester United. “He knew this was a big opportunity and he wasn’t ready to let it go.” A small nod of the head in acknowledgement as he heard Moyes’ words confirmed the statement was true. Now, though, Fellaini has a new set of fans to impress, starting against Crystal Palace on Saturday lunchtime. “The fee is not my problem,” he said. “Whether it is £25million, £30million, £20million. Expensive or not. In football there is always a situation where some people don’t like you or your quality. “I don’t care about this. I just want to play well for the team. “I already know it is quicker than Everton. They are a great club but Manchester United are a big team. “But I am happy. I like the intensity. Now I just want to play.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Players up for derby clash – Poyet

first_img The Black Cats could hardly choose a better weekend during which to finally secure their first Barclays Premier League win of the campaign and, as a result, prevent themselves from being cast further adrift at the foot of the table. And Poyet believes he will not need to fire up his players for Sunday’s showdown with the Magpies at the Stadium of Light. He said: “I don’t think I should give any kind of special message. They should feel it. “The players who have been here at the club, British players, they need to make sure they help the new ones to understand what it means. “We will do our bit as well, but I am sure that’s going to be what happens, and what happens is going to be spectacular, so that side of the game, I am not too worried about.” The new league season may only be eight games old, but it has proved a long one already for supporters who have seen their side play well in patches, but struggle to do so for long enough to secure positive results. To date, they have managed to take a solitary point from a 1-1 draw at Southampton, and a demoralising 4-0 defeat at Swansea last weekend sends them into the derby perched on something of a precipice. However, Poyet is hoping the special atmosphere of the Wear-Tyne skirmish will spark the passion required to buck the recent trend. Asked what the fans could expect to see, he said: “I can tell you that they will see the passion. They are passionate players and they want to be on the pitch, for sure. “In the end, of course, you need quality and you need concentration and other things, but the passion is going to be there. “If the passion is not there, then things will change dramatically.” Newcastle will arrive on Wearside sitting in 10th place with 11 points, but with Poyet hoping to exploit a potential weakness in central defence in the absence of the injured Fabricio Coloccini and the suspended Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. Poyet, whose first game as Brighton manager resulted in a 3-1 away win against Alan Pardew’s Southampton, said: “They have been, especially going forward, a very strong group of players who have been playing together for the last six or eight months, with the addition of [Loic] Remy, who is always someone you need to be careful of. “From that side of the game, they are very strong. But as everyone knows – probably Alan Pardew better than anyone – they have been having some problems in the centre of defence, so we need to wait and see who is going to play in there. “That could be the only part of the game where maybe they have been suffering.” Gus Poyet is confident his Sunderland players will need no added motivation as they attempt to breathe new life into their season against derby rivals Newcastle. Press Associationlast_img read more