In the website optimization process keyword analysis is crucial

index analysisKeywords



if the target keyword in the search, the largest number of the most popular words, think the word will be the search engine at the top, for our webmaster, no human resources support and strong, must be very difficult, and even can be said to be impossible. Keywords analysis is needed to find the search times relatively more, also don’t choose too popular keywords, which not only effectively reduce the difficulty of optimization, effective on site optimization work in a cycle can also get better achievement budget. Usually that keyword in the search engine results in 300 thousand is considered to be the winner, 300 thousand between -100 million is considered to be moderate, 1 million between -300 million is considered relatively frequent, more than 3 million are considered to be a hot word. (the above data for reference only)

usually words about the business will do promotion in the search engine, general advertiser and advertising staff must have done a detailed analysis of the degree of competition and profit analysis, keyword only have effect on the company’s earnings, they will choose to promote. Under normal circumstances, the auction page is the keywords with development prospects are less than 5, are the key words can be selected. It also illustrates the site relative is not too much, the competition is not too difficult.

four: the competition analysis of

analysis of bidding website

in the era of science and technology, the Internet rapid development trend, the industry has a profound understanding of the importance of network marketing for enterprise development. With the development of network marketing competition is growing, the Shanghai dragon worker, will also mean that Shanghai Longfeng workload increasing. Website optimization keywords positioning, competitiveness analysis of key words reasonable, if a website optimization, keyword analysis over competition, directly to a field of work hastily, usually only appear you think key words very well done Shanghai love the home page or the first but not what keywords flow or maybe you want to do too hot, with tremendous effort can also do not go up, resulting in vain. So the key words analysis of pre conditions must consider whether they have the ability to do it, this is the need for a test of the ability to analyze Shanghai dragon.

: a hot degree analysis

after love Shanghai index query data, can reflect the words in the past 30 days the user’s attention. People think it is necessary to analysis the numerical reference, if the word has been rising in a certain period of time curve, it can be said that the word is for choice. On the contrary, if the rise of the word curve is close to the top, it is that needs careful consideration. Of course, when there are two similar words, adding love Shanghai index content compared to select good words for good data.


The forgotten Shanghai dragon bookmark promotion optimization tool

bookmark is a tool to collect various colors of people, so very random, so in the bookmark chain not urgent, although not heard of this will be punished, but a sudden increase in number of the chain is also will be punished, or not can unify the anchor text, also is naturally better at this. On the basis of the natural increase of bookmarks, because of the limited number of bookmarking sites, so we need to create multiple accounts to collection, or to have the form of collection award to encourage people to collect your website, here to say a few more well-known several effective Bookmarks: love Shanghai collection, QQ bookmark, delicious YAHOO, Sina, VIVI and others believe, want to know people will find some.

The weight of Because

general bookmarking sites are relatively high, so the quality of the chain is better, so as to the quality of the chain chain of bookmarks link is really much higher than other.


said simply bookmark the initial effect, when the earliest bookmarks, search engine is not so strong, in order to better reach you want to go to the website you can through the web site directory, site navigation, and site itself in the bookmark, the bookmark can be said to be a peak period, but as the search continues strong, a lot of social bookmarking sites gradually abandoned, only a little more well-known websites also have heard, many have disappeared, but the bookmark is not really not his work? Of course not, today simply say that the role of the bookmark promotion.

era bookmark has declined, but many useful bookmarks keep website habits, such as I love love Shanghai collection and comparison of Firefox plug-in Xmarks sync their love URL and page. But now these bookmarks chain in the website optimization on the highly. I have summarized the following points:

Although the

from the marketing team with green apple not tore the original starting version: 贵族宝贝28sem贵族宝贝/blog/diary/1029.html >

bookmarks so many advantages why still overlooked by many people? How to do? I also summed up:

was ignored, because the search engine is more convenient and rapid, Shanghai dragon Er feel bookmarking site is that several, even if there are a few outside the chain and is what? Actually I think otherwise, that the weights of 1 bookmarks chain may be more effective than the other chain.

because of the weight of the chain in the bookmark, the anchor text in the label of quality is also high, so the optimization of key words is a very good choice in bookmarks.

bookmark sites are beneficial to customers, the customer is relatively accurate, but also more attractive, so the search engine will consider this to bookmark the link in a little more weight advantage.

Whether the Shanghai dragon entry experience


About Zac

well, certainly not so much advertising, something worth sharing, small C is incumbent on the recommendation. Shanghai Longfeng learning solid foundation is really very important, although I said Shanghai Longfeng no technology at all, but really do not need to learn? Long before a friend told me to learn Shanghai dragon, when I started the establishment and Optimization in the station, he was outside the chain, the chain can improve the ranking no doubt, it is quicker than me; when I was in drainage to improve the user experience when he was still in the hair of the chain, he still felt the hair of the chain is the best way, so he finally tired of living. Because he does not know what is the Shanghai dragon, what is Shanghai dragon? He did not complete this concept, perhaps in his cognition of Shanghai dragon = chain + article? If you don’t go to study carefully the search engine principle, I believe you will like him, finally nothing. Study of Shanghai dragon is the most important ideas, ideas come from? Is not rich in theory how to create.

of the Shanghai dragon cognition

here I must mention a person, that is known as the first domestic Shanghai Dragon (which is not to be verified), that is above Zac, in fact, now many people do not know this person, but read the book written by him, is not very strange. This is a major feature of Chinese, you may read three years of junior high school mathematics teacher didn’t know what name is the wood there? Zac this 2005 began to study Shanghai dragon algorithm, founded Shanghai Longfeng daily post on this blog, here is the thing to have Tucao Shanghai Longfeng daily post now that is one year, occasionally update, search for "Shanghai dragon" is still ranked in the home, anyway, this blog is to help the thousands on thousands of Shanghai Longfeng scholars. Zac had 2 books of "Shanghai dragon combat code" "Shanghai Dragon Art" the former is called the Shanghai dragon is the Bible, each entry must be Shanghai dragon books, this book has many basic knowledge, of course, many are outdated, but still useful, worthy of reference.

often asked me a lot of friends in this station, how can home? In fact before the small C said when talking about Shanghai dragon skills need to adhere to any keyword ranking, of course, this sentence is nonsense, insist on is the premise, more needs to keep pace with the awareness that you become a qualified webmaster or Shanghai dragon er the premise. What is the times consciousness theory: + rich now search engine love need more competition means?. If you can completely control the three points you will become another Shanghai dragon Zac. Any IT people can become a Shanghai dragon Er, small to large to edit COO, as long as you like, Shanghai dragon will open the door to you. Shanghai Longfeng no technology at all, thinking decides success or failure.


Why Shanghai dragon will be affixed the scourge of the Internet industry label

three, love technical problems of Shanghai company of

novice wants to have a better development in this industry, we must establish a correct concept of Shanghai dragon, make overall scientific planning, so as to make use of Shanghai Longfeng more advanced work, we really like the outside world said, using the Internet to change the world, change our life, establish a good a name for this industry.

Why Shanghai dragon >

This is Wang Kaixin

Shanghai dragon, in foreign countries is how vibrant industry in China, has become a synonym for writing garbage article, the mass of the chain. Many people have heard of Shanghai dragon, that we will only on the net irrigation, garbage produced continuously, is a waste industry, the Internet is people like us to be confused.

I do the medical industry, often focus on some medical website ranking, once concerned as a Dongguan male 贵族宝贝120ka贵族宝贝 ranking medical website, found it outside of the chain is called extrapolation in the same place a large number of long tail word shop platform similar ranking, the chain construction has reached more than 50000 in just 2 a month’s time, as can be imagined this practice garbage black manufacturing industry how much content. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai Longfeng garbage content creation, still grow with each passing day.

Shanghai dragon

was originally Shanghai dragon is mostly used in electronic commerce the development in foreign countries, while in China, a large number of black hat false information is rampant, causing the user to be deceived, seriously affect the user view of Shanghai dragon industry.

, a Shanghai Longfeng personnel problem

Shanghai dragon in the domestic development time is very short, the real rise in 2009, nearly 2 years of development speed is very fast, but most remain in the new stage. This also indirectly caused a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel lack of knowledge, thought the Shanghai dragon just write articles and send the chain. So a lot of people swarmed Shanghai Longfeng this, this has also brought a bad influence to the outside world.

I feel distressed, originally we belong to the category of e-commerce, is the representative of the state of the Internet in the future, but because of various reasons, Shanghai was posted to the black dragon rampant, garbage irrigation industry cap. The profound reasons, I think that is caused by the following:

two, the enterprise itself

Shanghai dragon from just a few years of development, has become a reason not angry, bitter cheap labor, employers also there is a big problem. For example, the most enterprises of Shanghai Longfeng personnel arrangements, every day is called editor to write articles, and then extrapolate the hair of the chain, then the cycle of operation. This also led to the Shanghai dragon personnel’s knowledge and skills very low, just the irrigation post to the Internet, making a lot of garbage.

Chalk online threads for education, trainers, and learners’ communitiesYour new year’s three squirre

2014, Chinese nuts market reached 55 billion 600 million yuan, of which electricity supplier channel is 4 billion yuan, accounting for the total size of the market is only 7%. Chinese food industry association related personnel have predicted that the market size of 2015 electricity supplier channels can reach 8 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan. The bigger market actually means more intense competition, such as the transition to the next line store becheery, Ichiban shop is three squirrels underestimated opponent. The former, in September last year, was sold by the "miss you" purchase, the first quarter of this year revenue 800 million, >

chalk network is also a combination of the Internet and traditional industries. The project is chosen as an educational and training field and an online communication platform for educational trainers and learners. On the first day of the line, it contains nearly 50 subjects and nearly 400 certified teachers.

users students after registration, first choose their own areas of interest and teacher the system automatically according to the recommended teachers, then you can enter the page, see have to pay attention to dynamic teachers, and expand exchanges with them. The page structure of the home page is very similar to that of micro-blog.

founded the company won the IDG capital of $1 million 500 thousand A round of financing in the beginning; July 2013 announced a $6 million B round, led Party voted for the capital today, IDG with the cast; in 2014, three squirrels completed C round of financing, a total investment of 120 million yuan capital today and IDG capital.

early in 2012 in Anhui Wuhu DUBAO district created a "three squirrel" brand, the characteristics of just four years with Taobao’s dividend and category, has become a big name in the nut industry.

chalk network official website shows, will also introduce iOS and Android client, which will allow teachers and students to communicate before more timely.

‘s attention was finally on the line today. He said it was concerned with the team behind him, a pioneering project by Li Yong, President of NetEase’s former portal division.

in addition, three squirrels have tried to develop a multi brand strategy, respectively the main leisure food such as the butcher’s "squirrel baby", as well as the main tea series "squirrel mei". But these two sub brands were closed in the second half of last year, and its head of public relations has responded that it is for tactical adjustment, as well as actively prepare for a new round of financing.

in addition to the exchange, there are "teacher hall" and "information room" in the website, you can pay attention to the new teacher in the hall of the teacher, in the information room to find, Download all kinds of information you want.

, according to Taobao’s data, they won the first sale of snacks, nuts and specialty items in 2013-2014. During the Chinese new year this year, three squirrels in Tmall’s sales reached 420 million yuan, 500 million yuan to sell special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, orders amounted to 3 million. Last September 16th, the company announced the acquisition of the total amount of 300 million yuan in the fourth round of financing, the investor Weifeng Swiss fund, said the valuation reached 4 billion yuan.

however, education, training institutions and teachers exist all over the country, and the market share is very scattered. Through the Internet to integrate these resources, as a platform web site, or very opportunities.

The five

for this reason, the team has expanded from pure nuts to multiple categories. Part of the reason is that the so-called "explosion" in sales face greater challenges, such as Taobao class platform on the slowdown in electricity providers, or by the impact of multi class electricity supplier on the sales scale. So they have to increase sales by expanding the category.

CEO "squirrel daddy Zhang Liao source said that in the past 2015, three squirrels operating income reached 2 billion 500 million yuan, 43 million yuan of tax, fiscal year 2016 revenue plan is 5 billion yuan. He admitted that the biggest challenge for the company in the past 2015 was how to switch from a small business to a big business.

from the specific coverage of the field of view, which has the market of education and training courses, such as PubMed, the civil service exam, judicial examination, examination and so on, and to absorb the political Ren Rufen, including postgraduate masters.

The chalk network of

in these areas, students have the willingness to communicate with teachers, and teachers also need public praise among students, as well as various channels to promote themselves, start fame, and get higher market value.

education is a big market, both teachers and students and parents have become more and more accepting online professors and learning methods. Therefore, education has become a hot segment of Internet entrepreneurship in recent years. There are many inside this direction, such as in the field of education, to training, to have C2C knowledge sharing interest learning; on the object, with children, with adults; in the form, with the main line, cable and line combination etc..

in this project, how to find more famous teachers, should be one of the challenges. Only a large number of famous teachers are settled in order to attract more users, which requires the background and resources of the next line of education.

Interpretation of the novice to open the Taobao shop that thing, how to make the first pot of goldsh

Beijing on March 6th news according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant shlf1314 Corporation said on Wednesday, will explain how to use the AdSense project in the advertisement expansion unit to advertisers, and how to locate scalable advertising content, and gradually expand its AdSense project.

: first, the preparation of the shop. And stationmaster oneself do a website same, advance preparation is indispensable. Shop the most basic Taobao account, Alipay binding, application security certificate, the seller Ali Wangwang version of the installation, shop what to buy, where goods supply, the degree of competition, Taobao seller agreement, these are to be familiar with the shop front. In Taobao registered account, choose me to be a seller, and can be opened in the background free shops, after the opening of the store, and can upload goods, edit goods, and then on-line sales. This seems like a very simple method, but if the novice does it, there may still be some difficulties, especially in the choice of goods. It really takes a lot of effort.

The development of

mobile Internet era, all want to make a fortune on the Internet, watching the master Wangzhuan experience, I really envy. Wangzhuan is seemingly simple things, but also need to pay a lot of effort. Taobao platform development with the development of the electricity supplier, may be a novice who most want to use the Wangzhuan platform in the Taobao open shop is free, then the free platform can Wangzhuan success, I give you something that Taobao stores open novice interpretation.

shlf1314 reminds its advertisers that they have two ways to choose: pay per click advertising CPC, or pay by show CPM. Only when the user clicks on the advertiser’s target page, CPC will generate revenue, not just when the user clicks on the extended ad. At the same time, shlf1314 has established a FAQ page that provides more relevant information to advertisers. In addition, shlf1314 also said that the shlf1314 AdSense project on the expansion of advertising does not make its revenue soaring, but because they need to expand the interaction with the user, of course, shlf1314 is unlikely to lead to hostility from consumers.

Advertising Federation: http://u.admin5/


secondly: choose the right goods. Taobao shop is really a wide variety of, it is important to choose what kind of goods to sell. The store started operation, the novice might think it can not start from the virtual start, such praise to block, it is brush praise, but is not the only method, virtual product profit is too low, may be a long time can not bring too much profit. In Taobao opened shop, or suggested that the choice of high profit products, the same time to spend time to promote products, why not choose to return a larger commodity?. The choice of goods is good, taking into account the activities of the store later, not all goods are good activities, virtual products low profits, if you go to do activities, it really is clearance processing. The items you choose will have a slightly higher profit margin, and then you can often take part in Taobao’s Juhuasuan and daily specials, which will only bring sales and will not lose money.

users may have to experience many of the existing scalable advertising is very annoying, but shlf1314 clearly pointed out that more attention to the details of the display of movie trailers, clips, video games or other needs of the picture, use the new AdSense project format for advertisers and users are very valuable. shlf1314 also said that if advertisers had added AdSense’s code to the original source of the company’s website, they would automatically qualify for its extended ad unit and enabled photo advertising. shlf1314 also pointed out that the program is currently only applicable to specific ad targeting American specific advertisers.

again: shop decoration. Taobao shop should be divided into the home decoration and decoration products page, highlight the characteristics of products page description to focus, commodity pictures are clearly visible, it is best to the processed images, buyers in the purchase of goods, the first impression of goods is very important, and the best goods is to wear to the mannequin license, so to feel closer to. In addition to the picture description of the product, as well as the description of the product parameters is also important, the main parameters should be listed, and there is no cheating behavior. Home decoration to all brand shops can give buyers show, but it does not need everything in the home show, sales of good products to the home page, the other can be used with "more" button instead of at the same time; in store sales of goods are on the home page, many buyers. The first is to promote the store to see.

shlf1314 says these AdSense extensions can appear as static banner ads or ad segments, or can cover large areas of content below the screen. However, the company stressed that such scalable advertising is different from other types of annoying ads, these can be extended to the ads will not be discussed advertising content or just a simple mouse hovers over the content, users must get more advertising contents by clicking on the ads can.

shlf1314 expands AdSense project

Shi Yuning shares how to select a good domain name for your website


everyone in the planning site first thought is how to choose a good domain name, a good domain name is the extension and the value inherent in the brand enterprises, and save a large amount of promotional costs for the enterprise, can attract more customers for the enterprise, but also can ensure that the brand is not worth the loss, enhance the corporate image. So how do we choose a good domain name for our website? Shi Yuning gives you how to choose a good domain name for your website.

1, site domain name is better, remember

if the domain name is first seen by the user can be deeply printed in my mind, so that the domain name can be said to be a good domain name, for example: will be much better than the, the user can easily be unnecessary to remember, users spend a lot of time to remember, and meet the user experience requirements.

2, site domain name to novel

from’s point of view, Baidu loves something new and unique. From the user’s point of view, when browsing the search engine, users like to place their eyes on what they are interested in. So when we choose the domain name, must be innovative, out of the ordinary, this will cause more of the search engine and the user’s attention, helps to optimize the website, to attract customers to visit our website.

3, enterprise station, portal, domain name first choice.Com

There are many

domain name suffixes, such as.Com,.Cn,.Org,.Net,.Edu,.Gov and so on. They represent different meanings:

.Com: Commercial, organizations, business organization, company

.Cn: China’s top national domain name

.Org: Other organizations, non profit organization

.Net: Network, operations, and, service, centers, network service provider,

.Edu: Educational institutions, teaching and research institution

.Gov: Governmental entities, government department,

,.Edu,.Gov suffix domain name is generally used by the education sector and government agencies, the quality of the site is very high, so the weight of the search engine is also very high. Therefore, as a portal station and enterprise station should be preferred,.Com suffix domain name, but also by users familiar with, and users usually contact the most is also.Com suffix domain name.

4, the domain name and site content should be consistent,


Station 6 days, talk about the feelings of PBDIGG

eleven vacation time, contact PBdIGG to today is sixth days, there are many experiences to share with you.

, I think it is a very good y PHP program, webmaster or edit the content update on time is the past, PBDIGG can make more people more convenient to publish articles or comments, to meet the needs of the owners. From the load point of view, individuals feel that the processing speed of the program is relatively fast. From the point of view of humanity, the program comes with 2 sets of boards is also very beautiful.

second, Pbdigg has the function of common article system, such as the definition, the color of the title top, headlines, recommendation and other functions, very suitable.

is the last Tidianyijian, or some views represent my personal needs, but also want to pay attention to the official.

1, voting function required

2, need to edit the background management article function

3, as far as possible to achieve static, rather than pseudo static, so that the site out of that, to withstand more Da traffic.

4, column hope you can have a variety of attributes, such as foreground navigation, show or, hide the column, column type for URL link.

5, advertising management system to facilitate Adsense easily insert and replace advertising,

6, annex download integral system.

7, custom fields, such as the fields I always wanted to define a cell phone price.

ha ha, casually send something, we don’t want to be soft, just like, my station

webmaster news list

Review and reflection after famous blog

has made his own blog a celebrity, something that all bloggers want. Ever since the day the blog was founded, bloggers have been fantasizing about when they can make a real name for themselves. Most of the time, though, it’s just a matter of thinking about it. After all, it’s not as easy to build a successful blogger, but there are also many uncontrollable factors.

although it is not a simple thing to build a famous blog, there are still many famous people who can learn from it. These days, I have been observing and learning some famous blog, and found that there are still traces of success behind me. Today, Song Congming will come and discuss the success of these famous names:

blogger’s user experience

first of all, let’s talk about the user experience of famous blogger. When we open a name Bo, often will produce a kind of "linger" feeling. Whether it’s blog style design, or blogger’s exciting article, or a click of the relevant recommendations of the desire, and even the background color of the blog can make people feel very comfortable. These blogs tend to be simple and easy to design, which people want to see and want to see, and they contribute more than N to PV.

blog success or not, its user experience is a key factor. These bloggers are veteran veterans, who know deeply about the behavior of target users, the preferences of target users, and so forth. If you want to build a name, you might as well go and see how your field is designed for your own reference.


blogger’s theme location

a successful blog must have a loyal audience, and the premise of these loyal readers is an accurate topic orientation. As the saying goes, there is no Tastes differ all tastes., something to cater to all tastes, blog is no exception. A successful blog must be within a certain range of success. A wise blogger will never pursue a large and full audience. All they can do is meet their target audience, and that’s enough.

, song wise, has met some bloggers before, and is very vague about the theme of the blog. Always hope that their blog can attract all readers, although the idea is very good, but this is impossible, this is entirely a thankless task. It is better to start out on your own interests, write your favorite subjects, and attract more like-minded people.

keep in mind that small areas will be a great success,


name Bo’s age

most successful blogs are known to be over 33 months old. That is to say, it takes at least three years to build a successful blog. It tells us that any success is not easy

What else can we do on the mobile site


today and a recent Internet online chat, not long ago is 7 ministries jointly rectifying the Internet, a few days ago and is the major site of CCTV disclosure information, feeling state of Internet supervision this piece may be entered into a new stage. Think about your own corner of the mobile phone Park, if the real regulation, the risk is still relatively large. Mobile content is nothing more than games, e-books, software, themes, pictures, ringtones, and videos. Pictures and video things, it is difficult to control the content, I have not dared to move, and remove these two parts, all involved.

if only from the content of the game, software and theme or can do, the risk is small, a vertical download site, just try not to provide pirate things, there is no problem, but as the user. Mobile phone e-books if we do not have the author of this group to join the content to a collection of others, it will be faced with copyright lawsuit, the bell is similar, make not any record companies came to the door.

thinks these things may still feel a bit far away (personally feeling that bad information may remain national for a long time), but it should still come. Suddenly, I remember in the A5 Trading Forum, a net friend gave me a message, said technology or hard truth, not content can do the service, I think the phone can also take this road. My site although has been engaged in the content, but also imperceptibly developed online e-books and mobile phone theme, can build a platform, self-service platform, mobile phone up to the people of all DIY, their online e-books, themes, and even engage in personalized ringtones recorded games, oh, I think that some ideal, but you can see some.