Explain the diagnosis and adjustment of site instance

1, title, keywords, description of what arrangements are no problem, but is a little problem, the headline is a comma.


3, no death, death, was the same with the server, it does not delete the article, so there is no death.

recently took over a site, where through the main website, know the site, first of all, the site is 08 years in the making, then a person responsible for the website matters, but has not seen the effects of the main key words of love in Shanghai has been ranked the third and fourth pages around, and later to network operation, but also did not see the effect, finally gave up, the company has been the person at the front desk is responsible for the daily updates.

4, the website structure, to do good, not what problem.


said the first station, the site is too low degree of the original, no 404 pages, is likely to be used, the title also had a little problem. Although the article can be included, snapshots can also update.


6, snapshot, snapshot is relatively stable, the next snapshot.

1, trans, trans number many, 3000+. The structure of the chain is also good, B2B and category accounted for 40% accounted for 30% of the blog, pure text links forum and other platforms accounted for 30%. But the thorough inspection found that B2B link quality is good, classification information is basically the recruitment information. The quality of the chain blog too, may be the chain before the responsible person and the person of the company network operation when the blog are news links, website content and completely unrelated, is purely the headlines at the time. Forum is basically the signature of the links are not completely related to the contents of the link inside the post.


2, 404 pages, web site map, the map is no problem, no page 404.


ranking, in addition to other key word no ranking brand.

server, because it is the domestic server, with the server sites have been filed, nor what illegal websites. The server is also very stable.


included, the structure of the site is good, also included more than 500 new, updated article also included second days.

I took over on the site to do a test, the following data share:

2, a chain, a total of 27 friends of the chain has 7 No snapshot, 11 other industries, there are 3 snapshots is 1 months ago.


analysis, the author began to diagnosis

The structure of

3, the original site article, basically is plagiarism, even false original nothing.

Several dangerous Shanghai Longfeng method of website optimization

4, the contents of a large number of repeat

in the chain optimization unreasonable mainly in several ways, one is the article in a keyword anchor several different links in a chain is the article too much, there is a different keyword is too much to the same link. These are the chain optimization unreasonable, an article in the chain the best control in about 3. In fact, the chain is also a knowledge, to do within the chain optimization, need to learn a lot of things.

chain optimization unreasonable mainly in several ways, one is a one-way Links too much, a chain is concentrated in a few websites, there is a kind of software to send the chain, there are a lot of garbage outside the chain. Why is this some is very dangerous? Links way too much, I think a lot of people understand, do not say. Focus on the reasons for a few sites above the very dangerous is this several website if there is a site failure or title, then you will lose a lot of the chain, it is bound to drop right or K. A lot of garbage outside the chain is very dangerous, once the search engine that will remove a lot of garbage outside the chain, causing a sharp decline in the chain, the light right down, heavy K station.

there are many websites take this way, this way may be short-term can get good rankings, but the long run is very dangerous. When the search engine did not find this to be the case, does not mean that the future will not be found. Keyword stuffing is down right or up to a few examples, the Internet can often see such a situation, so don’t use this way to Shanghai dragon er.

2, the chain optimization is not reasonable

many sites take acquisition or transfer etc., to do the content, this will cause the site has a lot of topics, once they are found in the search engine, is also very dangerous, according to the experience of feihe66. The search engine started just before too much repetition removed, this is also a lot of people have included new sites, but included total no reform, if you are not correct, day will drop right or K stand certainly, a local community site www.wodecheng贵族宝贝 I have seen this kind of situation, but fortunately I the treatment in a timely manner, to most of the original site, and delete the repeated posts. Now the amount collected is basically rising trend.


1, title keyword stuffing

3, the chain optimization is not reasonable

recently on the forum or blog, old people say their website is k or website pulled the hair. I want to search your site since the punishment, there must be some reason, it will not go to a website It is without rhyme or reason. punishment. At this time we are going to have a good analysis on their website, the following feihe66 said Shanghai Longfeng method of several dangerous.

feihe66 here this kind say is dangerous, if you can correct it, or save >

A new Shanghai dragon Er puzzle the user experience to see who

in fact, optimize the content above, we really need to go back to see customers? Specific technical process, basically 99% of the customers are not concerned with the construction site or the Shanghai dragon specific operation, specific skills, and these customers are not concerned about Shanghai and phoenix net station industry, related news or a large IT industry unless this person (the "

in the above verbose so much specific, want to express what? It is actually very simple, but when it comes to our optimization under construction site with website optimization related business website. Do you know the Shanghai dragon, the optimization is roughly in the station optimization and stood outside, a specific point, we say, content of construction with the chain. What we do? We are doing in order to correlation, correlation of Technology (some specific problems such as production site involved in the process and solutions, such as the Shanghai dragon skills sharing), industry correlation (website construction industry news what ah, Shanghai dragon industry what news, search engine, network marketing related, and so on, such as news), in addition to what

see the title they know, but this article is to love Shanghai Tucao user experience. Of course, you don’t get me wrong, but today said user experience, not the last time that Zac teacher’s blog to be kicked off the Shanghai love home, "what" strong insert this kind of thing, but today is their own experiences, say Shanghai dragon and web users experience their own body contact.

How then to

says this, we will talk about how the occupation of a network’s occupation of Shanghai Longfeng Er, our company mainly engaged in network services, of course, our department is mainly website construction, website and website optimization aspects of the work, this is how his website, these two aspects the contents of. Said the user experience, I believe the industry peers also basically have almost the consensus, our customers, mainly concerned with what? Our customers are mainly concerned about two things: first, price. Second, the. For example, customers want to do a website, first of all he cares for the site you give me much money to do it, the hearts of every customer has a budget, the budget source, may be the mouth between friends, may also be himself by other sources, or he has no matter how many of you have cost and he only care about their own investment, is what he does not see, is a heart of budget. Only within the budget or volatility in the acceptable range, the customer will do this site, if the budget, I’m sorry, even if the clerk never labored, said they do not move the hearts of customers. About the results is also very simple, customers are competitors, most of the time, the site of the customer intention, is forced out of competition opponent, he will pass the observation of competitors within the industry, or he felt he did a good website for reference, under normal circumstances, the customer will like here this was like the requirements.


By advertising a monthly income of 3000 yuan experience sharingTalk about the whole point of foreign

Adsense every K drop an account, and not in accordance with traffic, geographical origin as absolute standard, but when a station traffic source does not conform to the routine, the account will also be K. So, with the aid of shlf1314

1. builds a multi user English blog that automatically generates HTML.

Adsense ads are also in English, English advertising highest price of 84 U. s.dollars, that is, advertising, each was effectively click once, you can generate $84 commission income for the webmaster. Generally speaking, 1000IP domestic traffic to do shlf1314

the overall strength of the national economy is not only reflected in the real life, but also reflected in the network, shlf1314



2, search advertising alliance belongs to the company name, without the company’s alliance, had better not join, of course not absolute, depending on the specific circumstances, it is better to operate a company advertising union!


3, the address of the search advertising alliance company, to avoid the same address of different companies, such as 10 companies are that address, then consider carefully.

! !

1: use foreign search traffic to do shlf1314 Adsense

Hello everyone, a few days ago for my day 4000ip site to write several articles about how to flow, and today I come to talk about my website monthly income of 3000 yuan download website experience. My level is limited, not a subject to further my opinion, can only speak generally! Because do stand for more than 3 years, the heart has a sense to say a few words, I hope some newcomers can play a guiding role, it is hoped that an expert to pointing to billion space www.129yy, is fast! I downloaded

two, recommended advertising alliance Revenue: "recommend me to contact the better advertising alliance"

first, select the advertising alliance to pay attention to the elements:


Adsense English advertising, generated click income is about 150 yuan. Often a webmaster, making a English station, also produced a third page, go to the station English temptation users on advertising, to create high commission, but this cheating is very easy to be shlf1314


Adsense is a high-end form of income. The so-called English advertising page, is the website and content is pure English, inside the shlf1314

4, check the advertising League domain name information, such as record information, registration time, time ranking, etc.

Adsense Chinese advertising, generated click income is about 10 yuan, 1000IP foreign traffic to do shlf1314



Adsense English station to obtain a high income security and stability, it is necessary to obtain the real foreign traffic, but for most network friends, my English is not up to standard, the English tone is a problem, if you want to ride the battlefield or English difficult point. In the network, a Chinese blog or Chinese Web site, as long as the content is included in the search engine, then always more or less produce some search traffic. So some webmaster will use the acquisition software, batch collection of blog or BBS in the article, and then tidy up to a web site, and then a huge article data, to obtain high flow. Then, if you have a large number of English articles, then it will also bring large flow of foreign search traffic. Here’s a way to get high traffic using English Blogs:

Adsense to find, because the English station, it is impossible to flow from China, this is the most common method of operation of English station station, is also the greatest probability of a K method, shlf1314

Adsense click advertising in China’s advertising unit price is at around 1/15 of the foreign unit price, that is to say, the same labor pay, in foreign countries than in the domestic income of 15 times. So the English ad page becomes "shlf1314

1, search advertising union name, to see how users evaluate it.

thunderbolt Alliance: a website for download, thunderbolt alliance is indispensable, at present day can get 8 to 10 yuan in advertising, of course, for my website 4000IP, a cost of 10 yuan is too little, after that will be better! You can go to see

Asian friends Alliance: we all know that this alliance is recommended as long as users join, you will have money, of course, money may be trouble spots, but it is still very easy to make money, so we just try to go to recommend, or earn a dollar, although members, is inefficient members also have $0.2 a also, there are 1.2 yuan, it is also good, my website one day there are 30 to 50 registered, about 40 to 50 yuan income! Recommend you try to do this when the alliance! "

advertising media: advertising is good publicity, easy industry is relatively well-known, pop-up ads and rich media ads are more strongly recommended, every day can get 10 yuan of advertising publicity! Easy also in A5 advertising, of course I’m not as easy to do promotional advertising, I just love this advertising, timely payment, as long as you have a good website, adding advertising is the best choice, but the premise is to achieve the 4000IP website to join, this is a mandatory requirement of

Philharmonic live Cai tiger, a year of business success, social life, electricity supplier is too ea

interview, Lee Sanwu wearing a clean white shirt and a khaki jeans, glasses let the talkative he looked a bit quiet. It’s hard to imagine that he’s the helm of a company with a turnover of thirty million and one of the best in the industry.

group purchase and classified information, have the forum in the best of spirits to move closer to the O2O, but which one is the mode of the present who did not dare to jump to conclusions?.

didn’t touch the manufacturing industry before, so the Li Sanwu team made the drawing board too simple. They even thought that a carpenter could do the drawing board. This attitude let them suffer, that made the first batch of drawing various problems: the selection of raw materials, do not pay attention to product design is not qualified, resulting in large quantities of product problems of creases, blistering, absolutely not imagine Li Sanwu like.

"at that time, I thought of various ways to raise money.". "Li Sanwu said to us," looking for friends and relatives to borrow, seek help from their parents, finally, I also mortgaged his property. "

pre detour, let Li Sanwu Jingxiaxinlai began to study the grinding products.


however, reality gave Lee a slap in the face.

The It took

a year to "trial and error", but it was still a luxury. Cai Hu stressed that "to help users more assured more convenient to choose life, solve the problem of life direction", we have been adhering to the "life partner", each one of the most reliable, more entrepreneurial team of faith and reason. Over the past year, the Philharmonic has also grown better products, some areas such as the practice of beauty also explored, and more

products, products, products, high-quality products is the magic weapon to win

interviewed on the same day, the weather in Yiwu is bright and pleasant. 87 year old Li Sanwu, sitting on the sofa in his office, began to tell us about his entrepreneurial experience.

in May, Beibei went to a small pot friend to interview Mr. Li Sanwu, the founder of his brand.

"do not waste sh419 two rich generation background" article, will spin off last March to operate independently of the Philharmonic live back to the public view, this article in terms of strategy and products of Philharmonic live criticism. The Philharmonic live head Cai Hu also pay attention to this article, and Sina in the scientific and technological exchanges, Cai Hu admitted that the past year in the implementation of the strategy level some out of focus, such as Tandaqiuquan, do a lot of innovation and try on the product, with positive results, but failed to accurately cut the user just need to, these are entrepreneurship is the precious harvest, but also to recognize social life business too early.

Li decided to start his business in 2011, when he was 24 years old and had just graduated from college for two years.

Cai Hu used the experience of the past year reached a conclusion that the social life + electronic commerce way in Chinese or too early, the main reason lies in the life of the service industry of the Internet education level is low, the market needs time and cost considerably, the line recommended the common scenario is also more difficult to copy to the line, and commodity information the most basic structural problems have not been solved the electricity supplier model universal.

in 2011, Li Sanwu registered factories in Yiwu and "small basin friend" brand, and began to march toward the children’s drawing board industry. With 4 years of entrepreneurial experience and rich experience in e-commerce, Li Sanwu has the confidence to make his brand bigger and stronger.


product is destroyed, means that pre funding all boondoggle, when Li Sanwu found that book money.

and from the environment, O2O experienced hot, but faced with fuzzy dilemma. Cai Hu laments that "O2O" is harder than it had imagined". Especially with sh419 maps, WeChat LBS upgrade to usher in the explosive development, Alipay launched the card package service and so on, the uncertainty of the industry suddenly increased. It’s a good thing for the Philharmonic, but each step must be more robust.

this decision lets Li Sanwu’s parents completely not understand, in they give three noon’s life plan, after he graduated from the University, should look for a work to live steadily, had better be able to test a public servant. Don’t understand to don’t understand, Li Sanwu parents still made concessions: give you two years to toss, if you fail to find work, honestly.


backed by sh419 flow, IDG and Qiming venture capital tens of millions of dollars of investment, Philharmonic living starting a high starting point, but a year later, in the Internet boom, but there is no beautiful answer. The first point is "no reflection on Cai Hu focus: because of overly optimistic estimate of the Internet trend of the local life services market, also began a team desperate to do platform, some Tandaqiuquan, simultaneously carried out too many projects, but in every place tie is not deep, lead to scattered resources.

Li Sanwu bought a few pieces of paintings.

Cai Hu according to plan, in 2013 the Philharmonic live is mainly to do subtraction, put some time before or do not meet the user just need to project, will focus on the goal to do reliable life service information recommendation, such as simplifying the product form, the weakening of social business and Master sharing mode, modification is not suitable for all areas of life falls stream and time line shape, and cooperate with the project team size reduction and adjustment.

Li Sanwu did not hesitate to destroy all of the products. So far, whenever he recalls the product burned picture, once again firmly determined to make products.

do poineering work too simple, Li Sanwu suffered

A recent

SEO important mentality, the most important thing is a steady state of mind

saw a few days ago Qiu’s website dropped from first to 11.., Qiu is SEO legend. Although lost rankings, but still support SEO data station.. believe he will come back.

Baidu’s SEO first must be brother Qiu’s,

3-14, Baidu update. Think of the tragedy that happened to me. I am famous quotes: www.mingren520.cn famous quotes from the station dropped to No. first in the 12. page keyword also dropped a lot. The station desolate.. their hard for half a year to return to the past. The heart suddenly pain I believe that many webmaster understand. I’m not cheating, the contents of the article are finishing their own. As to why Baidu will do so, I do not know, there is no way, he is our Baidu webmaster, you make me die. We die. I only want to say no is not Baidu webmaster.. please normal.

do SEO, the most important thing is the mentality, the most important steady state of mind, Baidu, you let me off. I will try to climb back to 1..Www.mingren520.cn, is the first famous celebrity standing

, now let me tell you what I need to do when I drop out of the rankings. I checked one of my friendships and found that 3 meters were K. Right away, I’ve been looking for high quality friendship.

these days

every day to update some quality articles. Finally, can only wait for the world, and other Baidu to verify, who is the famous famous station..

here stability, yesterday update rankings out of the webmaster. Must steady state of mind, do SEO good mentality can win

welcome related friends plus me qq:55218688 change friendship, only with high quality friendship, Friendship Exchange

, 17, t-seleven

Awesome brother I share a year when the owners of waste time

has not come for a long time, A5 hair article, just looked at the previous articles, records, have been a few months ago. No way, the work is really too busy, sometimes really want to find a chance to stay a good while, write a little thing, send a little blog, but time is such a little bit of the drain. The awesome brother and the webmaster to share what I experience when some owners in a year, although it is still a rookie, but that moment than the year started, has been much more stable.

entered a company after graduation last year, and the company did software development. Usually not very busy, because at that time because of idle time is more, I would like to get some money by other means, but also part-time. But after much deliberation, really did not have some good projects. By chance, from a friend in QQ’s conversation, he mentioned that he was selling things on Taobao, and that he could get more than 1K a month, when he was envious and hated. So, I also want to get an impulse Taobao shop, was really full of confidence, it is called, did not experience, did not know the hardships. So I opened my first Taobao shop, is also the first step in my life on the Internet wangzhuan. The result, of course is devastated. A month, income less than 100, but also spent a lot of my time, and Taobao finally failed.

later, found that many people do not rely on online shop to make money, because the owner did not supply goods, think of goods, they can find agents, or on behalf of the sale of other products, be divided into. I am very interested and engaged in this model. This is the most popular Taobao at that time. I naturally joined the Taobao army. You must have said, "you must have made a lot of money this time.". Wrong, this time more cruel than the last lesson, will not promote, will not sell themselves, will not rank skills, and even SEO is nothing to know. Just know, my site is very beautiful, very powerful, almost second Taobao, even if 1000 people see, there is a person to buy, I earned it. However, the lesson is that the site does not flow, but how can you ensure that a user can buy you something ordinary probabilistic mode you can’t apply to you, because you are facing a real live users, so Taobao guest career finally ended with a failure.

later, cool down for some time. I found myself is a software developer, actually do not know SEO, do not know how to operate the site, do not be justified. When you see so many websites on the Internet, none of them really belong to you. You can’t give up your dreams. Then I heard that Discuz program is very powerful, is the preferred procedure for the forum, and then began to learn how to do the forum, how to run the forum. But at that time one of the biggest mistakes was made and the forum was not at all fixed. This is the novice webmaster a common problem, you don’t know what you want to do, do not know what the site positioning, how to operate in the future, you >

Talking about the UGC community let core users create valuable content


] core tip community of users can be divided into users, ordinary users and users of three kinds of core, while the core users can create valuable content for the community, not all the generated content is significant.

editor’s note: the author looks at Gauin on the "UGC community products talk: how to allow users to create content" of the article, think quite excellent feeling, attempt an ineffective solution. As a deep user and practitioner of the UGC community, the author himself also talks about this topic.

community user hierarchy – only core users can create valuable content

Gauin’s article talks about how to create content for users, and first of all I would like to add that valuable content needs to be created. The content is not as good as possible. It may be irrigation or garbage. For example, send a weather forecast at a beauty forum and dress in a car forum. You can certainly say that the community is based on the "human" relationship, the platform serves the user, and the user may talk about everything that can be included. That’s true, but remember, the choice is in the hands of the user. The user doesn’t want you to do everything. The future community will be subdivided into vertical fields. The user wants to see the natural beauty clothing will go to Yoka, OnlyLady, 55BBS; to see the car will naturally go to the car car, car home, easy car network; to see tourism will naturally go to the ant nest, poor tour, donkey mother. These don’t require you to make decisions for users. In addition to the vertical community based on interest, the local community, which is connected by region, is the same. If Hangzhou 19 upstairs Chongqing shopping mall discount information, Hangzhou 19 floor users will feel inexplicable.


the basic feature of the Internet is open, transparent, open the door, anyone can publish a topic or spit a slot. And the development of the Internet to this day, the community is particularly important for their positioning, is based on geographical connections or interest aggregation, all inclusive, PK small and beautiful, who wins who is negative, and now do not need to discuss it again,


secondly, I would like to add that the core users of the community are the ones that create the most valuable content. Community users can be broadly divided into three categories: core users, common users, and users.

, who is the core user, is a core user of the community, who is constantly browsing the community, using the Internet, and having a sense of belonging to the community and having the ability to contribute high-quality content.

what is a regular user? Regular browsing, you can do lightweight operations on the site, such as reply, like, collect, vote, simple discussion, etc..

What does

do for browsing users? Just looking at users when they need it.

so what’s the difference between browsing users and regular users? Compare Ferrari users

Buy network, Groupon mode, money making, no competition, business model analysis

Groupon network group purchase money without mode competition, do not know this title will not be provoked into you again like a swarm of bees Groupon model group purchase website, have seen the incomplete statistics, said that the current domestic such website has risen to more than 400, of course, the data so far, the number of positive or infinite increase in principle to multiply.


remember in May 29th at Li Kaifu webmaster general assembly, the teacher talked about the Groupon model, and this is not good, the reason is the development prospect will reach a bottleneck, also does not favor VC and similar sites, it was the first time I heard about Groupon model of group purchase website, not seriously, because do not understand, so I listen to and.

himself is a constant focus on A5 and Sina Technology, and it’s finally rumored that a home site will finance and finance millions of dollars. However, there are reports of Groupon will be stationed in China, the whole capital first step is a legend website more than 2000 dollars in mergers and acquisitions, this message let me go to sleep before midnight in the hazy Shuiyan bit bright, the first feeling is terrible, second was surprised, third was an accident.

believes that there are owners made a similar website, its technology and operation, the threshold is very low, but this is just such a website, whether rumors or gossip or in financing, mergers and acquisitions news are uplifting. Believe in the way you feel, it’s like buying a lottery ticket.

the next day, which is on Friday, I have a try mentality, also launched their own Groupon mode and released the group purchase website, I work environment of ancillary products – candy series DVD and cartoon products. As usual, Saturday and Sunday rested so much that you forgot about the site. The accident occurred on Sunday at 1 in the morning, as usual before login mobile phone QQ, a friend of the authentication information with each other after straight into the subject asked, candy cartoon is in play beans network group purchase? A series of problems, this reminds me of my online website on Friday, the answer is. I thought it was a net friend searching for candy, because the related keywords came to my website, but then his words made me get out of sleep again, excited, and the other said yes, I bought 20 sets. A market price is 50 yuan, I was the staff of 15% off group purchase information sent to my online, did not expect so soon, or the click to buy Alipay and then half believe and half doubt that payment is good, and then talked to sleep. Go to work on Monday, and as usual, at around 10 received a phone call, the other said that it had 850 yuan for hit my Alipay account, what time is convenient to take. I once again tangled up, ask yourself, is not it, so it is really sell? So to Alipay account balance inquiries, as well as 85>

Send novice if you want to succeed in the Internet

mixed Internet industry for several years, has not been a good location for themselves, has been confused looking for themselves. Not long ago I have recognized several peers, and had a small party, through our conversation to understand, it fills me with more confidence in the future of Wangzhuan career. They are full-time webmaster, do Wangzhuan, have done, and are relatively good, ashamed to say, are better than me. Through understanding, we have a lot of feelings with each other, and learn a lot from them, especially the ideological changes.

concludes that if we want to succeed, we must constantly strengthen our confidence in ourselves. No profit for the new owners or, should first find another one in your industry fared relatively good, the best is profitable to make money, make friends at all costs, of course, to be honest, this will give you many detours. How to contact the industry’s master, imagine when you see so much, master in a number of banknotes in the unknown to the public in your industry circles, you are born worse than them? The answer is certainly not, because we are all equal, only because they have to pay much more than us, God will God helps those who help themselves. Can hard-working people volunteer, the work will be harvested, we want to do is to study hard and unremitting


on the Internet if you want to make money to loneliness. Finally know that those who earned tens of thousands of months, the daily work situation, I did not believe, and now believe. Those who earn tens of thousands of dollars each night when others sleep. These experts are still busy operating their own web site, is still struggling. I heard them say: every night before two had not slept for second days, and some seven in the morning to go to work, you can do that? You may have evening and your girlfriend, you can give up something? Remember to learn to give up something, to get what you want. They can hold on for a year or two. Can you do that? Every time we go to bed, they are still trying to make money. The experts are thinking, they can’t sleep yet. I want to accomplish my goal. I will try my best!


said it may be because so many people’s character, a lot of people actually do not fit this line, also can’t do that, in the absence of any resources to the novice can successfully master Wangzhuan, almost all must be this character, the past is unknown to the public in the work, when close to success, suddenly found not so young, beautiful youth suddenly left.

summarized above is one of the strength of the grassroots webmaster, there may be a lot of master is relaxed and happy to make money, and so on, I admire those people, to live and work to coordinate the better. The original is from Dongguan seowww.dwseo.org, reprinted please indicate the address, thank you!