How to let the novice webmaster website traffic to fly

The main purpose of

second: website space to fly. No matter what the webmaster said, want to talk about the issue of space, website promotion process some time ago to write the webmaster most afraid of what, also said the issue of space. The line began to worry about whether the awesome space from the site of a space, really so important? Of course, web space do not fly, open speed slow, "could not be loaded, such sites, traffic can have a high, let alone the search engine can not come, is the normal users will not go you mind waiting for a website loading, such website bounce rate is very high, in order to reduce the site bounce rate, increase website traffic, space should be from the beginning to solve. Choose a good IDC, ixwebhosting as independent IP, free trial for a month, so it is possible to host your web site traffic to fly.

website promotion is to let more people know, this is a brand promotion methods, now many traditional enterprises have begun site operations of the road, the road to the webmaster is not very simple, site of the most important goal is to make web traffic to fly, the owners how to make web traffic fly? We can from the following aspects.

: the first web content to fly. We don’t stand in the search engine optimization point of view that the content of the website now, users come to your website, simply because he wanted to go to school from your site to something, then the content of the website has become an important resource to retain customers. The website to write what kind of content, it depends on the location of your web site, your customers are those you want to give your customers what your customers want to get what things from you, such a thought, the content of the web site you will have. The content of the website users to fly, and naturally many, this traffic will basically is from search engines, website traffic will be stable so, so in order to site traffic can fly, the first to seize the construction of website.

again: website sharing to fly. The development of micro-blog and community website, also contributed to the promotion of the website progress. Now many websites have launched their own share button, button function is the content on the website to share community website, social media platform, can let more people see you, see your product, this to give you both publicity products, but also to your site bring flow. Visit the community website is great, you share something interesting to others, certainly will look back on your blog, this brings the flow is also very objective. Some time ago love Shanghai also launched a share button, you need to invite code, Kedeng blogger will not use, but bloggers are now using the share button is also very good, with analysis of background data, so you can see the site traffic sources, and their share of things are viewed by others, so more the convenience of their own website traffic management. What kind of website platform to bring more traffic, I >

The enterprise website optimization selection intention strong keywords is the key

we select a keyword when not necessarily want to brand name as keywords, but must only ensure that our brand name lookup, cannot have too many other sites, it is need to pay attention to, this is a lot of business owners refused to see. If you find the brand name and other similar sites, then clarify they are doing this keyword, then you must find ways to make our website ranking.

Keywords optimization is to obtain more economic benefits to do

3. research competitor

business, then the key in addition to the search volume also has commercial value, also is to have the purchasing power. This ranking consequences of user intention is more concentrated, would be more useful to promote the sale of.

1. of the purchasing power of

enterprise website optimization most is to make the product, so we need to work on the choice of keywords, the intention of the strong keywords can form more orders. Of course, as the Shanghai dragon staff, the first optimization is a good show to you. As long as the keyword ranking, can talk about traffic and conversion rates, unless you do not rely on search engines to attract traffic into. Then to do business optimization time, the choice of keywords still has a lot of problems, from different aspects of old thinking, not only to get traffic, but also the inevitable conversion rate, it needs to do a series of tasks we before optimization. To do the detailed optimization scheme to a real estate website, met a lot of problems, so as to sum up about the choice of keywords is some criteria needs to pay attention to the.

has the intention to find the long tail keywords, users are running the purpose, if the long tail keywords do a useful local ranking, can not only increase traffic, more important is to promote the conversion rate. Only our website content is good enough to do, stick to the user, we can lasting >


from easy to difficult, this point must pay attention to. A lot of friends in order to reach the requirements of the boss may show the extent of my choice of keywords, some super hard, no purchasing power, or no flow. I do not say tired, the task will not necessarily. Therefore, must choose some high conversion keywords, even for small, at least have a ranking, can really bring benefits to the enterprise.

actually, before we do optimization, there are many opponents had done very well, it just gave us the opportunity to study supply. We are not as long as the purpose of keyword research competitors spread, we have on those keywords they have yet to do is probably do owe good rankings. Big companies have a weak link, and the time we started to use our advantage to do their short board, for a local customers, establish the market position.


brand advantage

4. long tail keywords ahead

Entrepreneurship, you can stand 4 years of waitingMarketing partner favored workers with new tactics

I love contact some body full of positive energy entrepreneurs, even if they are in the valley of life, full of grievances, but he always with a positive mood you have not shown, but a habit, he stand on your point of view, is for you to consider, so you never owe he was such a man once had the opportunity, I think you will return with his.

The marketing partner gold marketing partners: the total amount of the Marketing Commission is equal to or greater than 1000 yuan

from the above chart, you can see that with the increase in performance, the level of marketing partners will be higher, the proportion of returned Commission will increase.

now move, today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Most people die tomorrow night, so we must face up to today and try our best to live in the present.


"marketing partner"

we have this side of entrepreneurs, even desperately trying to not see results or even not to be aware of it to the end, when we see them, they might think that unfortunately or think they are stupid, but they are not in the growth but is rooted in. Deep strong root. When the time is right, they will reach the summit of others. Maybe you can’t see the results now, but don’t be afraid, you are not growing, but you are taking root. Life needs settling.



     ;     silver Marketing Partner: the total amount of the Commission is greater than or equal to 300 yuan, but less than $1000

bronze medals, silver medals, gold medals, the 3 levels of the commission rate is not the same, specific reference, as shown in the following:


: a low cost: as long as you put your marketing code, put in place a personal blog, column, forums, personal websites, without supervision, when someone through your marketing task Chinese missions over the code, you can receive a corresponding commission.

   ;     bronze Marketing Partner: the total amount of marketing commissions is less than $300

two: high profits: to help your friends to solve the needs of the work, but also get a certain commission, help people and self benefit. For example: you introduced friends, issued a 10 thousand yuan Witkey task, you can get at least 800 yuan of income, high level

Four advantages of

it is understood that due to marketing, making money, low cost, high profits, more and more workers, personal websites and so on, they have this marketing promotion as a new choice to make money online. Why are marketing partners so popular,

is how to make money with workers? Contacts and friends over cyber source recommendation task China, as long as he successfully passed the real name authentication, certification, issued to pay fees, Witkey task issued a tender task one, you can get a certain proportion of the Commission, it is profitable to do marketing.

saw a story recently in the circle of friends, is a kind of Chinese only grows in the east of bamboo "bamboo", where farmers planted everywhere, every day carefully cultivated, adorable seed teeth, even the farmers in recent years has been 4 years of intensive care, bamboo only 3 centimeters long, the other local people see here, shook his head and said do not understand, however, bamboo, after 5 years with every day for 30 cm growth, so only 6 weeks you can grow up to 15 meters, where the transient time can be turned into a wild profusion of vegetation of the bamboo forest. Although only 3 centimeters in 4 years, but from fifth years began the storm growth, perhaps looks like 6 weeks have undergone incredible changes, but in the past 4 years, bamboo roots in the soil between the extension of hundreds of square meters.

encountered similar side "wonderful", some people say that he is stupid, some people say he is silly, some people will say that is crazy? But for their perseverance in the pursuit of the ideals and beliefs of the entrepreneurs, we should be more tolerant and understanding.

the greatest selfishness is selfless, meet the selfishness of others, but also to achieve their own selfishness, perhaps this is the wisdom of success bar. Recently contact Buddhism, Buddhism, pay attention to cause and effect, what kind of, because what kind of fruit?. We assume a crossing, if time backward, you change a woman you marry, your child is not the same, the structure of your family is not the same, your life are not the same, all the earthshaking changes, now you decide the next five years the result of ten years, the so-called "living in the moment" or so.

task, according to the marketing performance of marketing partners, China divides marketing partners into 3 grades: bronze medal, silver medal and gold medal. The specific rules are as follows:


I told myself, never a man now to judge an entrepreneur in the future, if people do not care about the success of today, indifferent to him, tomorrow I’m not making friends.

to undertake the task is how to make money, workers according to their ability to bid for the task, and finally won the bid to get the task of money, this ability to make money by the way, called to undertake the task of making money.

online has become a means of making money for most people online. Reporters learned that the task of Chinese workers now, in addition to relying on their own ability to undertake tasks to make money, but also by virtue of their connections, network resources to do marketing, make money.

The station master is one step by step like this

in 2007 a friend introduced me to join the ranks of the webmaster, one day a friend said to me the SEO website to be able to make money, I began to learn it, do a Ruijin information port, known as Ruijin’s largest local portal, that excited ah, want to for a long time ago to do a website, just prior to this website things do not understand you didn’t dare to start, think do investment 1, 2W RMB, has made the website after I found that there are 80 yuan can do a website. The reason that website owners is such a step by step into practice is because of this, to do so, to update the site every day have a good return unremittingly, of course, this is just a little idea of my own.

then done manually, a website design software Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, are all handmade, one night can only do a one or two page, 10 days the way home well, was that exciting, think finally has its own website, HOHO. Later, under the guidance of a friend, I know I have CMS, but this is good, so I learned a little knowledge of HTML, so it helped me to use CMS later. CMS I also used a good two days, using KING, you will think it is to do such a simple thing, as long as you have a CMS you can make a nice website, I do it all the time, very good, I have a friend to an enterprise made a website only 1000 yuan a year RMB, very cheap, but for our personal webmaster is not difficult. Me too. You can do a website framework in 20 minutes.


website is the first position, only the first positioning well, can the development of website good, my website is such a kind of thinking, such as portal is what content should be added, so that more users will come to your website, or just a day to update, so that users will see. This website changes every day, but not how to change them, this is the central idea, the central idea, in order to better the website do better, more position to do, so we will be more love to your site to see something more.


website has been previously, interest, later, interested in boring, I think it will make money in the website here, so he went to the big league, know GGAD, know the Baidu alliance, which is my successor website make money had the power, I will apply for a GGAD account then, this account for the application, today tomorrow you can put ads, not like now, very difficult.


website will soon be a year, but has also not much income, watching GG account every day a few hair felt this personal website owners like migrant workers, migrant workers a day 100 yuan RMB. Think of high-tech industries. But money must be made slowly, not a little

Webmaster lecture Baidu statistics, Yu Youping talk about how to better optimize the quality of the

Anhui Internet webmaster Club Co sponsored alliance, thousands of old stationmaster lecture hosted by K ( has been to the sixty-fifth period, the period of invited guest is Baidu webmaster Statistics ( product manager Yu Youping Baidu statistics traffic statistics software Baidu launched a stable, fast, professional, free. This lecture will tell you how to get a better understanding of your website, optimize your website better, and attract more effective traffic to make your website grow faster and better through Baidu statistics.

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership exceeded 3000, 5 500 people crowd almost full, only a small number of seats to be added, no publicity. There are 3 groups of less than (500 people) interested in adding, group number is: 17581177. This group by the way of public learning, not for any learning costs, but because the group number is limited, there are currently six 500 places in the crowd of the group VIP group only to highlight the performance of the letter to a group of friends to join the group.

thank you for your support for thousand people’s lectures. At present, all 65 collection address for Do=mtag& tagid=399 every Monday will be the public lecture in the end! Please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in

at any time

lecture record:

Hi, Hello, introduce myself, I am Baidu commercial products division Yu Youping, first of all to thank others to provide this opportunity to thank so many webmaster participation, let me have the honor of today and share Baidu statistics, how to better understand their own website, website optimization.

you should already know from various sources, Baidu statistics from yesterday (5.26) evening, have free registration, users only need to enter the user name, password, email, website and other basic information, you can register a Baidu account to use statistics.

free open registration, has been the desire of many non Baidu alliance users, and now finally achieved, we are also pleased to have the honor to be able to present this product to more webmasters. When it comes to traffic statistics software, we are not unfamiliar, almost all of the station will be to deal with traffic statistics software, because she is a measuring instrument of website, to help you understand your website, promotion, website optimization needs through her test results. Want to simply talk about the flow of statistical software development trend, the earliest flow statistics software is a counter, at the bottom of the site, the record site was checked how many times.

later with the site content more and more, more and more active site promotion, traffic statistics has become a rich content of the application, a need to see every page flow, can view a variety of background traffic, need more detailed understanding with.

Quanzhou correctly guide rural women to start a business


improve employment ability of rural women, the construction of supporting women’s demonstration base, to promote the construction of cooperative organizations, women in recent years, Quanzhou city women’s federations at all levels around the development of modern agriculture and new rural construction, and constantly enrich   "Shuangxue Shuangbi" connotation, guide the rural women’s employment and entrepreneurship, to get rich.

in the guidance of women’s employment and entrepreneurship in the process of women’s demonstration base and the effectiveness of women’s cooperation is particularly brisk. At present, the city’s women’s federations at all levels through direct create and lead, and other forms of building all kinds of women’s liaison office, 354 demonstration bases (including provincial women’s demonstration base 35, the National Women’s modern agricultural science and technology demonstration base 2). In Dehua, 93 provincial and Municipal Women’s demonstration base through the development of the "three black and three white, red yellow" forest economy, flower seedlings and other characteristics of the economy, is to attract employees more than 1.3 people, the income of 100 million yuan in 3.6. In Quangang, the provincial key base of the town before the village of seaweed breeding processing base driven by local employment of more than 490 people (female workers accounted for 88%), breeding laver area of 2000 acres, the product of 800 tons, the output value of nearly $4 million.

Optimize the investment and financing environment to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hainan province in order to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, constantly optimize the investment and financing environment, more entrepreneurs and start-up companies to bring more business opportunities, create a better business environment, accelerate economic development.

The development of new

The new change of

2015 in July the establishment of the Bank of Hainan, the end of the history of Hainan has no local commercial banks. The Bank of Hainan will focus on services in Haikou, the priority of credit resources to Haikou tilt, make the credit service more convenient, and plans through project loans, in PPP, led by the investment bank information management business, the introduction of outside funds, industry funds and other ways to provide financing support to the project in Haikou city.

Thousand dollars to start a good project to look at the small investment here

Employment is becoming more and more difficult today, investment and entrepreneurship has become the first choice for young people to find their dream of becoming rich. But now, even a breakfast shop, started to 2-3 million, a decent shop to more than 100 thousand, to find a bank loan interest huge enough to make every entrepreneur breathless. So now, if only a few thousand dollars how to start a business? The whole network details for your hot item several thousand dollars can shop.

1000 yuan to recommend a good project: mobile phone and mobile phone accessories

accessories are always the most important small entrepreneurs in the industry, and the profit is high, industry personnel known things. In general, the profit of jewelry is maintained between fifty percent and two hundred percent. That is to say, the purchase price of 4 yuan in the price of something between 6–12 blocks. Such a huge profit is certainly the first choice for most small investors. Fashion Jewelry: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bracelets, anklets, mobile phone accessories / bag pendant rings, rings, pendants, ornaments, jewelry, brooches, earrings, DIY rings, pendants, ornaments.

Snack car investment project

Food and beverage franchise project selection matters needing attention

catering industry contains a huge business opportunities, making more and more investors look at the prospects for development, want to join the catering business. But in the face of more and more food and beverage items and investment information on the market, for the investment to join the catering business entrepreneurs, must be carefully chosen, so as not to be deceived. So, what should we pay attention to food and beverage investment? Food and beverage need to guard against the pitfalls and what?

food and beverage franchise project selection considerations

1, do not blindly believe in Advertising: business catering to join the project planning, the kitchen staff arrangement, budget and cost control and so on are very important, and is closely related to the entire store business is good or bad, not just the products can be done, and these things, only the headquarters sent home training or catering to the franchise headquarters site, can to learn, so you should pay attention to these advice is very important in the choice of investment, should not blindly believe that "technology is simple, learn" advertisement.

2, select the address: Catering franchise sites should be selected in the crowded and easy to form a stable customer base, such as walking street, delicacy square, shopping centers, supermarkets, tourist resorts, high-grade office building, business areas playgrounds, schools, subway station and the surrounding area.

3, do not blindly believe that food and beverage to join the project publicity package do not lose: we know that any investment is accompanied by risk, there is no risk there is no profit, which is the law of economics. For those companies that have a reputation for making a profit and not making money, we have to take into account the authenticity of the company and know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

4, keep in touch, timely communication. When you choose to join the food and beverage company, please keep in touch, timely communication when there is a problem. Any shops, business will encounter many unexpected things in the course of business, so you and keep real-time contact headquarters, for your business is of great help to join the company with many years of practical experience and successful experience of other stores, can timely and accurately give opinions and suggestions to solve problems, save you can solve these problems brought about the suffering of Laughton, leave no stone unturned.

5, profits from the industrious: general industry profits will not exceed 20%, while catering to join the industry’s profits are around 50%, catering industry is indeed profitable, but to gold in the restaurant industry, is the first to do hard preparation, because the food and beverage industry from raw material procurement to daily management, are trivial and complicated the hard work. So it can be said that the huge profits are created by hard work.

gehangrugeshan, for lack of experience of catering investors, in choosing to join the project must be careful. Now on the market for food and beverage to join the project there are many tricks, one