How to choose the high quality Links

the number of outbound links number is A simple understanding website links to other websites. The search engine’s score is probably like this: 100 points, such as the A site has 10 outbound links, so each outbound links 10 points; if the export link is 50, so each outbound links score is 2. In other words, if you have 50 Links website with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 2; if you have a website do 10 Links with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 10. So when the chain try to outbound links less number of sites do Links, see a number of other Links which can directly be clear at a glance.

exchange Links is an important strategy of website construction of the external links, Links good construction on the website of the Shanghai dragon will be of great help. As a novice webmaster, how should we judge whether a site belonging to the quality of the link, it can be judged from the following 6 aspects.

3 is related to the theme of the site,

in the choice of theme related websites, we can adhere to three principles. The first match type, such as the Shanghai dragon website for Shanghai Longfeng website Links; second is the theme of the Shanghai dragon website can also find network marketing theme website links; finally is extensive, Shanghai dragon website can find IT industry website links.

4 and other export link

website snapshot time can be said to be a manifestation of a high and low weight website, but not absolutely necessarily. The snapshot update frequency of updates with the website internal pages closely related. We choose our friends of the chain of course is a snapshot of time is closer to the day time.

, 2 time snapshot site

< >

Links rules, related topics and web link than not related to search engine recognition and score. Some people say that peer website is difficult to find, in fact, is not difficult to find, but will not find. The most direct way is to find relevant keywords website, another way is to link the QQ group. If you really can not find the relevant, only the second.

The number of

a lot of people will go to site included the other site in the choice of Links, when you see each other website Links than their website Dodon immediately and do when tread on air, link. But you ignore a simple question: how much is the total number of pages each other? If the total number of pages each other is 100 thousand, included is a little more than ten thousand, then the collection of this website is very bad, you have to consider it is not where the problem. The number of pages of a web query can use tools such as Xenu to climb.

1, included with the actual web page proportion

Enhance the net use chain platform used figuratively for studying hard.

: correlation degree, stable and normal

: search for "big brand", recommended

: safety and stability, popularity, high weight

Links platform believe the webmaster all know, whether new or old station to a chain exchange work, I recently responsible for the company website Friendship Exchange, before did not hand what resources, only in the online search. Carefully study, a lot of friends of the chain platform for online classification, exchange form, a form of sale, some large Adsense sites also have foreign friends of chain platform, such as A5, etc. there are also special network owners, do a chain exchange go9go, choose from a variety of platform for the most important has the use of the limited time, the work efficiency is highest.

did not particularly good way for friends of the chain platform, the vast majority of people are looking for the search engine, I am no exception, because I have only energy, select the first page of the Shanghai platform for love the search results, and then extracted for their own, friends of the chain platform is expensive fine, but is not much, also can ask the circle of friends, recommend some stable weight high platform.

as I said above, not all of the friends of the chain platform are suitable for release, some friends of the chain platform management is not strict, link out of order information, it is easy to be a search engine as a "chain pool", I believe we all know that, in fact the friends of chain platform released information exchange, at the same time is a chain, or one-way links, so be sure to take care of friends chain platform right important high, don’t lead to their own website to lose, there is the possibility of K, if you choose the right, this will be a high quality one-way chain, reducing the web site weight, one should pay special attention to 24 hours the amount collected is website, through love station network tools to query the information quickly, think about it, if you release the information outside the chain is not included, it is not a one-way chain of the anchor text.

circleWhat included snapshotAccording to the Three point

: pulse sorting, interactive < >

platform needs to fill the website information, now a lot of friends of the chain platform have the information to the subdivision, do search function is also very user-friendly, more in line with the user experience, will not come to the webmaster platform, looking for a long time can not find suitable for their own information platform such as failure, and the is to show the whole layout is relatively clean, should be reasonable, not advertising. Personally think that the stage to change friend side, the first stage chain can be reduced, to increase the site’s entrance, sites such as PR and weight increase, and strict requirements, then we must refinement, general site chain control in 40 or so, many others will not change with you. According to the experience, to change the chain site the most basic requirements: three types and their site almost included in the site should be stable, the snapshot within three days, of course, like PR, Shanghai, the number of outbound links weight love each other have to consider. In short, exchange links do not have the law too, increase.

EBay, Taobao, Pat C2C battle of the king of the leads the 2007 red herring Asia innovatio" award behind — seize the opportunity to create a successful

Ma Yun once eBay and taobao such: "eBay is a shark in the ocean, I is a crocodile in the Yangtze River. If we fight in the ocean, I would lose, but if we fight in the river, I win." In the electronic commerce industry, "shark" and "crocodile" struggle for many years, and like Ma said that in four years eBay eBay, eBay eBay to become a victim of the multinational Internet Co in China "headquarters control" strategy under the The climate does not suit one.

Shao Yibo: pioneer and martyr only one step

was founded in 1999 after Chinese eBay network economy crazy and silence, occupy the market share of 70%, and has a good brand and user base, resulting in the China network eBay eBay store occupied the absolute advantage. However, the new Taobao with "free" and "Alipay" two teeth, eBay’s share continues to erode, eventually defeated eBay eBay, during the confrontation with the United States local wisdom thinking, is very interesting.

      Red Herring red herring as everyone knows in the world "has been hailed as the" Silicon Valley of the Bible, is an investment benchmark, to explore emerging economic and technological innovation as the core of the global economy, global media. Beginning in 2005, "Red Herring" red herring in Asia began looking for 100 technology star, that is, Red Herring red herring Asian innovation 100". The aim of the selection is to look for the 100 most advanced and leading unlisted companies in the field of high technology in Asia and to push these companies to the world stage. Wuxi Suntech, star microelectronics and other listed companies have been selected Red Herring red herring Asian innovation 100".


      recently Chinese first mobile phone game interactive platform when the music network was selected as 2007Red Herring red herring Asian innovation 100, which is Chinese only one award of mobile phone game company.

so, in the domestic C2C market, has evolved into a stalemate with the fighting 3 wolves……

" The Legendary SwordsmanGeneral behavior and mental model of

      "China innovative enterprise" as the only one in the mobile phone game selected "2007 red herring 100 Asia, in addition to grasp the opportunity, relying on the mobile phone game is more rapid development momentum in the China and even the whole world. According to the CNNIC survey report for the wireless Internet show for the first time: at the end of March 2007, China’s mobile phone number of active users is about 39 million people, the last half year through the mobile phone to play games online and download tour >

      mentioned "" will have to mention in the history of the development of the domestic mobile phone game. Time back to 2002, when the domestic mobile phone game is in an embryonic stage, people only through some simple but Naiwan degree is not high game mobile phone built-in system to pass the leisure time. Until 2004, with the rapid development of mobile phone terminal technology, mobile phone type and price is beginning to show the trend to promote the diversity of mobile phone owners also increased the amount of mobile phone users for mobile phone entertainment demand began to reflect, there are so many manufacturers to develop the technology prophetic vision fancy domestic mobile phone game industry blue ocean, flocked to the mobile phone game development the tide come. At this point, competition among manufacturers is becoming more and more intense, and many objective factors, and a large number of game developers, product promotion and publicity has not achieved the desired results. Some of a person with breadth of vision is the use value of this golden opportunity, began to focus on building product promotion platform between the various mobile phone manufacturers and users of mobile phone game development, "the music network" is to grasp this opportunity, and Laizhejushang attitude by the majority of mobile phone users are familiar with.

marketing manager is divided into two categories, one is the passionate or perceptual type; the other is rational. The former is the peasant uprising anti rational spirit.

2002, China Internet has not been out of the winter, only eBay exclusive glory, the average monthly turnover of the computer and network products more than 10 million yuan, the number of buyers distributed throughout the country a total of more than 100 thousand people. At the time, Shao Yibo passion: "I hope that in the next three to five.

thin Ma, eBay does not seem to be expected "a little weight", plan the bleed out expectations of taobao after the fall, eBay overwhelmed "dump" eBay, when Taobao triumphantly to do a "countrified website", the situation seems to be complex, patted by the destroyer the attitude turned out.

founder: the network version of the "

Shao Yibo has called a prodigy, high declined Shanghai Jiao Tong University helicopter opportunity, China is a full scholarship to Harvard undergraduate first, but after a number of companies paid the temptation, back to the mainland business. In August 1999, eBay was founded in Shanghai, just returned, Shao Yibo English speak better than to Chinese. Against the "false foreign devil" is suspect, Shao Yibo insisted that his habit of thinking "is the most China method is less than half the American way". In actual work, Shao Yibo not only did not do "is the most China method is less than half the American way", more completely subvert his original plan, the actual operation is "small is Chinese method, most of the American way", this is his development in a minefield.

Basic ways to improve site ranking

how to improve site rankings and how to promote, and quickly improve the popularity and popularity of the site, you can start from the following aspects of.

1. has international domain names (.Com,.Net, etc.) is also very important, it is best to have independent IP (such as: site:

2. web pages of the best static, static page to the search engine and ranking. If it is a dynamic page, can be configured as pseudo static, pseudo static settings can go to the network to find related articles.

Contains the main key words and expression of

3. in the title of the site in title, location, density of keywords is also very important, the choice of keywords and page optimization to grasp. The choice of keywords is best not too hot, the rational use of long tail keywords.

4. to improve the quality and quantity of the external links, is very helpful for improving the weight of the website. The website is the best three famous web directory DMOZ, Yahoo and Looksmart included, as well as domestic hao123265 navigation.

5. provides valuable web content (best original), on the one hand, to the search engine show good, on the other hand, you can display their unique and practical content, the use of rankings and user experience.

6. to write some high quality soft Wen, help others to improve the technology, expand their visibility, bring flow. On the web and send electronic messages on RSS, and give the birthday blessing prompt customers to make and so on but also to retain a good way to repeat.

80%, the failure of the webmaster do not know how to look at the soft text

often see "soft in the webmaster information websites and forums, the identification is completed" and other similar message, delivered a similar message to see how you can stop operations of their website? If you think your website traffic did not imagine so high, nor did PR and rising with the Google update, maybe your failure is not that you don’t have to, but you know from the article is not a webmaster information may.

soft text itself is not wrong, wrong in the reader

can’t be denied that many people write articles to promote your site, to finally copious and fluent words, " www", this article is not welcome. When communicating with a big brother in the webmaster, he said, "as a reader of soft text, it is important to look for information, information is everywhere, and soft articles can always find effective information for readers.". To learn from." In fact, think, sometimes, perhaps a word, an idea, perhaps will stimulate our inspiration. Every day in Admin5 often see many webmaster shouting direction confused, shouting Baidu K stand, somehow…… In fact, the answers to these questions can be found here, a lot we don’t know the answer to a question in fact already has many predecessors told us the answer, we may make mistakes in fact already have to remind the previous. But you are not ", and from the outside to the inside of patience. Write the soft text, not because of pure promotion and write, see soft text also don’t report "discrimination soft" mentality.

webmaster needs communication to make progress,

The properties of

stationmaster industry determines the owners do not have a lot of time with other peers in face-to-face communication, but we can through some Adsense exchange platform such as the laggards, Admin5, Chinaz, 55 forum, here painstaking looking paste, don’t always use "piercing eye" to identify the content you see, a newspaper the exchange of learning attitude to reading, collision with civilized language to view and others. Perhaps we will see some of our own views on the contrary, at this point the value of communication is reflected, and many collisions, perhaps the truth came out.

timely encouragement or inspiration may help to the author

in addition to a small part of the webmaster want to deceive others to reap results, most of the webmaster is to think through their own hard work, through the website and their families have a good point, want to let oneself through their own websites who later became a distinguished predecessors, but the stationmaster group overall more and more younger, so not every webmaster can write the classic beginning of everyone has a long and minute statement, the process of learning, maybe many webmaster can write only is nearly a hundred words reflections, but this hundred words reflections may inspire readers, do not see this article to say is "soft, the identification is completed. And even shouted, perhaps the readers feel that his view is not a >

Published under the let Baidu a week included experience

PS: as long as your station is not illegal, it does not contain pornographic content. This method can guarantee to include your station, and a collection is high weight. In fact, the site was included, very simple, it is important that you do not do, do not rely on websites, etc., is action. No more talking, cut to the point.

first step: take a careful look at your station and have a clear understanding of the theme of your website.

the second step: according to the content of the website and your theme, write two general articles, to include picture (picture must be stored in your website) and text links (text links must be greater than your keywords as my key word is: "non mainstream" can I get mentioned in the "non mainstream elements" this word and you website hyperlink)

third step: then go to the original and Baidu weight high website and BBS (I usually go to banyan tree, and sprout, reader, TT86). Released, some big forum, {the article content to the target site and your AD theme is roughly in line with, so as to arouse people’s interest, to top posts, to reprint (your insights and skills needed here is very simple)

fourth step: finished, and so included. In this way, there will be a large number of blog and website reproduced, 3 days later you will get a lot of picture outreach and text outreach, Baidu in 5 days of normal recycling records. (help friends do a lot of station, also charge, do some stations, general 2 days included, late is included within 4 days), and to your weight will be very good. } these soft Wen will also be with the passage of time and a lot of reprint, you get more and more outreach, and some web site keywords will follow the soft words to do keyword link, and in two months back row up.

do this, picture + text links, and a very strong description of the article. The truth is, let Baidu spider think your station is a popular stand, then included the weight and give you high.

{this is the case. It’s easy to see if you’re going to do}

My 26 day experience in building a website

my website has been working for 26 days. In the Internet age, I should say it is a short time. The night before, I was studying the number of websites that Google and Baidu included in my website. See Sitemaps, (the first study of its good Dongdong for beginners can this is inadvertently discovered, Google) made a search in August 29th on my website, and cached web page, the site is sixth days this baby, when eating three chlorine melamine, no urine to be included, not more than 10 pages, Baidu pulled poor was 1, 2. "Oh, my God, what’s this website? It’s just a child’s moving house." Google’s spider must give it back to its boss.

so from then on today, I didn’t have a new page to be collected by Google. It was miserable. I couldn’t bear to read it. It’s a lesson to sum up. The first time, is very silly, very naive. Although no longer connected to me baby, the site was still a virgin. Because as soon as I built the station, it took only one or two nights to put up the server, just plug something, I’m busy with other things. It turned out to be a bad head, as disgusting as the butt of XX’s sister. Therefore, it is necessary to make a deep review, reflection and conclusion.

no matter what, head must be better. If I had studied Google’s Sitemaps in advance, I would have had a few words in mind.

1 registered domain name, built the server, web also pull up, don’t rush to Baidu Google registration. By no means, do not be excited, want to see if it will be included, that would have played a bad head. We need to set up the web server, planning, setting the theme, filling a certain amount of quality content, the best of these are mostly original. You have a daughter, you want to marry her, don’t pull out primary school before graduation, to 15, 6 years old is ripe to take out to see, that not only make people see this beautiful look forward to the future Charm (improperly). (as for Google registration, see my excerpt - p=18, and this is my favorite excerpt. Google entered "Google registration" actually ranked in the second, luck, this is the only successful 26 days – note: This is still check Sitemaps found that, that thing is very useful.

2 theme can not be arbitrarily modified, planning, development steps must be ordered. Urgent ah, must make the theme, planning should also be finalized, how to go in the future, the law must be set down. And I’ve made such a hunger mistake. Just a few days in the station, too excited, the theme is very confusing, unclear, lead to the first impression of the theme of Google and I now have a lot of discrepancies. Maybe it’s because of WordPress, three, five brains

What the whole join Feimao facet

in the face of the past on the classic quotations to eat, small business choice to join the catering industry, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities is not it? Small fat cat? Good business opportunities in the market, no worries! Small business to choose the fat cat facet is the election of the project!

delicious can let people eat not tire 100, eat more love, warmly welcomed in the catering market small fat cat. Join the small good? Fat food to join together eight facets, into the characteristics of a noodle industry classic, by virtue of strength toughness noodles, out of the ordinary taste, delicious soup, different flavor but also to eat the consumer experience to China’s broad and profound diet culture, consumers get the high praise, repeat is almost 100%.

investment catering business, not only to meet the consumer demand to meet the brand, but also depends on whether the headquarters to give support. Join small good? Choose four fat facet to join, entrepreneurial support, allow investors to easily shop to earn money. New product development support allows investors to store products constantly updated, the regional support to protect the interests of investors, the core technology to support the core technology so that investors have absolute advantage, training support system to allow investors to become the catering industry experts.

food and beverage to join the project, has been very choice. Sunrise industry, the best choice to be trusted. If you join the project is very small fat, heart, action bar! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!

How to establish the credit system of used car market in Sichuan

car sales in the market has been increasing, a lot of used cars in the car market is also very popular, a lot of buyers competing for the object. However, because the law is not perfect, resulting in conflicts are frequent second-hand car trading market. So, how to build a second-hand car market in Sichuan credit system?

related recommendations

Cell door open what shop is recommended for five projects

suitable for different regions of different shops, which entrepreneurs need to recognize that it is easy to open the wrong shop, so that their career from the start on a detour. Then the cell door open what shop? There are five projects worth recommending, entrepreneurs can refer to some.

The pace of life people now

the cell door open what shop? Similar projects and dry cleaners, laundry laundry is now getting higher and higher, a lot of clothes and you can only dry cleaning, wash a wash on the bad, in the district to open a dry cleaning shop is also good. Of course, the conditions can be carried out dry cleaning two business.

beverage store:

the cell door open what shop? This shop is small, easy to operate, it is understood that income is good. Especially in the summer, is the first choice.

: Printed personalized clothing

the cell door open what shop? Now transfer and computer technology together in the application area has been extended indefinitely, can be applied to the blank T-shirt, jeans, sweaters, leather bags, belts, gloves, this technique can also be color pattern, portrait photo baked on a metal plate, ceramic plate, metal plate core, mouse pad, puzzle and pendant etc. items. Simple operation, very good income, no computer basic knowledge.

/ tea

the cell door open what shop? These projects worth recommending above, these projects are aimed at the population of the district residents in these areas to open these shops have a market. In addition to these projects, the cell door can also open a snack bar, covering the whole of the project, can achieve good money.