Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools with caution

this also from Scindapsus algorithm with Scindapsus algorithm is a good tool for the success of Shanghai love, of course I was standing on the perspective of the Internet said, because it can purify the Internet, the Internet users to clean the world, for our small and medium-sized webmaster, if not a nightmare is bad news. The algorithm outline line, which links the sale of the site without by accident K, but at the same time, there are some fire? Why fire? Because I love Shanghai sometimes don’t know your link is not to buy, if you have been in the Internet world full of small ads, Shanghai can only say to you: love sorry, bitter small station.

fire is only a small part, it is important to give a warning to thousands on thousands of webmaster, love Shanghai has began and garbage outside the chain, the chain of garbage will lead to drop right, but this algorithm has a certain integrity Scindapsus, because in the absence of a denial of pliers, the chain is out of control if I see the WHO website unhappy, buy it soon got black links. Oh, love Shanghai won’t let you do it.

decided to let me reject the connection tool compared to a wall, do not open the door to the key in our hands. Of course, Baidu really very clever, it did not have a standard to judge the chain, leaving us a little space. Shanghai is really love love to make people hate


love this trick ruthless ah, I really admire his wit, love of Shanghai began to pay attention to the chain, we? Every webmaster should pay attention to your quality of the chain proportion, as shown below:

so, love Shanghai gorgeous introduced, rejected outside the chain of tools. My site leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 in more than 30 days so I refused to junk the chain a few days ago, I think many owners haven’t used it before, I don’t care, but now I really very much, because this is a tool to love Shanghai, completely changed over the years the chain can not control we have a choice of webmaster situation, outside the chain of rights, that is to say if you have the chain of garbage, but you don’t fall in love with you or the sea K refused to punish you, do you have any words?

! "

love Shanghai refuse chain tools, caution! Careful! The site down the right, right, and down the right, this is not the first time, I am also very cool look at this issue, may be just a normal love Shanghai update, adhere to their own health optimization measures, over time will come the. I comfort myself like this, so I am calm analysis of the causes of right down and down right after the measures should be taken. When I review recent work, suddenly thought of love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools to tell the truth, before that I had never been aware of the seriousness of this problem, because I refuse to really is the kind of garbage outside the chain, but the thought of here, with my right down, I can’t calm down. The window of the room under a light rain, I hit a shiver.


Network promotion from the site construction site optimization of eighteen kinds of promotion way

, bold text label

recommendation: keyword selection for your website promotion is a very important step. We must first determine the core of the web site keywords, users to search the core keywords is high frequency, from the search engine.

recommendation: META label shall be the same as the title page, each page should be described independently, should be in line with the current page content. META description for search users, directly affects the user whether the click, so META should be the same as described in the page title, provocative and attractive.

search engine seriously bold words, think this is the content of this page is important, so in one or two bold words your keywords.


suggested that in the process of website design, try to avoid the caption of an important design, avoid the important content of web pages with pictures to reflect.


50-100 text words with English; punctuation; META is picked from the description in the text, can be a continuous period in the content, can also be taken from the two paragraph in two words; META description contains the original title or similar; META core keywords describing the appearance density 2-5 a /.

: a dynamic web site can search engines crawl through convenient static page generation technology. The site map should be linked to the main page.


2, Meta

: each page of the website should have independent title, enterprise website each page should have independent title, this is one of the common problems of enterprise website. In addition, each page should contain the title and keywords.

page title words in 8-20 words, no more than 25 words (including punctuation); the title contains at least 1 important key words in the title; as far as possible without punctuation, if you really need to be English punctuation; the page title for complete appear in the text; as far as possible without the Internet appeared many times the page title, unless the concept definition cannot be changed. The page title to a concise summary of web content, can be provocative and attractive.

keywords competitors and user search behavior set for website keywords.

, the 5 key wordsAccording to the analysis results of

navigation design

Shenzhen website construction, website production company Tracy Zhang Yu, after a lot of practice theory we sorted out eighteen kinds of network promotion way in website construction:



page titleThe

site should have a clear navigation, the navigation links can enter the website each page.

Meta code optimization Title Optimization Criteria (a)


2. Keywords

needs the uniqueness of the title, with a keyword search engine, if he found your title in this sorted list of keywords there are repeated and met up to 90% more than the title, it is no effect on your website optimization. So we need to have a unique title, the characteristics of their own website, how do we solve the uniqueness? Because do key words are the same, our solution by 2.

The title of the unique

4. title can’t contain descriptive words and phrases

Hello, I am. Some time ago has been busy with websites. So some of the details of Shanghai dragon is not for everyone to share. We all know that title has a very important role. Below about the optimization of Title standard to do a detailed introduction.

of the title "| – commonly used characters, _," how can we use these characters to standard? Small website homepage we recommend the use of commas (semiangle or English comma) or underlined, the directory page and inside pages recommended to underline. Not recommended, or | with > to consider from the perspective of the user experience

position titleKeywords The title of the 1. word limit of

position is very important, keyword location closer to the more easily users attention, words are more important, if you do "3 words, so you need to order important keywords lined, don’t ever put. The left of the title is the most important position.

in the title should not contain descriptive words, weights of descriptive words spread itself of the title, it is not recommended to contain descriptive words in the title, such as: first, professional, as payment, telephone, goods and so on, only need to appear keywords and website name can (small website), large website and brand the use of station site name on the line.

5. title characterThe

(2) on the website keyword combination can also reduce the repeatability, such as www.***贵族宝贝, the title of the website, we write "free information – Classification Information Network – Honey network |***贵族宝贝" so with their own web site, and use the keywords, site name and domain name combination repeatability is low.

Title is the title of the words in 25 words, less than 50 bytes is to meet the requirements of more than 25 words in the search engine, it is not to come out, different browsers words may have a difference.


(1) the company name or the name of the website can write up, repeat the name of the site without the opportunity, be careful not to use keywords as the site name, such as: the free release of information platform, named free information network, thus losing uniqueness.

Talk about the three factors influence the website included rate

fixed in the case of "the actual number of search engines included B, A and more, the greater the rate of your website. To improve the search engines quantity became our focus. In general, the site contains more than 80% rate be able to say that this website rate is relatively excellent, while less than 50% is not acceptable.

personally think that the structure of the site is the impact site included rate is the most important part, but also the website optimization of a priority among priorities. A good site navigation structure, can let the spider crawling smoothly, so as to absorb more nutrition "". Bread crumbs navigation structure, site map, which can provide more channels for the spider.

with mathematical relationship can be expressed as follows: the website included P (Percent) = rate of search engine is included (A) / "the actual number (B)

The contents of The

Sites such as

I think the above is the effect of the main search engine included three points. If there are omissions, please add.

you are the contents of the original, or collection? Original content is fresh, search engines love new things. If the article is collected, it is the basic content of the flood. This fed every day, it is not tired of the truth.

site included rate is always the webmaster about the topic, into the webmaster forum, webmaster QQ group, basically every day we can hear about included some of the consultation or discussion. The site is included in the search engine included rate, percentage of the actual number of page number.

1, site

, and the weight of the website by the extremely close relationship, the weight of the website, the search engine will trust your site, that your site can provide more high-quality content to the user, will give you more opportunities to show.


search engine included the influence factors mainly in the following points:

The structure of ?In fact, the

we all know, love Shanghai and Google spiders love article on A5, has also been a lot of reprint. But if you look carefully, you will find the search related articles, the row in front of the station is always so few. Some may be temporary rows up, but every 1-2 days off, even not included,

, we need to treat. Improve the site included rate, every Shanghai Longfeng workers should first solve the problem, and this is particularly important for large and medium-sized website. Do optimization, we should not only focus on the target key.

on how to optimize the structure of the station, later to find a chance to share;

The weight of


3, website

site structure, should try to avoid Flash, frame and too many JS calls, at least for now these are not the content of spider love.

[Shanghai dragon must know the 100 sites optimization quiz featured 10 (2)] Q


finally, the procedures can be used to not let others copy the article even directly shielding acquisition software, do the watermark and Security page in the program, news content and image content, the establishment of security procedures, of course, this is more complex, need support, on the other hand, if the ban for replication, the user experience is also a kind of injury.

seven, there are several reasons why blog is K

website optimization problems has always been there, writing before the Shanghai dragon website optimization quiz series also achieved good results, since then a lot of people asked wood Shanghai Longfeng some problems, I put before the 100 and ask these questions together summed up the 10 representative questions, because it is selected and the answer will be relatively a little more detail, it is divided into two parts, the last has said the upper half, see below:

in fact, website content is copied or copied by a large number of rare cases will cause your site to be punished, many large websites will also leave a link, if the copy of your website will destroy your website, so the competition will have no meaning, so I think your site is mirrored completely is an accomplishment. Your website content is very good, don’t be afraid, continue to do the optimization, others copy station, your page is original, and the search engine is also in the fight against the mirror, everything on you this.


server, the server is also very important for Shanghai dragon, do not covet a small profit, and cheap, the server is not stable, the search engine spider crawled in and update website, if not normal visit, influence ranking, serious network:

website is not easy to solve this matter of plagiarism, people in the website, you may not have permission to delete. Like that is copied, basically there is no way. The theory is through legal channels, but the process is very troublesome. The general situation is not that necessary. Of course, you can also contact each other to talk about how to see you.

1, the content of the website cheating, many owners in order to improve the website ranking, often add some irrelevant trick search engines to achieve short-term traction flow, the flow is good, but the last is on.

2, The

second, love Shanghai webmaster tools have a PING function, a judgment method of original which is recommended by Shanghai love, love Shanghai webmaster tools PING function, can put the website content updates quickly notice to love Shanghai, love Shanghai so as to timely grasp and update.

six, how to protect the original


first, reasonable in the original article in the embedded you need to promote information, others in the copy or acquisition, general will only remove some links such as the embedded information will help you to do brand advertising, on its website.

Some practical skills of entrepreneurship

to achieve entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurs need to have the appropriate skills, use more appropriate method to promote entrepreneurial success, business success is of course to master the relevant skills, please see some analysis in this article.

if this cannot be determined to open shops in what place, you can choose to open shops in the industry concentrated areas, do not think that the store opened to increase competition and in many competitors where business, because, although there is competition between each other, but also for each other to create potential target customers more opportunities to visit.

in front of a shop, first consider why you want to open the store, remove the money, a shop to survive and develop for a long time, there must be a beginning for customers and even social interests into the business philosophy.

above analysis in favor of some of the more practical skills of business success, of course, is conducive to entrepreneurial skills are diverse, entrepreneurs should have a good grasp.

What kind of entrepreneurial projects are most suitable for college students (I)

now students have to choose entrepreneurship to open their own road to success, so you can think fast success, but must choose the direction in the choice, otherwise it will be less effective!

"business and employment is a reason, do not love their work, never do well." College students in the early stages of entrepreneurship can choose some of the lower threshold of the project, after digging into the first pot of gold, not only the accumulation of capital, but also the accumulation of experience, then the transfer is not late.

With the help of

can operate independently of the professional project: 1 can be split open business. 2 pre production work. 3 all kinds of graphic design work. 4 a variety of special agency business.

for foreign cooperation projects: 1 wedding ceremonies makeup. 2 clothing and shoes design. 3 types of information services. 4 theme holiday school.

beauty care: thousands of open flower care center; 30 thousand yuan to open a shop Manicure.

>: million online pet economy

Introduction to the positioning and selection of clothing store

basic necessities of life, the foundation and the key to human survival, and the clothing in the first place, thus its importance. Now, in the development of the times, in addition to playing the role of clothing, the role of warmth, but also to show the charm of their own. The future of the clothing store is good, everyone needs, the market is very broad, easy to profit. So, join the clothing store positioning and positioning skills? Xiaobian for you to read.

one, choose to meet the nature of the franchise store area


industry chain, the customer object is different consumer groups; and different regions and places to set up shop, operators must know their customers is a type, which can attract consumers what place, be aware of, do not blindly choose, the following are some taxonomic relationships in different regions and consumers that may refer to:

1, located in residential areas

these areas can only attract a small range of customers, suitable for the operation of a number of consumer choice is not strong and the daily necessities of the daily necessities of the industry, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, snack bars, etc.. The operation of such goods and services to the store as close as possible to the customer, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer to walk, the general choice of radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walking range of radiation is appropriate.

2, located in Commercial Street shop

because the area of customers from different places, and the purpose of these people is very strong, is to go shopping, buy more is the selection of goods is strong, so this area is suitable for the operation of some of the more high-end merchandise, such as clothing, appliances, watches and restaurant etc..

3, located in the downtown business center store

due to the rent is very expensive, it is absolutely not suitable for small business, and suitable for the operation of some of the higher prices, customers need to think twice before deciding to buy high-end consumer goods, such as jewelry, piano and furniture etc..

so, not the bustling place more suitable for the shop, to see your business chain is what nature, if you run a fashion shop located in the downtown area, the best in fashion People are hurrying to and fro., because everyone tastes different, a higher level, on the contrary, household goods, small profits, object to the general customers family, there is no need in the downtown area. If you run a chain store in place and can set up shop business, but not much difference between, rent a and B may be far from, if the chain blindly choose to shop in Mong, you must pay the rent several times, how will the expected profit of


Small business how to operate a small image gallery


have not done before the business people will choose some relatively new and promising projects, for example, some people choose to be mini studio business, which is then opened this store to pay attention to? If you want to know, then follow the small series of text together!

if conditions permit can also go a little further, for example in the area near the vicinity of a large event, the operation method can be borrowed from the first station. As for the product is not limited to this station, as long as you can produce the scene, you want to push what.

Promotions also need innovation

although on the double eleven, still has a very large number, however, in fact, many people understand that this year’s double eleven looks not so hot, which is the passion of people gradually consumed. In fact, the same store promotions, if it has always been the same promotion, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers.

in fact, the form of promotion should be diverse, and should not be limited to a. For example, in the promotion of cigarettes, I do. I make use of a special day to make a cigarette smoking day for the customers who buy cigarettes. On this day, I will take out some cigarettes for my customers. And also engage in some activities to allow customers to quiz and other activities.

I will be mixed with different cigarettes, and then let the eyes of the customer, and then identify the right guess can be rewarded, this move to attract customers, customers have to participate in. Everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized. Not only to allow customers to feel my frank, but also let them have a good impression of our supermarket. Although I put some, but it is also a customer feedback.

for customers, we can’t just think about making money, but we should do some of these activities properly. This activity has been highly recognized and evaluated by our customers. After listening to some customers, have rushed to come over, although the event is over. But it has left us a good reputation and a good reputation, and we can attract more customers.

in addition, in terms of promotion, for cigarettes this commodity, we can also give those big customers points or send shopping cards, etc.. There are two large customers in our supermarket, the customer is the leader of the company, the annual festival for employees to smoke. And I don’t know how to express my gratitude, so I can only use the way to send the card, so that touched them. So we have a supermarket to win a greater surprise.

if the promotion can not innovation, once it is two times, so, three times or so, this is for customers, no one new, this did not catch up, next to it, and the shop to carry out promotional activities is very time-consuming, no customers buy it, is undoubtedly a a loss. So, want to promote good results, naturally also need to be innovative.