My picture was a week experience station included nearly half of the love of Shanghai

picture in picture stand ready to stand before heard is not good to do, included more difficult. Because before this, I had several other text stations included is very general, traffic is not, do not look at what it did not take long, hope to put it to the world. So the picture is also try with the idea of a play.

I do a photo station, on a small scale, at present only a total of more than 100 articles, launched in June 3rd, five, included the more than 20 pages, eight to sixty pages, included much faster than I used to do those non picture stand, ALEXA also ranked from the beginning of the about sixteen million to today (12 The about one million and nine hundred thousand day). The following specific talk about some of my experience.

the reason, I think the main or original.

I used a template, buy from Taobao dedecms, it is also this year I was in contact with, and can only use simple modifications, this template is relatively simple, only the home page, list page, the article page of the three layer, the page template is used in image collection. At first in the machine state issued 100 articles, with a night time online (FTP upload so slow, depressed, and then check included) when found is the old name, was very worried, even if the love Shanghai punishment, not for a long time has included the miserably. After one or two days of inactivity, I was in a hurry, then to two the chain in 5, one is in soewhy, another is to use my name as a site called Ni registered a Sohu micro-blog, sent two articles, and then to Shanghai Post Bar made love micro-blog’s Web site, the result is really effective, on the same day to see the love of Shanghai included the website homepage, to check the night had included twenty pages. I stand before those who seem to be not so fast.

is the first choice of the domain name. Now many beauty picture stand, the station did not say first, said comprehensive picture of the other station, I feel a problem is very full, but the accuracy is not enough, and now people are very busy, optional site a lot, what to spend a lot of time in look at those ordinary picture station so, my position is a collection of some of the more cattle B, tough, funny pictures, the general picture not, after much deliberation, the final site name as "ox", check the domain name, the Internet has two call cattle net, but their domain name is the Pinyin and English mix the one is oxpic, another name is niupic, remember to read an article, like love Shanghai prefer Pinyin, but Niutu has been registered, so I simply take the domain name niutuwang, was also not too concerned about it Registered, found and check included later in the chain, the domain name in early 2006 has been registered, but this year has just expired, included is 0, but four of the chain, I was shocked, do not know it included for 0 reasons, do not know whether love is the punishment of Shanghai.

Speaking from the big change in July to love Shanghai

from Tomb-sweeping Day when big change, love Shanghai a few months this change is moderate. But in late July had a relatively large change, just last week, the day should be the last month 24~25 day. Because of love of Shanghai has not change a standard, and never announced the change of the content, so the webmaster and ER are only from the Shanghai dragon website daily data and ranking changes to judge.

there is a problem with many to seek answers to the webmaster nets webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, Xiao Bian found the problem also to the webmaster nets to see you have not encountered such a problem, there is no solution. Especially the submission and approval of others, that the authority of the relatively large number of. But when he often contribute and gradually become some stationmaster net "regulars", Xiao Bian will never for any article of the view of overall recognition. Because you know where the level of their own, because that is all speculation and subjective recognition of individuals, and the situation of each site is different, even personal experience are likely to be wrong, the most.

last week that love Shanghai change is mainly of a collection of adjustment algorithm. Because small usually for small change indicators and website data is not too much attention, so this is due to the change of recorded data is too large to begin to pay attention. But gradually, in fact, love Shanghai before every change are all together before. That is to say, every major change to love Shanghai, you can find some traces in the early.

The content of small Although

said a small encountered situation. In a small series of website as an example, in the last week before the record is more than 600, the concrete is probably around 630~650, but last week began to turn around 540 (data may be < less than 10 of the variance), but Thursday when found, included only 345! Less than the original nearly twice! A little alarmed, but using a variety of data analysis at. The following investigation found that some of the original article published in 2012 and 2010 are not included.

long ago love Shanghai has launched the original spark program, but small series has been no more to pay attention to research, for small series, no matter how real love in Shanghai, the original and the chain in the chain are the same, this time, if the small didn’t guess wrong. Love Shanghai should be on the original spark program upgrade algorithm. But let the person is, when a small series of articles are original, why not included is not included? Compare now writing and writing before the article, written before the article length is generally relatively short, probably in the 800~100 word, was also suspected to be the length of the problem. But later found that even the relatively long length of the article was cancelled by. It found that love of Shanghai’s original spark program probably another universe.

Amoy promotion shop Shu Youge flagship store Amoy promotion schemeInterview with Xiong Xiaoge invest

Macworld Asia 2012 Digital World Asia Expo opens today. As an important exhibition of IDG, this year’s exhibitors and exhibition area increased substantially compared with last year. In the afternoon, Xiong Xiaoge, founding partner of IDG capital, received an exclusive interview with sina technology.

for the first time in the webmaster Wang Fawen, talk about the practical experience of the recent operation of Amoy project. Do Wangzhuan guest promotion for friends, are not very familiar with, how to do the promotion, make Amoy first pot of gold is one of many friends have been a dream, in fact, money is not difficult, how much has great difference. See a lot of friends to do the navigation website, community website, forum and blog promotion methods and so on, must have a suitable way! I am here to introduce a Taobao shop special promotion method: to do "Shu Youge products" as an example, of course you don’t have to choose Shu Youge products you can go to search the mom, good reputation, high volume stores, few people do the shops. It’s better to do a little than that. Here’s an example:

day before the New Oriental.

, he believes, concerns investors may be because some companies lack communication with investors when they change the VIE architecture. He said, VIE architecture is an established fact, the two sides can actually be resolved through dialogue mechanism.


for U.S. investors recently on the enterprise VIE architecture of China concerns, Xiong Xiaoge believes that the overseas listed China companies are using VIE architecture, it is very difficult to change, but this structure is actually China and the United States have accepted model.

"the current way to make money on the mobile phone is mobile games, web games, and PC Internet advertising model is not the same.". PC Internet era, the content is worthless, and the mobile Internet era, the future value of the money." Xiong Xiaoge says.

Xiong Xiaoge believes that two years later, the mobile Internet will usher in a real tipping point. He suggested that start-ups do more original techniques, because they have the value of investment.

shit!In this paper, starting from the

said my January operation results how, at the end of 2 began to do every day now Shu Youge promotion, there will be out of order, there are about 50 of the average daily income, but also a lot of efforts to do some brand promotion, here is not the sun

Shu Youge beauty skin care products in the industry is relatively well-known brands, product variety, use effect, quality and cheap, the user has a very good reputation. In Taobao very popular, very popular with users. Compared with other brands of similar products, Shu Youge effect is the use of any more convincing. Some of the biggest domestic or foreign product prices several times higher than Shu Youge, but the effect is worse. The use of feelings and user evaluation of Shu Youge is: Shu Youge beauty skin care products, real quality in domestic! Shu Youge beauty skin care products, the price is amiable and easy of approach, a very high price! Shu Youge most products Commission in the proportion of 10~35%, the average commission rate of 15%.


Sina Technology News August 2nd afternoon, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge micro-blog this afternoon to receive an exclusive interview with Sina Technology revealed that, IDG now invest 1-2 mobile Internet Co every month. He also suggested that China and the United States solve the VIE variable interest entity through dialogue mechanism.

talking about the mobile Internet business model, Xiong Xiaoge believes that the ad model of the PC Internet era is not very suitable for mobile Internet, because many users dislike this model.

Xiong Xiaoge revealed that over the past 2 years, IDG capital has invested more than 20 mobile Internet Co, and now invest 1-2 companies each month. He said that IDG capital is now very optimistic about the mobile Internet industry, the investment companies in the early majority.

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge

is an established fact

Xiong Xiaoge. China and the United States can discuss the issue of VIE through dialogue mechanisms. If there is a law, it can reduce a lot of instability."

according to him, IDG capital will seriously do market research, product analysis, and to communicate with the entrepreneurial team before investing. He admits that IDG capital does not invest in many companies in one area, except in some areas.


website: Shu Youge respect for copyright, please indicate the source

how do we choose goods, how to promote? You can choose the whole store promotion and single product promotion, Ali mother login background, choose goods or store owner name search can show all Shu Youge promotion commodity. I choose two ways to promote the model, made a Shu Youge navigation website, I am here to make a website, interested friends can be a simple HTML page reference I do, the Shu Youge shops and selling a single product. Have a website you can go to the promotion, Shu Youge mainly operating beauty care products, so the main customers are mostly women, some women can go to the community to do some promotion, you can play for free! The best advertisement mildly, for example: you can present their argument, and in the group, the Forum JMS chat together, not directly on advertising, etc. familiar with the baby can be recommended, you can put their arms a little professional, to understand some of the beauty of knowledge.

"This is actually a legal matter," says

monthly investment in 1-2 mobile Internet Co

Grassroots Shanghai dragon optimization to go to a war to win a middle course

Shanghai dragon as a subject, there is a very profound theoretical basis, and not in the eyes of the us do the chain, post so simple website promotion. It is based on the search engine as the research object, on the site of the entire layout, as well as the code, program, path, periphery made a series of optimization search can let the love. This one has the ability and the strength of the team is of course essential, we grassroots business website is difficult, the site itself has asked the owners must be a versatile person, must understand all aspects of knowledge. This has gone beyond the limits of our grassroots. If it is not genius, no time, no energy to study the system of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Since the system of learning, it is only a hammer East West a wooden stick to understand its fur. In this case, if you rely on the Shanghai dragon too, do optimization when on the web sites, is bound to make mistakes, it is superfluous, self defeating, I let liberty promotion rebate network just because of an early jump, fallen in love with the sea as cheating, resulting in the decline of many included. Therefore, grassroots Webmaster Station Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be cautious.

Shanghai, although it is difficult to do, but we can not ignore it. Because Shanghai dragon for a web development can really play a role in accelerating the. With the development of a web site a year to reach the level, if the use of Shanghai dragon optimization, three months may not be realized, which greatly shorten the growth period of the site, the earlier to the webmaster bring a profit, otherwise, webmasters may have yet to see the site hopes and failed due to lost patience. I took the liberty to make as an example, from March 2012 to May 4th, the domain name for the record date love Shanghai update, fully prepared to two months of time, from the development of a new website to become PR2, website weight of 2, are in for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Effect >

with the rapid development of the network world, the major search engines have become visible in the invisible variety of children, makes many webmasters like a fly without head lost the direction of network operation is extremely unfavorable. Fortunately, the rise of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, let many webmaster and see the dawn, there seems to be a goal, however, as also Xiao Xiao loser tragedy, making a lot of grassroots webmaster died in Shanghai Longfeng optimization that in the end is that mark, why? I a person from I do let liberty rebate the experience of network analysis, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng grassroots must take a middle course can win.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization since emerged as a discipline, of course, has its practicality, and profound it. As a development in the website industry grassroots webmaster, can not ignore the Shanghai dragon, not obsessed with Shanghai Longfeng, whether you choose the former or the latter, you are destined to do the robbery, only take a middle course, is the survival of the grassroots webmaster. My friends here and discuss the reasons.

Gao Xiaoshuang is Taobao still making moneyWill shlf1314 AdSense pay me this month


these payment reserves include the payment reserve you set yourself. You did not receive the payment made by the Western Union payment last month or change the payment retention after the name of the payee was modified. You must cancel the reservation before 15 of this month in order to receive payment this month.

friends early to do an e-commerce site on the www.zc-shop that considering the cockroach medicine e-commerce website cockroach medicine basically no, but considering the competition less, so he wanted to break out from here, at present the industry to do less, know less, is not after the mining potential.? now the people to demand more and more high life and health, so the cockroach affects people’s physical and mental health, so a friend to observe a period of time, the market found cockroach medicine if well, is very good, and now the most profitable industry is about health, because now people are most afraid of health problems is your own, if it is to spend more money on health is worth, and now it is for cockroaches inside the city more and more. So this is a viable industry for friends that are currently found on the web.

first, our payment time is every month of the end of the month, about 25 to 30. Payment after payment is a retransmission at this time, so at other times there is no payment.

second: confirm the PIN code and phone number by the 15 of this month.

number 1: your account revenue reached $100 last month.

now, you just go to the 4 conditions in your account check above, can immediately know the end of this month will pay to you

please note that if your income in this month 1 after it reached $100, then you can only wait until next month until the end of the payment.


may be a bit far, but now look at the Taobao customer, how should we make money? Mining and found that others do less industry is to, others do not know the industry, so that you do this kind of products for Taobao customers, so will let you make a pen friend cockroach medicine e-commerce website is very good, and I was at a friend’s appeal, do the Taobao customer product promotion, the first is to help a friend to promote his product, there is to earn some money, but it is not convenient to disclose the site, but now have good benefits, the monthly income is considerable, prove that the higher desire for better health and only picked up the needs of users, we send it can make money.

small high

if you have any payment in your account, there will be a red reminder box to remind you. To get rid of these reservations, simply click on the link in the prompt and follow the instructions.

if you enter PIN code or confirm your phone number after 15 this month, you will not be able to make payment this month.

look at today’s Taobao customers, has been too many people find it easy to make money, and do more and more people than those who use more time, who approaches, who promote good, who will earn more, previously included in hundreds, now only a few poor ten yuan or less income than ever before, just because of the development of the network, the competition of the market, when many people, when less porridge, so we should not consider how to let yourself get more porridge?

fourth: release all payment reserves before 15 of this month.

let’s see if you will pay this month. If you can pay in the end of the month, you need to meet the following four conditions:

many publishers have written to us asking whether they will pay him the same month. We know that our payment process is complex and many publishers don’t know much about it. So today we will give you a clear account of our payment process to help you know when you will pay.

did Taobao guest friends all know, a lot of people are talking about Taobao talk of making money off the road, some people earn several hundred dollars a day, some people a day made thousands have really opened up a way to make money online, this is another easy money road advertising alliance since Taobao, off it, how much money the brilliant achievements of the road, but was only know not to do, is the envy of friends before, the monthly income is very considerable. Than to work in the company, do business to the money fast, but the biggest advantage is no risk, the risk in the network basically are very small, especially like advertising and Taobao customers, only need to input a domain name, a space charge, basically the rest is human, and of course, time, time is money, is equal to our investment.

third: submit tax information before 15 of this month, and choose payment terms.

well, you should now know only your account at the same time to meet the above 4 conditions is the end of this month, we will send you the payment. Any one of these conditions is not met, you will need to wait until the end of next month or later.

similarly, if you submit your tax information or choose the payment method after 15, you will not pay for it this month.

Chen Ou changed track I’m looking forward to proving myself7 tips for newbies making money

1, making money from blogging is difficult for us. It doesn’t mean it’s hard to make a little money from blogging, but it’s really more complicated than everyone thinks, and it’s not just about writing and advertising. Writing skills, point of view innovation, template design, advertising, reader retention, etc……. The skills necessary to make money are as follows: you have to study, study, and study.

, turning to me, "well, join us."."

4, focus on just one blog. Some time ago, I made some links to promote my blog. Deep impression is that there is a blog with blog over chain and I, a list of the three sites, are 3 different types of blog, he actually said he is written in blog! I was very surprised, a 3 Bo, okay? So, here I want to remind everyone, if you have a lot to write blog topics, each topic don’t set up a blog. A person’s energy is limited, scattered on multiple blogs, will increase the odds of failure for each blog. So focusing on just one blog is the best thing for us to do.

"I’m still looking forward to proving myself."." He said.

says making money from blogging seems like a simple and complicated problem. Simple, you just have to write your favorite topic, attract readers, and earn your income by advertising. It’s a logical thing. Of course, it’s simple enough for a celebrity blogger. But for new people like us, it’s complicated – we need to figure out what we’re going to do first, what’s going on, and what we’re going to do in the future…… So, if you’re new and trying to make money by blogging, here are some of the following:

at that time, I just entered the magazine soon, the concern is that new energy and multinational companies, the Internet is not much contact. And the United States is a newly established start-up company for 3 years, the reputation is not large, but Chen Europe this time starring his company’s promotional film, but also very hot on micro-blog.

.""When it comes to excitement," said Mr. ?

was not far away 4 years ago, but compared with today, it is a totally different two world.

Chen stood against the wall, arms folded over his chest, looking like a star ready to take pictures. He is talking about the past more than a month, his share of rechargeable treasure cognition. "I think the future is charging treasure business, their own development, six months is likely to be worth more than any vertical suppliers, this is my believe in.". "


poly Mei Gang

now, Chen spent most of his time in Shenzhen, running the factory and the supply chain once and for all. He felt that the street power has made all kinds of cabinet sharing, charging treasure all invention patents, sharing the treasure charging industry pattern is almost fixed. The future must be competition between street power and small electricity, and he intends to invest $100 million in street power.

2, writing money is not a big shot. Many blogger lost their enthusiasm within a few months of blogging, and slowly abandoned their positions and eventually fell into dead link. If we find the reasons for this phenomenon, I think the important point is: the first months, little blogger can get income, even the reader is pathetic, so to a certain extent dampened their enthusiasm. Therefore, the wise blogger needs to understand a little: blogging is like our resistance to Japan, and we must fight a protracted war, which is also determined by your current national conditions – the base is thin,

3, look for and use your interest points. It turns out that people who write blogs on topics they are interested in have a longer time to maintain blogs than a "hodgepodge blog" and a higher popularity index. Therefore, you need to know your interests, take your direction and use it to create a theme blog. Only in this way can we win more readers.


"do you still have to think about it? Give you five minutes to think about it."." Chen Ou said, "you interview more entrepreneurs, it is better to personally participate in a great undertaking.". Wouldn’t you be excited if you thought about it,

"this is not a trivial matter, just put a little money on it."." Chen Ou said, he is ready, will find people, money, set strategy, through a variety of methods, trying a new campaign.

he said "great start up" means street power.

"why does an entrepreneur make his own commercials and fire?" "I just met Chen Chen with such a simple question.".

"then I’ll go back and think about it."." I said.


5, when you are on a topic ambiguous, can try to do a little. Many people are unsure of their ability to keep on writing a topic for a while. In that case, you’re not

saw Chen Europe for the first time, in March 2013.

at the beginning of May, the United States confirmed 300 million yuan holdings street electric 60% of the shares, Chen Ou personally served as chairman of the board. Subsequently, the street electricity invited the original Amoy votes, President of the original source to join, as CEO.

, Ali, Jingdong is not listed yet. Every guest is old, Dangdang, Li Guoqing’s heat is no less than Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong. People will also discuss whether to buy a scam, unfamiliar street can survive. Easy to car more than 3 years ago, but few people know who Zhou Zhou, what is the special car?.

‘s previous $300 million, plus $100 million, means that the United States will spend at least $1 billion on street power. It’s not a penny.

Operation ideas and common problems of film collecting station

nothing to do today, talk about ideas for the operation of movie collection station. Little brother do stand six months, always have the following confusion, I do not know whether you have custody, and see me carefully.

initially do film collection station, interest dictates, see other people weight 7,8, every day accounted for thousands of blocks, that is envy, jealousy, hate, so immediately buy VPS, domain name, installed procedures, engage in collection, do film collection station. Collect updates every day, and then wait list, do not stop looking at IP traffic. I believe many friends are like me. But after a while, there was no traffic at all. I just found out. The Internet Movie Collection Station innumerable such content, repeat what you ask in a complete mess, breaking off the lead out the siege of


of course, I also realized that every day such collection, update, boil it is also a waste of time, I want to find a movie collection station operating breakthrough. Younger brother is now in this stage, there are several ideas:

1: do not take the site as a collection station to do, as a television station to do. For example, you in the resources collected from the movie, it’s other stations already updated pages, form up the film, you can now add collection, can come to the front row with the flow? Recommended: site after the first acquisition of a batch of data as the foundation, and then began to manually update. See some of the recent movies are relatively hot, do not wait for collection, manually added directly to the site, even if there is no broadcast address, put a trailer is also ok.

2: looking for the fastest update resource station, you don’t need all the resources, but the update must be fast. After Nora fell, I have a collection of bread web resources, play a very full type, Youku, music, potatoes, M1905, Sina, Sohu, watermelon, gigi. But there is a drawback, the update speed is too slow, such as the TV series this update to 15 sets, you collected only 14 sets, this movie has a HD HD, his back is the first acquisition TS version, which can make? Visitors can not fool, who is fast, high clear who who, in where to look.

3: playback mode selection, such as 2 said, down after Nora, I collected some time bread net, a lot of play types, but the updating speed, set the number of high-definition version, can not keep up, then I consider watermelon, Gigi, a pioneer in this several players, for users without what changes before using your site is fast, watermelon, watermelon player I changed into it. I don’t care what player you are, as long as I can see movies. But I also can not integrate these players to my site, and I see a few large television stations all have watermelon video, and I also test the watermelon playback speed is good, the renewal of resources fairly and timely, on the choice of the watermelon. Other resources are not collected, only watermelon.

4: as for the procedure, domain name, VPS select the online search a lot, I will say no more. But select template, I want to say >

As a webmaster, we must confirm our attitude

Hello everyone, I’m unlimited traffic Federation, black, today to talk about as a webmaster, we should have what kind of mentality, and how to use a positive attitude to face our problems.

, first of all, it’s mentality. I believe that the webmaster station only idea is now the web site to make money, often according to such an idea to go to the station, around the center of the money, and not! In this process, some owners to build lots of garbage station, traffic get crazy, I don’t deny that this is an effective way but, if we wanted to be busy for several months, even after a few years, what do we get? Just to experience this exciting? Enjoy this honor? In fact, none of us want false things, but as a webmaster we should be more down-to-earth, which is the actual point. The quality of the development of the site and webmaster inseparable, a station can show the quality of the webmaster, but the station’s mentality directly determine the location of the site, our webmaster should be dialectical point of view.

second, faster positive attitude will make our website development for this problem, I believe that the webmaster will agree, I want to emphasize here is positive for the webmaster is what? A new station is spare no effort for your own website, to increase website traffic, after a period of time, it is found that the flow up, and then began to slow down, finally simply no matter, I have experience in this respect, my website is {striking one snag after another what specific circumstances, I do not say, before I wrote the text}, this positive attitude is short-lived, and even can be said to be a certain meaning the passion, we need such a passion, passion is short, but a positive attitude is a long-term process, is our true feelings. As a webmaster, we should have such a mentality, in the face of certain problems, we can calmly face, rather than choose the extreme way.

finally want to say is: unlimited traffic just a little black alliance webmaster small potato, but I hope this little people to write the article to help the webmaster, because we all have a common goal – to make the station bigger and stronger! Our new QQ group number: prohibition connection} 6585336{group, welcome to join us, common development and common progress! Thank you for the support unlimited traffic black alliance! We sincerely hope that the majority of owners to face their mentality by webmaster feeds.

Member of Hong Kong has been disclosed for local officials

it is Taiwan business passengers or Hong Kong to the mainland to do business, should hold high the attitude of welcome, but in this NPC and CPPCC, members have disclosed that Hong Kong has been the local difficulties, and then go to dinners. In response to this problem, the two sessions will have what kind of solution?

registration system suggest that the two mutual recognition of Chinese Medicine

there are businessmen complained about local difficulties

Chen Jianlin introduced two kinds of situations, one is even by consultants to regulate the acceptance, there are still likely to be difficult to Wanquan and pass; another is the project itself the problem, if possible, buy gifts recommended

How to find a tea shop

open milk tea stores need to pay attention to what problems? In the selection of projects, franchisees need to do a comprehensive inspection work. Now some businesses use the investment of investors eager, cloth trap, to join the cause of loss. If you want to do business, you can look at how to do a good job.

1, to choose the excellent headquarters

so how to choose a good headquarters? Not only depends on the strength of the headquarters, but also to see their team management capabilities, to see if it is really to help customers join the shop, or in order to earn the cost of joining the customer for the purpose of. In short, the headquarters will be for the sake of customers.

2, don’t believe the sugar coated bullet

as a franchisee, many companies will be in a variety of ways to make you join their milk tea, but in his various temptations must not lose their minds. Seeing is believing is the best is that they come to study, and see whether they have said, will sign a contract, so as to safeguard their own interests, but also responsible for their own.

3, whether or not the real production strength

as a tea based, must have absolute advantage to protect the interests of customers and customers to join, the investment is divided into investment and long-term investment, like equipment, customers can buy, but they need long-term purchase raw material, so the material is to provide an absolute advantage.

4, join the reasonable charge

tea is not complicated, and the tea fee and do not have to be careful of those tens of thousands, more amount of deposit deposit, these are you may just do a business, you earn a once, and not to the customer to open stores for the purpose of tea. It is best to be able to find some free to join the cost, and all costs can be reflected in the contract above the integrity of the headquarters to cooperate.

open tea franchise business is good, if you want to improve the success rate of investment, in the choice of project link will not be let down, thoroughly to understand the brand, thorough analysis, to know what is suitable for your investment. The above recommendations hope to be useful to you, learn quickly.

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