Shanghai Longfeng enterprise optimization of the most easily overlooked.

in the network marketing becomes more and more important, has become an indispensable part of the enterprise marketing, and web site you want to do enterprise site optimization, more cannot do without Shanghai, this, because now if some companies want to buy it, the search engine provides information on the proportion of more and more large, so only the search engine marketing, PPC, thus highlighting the increasingly important role of Shanghai dragon. With more and more enterprises in Shanghai dragon, so long simply under the most easily in the optimization in the face of things, and the most easily overlooked things.

calm heart: Shanghai dragon, calm state of mind, right, Shanghai dragon is not love Shanghai auction, within a short period of time can go up, but the money is rushing, and some even think about bidding, Shanghai dragon is related to Chengdu and keywords, can go within some of the words is not short time, some words need to spend a lot of time and energy, do not easily ignore the Shanghai dragon to calm state of mind, this time is very important, if not quite understand Shanghai dragon boss, please be sure to communicate more and more communication to Shanghai dragon, always feel a change in your site. The Shanghai dragon work to give affirmation, is to improve the ranking of the site work.

two: Shanghai dragon

: Shanghai dragon optimization process requires calm and stable

stability: the optimization process of each individual are different, if frequently changing jobs, the development of enterprises will be very bad, now Shanghai dragon industry job hopping phenomenon is very serious, there is the phenomenon of one of the reasons is because a few months I think enterprise site is not up, is the Shanghai dragon er the responsibility, so directly, is the enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng industry is not very understanding, how just the time limit and do not want this keyword, how the degree of difficulty, there is a point I want you to surf the Internet, on the line, as long as you give me such a result can cause. The marketing department of Shanghai dragon is not stable, do not go up substitutions, then the website has been in a state of flow, this situation can not be ignored.

every company, Shanghai dragon personnel only one, a separate, some executives think the Shanghai dragon is very simple ah, I saw nothing when he writes an article, then send a lot of blog posts, then you can do, but I believe that every Shanghai dragon er said Shanghai dragon, which is so simple ah, Shanghai dragon to learn, to see the latest se every day is changed, a year ago Shanghai, what is now Shanghai, Phoenix is what look like, these are in progress, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, also need to move forward, every employees need some training, such as training soft ah, and attending a conference in Shanghai Dragon ah, master general assembly, and so on, is to learn to communicate, network marketing will become a public.

optimization personnel also need training

The small end Gilt Taste’s death food business grave Revelation


in China, and has been a popular fresh food e-commerce business areas, almost all of the electricity supplier giants and traditional industry giants will enter the fresh food area, preferably downwind originally life network in different areas to do fast, but from the real success is still far away, in foreign FreshDirect (fresh direct) PeaPodRelayFoodsOcado (Okedo AmazonFresh) and other fresh giants are doing well, but does not mean that this area will be very easy, no matter at home and abroad there are many classic cases of failure, another "the earlier horse brother gene or thinking? A fresh electricity supplier dead" has analyzed the case of China, and today is a a classic foreign high-end food business failures -Gilt Taste


the following content is selected from Fortune Chinese network

May 2011, the electricity supplier website Gilt Groupe launched its latest sales website – Gourmet website Gilt Taste. Here a few weeks ago, Gilt Groupe just from including Goldman Sachs Group (Goldman Sachs), investors to raise $138 million of investment funds, this round of financing to give the company a valuation of about $1 billion.

Gilt Groupe is famous for a substantial discount and limited inventory of real-time flash purchase model, so as to bring the New York style sample sales to the world. Unlike it, the Gilt Taste claims to be built to become a "luxury brand" selling high-end food at high-end prices. However, this model did not work, and in May 24th, Gilt Taste quietly closed down.

but as a group has been established, and the prospect is expected to growing food tech startups as indicated by the failure of Gilt Taste, did not prove to have a share in the electronic commerce industry of local food economy cannot in annual sales of up to $225 billion. However, Gilt Taste of the Waterloo that online sales of food is completely different from selling brand-name handbags, understanding these differences is important.

Gilt tast extension

The demise of

Gilt Taste, and the failure of e-commerce sites such as early online grocery, retail start-up Webvan and online food markets and subscription service sites, Foodzie, have many reasons.

: a failure of product planning lack of fundamental characteristics of personalized food – food food business movement characteristics of at least understood, is directly related to start-up mode is not consistent.

no farm, city, region, or country will have the same local food system

The main problems faced by the public opinion monitoring work of the government

in recent years, various types of network public opinion events are frequent, has attracted national attention in the work of the network of public opinion. In the 12th Five-Year plan, it has been clear that government units at all levels should strengthen the construction of monitoring and management of online public opinion.

through the visit to some government units, we found that all units in public opinion work prevalent in the following situations:

(public opinion) is not scientific enough to understand

many units, the mention of network public opinion the first thought is not a good thing, followed by fear, but the network public opinion not only is not a good thing, dealing with the network public opinion scientifically also need not blind fear.

Effect of

network public opinion brings, not always negative, or sometimes it should be said that in most cases, the influence of network public opinion should be positive, such as network public opinion can indirectly improve the work norms, institutions with the help of the agency found their own lack of promotion institutions to improve their situation.

although most of the public opinion incidents we see have had a devastating effect on society, the result is often due to lack of proper handling. If each unit can actively carry out network public opinion work, then it is possible to create a healthy public opinion environment.

(two) ability to monitor public opinion lags behind

actively carry out public opinion work is the core of the first time to find clues to network public opinion, which is one of the most serious problems we found after visiting various units.

almost all the units that network public opinion is very important, many units are equipped with full-time public opinion information, at least one, more than one department, but most of them are lack of the first time that the methods and tools of network public opinion clues. We see that most of the units are still using the most primitive artificial search engine to monitor the network public opinion, this method is inefficient, and accuracy is very low.

public opinion monitoring is a routine work, not a one-off. Therefore, public opinion monitoring needs continuity and stability. If this kind of work depends entirely on human beings, there will be unstable possibility and it will be restricted by non working time. We initially estimate that a system can achieve at least 200 artificial monitoring capabilities instead.

therefore, public opinion monitoring work, if you want to achieve good results, must be professional tools, coupled with professional talent can be achieved.

(three) public opinion, lack of post-processing means

public opinion appeared and monitored, the matter does not end, but also the need for public opinion events to deal with. One of the ways we do this is to delete posts, but not to say that deleting posts is the best way to deal with it. Besides, there are many ways to deal with public opinion.

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Love teaches us business

love is almost everyone will experience things in life, in which there is love, there is a sweet, passionate, of course, essential, but also brokenhearted, there are sad, sad! But you know, it is the lovelorn, sad that contains a huge business opportunities?

"my business, I should thank my first love, exactly, should thank my first love." When saying this word, the 20 year old sophomore Yang Rui’s face could not conceal the joy smile.

, a shirt lovers, there are single jersey! Yang Rui excited for his thoughts, forget the pain of his love. Prior to love, he tried a lot of part-time, learned the hard money but also the taste of happiness, these experiences gave him his business idea, summer is coming, I’ll sell "single t-shirt"!

2016 Huizhou city women’s entrepreneurship award selection began enrollment

to set an example to further encourage the majority of interested women to participate in entrepreneurship. Huizhou city to carry out "2016 Huizhou women entrepreneurship Shijie award. Whether it is self recommendation or recommend others, the registration deadline for the 15 day of this month.

candidates take place recommendation, recommendation system, social network and the way of combining the self recommendation. The counties (districts), the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Association, Municipal Association of women entrepreneurs will recommend more than 3 candidates; one can go to the local women’s Federation, bureau of science and technology, intellectual property office, and receive the form, fill in the print and electronic documents in January 15th, submitted to the Municipal Women’s Federation propaganda department recommended network; in January 15th before the login related website, download the application form, fill in by the requirement of good.

candidates need to meet the conditions of

1. at least 18 years of age, working in Huizhou for more than 2 years (not limited to household registration) of female citizens;

2. abide by the law, advocating self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement spirit, with a high ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities;

3. is a leading and innovative team leader who has made outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, product innovation and brand innovation;

4. through the application of women’s small business loans to achieve the entrepreneurial dream of women, entrepreneurial projects have a certain degree of innovation, to attract more women’s employment, operating capacity and good prospects for development;

5. actively participate Internet plus female entrepreneurship practice, outstanding women use electricity, micro business platform sales promotion Huizhou specialty products business, better efficiency, outstanding women have strong demonstration effect;


6. in the local or in the same industry play an exemplary role, have a certain influence on women’s entrepreneurship demonstration base and female social organization;

7. created in the pioneering spirit, be enthusiastic and press on independent innovation research, application, significant technological invention, and promote enterprise innovation, service innovation, technological innovation, business model innovation, integration innovation is recommended

Teach you how to choose a good brand of project

A sense of identity is small is

, with no experience of the people have a lot to learn from the experience of others, in a certain standard, do not do what thing, just ism, even catering industry management. As we all know, the most critical is the beginning of the restaurant business is the selection of the project, the project is good and bad directly related to the success of your career road twists and turns.

what kind of project can be called a good project? Two eyes, a nose, or three eyes, two ears? Good projects on the face, will not write "good project" of the word three. So, at this time, we need to have the piercing eye to screening, screening.

nonsense not to say, dry goods! Three major areas: the market, the project itself!

consumer trends

consumer trends, with the words that is the degree of popularity. First, the current hot degree; two is the future of the hot degree. Now the fire doesn’t mean that there will not fire fire, now also does not mean that the future is not fire. Good projects, must be in line with the direction of economic development and the general trend of living standards, health trends, such as beverages, baking, coffee, professional trends, such as Hong Kong style dessert.

is a very classic example: in 2013, unusually hot cheese cake, like a meteor, like fireworks, as short. Such a phenomenon, most likely to occur in a single product is the flagship project, a single product, short life cycle, tired of appearing too early, the market shrinking rapidly disappear. However, young people, but also the most vulnerable to the attraction of such projects, so please pay attention to yourself, look at the long-term, do not follow suit, do not blindly.

ground gas

perfect project, will encounter a more wonderful market. Usually all right, but there is no business, then, the biggest possibility is not ground gas.

is not down to earth again, popular point that is the project and consumer tastes, consumption, aesthetic three habits appear serious discrepancies, for example: Fuzhou, Wuhan love sweet salty; the elderly generally settle on the price, after 90 generally love fashionable white-collar; stress force, pay attention to the boss pomp.

so, before deciding whether to invest, market research must be done, if you ask me, what is called market survey? So I will teach you: take out 20 thousand yuan from the bank card, to open a restaurant in the area you put one by one in this area of the fire before the 10 Restaurant for 3 times. Your mind, will naturally have a standard is down to earth.



How much beer agent

beer? In the market, many people like to drink beer. Of course, the choice of business to join the beer project, open their own beer stores, is also very has the opportunity. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

beer agent how much money? The beer is expensive? Many people want to go to the agent of beer, but does not understand Zhapi agent how much money, don’t worry, Xiaobian to introduce draft agent how much money here, to help you understand the beer agency industry situation.

beer agent how much money? Snow colorful Zhapi jiamengfei county level: ranging from 2–5 million yuan

snow and colorful training period: one month

snow colorful Zhapi contract period: three years

snow and colorful operating conditions: 500 square meters of barbecue square or hotel

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd was founded in 1994, is a production, management of beer, beverages, wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Headquartered in Beijing, china. Its shareholders are China Resources Enterprise Ltd and the world’s second largest beer group SABMiller. At present, Huarun Snow Beer more than 60 breweries in Chinese 19 provinces in the mainland business, occupy China beer market share of 80%, so how much beer agent is not a problem.

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd has more than and 30 regional brands, in many of the Chinese market in the regional advantage. Zhapi agent how much money? Snow Beer Huarun 2007 production and sales of more than 690 million liters, the company’s total production and sales again beyond other domestic beer enterprises, sales of the largest beer enterprises have become China. The company mainly engaged in: beer, colorful beer, snow beer, beer beer business agent.

How to attract consumers to dry pot

ninety percent of the world’s business is dealing with people, naturally in the consumer sector, this can not be avoided. How to attract customers to your store consumption, which is the most important issue you need to consider. Of course, there are too many ways impossible list, so here to do the pot shop operating on the theme of how to attract consumers shop.

dry pot stores to attract consumers how to open stores open dry pot itself is a good project, such a good project that you’ve found it, indicating that there are countless people are going to invest in this project. How can we attract you to a restaurant? It should be unique, open dry pot stores is a feature of the project, is now people are fastidious about a way of keeping good health. How to attract consumers?

how to attract consumers, how to do the following three points:

1, featured

each dry pot shop, must have a number of special flavor dishes, in order to attract those good food guests. To have a unique flavor, some people I can easily do more to attract consumers, for example, it is difficult for others to imitate the specialty, it is most likely to create profits for food, delicious dishes will make guests do not care about the price.

2, always updated

pot pot pot how to attract consumers? Because of the modern consumer diet habits change quickly, so have to constantly make guests have fresh, can not make them so tired. Investors need to adjust the menu at any time according to the tastes of the guests, and according to the seasonal changes in taste, so always updated to cater to consumers in order to bring good returns.

3, steady regulars

is known to have a better development depends on consumers, and open a dry pot shop, want to get the red prosperous business is to seize the consumer. In which the most important thing is to retain the old customers, such as investors can regularly launch activities to repay the old customers, activities to try to do the best for consumers.

open a dry pot Hot pot franchise funds is not high, management is relatively simple, about how to attract consumers Xiaobian I also give you specify the essence, the rest is to rely on every operators to complete their own, we can do a survey to see customers love we don’t love what, in that area, we can improve the bad, more carry forward hand their good.

hope that the above introduction can bring you some help, if there are other aspects of the problem, please in our network >

Open jewelry store need to master several methods

shop also need to open the shop to find the operating point, a lot of people do not know what to do after the shop, in fact, this is very dangerous. If you want to succeed in business, you must master the relevant methods. If you want to get more business guidance, you can pay close attention to the relevant information, Xiao Bian will share a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

A, find the product selling point

essential idea two, sales of

1, good sales attitude. Clean and tidy, listen carefully to the requirements of customers, and express the selling points of the jewelry, look for the topic of interest to the customer, and close the relationship with the customer.

2, a good understanding of customers.

3, the use of polite sales. Pu Xiuxiu jewelry store as a staff, the use of norms, professional sales of common language, not only can establish a brand image, but also to establish customer confidence in the purchase.

now most businesses that service is the key to success. The quality of the jewelry store service will directly affect the customer’s shopping mood, thereby affecting their purchasing behavior. A lot of customers tend to buy a piece of jewelry because of the cordial and warm smile. The service is divided into the sale and after sale, the sale is mainly to have the necessary concepts in the sale, polite and warm, equally.

four, some clever customer complaints

five, how to deal with the shortage problem of

in the shop of the business process, may encounter some customers put forward to a certain product, but the store also did not have this situation of goods. If this is the case, we should apologize to the customer, and inform the customer whether the store will buy this kind of product, if the purchase, when will arrive, or take the initiative to recommend to the customer can replace other products. This will give the customer a good impression for the jewelry store for repeat customers.

What needs to be done to prepare to join Manicure

Manicure industry is an important branch of beauty franchise industry, to meet the majority of customers of the female beauty of the heart. Open the store in addition to master the technical characteristics of Manicure also need what to prepare? Let’s study together.

Should first do market research before

features Manicure store technology training is not small, only to master the Manicure professional technical personnel, are eligible to provide the customers with the personalized service. After one or two months of professional learning, use a French crystal Manicure skills, learning to Manicure professional products division senior Manicure to master professional skills and communicate with customers. Professional products and professional technical Manicure as important. Especially the positioning in the high-end customers Manicure shop, not because of poor quality of products and the loss of important clients. Like the choice of cosmetics, long-term stability of the customer’s product quality requirements are very strict. Professional Manicure shop, must be strict product quality, in strict accordance with the operation of regulating the use of qualified equipment and tools Manicure. In the long run, don’t covet cheap and the loss of long-term interests.

Personalized service

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