How to put the medical industry site of Shanghai dragon concept go to the project

website architecture

is currently working for a cosmetic website, when participation and framework of the website, and colleagues study, instructive, so write out for everyone to share. May provide some valuable information. Shanghai, for me, I think it is a kind of idea, rather than a purely technical optimization, if in doing the project, the concept of content, structure, Shanghai dragon at the beginning of the project, they are combined, I think can make your site more healthy. In addition, when doing the actual project, a lot of time, in addition to these outside, also need to combine the actual project to do marketing.

keyword layout


at present, the website now adopt three layer structure model, to design the web architecture and URL forms. From the search engine spiders crawl in principle may use the depth of search theory, almost everyone in the road to go. This is a common architecture, and very mature and excellent. The directory name is generally two, a name in pinyin, a named English combination. At present, the Pacific plastic net, using the English. The three layer structure can exhibit simple and intuitive. If coupled with a large number of TAG in the site map, and breadcrumbs, so for carding website can reach very good form.

channel page should belong to a selected channel 2-3 and channel related keywords layout. Channel page in general, general weight. Write the title, keywords, description. If you use the two level domain name, you can still go to location for the channel related important keyword. The details page, all sites place most traffic, long tail keywords is concentrated in this one. So the design of this page is very important. Specific details page, just do a keyword, up to two or three, and the two to three keywords, is a progressive ring mode, such as: Shenzhen plastic, Shenzhen plastic surgery hospital.

in the overall project on how the key to make effective distribution of

home is the site of the highest weight, but in fact, it is not up to the entrance flow. The home page keyword is popular, short words. (in many sites, did not go to fight for popular keywords, but to do the long tail, the reason is because the location of each site is different, so the key will have to take appropriate, please understand.


How )

keyword is all projects to do, Shanghai dragon must face, and most importantly, how to make the key layout well, determines the site ranking and traffic. In addition to the correlation analysis of keywords, then a large number of key layout, must also play a decisive role. According to the web pages about the proportion of conventional structure. From the page design, we can use the golden point, on the page for treatment.

The < >

I saw Lu Songsong blog success model

popular maintenance

In fact,

, a website is the website claiming to engage, engage people. To understand Lu Songsong, is in the thousands on thousands of head of the independent blog comment, because I was in Shanghai Longfeng, need to do a lot of the chain every day, and one of them is blog, attract popularity, at that time, let me 10000 blog only leave the impression is, loosely, that picture. Has clear keep in my mind. I clearly remember, I almost every blog, will have his shadow, I always wonder, why did he have so much energy to every blog to comment, now I finally understand, because this is Lu Songsong, this is one of the important factors of his success.

user experience

many people have asked me what is the user experience, here, I want to say, if you want to further understand the user experience, so you Lou loose blog, you will understand: the user experience is the site of the first impression and I will come back in the future whether this site, of course, this which contains too much, such as web, web content, functionality, reliability, availability, convenience, pleasure, significance and so on, I believe that many factors inside this, any one will affect your opinion on this website, and Lu Songsong’s blog, for me the impression is: popularity, enrich and pleasure. This is why Lou loose blog leave my heart to the one of the reasons.

I believe most of the webmaster is to love Lu Songsong from his article, between the lines, we can see his heart and pen force; and his article, except in part, most of them are original articles, share experience and knowledge, for us, more than 90% of all experience, more than 90% people love, at that time, I spent several days to read his article, learn from the things inside, I spent a year can not get, so I also established my first blog is www. Shanghai dragon, I called him Shanghai Longfeng people. Today, his blog has been achieved in the second, he took today the latest articles for example, at 9:20 when released "AdSense" relationship with the AdWords of a paper, 9:57 when the love of Shanghai released this article, show time is 17 minutes ago, that is to say, a chapter also released, fell in love with the sea it has been indexed into its database, and then released.


heart knows, Lou loose for each new independent blog, would be very serious to visit, visit is not so simple, you will find that in the imperceptibly, you have been accustomed to his blog, is the habit in the thousands on thousands of independent blog, only his this blog will let you. I admit to a large part of his blog is to Shanghai dragon, almost everyone has to find other independent blog as Lu Songsong >

Lu Songsong

Real decryption network training day earn hundred yuan projectExperience of earning maximum commissi

4. as long as you buy me two a domain name, a 200M space, I can let you do see

since it’s training, what training? What makes it possible for us to make at least $100 a day?

grabbed the three point of the core. With constant effort. There will be harvest. That’s all. For everyone to see the combination of my ideas of the development of Taobao railway station love to buy it, 2buy8. I wish you all the Commission of Taobao customers day by day. Progress from day to day.

2. online training is a trend towards a trend the beginning of brainwashing

"do you want to make money?" You want to come, I can help you achieve the daily income of at least 100 yuan." This is the first sentence of the other customer service, which is very provocative.

is taking the chance. Today is the national mourning of the earthquake in Qinghai, Yushu. May the dead rest in peace and the living be strong.


;       text: case, network training, making money

for the products they sell is to teach you how to use advertising to achieve daily income subject training 100 yuan, IMHO: the outbreak of the financial crisis, some enterprises even cut advertising costs to achieve the company’s expenses, they so much?

The other advantage of

this topic, I believe that the majority of webmaster friends are familiar with it! Because these people had intensive bombing of a forum, the project is said. So, I also want to know how many people have done it here? How many people make money? How much did you make?

when I learned that it was 380 dollars for them to buy, I asked, "can I register the domain name of Com?" They replied, "no, not to mention, Cn and Com are the same.".

author note: to spend 380 yuan to buy >

1. free training, earn money, and then pay training fees "good" start

I witnessed a "network training money" puzzle, now we opened one of the trick:

one. You need to pick up Taobao products. Store database. Then generate the static page. The best thing about doing this is that the website is fast. And a static page. Search engines are also easy to include. Search engines included. The flow comes quickly.

two. You need a page for each item. Many Taobao customers. Just made a column page of the article. The goods jumped straight to taobao. That won’t do. You need a page for each item. After this search engine included. It forms a vast storehouse of goods. When a user searches for a commodity name, it goes to the product page. This increases as the content of the commodity page increases. Traffic is constantly brought on the page.

three. The most important thing about any website is mentality. Patience and perseverance are needed.

network training and the current widely used to spearhead the attack, but unfortunately "is, in 2005 I have been exposed to the network training, their training is what? Always have a product or a topic.

CN domain name 1 yuan / COM, at least 45 yuan / month, my simple calculations, 2 CN domain cost 2 yuan; 200M space costing: each server hard disk standard configuration is basically 250GSATA, minus 50G, and 200G, there are 1000 200M in accordance with the cost of renting, million net! 7800/ years of the 1 200M space in the cost of 7.8 yuan; 2 yuan +7.8 yuan =9.8 yuan.

many webmaster registered a Taobao guest number. Go to Taobao backstage, Copy, a piece of code. He began his journey to the Taobao guest station. In fact, such a method is difficult to make money. This will only take a few minutes to build. You can do it. Everyone can do it, too. Big competition. How to make money?. Here’s my secret for making the biggest Commission for Taobao customers.

3. online teaching, allowing you to realize advertising revenue hundred yuan per day regression theme

they will use this one of the top domestic network service providers? No, because of the uncertainty, can not talk.

College Students’ Internet Entrepreneurship learning, innovation and persistence Part IActual combat

yes, some people say, CPS is difficult to do, I admit, it is hard to do, but if you have mastered the promotion skills, you can base on the present and future advertising profitable industries, what is the following skills? Began, for example:

at the beginning of the post I contact some post every day to communicate with peers, let me understand the whole process of the post, I gradually understand post writing, account registration and use skills, doing this post after three months I established the first site of life with the help of the site, the first is a tourist site, this site is also my business start on the road, I am here to talk about how to learn from the experience of the first site to enter the stage of profit.

! !

if you want to do advertising, please first understand, alliance operation and profit model, advertising alliance is composed of three main components, A: advertisers; B: promoter; C: alliance. Advertisers advertising, promotion to the union is responsible for issuing promotion, advertisers need to get the advertising effect, after all that is required to obtain a true customer consumption, such as recharge, shopping and so on, there is no free lunch, no advertisers are willing to own a lot of advertising for a cluster of false registration or false hits, the reason I believe an empathy can understand, so too was found alliance, advertising model, the future development will be led to CPS, CPM, CPC, CPA believe that we have done, but also believe that most people have tried to cheat, but I believe that most people know the flow for advertisers without harm No benefit, only the loss, then, the domestic large Advertising Federation also all turned to a large number of CPS advertising, to actual sales quantity of products to convert advertising commissions

yes, CPM, CPC, CPA to make money fast, fast to cheat, but I dare say, the absolute profit less, large sites except after all one hundred promoters may not have access to the 1 day in the tens of thousands of real IP station, then use cheating method, a few days ago may block and advertising alliance the LORD did not pay attention, but the amount, you immediately have the risk of being blocked! Hard to cheat for a period of time, the likelihood is 0, of course, this can not blame the alliance, who told me of cheating, the world did not such a good thing, advertisers lose money let you

second is the innovative content innovation website, when the site operation classmate told me to articles can be reproduced on the Internet, when I started in accordance with his proposal to search for articles in many tourist sites, and then copy and paste to your site, remember the day when I search for the title of the article found himself in dozens of sites, I think if I own a title so my site is in the first place? So I gave up the article reproduced this practice, beginning to write a few articles, and then add the title of the novel, such as when a few days I found in the online search original title search is able to find their own website before the two page of sh419, it let me know the content of the web site or to the original, this is my operation Second major innovations of the site.

you did CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS advertising, then entering the advertising industry friends will choose CPM, CPC, CPA three, the reason is that the money fast, easy to cheat, but here to tell you that if you just to earn pocket money, you do not continue to look down, if you want to be a real promotion or advertising alliance occupation, want to get great benefits from the League of friends, please read this patient, hope to help you!


was the travel site after the establishment of my study of specific affairs of a website, the students told me website is a combination of domain name + program + space, domain name can be registered in the domain of business registration, you can download free space available on the Internet to the space rental, I made a website after having the foundation of innovation. The first innovation is the innovation page for the web site, I do not really understand, but feel travel site should focus on tourism, such as Shandong famous surfing in Qingdao, so my site why not Qingdao surf pictures placed on the front page with them, so I ask the students through hard work, and help in the in the network, and finally through the replacement of picture code will be added to the home page of the site of a surf map transposition.

third innovation is for users of the website communication innovation, originally my site contact way is directly in the page left a , in the site operation after a stage, I >

so, on this theme, this is a kind of advertisers wish you earn more and better models, of course is CPS, the more you guide the consumption quantity, advertisers earn more, in the same way, on the other hand, if you are willing to advertisers, to bring you the real consumer members of nature is the title? Not like

Hello, I am a student from Shandong school sophomore, from freshman began under the leadership of the students I have also entered the Internet to do a part-time job, I remember the beginning is together with the students every day to the forum post, now I remember when the price is allowed to send 5 of each site posts, each post price is 5 angle, post 48 does not delete the effective post, just started doing this Wangzhuan every month can earn hundreds of yuan, and now I have become half into the Internet has a development site two profit site, webmaster, and my business experience is: innovation, adhere to the road.

for the myth 365 promotion League union.myth365/, first of all, you must understand the advertising policy notes, to present CPAS >

Linktech good news TVSN watch one plus 1 yuanLimit the promotion of the movie’s monthly subscription


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: cnxad

for a variety of reasons, since today, pause "movie monthly" product promotion, please put in this advertising Adsense change as soon as possible code!

support custom linksLinktech alliance


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tr>   dear League member:
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wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
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Online ordering website Innovation small service radius to produce great value

is an office worker, especially in the IT industry of white-collar class, all day in front of the computer keyboard hammering, pay attention to the efficiency, and every day at noon and night to think about what to eat is to make people extremely headache. Where to eat? What to eat? Where is more delicious? Where delicious cheap? Is it out to eat or to order food? These considerations are no bigger than work. Working people’s eating problem has always been a big business, from traditional catering to online ordering, if you can seize this demand, make innovative models, online booking site will be a hot item. The demand for meals is endless, the key is to rely on the strength of the platform, how to tap user needs, the line of business opportunities associated with the Internet, and users and businesses to establish a strong relationship between O2O.

traditional ordering website developed so far, there is not much vitality. The biggest drawback is that the online booking price is low, fewer businesses, resulting in excessive service radius, it is difficult to make a long-term and stable relationship between the business and the reservation through the web site. The American online ordering website GrubHub has opened up new online booking patterns, such as the recent expansion of more investment development. And the latest online meal site in China has its web model and a GrubHub similar to that of the United states. If Sina and micro-blog succeed in copying twitter, the success of Facebook and Groupon is also being replicated domestically. Well, the GrubHub model is likely to be a new target for domestic Internet imitation because of the success of the successful meal network.

, based in Beijing on less than a year’s online meal line, has won its first venture capital. Compared with the traditional ordering website, meal net covers more food businesses, intentions through better services to narrow between consumers and businesses between consumers and their radius, let go and trust businesses to establish a stable relationship between consumption. It makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional ordering websites, such as lack of business cooperation, large service radius, and difficulty in maintaining long-term trust and consumption relations. This model does not charge merchants for display fees, but only a small commission on merchant orders. May order the unit and the Commission but formed a mode of scanty, established long-term relationship, the order will Everfount, the Commission will be Many a little make a mickle.

founder Zhao Xiao from the meal network interview can be found, the original intention of the meal network did not consider the "traditional" or "new", but his team needs, and found it did not resolve well worth doing well, the "traditional" demand is good enough, new meaning. Nor consider too many initial merchant signing issues, some are only concerned with consumers, leaving the contract behind, and only consider providing the most complete takeaway information for users. Whether 200 yuan from the private food, or 5 yuan from the fast food, regardless of the prime location, or removal villages, are included targets. This, to some extent, has extended the coverage of the ordering merchants and also enriched the variety and price of the order. Can satisfy the demand better >

Does it affect the optimization of the title of the website

recently crown network Xiaobian in various forums around the circle, found a lot of people are asking: "change site title if there is an effect on Optimization?", on this topic, the crown network Xiaobian today in the crown marketing network – SEO, SEM optimization development trend of share marketing blogs to express their skills the views, hope to help you master


, just as everyone is asking

changes the title of the web site to optimize the impact of the type, modify the website title of doubt in the major SEO crown network communication platform often put forward. Some people will ask: "to modify the site title will lead to site K?, modify site title will not lead to the search engine not included my website? And then modify the site title of the long-term development of the site later if?" and so on the question, I in some large SEO community search a lot. But there are different opinions about the solution of the problem. Some say it has influence, and some say it has no effect. In order to let this often annoying knowledge, I will list those more representative solutions today.

more representative answer is as follows:

from the A5 forum Tian Maobing: Web site title changes frequently, for search engines, will think this site is unstable, over time is a disgusting cycle, the site will not have a good ranking. And after the title changes, the search engine will think that this is a new station, all the retrieval and collection are re start, and often will be punished by search engines. I suggest after the website is online, do not revise title again, if want to revise, had better wait until the website is stabilized, do a few simple changes.


from search outside the community Wang: for the site title, I said my operating case and experience! I used for a long time the website had the title change, modify the amplitude is relatively large, the site has some good rankings and included. But after modifying the title, the site rankings all out, update articles are not included. But finally insisted not change back, because after the website title is the most consistent with the theme of the website, otherwise it will not change. A month later, experienced a big update Baidu, the site’s main keywords ranking all up, and keep the first three, updated articles also reached seconds.

crown net Xiaobian personally feel:


has changed the title, be sure to maintain high quality updates.

after the title, let the website more exposure.

for site title changes, I think, as long as they think that the revised title is more consistent with the theme of the website, you can make changes.

also has some of these claims:

, new station is best not to modify the title, to the search engine to leave a bad impression.

has the weight website, may modify the title suitably, the basic influence is not big.


Raise public insurance products Indiegogo large test failure compensation

[Abstract] if the item company fails to deliver the product within three months of the date of acceptance, Indiegogo will pay for it.


technology news with Kickstarter and Indiegogo as the representative of the Internet to raise public website, has become an important source of funds, the global Internet and technology innovation but not all financing commitments will become a reality, there are bad acts, fraud by the name of innovation of science and technology.

days ago, Indiegogo launched a new service – to raise public insurance. If Finance Companies’s technology products are delayed or proved to be fraud, the company will compensate investors for their funds.

in the congregation to raise the site, investors and users pay the funds, usually in order to obtain products for the purpose. Indiegogo said that after the insurance system was launched, Indiegogo would be paid if the item company failed to deliver the product within three months of the date of acceptance.

this insurance is optional, users can choose when they invest. Indiegogo is currently in a financing project on the first test, the product is a wearable device for reducing user pressure, individual investors financing amounted to $129, if the purchase of insurance, will pay an additional $15.

if the test is successful, Indiegogo will promote additional insurance services in more financing projects.

is not yet clear whether the Indiegogo has cooperated with insurance companies in this service, or that it is entirely up to them to pay for it.

technology news site Engadget pointed out that all the chips in the insurance service is a very useful function, because the implementation of all the chips technology products, tend to be high risk projects, if the project fails, users don’t have to worry about their own hundreds or even thousands of dollars investment boondoggle.

but at the same time, the congregation raised the site still need to finance the company and product projects audit checks. According to reports, in recent years on websites such as Kickstarter, will see all sorts of strange things and financing projects, the success of the products development is not high, the risk is very big, but still in the capital.

in the public raising areas, Kickstarter is well deserved boss, Indiegogo is followed by competitors.


Indiegogo will be the first to launch financing insurance service? According to the analysis of a U.S. technology media, in the financing of the project audit checks, Indiegogo more loose, more risk, so more need to launch insurance system.

reported that, in order to compete with Kickstarter, Indiegogo policy in the public to raise more flexible. For example >

Xidan girl worth billions of dollars from the singer to the boss of the metamorphosis

from obscurity to the times square, which of course need to experience a lot of bitterness, Xidan girl worth billions of dollars, from a singer to the big boss of the change, and what kind of difference?


7 years ago, who sang in Xidan underground passage, Yueli, cover An Hu’s "Angel Wing" by netizens shooting to the web, which became famous, known as "Xidan girl".


really did not expect her attention again, because the "merchant" identity, she said "the Spring Festival Gala, I do a lot of things, entrepreneurship, it is later." Xidan girl in 2015 entrepreneurial transformation success, singer + entrepreneur identity let her make the eye, the former grassroots singer counter attack invisible rich.



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How do I join you

on the authentic dessert, it must be said that Taiwan dessert. One of the reasons why Taiwan desserts are popular is the natural health of the dessert itself. The chain of all the characteristics of the table sweet dessert, healthy, low-fat, coarse grains, each product has a different taste, for female friends, often eat desserts and beauty effect.

how do you join? Esther redefined wheat sweet ice cream market, with a sharp angle of ice cream as props elements of modern life, advocating natural, emphasizing innovation, pay attention to leisure, low sugar, and inexpensive to be real, to create wheat sweet childhood delicious, adult emotion sharing and special pastime of the elderly. Is a worthwhile venture entrepreneurs to join the project.

Mai Mai join Q & A:

1, Q: how much money to invest in a franchise


A: in addition to wheat sweet brand franchise fees, franchisees need to shop rent, decoration, machinery and equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, according to the different consumption level of each city and the actual situation, excluding rent and transfer fee of RMB 30 thousand between -12 million in general.

2, Q: what conditions do you need to join


A: in China, there is a qualified store and the address of the company through the audit, you can apply for admission procedures. (see "join the cooperation mode and conditions" and "join process")

3, Q: stores need to open those documents and information?

A: after signing the contract, the company will provide a standardized, perfect business guidance process to inform the customer what procedures and prepare what information in advance.

4, Q: what are the company’s support and guidance to the franchise


A: the company has a professional management team, provide franchisee training, effectively enhance the franchisee and the clerk of the professional knowledge and practical skills, to join the national distributor meeting held on a regular basis, with the latest industry information and new products, enhance the professional franchise management capacity, with policy support "marketing investment cooperation and support".

5, Q: franchisee can shop in the non – Mai sweet Ace products?

A: in accordance with the contract, the franchisee shall not operate in the store other non Mai sweet ace products, such as found, the company will be held liable for breach of contract.