Hamilton Animal Services returns rescued beaver to its natural habitat

A brave beaver, who was rescued by Hamilton Animal Services last month, has been returned to its natural habitat.The rodent was saved by a quick-thinking animal services officer after it became wedged in between two bars of a wrought iron fence at a home in Stoney Creek on April 25.The officer used soap to help the beaver slither from in between the bars. It was taken to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge in Jarvis, Ont. to be rehabilitated after suffering injuries from the fence. “After spending some time at the refuge regaining his strength, last week Animal Services released the beaver back in its original habitat so that he could return to his family,” said City of Hamilton spokesperson Ann Lamanes in a news release. Hamilton Animal Services is reminding residents if you see sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife to stay back from the animal, look for signs of an injury, leave it in its natural habitat, and call animal services at 905-574-3433. “Mom, I’m home!” – after spending time at a wildlife refuge, the beaver rescued by #HamOnt Animal Services is back in its original habitat. pic.twitter.com/xAAogndkQq— City of Hamilton (@cityofhamilton) May 8, 2017 read more

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