Wet weather swamping early May

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Andrew Armstrong – Clark CountyIt is nice and soggy over here. When we started planting two weeks ago, it took us all day to get the problems worked out of the corn planter. We did get 100 acres of corn planted and that was it. It started raining that evening and we have not been out in the field since. As of yesterday and today we mowed an awful lot of grass. That is all we have been able to accomplish. The corn has spiked through, but it is pretty slow going. Between yesterday and today I am guessing it will jump up a little bit more.We haven’t set out a rain gauge. We can measure it but as far as we are concerned it is just too wet and we really don’t want to know how much rain we have gotten. If we did have a rain gauge out it would have probably washed away by now anyway.We did not spray our bean stubble when we did burndown, just the corn stubble. The corn stubble is looking fine but the bean stubble fields are looking pretty bushy right now.The people I have talked to are not depressed or anything yet, but we are getting anxious. It is going to get done. Back in 2011 we had a year resembling this right now and we got done and in fact had a pretty good year that year. We had some record yields for fields that year. As we are waiting, I am doing a parts inventory so if something were to go down when we are in the fields we’ll be able to go to the shelf, grab it and go. Hopefully that will help us keep moving when we are able to get in the fields.Yesterday and today are about the only days where there are no chances for rain. Tuesday and Thursday are our next big chances for rain. I heard someone say they are friends with a meteorologist who said it really doesn’t look good for the rest of the month until the beginning of June. But, of course, that is a meteorologist and we know how they can be.We’ll get it done one way or another. We always seem to find a way. We are not trying to push the envelope, though. It still is just the beginning of May.Dylan Baer – Wood CountyWe are stuck in the Black Swamp. I do not know the exact amount of rain we have gotten but last Saturday was day 9 of consecutive rainfall. When it rains a little every day it adds up. There is no real flooding, just wet holes everywhere that never get a chance to dry out. There has not really been any field work.Before that 9 days of rain there was a day and a half where we did some ATV spraying to kill a neighbor’s wheat field that didn’t make it. We are hoping maybe tomorrow we can start on some pre-emerge. Yesterday and today are the first days we’ve seen sunshine in a while.The wheat does not look good. This is officially the latest we have not gotten our wheat topdressed. There were a couple of days where it was maybe dry enough to go, but it was windy. We should have gone out, but we didn’t. But then again, with 8 or 10 inches of rain in the last 3 weeks, if you have all that nitrogen out there, you could really lose a lot.We only need 8 or 10 days of good weather to get everything in. It is still just the first part of May and we are trying to keep ourselves from looking at the calendar and just watch the weather. With the markets the way they are, there is just not as much excitement to get into the fields anyway.There are a couple of corn stalk fields with some peppergrass showing up and some dandelions. Most of our fields are hanging in there pretty well. We have an adequate stand of rye in our bean stubble ground and they are still pretty clean. It has just been wet. In the next couple days we will hopefully dry out some. We’ll get our window. We always do.Nathan Brown – Highland CountyOn April 24 we got 32 acres planted in a cereal rye field that was systematically tiled 4 or 5 years ago. Everybody else was pretty wet. The cereal rye and the drainage really helped that field dry out. We were able to at least get that one field of soybeans planted to get things worked out with the planter so we are ready to go. It was kind of a rolling field anyway. The rye did a nice job of pulling out the moisture. There was one damp spot in the field where the stand of rye was pretty thin right in that area. Nearly all of the field was in perfect condition.I have not checked the beans in the last day or so. Last Thursday, about 8 days after they’d been planted, they had a good sprout on them. If the weather holds this week, I hope we’ll have some beans out of the ground.The beans planted March 24 were planted at 2 inches deep. I thought that would keep them in the ground longer to avoid frost, which it did. But, being 2 inches deep, there was not enough warmth to actually get them up and out of the ground once they germinated. Next year I’ll hopefully try planting early again in another plot and I’ll shallow up my planting. I learned a lot from the experiment.We are wet and pastures are wet, but guys are running out of hay. It was tough to make hay last summer because of the wet weather and now people are running out. If you run out of hay you have to do something. Guys are going ahead with grazing, trying to keep the cows out of the low areas and stay on the high ground to do the least amount of damage possible.Wheat looks really good. I am surprised it does with as much rain as we’ve had. We are getting ready to go out and pull tissue samples and we are thinking about spraying some fungicide next week. We think with the weather we’ve had we may have lost some nitrogen. The tissue samples will help us to know where we are at, at least within the plant.Lamar Liming – Trumbull/ Mahoning CountyWe have water sitting lots of places. I do not know a rainfall total, but we are a lot wetter now than we were two weeks ago. We’ve been doing some burndown spraying. The fields are starting to green up pretty good now. We finally started on that the last day or two. But other than that, there has not really been any field work.The hay seems to be coming right along and it looks pretty good. It has some good growth to it.The temperatures have been up one day and down another. It is supposed to be 75 today and then start cooling down again some. It is hard to get fields warmed up with this weather. A lot of the days when we don’t get rain there is still no sun or warmth and we don’t really dry out any, even when we aren’t actually getting rain.There is a lot of concern about the calendar and the weather forecast doesn’t look good either. I don’t know how backed up we are going to get. There is a high percentage chance for rain a couple of days this week.The milk price has been bumping up the last month I guess. Maybe there is little hope there. It still has a little ways to go and there is a lot of ground to be made up.We have been able to haul enough to keep ahead of the manure. Some people are getting really backed up, though. Since the end of last summer spreading manure has been a real challenge.last_img read more

Separate chargesheets filed in drugs trade case

first_imgThe Anti-Narcotics Cell of Goa Crime Branch has filed three separate chargesheets against the three accused arrested for running a drug racket in north coastal belt of Goa in March this year.Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar, Crime Branch in-charge, Goa Police, said the Anti-Narcotics Cell filed the chargesheets in the District and Sessions Court on Monday.David Johnson, a British national, Yusuf Mohammad, a resident of Chennai, and Ganesh Pondir, hailing from Himachal Pradesh, have been charged under various sections of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.The Anti-Narcotics Cell arrested Mohammad from Anjuna village seized narcotics such as methamphetamine and LSD from his possession. Johnson was picked up from another location in Anjuna village. Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and ecstasy tablets were seized from his possession. Based on the interrogation of the two accused , the police arrested the third accused, Ganesh, from Arambol beach in Pernem taluk of North Goa for allegedly possessing charas.last_img read more

U.P. criminal arrested after shoot-out; two cops hurt

first_imgAn Uttar Pradesh-based criminal was arrested after a shoot-out in the early hours of Saturday on Mehrauli-Badarpur Road in the Capital. Two police officers were injured in the operation.Deputy Commissioner of Police (south-east) Chinmoy Biswal said wanted criminal Harendra Nagar alias Harendra Pradhan (36), who had allegedly killed land mafia Moti Goyal on April 16 in Barola village over a property dispute, has been arrested after a brief exchange of fire.Trap laid after tip-offThe police said they received a tip-off that Pradhan, who has a bounty of ₹25,000 on his head, would go to Mehrauli via MB Road, following which a team was formed and a trap was laid.“Around 6.30 a.m., a car was spotted on the road and it was followed by the police party. The driver sped the car but the picket staff blocked it using barricades,” said Mr. Biswal.The police team then approached the car, opened the left door and asked Pradhan to surrender, but he opened fire at the officers with his carbine.The policemen managed to snatch the carbine after which Pradhan came out from the right door of the car and fired at the officers with a pistol; the police fired back. “The officers then overpowered him, snatched his pistol and managed to nab him,” said Mr. Biswal.In the operation, two officers — Sub Inspector Yogesh Tanwar and Head Constable Ravi — got injured while adjusting the barricades, the police said.Criminal recordDuring interrogation, Pradhan, who has 13 criminal cases registered against him, allegedly told the police that he met Goyal in Dasna jail in 2008. Goyal told him that he wanted to work with a person who could help him in land grabbing.The two started working together but later Goyal started avoiding him and stopped giving him his share. This enraged Pradhan and he decided to eliminate Goyal. He was shot seven times, allegedly by two contract killers identified as Rahul and Amit. The duo was arrested on April 25 but Pradhan managed to escape by firing at U.P. police officers.last_img read more