Valencia will continue playing the Super Cup in the courts

first_imgValencia returned almost a week ago from Saudi Arabia, where it fell in the semifinal against Real Madrid. But the Super Cup is still present in the black and white offices, where today a ‘party’ is dazzled in the courts. All this for the economic distribution that the Royal Spanish Football Federation decided to make, a distribution against which Valencia was opposed from the outset for feeling aggrieved compared to the rest of the participants and relying on his status as champion of the Copa del Rey. Valencia, as reported by the SER, is increasingly aware of the judicial process. AS already informed before the Celades team traveled to Saudi Arabia that the club had sent the contract presented to it by the signed RFEF but with nuances. Specifically it included his disagreement with the economic distribution and adventure that would take the measures considered appropriate to defend his interests. The RFEF, according to black and white sources, has not returned that modified contract with the signature of Rubiales and nothing suggests that an agreement is reached without the mediation of a judge.The defense of Valencia, among other arguments, takes as a reference the economic conditions received by Barcelona, ​​who attended the event as a League champion such as the Valencia Cup champion. Both clubs, according to the black and white club, made the same merits to be present in Saudi Arabia. Hence, the difference in the economic distribution is considered grievous. Barcelona returned from Jeddah with 6.8 million euros, for the 2.5 million of Valencia. Real Madrid, meanwhile, as champion, exceeded 8 million, while Atlético dividends are around 4.5 million.last_img read more

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