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Shanghai dragon WHY home mainly to the several modules: recommended today, readers recommend, week recommended ranking, latest submission, month recommended ranking, basic course, the latest recruitment. The main content is displayed on the WHY Shanghai dragon columnist of the original article. The stone also saw many webmaster network writers column, this is a very good model. For the website with original content and stable injection for writers and soft contribute to get good quality of the chain, it is mutual benefit fee. read more

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How to let the novice webmaster website traffic to fly

The main purpose of

second: website space to fly. No matter what the webmaster said, want to talk about the issue of space, website promotion process some time ago to write the webmaster most afraid of what, also said the issue of space. The line began to worry about whether the awesome space from the site of a space, really so important? Of course, web space do not fly, open speed slow, "could not be loaded, such sites, traffic can have a high, let alone the search engine can not come, is the normal users will not go you mind waiting for a website loading, such website bounce rate is very high, in order to reduce the site bounce rate, increase website traffic, space should be from the beginning to solve. Choose a good IDC, ixwebhosting as independent IP, free trial for a month, so it is possible to host your web site traffic to fly. read more

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How to do web site optimization and immediately modify at any time

for an ordinary site, the wrong will change factors on the site’s ranking is very large, a very simple example if your site Links has reached 30, but you belong to the natural exchange link does not exceed 10, and the search engine through its detection your cheating, this time you haven’t changed so what, from the web site after the operations, should find their own problems in the immediate rectification, rather than wait for that search engine.

level of website optimization, many webmaster will find a look back have done a website or optimize the website ranking is gone, the external factors of the site which admittedly, but from the comprehensive factors of website optimization work, webmaster also affected the ultimate discovery site. read more

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n the website optimization process keyword analysis is crucial

index analysisKeywords



if the target keyword in the search, the largest number of the most popular words, think the word will be the search engine at the top, for our webmaster, no human resources support and strong, must be very difficult, and even can be said to be impossible. Keywords analysis is needed to find the search times relatively more, also don’t choose too popular keywords, which not only effectively reduce the difficulty of optimization, effective on site optimization work in a cycle can also get better achievement budget. Usually that keyword in the search engine results in 300 thousand is considered to be the winner, 300 thousand between -100 million is considered to be moderate, 1 million between -300 million is considered relatively frequent, more than 3 million are considered to be a hot word. (the above data for reference only) read more

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The increase of the chain suddenly influence on the weights of the website

chain is not a day for two days, but after long-term accumulation, so the chain will not appear to move against the website, so as to improve the weight of the role, instead of reducing weight, short time site outside the chain suddenly increased, the site is not good, we can two examples I have a reference, these two are true. The stationmaster itself should have a long-term plan, if you want to rise by short-term rapid chain, so the trouble is sure to get you out of step. Follow the steady rise, on their website on the weight of foreign chain will be on the ranking of some benefits. read more

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My picture was a week experience station included nearly half of the love of Shanghai

picture in picture stand ready to stand before heard is not good to do, included more difficult. Because before this, I had several other text stations included is very general, traffic is not, do not look at what it did not take long, hope to put it to the world. So the picture is also try with the idea of a play.

I do a photo station, on a small scale, at present only a total of more than 100 articles, launched in June 3rd, five, included the more than 20 pages, eight to sixty pages, included much faster than I used to do those non picture stand, ALEXA also ranked from the beginning of the about sixteen million to today (12 The about one million and nine hundred thousand day). The following specific talk about some of my experience. read more

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How to use robots txt correctly and detailed

can use # annotated in the documents, the use of specific methods and UNIX in practice. The file records usually start with one or more rows of User-agent, followed by the number of Disallow and Allow, the details are as follows:

robots is an important channel of communication with the spider site, the site through the robots file to declare the site does not want to be included in search engines or part of the specified search engine only included a specific part. Please note that only if your site contains not to be included in the search engine content, only need to use the robots.txt file. If you want all the content included in the search engine website, do not create robots.txt files. read more

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Why website weight decreased

love Shanghai products impact: love Shanghai search engine, which will give a high weight to their products, for example, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai encyclopedia, because of love and love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai library audit strictly, and the number of restrictions, so the general impact on the products of Shanghai love love Shanghai know. The owners love Shanghai know, do a lot of keyword related questions, so that this information has some weight, it will also make the decline of the weights of the website. Love Shanghai know actually influence weight, and classification of information content and influence of this effect almost, the weight is a short period of time, it will decrease with time, because this is not a fixed update page, however, in the love of Shanghai products, fell in love with the sea > Paste read more

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Keywords competition degree analysis

1. we most Adsense optimization keywords are commercial keywords, then we can see a comparison with reference data: your target keywords love Shanghai auction number. LED advertising vehicle as an example, seems on the surface, this car LED advertising keywords love Shanghai index is about 150, if the love Shanghai index standard to judge the key competition of words, then this is the popular keywords, but when you love Shanghai led search advertising car of the word in the first. Screen your web page, the earth is full of love for Shanghai LED advertising vehicle, I don’t know if you see this will happen if LED advertising vehicle is a popular word, there will be so many people to participate in the competition? The love Shanghai auction business is not a fool, but we all know that love Shanghai bidding cost is relatively high, if you see a lot of keyword bidding, then most likely the industry of Shanghai dragon competition is very powerful, do not believe you can love Shanghai search "LED car", you only see the top 10 websites, there does not appear in the page can be. If there is a page ranking (not a large site. Only in the small site for the), we can determine the industry keywords competition is not, at least not belongs to the popular words. read more

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On three may 628 love Shanghai event and its measures

speculated that the two love Shanghai algorithm, pay more attention to the user experience and interactive website

is the user experience this thing is difficult to use a standard that the search engine will be more difficult to judge, but the love of Shanghai has a sufficient number of data to analyze and prove that a website user experience is good enough, one of the typical sign is the site of the viscous, is we the bounce rate.

: according to the recent love Shanghai with an open attitude to release a series of tools and guidelines for Adsense website optimization. This includes "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 1" to the earlier 2, Shanghai launched the love of statistical tools, and this month love Shanghai launched a series of love Adsense management tools and information to help Shanghai Webmaster Platform under the Shanghai love Share button etc.. From this very love Shanghai official information and tools can be found in many of the details, one of the largest number of emphasizing a word is "is useful to the user, a clear signal that is the so-called love Shanghai website to the user experience to do good. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng data analysis skill three analysis of the quality of the website chain

Web links to be effective, you need is not only effective in the page (at some sites will jump on external URL or written rules are prohibited weight), also need this chain "is included, and we can be as much as possible the release of links in the chain resources website weight these links, will soon be collected, and attract the spider to crawl the web information, enhance the website weight. So when choosing the chain resources we need to collect and analyze the weight of the site, analysis of the weight of the chain in the module, analysis of the ratio of chain included. And a little worth we talked about is a summary of individual chain included the proportion and a law think is necessary, some sites outside the chain of hair is not up, included within one day, this is certainly the quality of the chain, some need to accept every few days. read more

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Speaking from the big change in July to love Shanghai

from Tomb-sweeping Day when big change, love Shanghai a few months this change is moderate. But in late July had a relatively large change, just last week, the day should be the last month 24~25 day. Because of love of Shanghai has not change a standard, and never announced the change of the content, so the webmaster and ER are only from the Shanghai dragon website daily data and ranking changes to judge.

there is a problem with many to seek answers to the webmaster nets webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, Xiao Bian found the problem also to the webmaster nets to see you have not encountered such a problem, there is no solution. Especially the submission and approval of others, that the authority of the relatively large number of. But when he often contribute and gradually become some stationmaster net "regulars", Xiao Bian will never for any article of the view of overall recognition. Because you know where the level of their own, because that is all speculation and subjective recognition of individuals, and the situation of each site is different, even personal experience are likely to be wrong, the most. read more

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Taobao guest in an invincible position is to give up the Shanghai dragon magic

, only the user experience is the only true

can turn from a guest into a host in an invincible position sputtering

old people know the importance of Shanghai dragon has been, in the webmaster heart form a dependency on the Shanghai dragon, even think Shanghai dragon is everything, to flow, to be included, snapshots, weight would need the Shanghai dragon, but this year the 6.28 fell in love with the sea wind, the amount of the webmaster heart want to rely on check Shanghai dragon sense. The Shanghai dragon has always been universal, suddenly became the culprit massacre site. A lot of master Shanghai Longfeng sites have pulled the hair, on the contrary, many of the grassroots webmaster Shanghai Longfeng utterly ignorant of the website development is good. Let liberty through the analysis conclusion, only to give up Shanghai Longfeng Amoy website can be in an invincible position, there are three reasons as follows, hope veterans who express different views, let us go forward in exploration. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng information chaos and miscellaneous novice get more should self help

many novice in obtaining information, usually to A5, the owners of the house or the laggards find, because these forums were highly recognized, in their eyes, these forums are very significance through the manuscript. But the truth is we think so? I think we can put all the things to be so pure, just like the A5 forum, although a good manuscript exists, but there are still many cheating manuscripts exist, including the master paper sometimes will appear some obvious mistakes, although it can our understanding of such a situation, but for some there is no industry experience of the novice, an inattentive will go astray, so I advise you on this star, not superstition well-known forum posts, for some cases and data of the article do not blindly believe, should be through the use of thinking to combat. read more

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The current site operations do Shanghai dragon you should understand the truth

second is a search engine optimization and the contest must believe in yourself. Especially in the optimization, the site itself has a lot of problems, including included decline, ranking, these are great to play fast and loose their ability and psychological test, through the crisis, later you will understand a truth, the story of the lion to our table name, in fact, the donkey that a few strokes, howl, kick, shake tail. When the lion knew donkey these tricks, psychological advantage is the fundamental factor to eventually eat donkey, stationmaster is a truth, love Shanghai for investigation of the railway station is the problem, through this period of oscillation, you will see the outcome you want. Believe in yourself is the first magic weapon to conquer others. read more

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The 2013 station in the Shanghai dragon in the teeth of the storm

also saw a lot of friends on the understanding of search engine technology, do some black hat, it may be part of a "trick", but Shanghai Longfeng consultants basically do not recommend this operation.

I have a micro-blog: Shanghai dragon master may love expert. Now I still agree. Shanghai dragon optimization sometimes like a proud and a little bit on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, attitude, actually seems a bit of black humor. Sometimes we want to stop a detective, find out what, there are not too many things that are, but the mind is like a rather than express feelings, not too absolute, but still feel that, uh, get something. read more

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The end of man does not come again in Shanghai Dragon

? ?

2: right before the three is to create more opportunities? If stable in the right before three, does it mean that a major upgrade of the bidding price of


love Shanghai king in the bidding to save money, this adjustment seems right before the three advertisers, will laugh ah, according to the bidding principle now, in the star under the same condition, the first left with the right of the first price difference is not a little ah, so the price right first to cost a lot obviously. Developers can study from today, what kind of ways of adjusting words, let the ads on the right before the three stable, after consulting the company’s technical team, said the emperor Alexander, it also requires the research breakthrough, is a long way to go, I will search for read more

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The website wants to survive the stable Law shall be three meals a day

In fact, the

website and life is the same, but also need to have three meals a day, a few days do not eat, do not drink, will not continue to support the light, love Shanghai website snapshot back, keyword ranking fell, while, the site was K, even the hair pulled up, and most of these are caused by the station the long daily work of A5, the stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic-.Html Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng) and everyone is talking about which website keywords ranking drop, which website is roughly K read more

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The web server selection

website right down topics:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

virtual host server: cheap, generally less than 350 yuan, individual IDC dealers to engage in activities and free. Generally used for personal or small business start, show website. The shortcoming is: public IP, the space is small, vulnerable to other sites involved with IP, and the flow is limited, the subsequent optimization is difficult. Support FTP login. read more

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How to adjust the structure of the station to bring convenience to the Shanghai Dragon

station directory hierarchyThe ? Don’t


2, robots

, 3 page code appears too many malicious spider trap

standard was the structure of the station is to be able to have a simple structure of the station environment, so the hierarchical control directory or pay attention to a certain extent, because the search engine spider came to the site, the spider is not every directory crawling, so we must try our best to reduce the amount of the directory and the directory, too give customers access page inconvenience, because users access to the site after the multi-level directory is the need to repeatedly perform or click finish, so the station is too many directory hierarchy to the user operation to bring a lot of inconvenience. read more

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