first_imgMatch against Mallorca: “It is important. It is not a final. If we win we do not save ourselves and if we lose we descend. If it were the last match it would be a final. It is a six-point match, we face a rival who is in the same situation. I have heard to my players to say that it is a life-and-death match and it is not like that. We are not surgeons and we are not going to operate on anyone who can die. It has a lot of excitement for us, to be able to play in our field before a hobby we know that there will be a good entrance. We want you to enjoy. The player and I as a coach must be very excited knowing that it is important. “Without pressure or craving: “I have been fortunate that the team has competed well since I was here. The other day, despite the loss, we played a good game, but we were penalized for mistakes. The team is doing well and the players are not stressed. They have a tremendous desire to win the first game at home, Mallorca is in a similar situation and we play against our people, tomorrow the player will be happy to meet a full stadium, no need to motivate them in that regard. the illusion and adrenaline. The game lasts 90 minutes, not just five. We have to go full, but you have to win the game in 90 minutes, it’s not two or three. “ The Espanyol coach offered the press conference prior to this Sunday’s meeting against Mallorca. The parakeet team seeks its first win at Cornellà-El Prat of the season against a direct rival in the fight for permanence. In addition, the vermilion team does not know what it is to win at home in the course. He has only been able to score a point in the ten games played. Match between a team that has not won at home and another that has not won out: “Well, a draw. But we hope that it is not so. They are statistics. Mallorca makes the dynamics that it carries more dangerous. It plays a lot, like us. It has incredible merit. Several of its players have come from Second B. It has arguments very good to be one of the teams that can be in First next year. We have to be very attentive because it is very vertical and if we do not defend well it will cause us many problems. “RDT: “Not only does Raúl act as a leader because there are players who have been wearing this shirt for several years. Raúl has been a great success on the part of the club to bring it. He is a player who is in a great state of shape and we hope that this will continue during the years that has signed for Espanyol. “It is not a final: “Win or lose we will have to win again in Seville. I live the present. I look forward to an even, very tense match and any detail will uneven the balance. We will see how the match ends, the sensations and how the day ends. Despite the defeat last day we benefited. I don’t think about the future or the next game. “Sensations: “I always see myself winning. My feelings are always very positive. On the board, now that we will watch a video, I win 3-0. The team is very involved and eager to change this situation, but it is day to day. Unfortunately, when I arrived, it was not the best in terms of punctuation, and we will be like this during the 16 games that remain. I do not like the final word. It is a very important match and I see the team well, calm and with I want to be able to make a match. “The penalty kicker: “The other day, in Granada, I screwed up. It is a fault of mine. I have my responsibility because before Athletic I said that if there was a penalty Raúl throws it. With the pie the other day, in Granada, it happened to me. When it happened I didn’t think it was the penalty, I said Raul has fallen, and I didn’t see what happened next. I found out on TV. But I liked that two or three players wanted to throw the penalty. I liked that in this difficult situation there are three players who want to take responsibility. Raul will throw the penalties. “center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 8, 2020last_img

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