Liberia UN mission kicks off information campaign on disarmament

UNMIL’s public information office issued a statement today from its offices in Monrovia, the Liberian capital, about its programme of community outreach activities ahead of DDRR, which is due to start on 7 December. The Mission is working with local artists to get its message across to the Liberian public.Last Thursday, musicians, theatre performers and dancers entertained large crowds in Monrovia in two shows that were interspersed with messages and handbills about DDRR.UNMIL’s radio station, which broadcasts to Monrovia and nearby areas, has been airing news about DDRR, while public service announcements, skits and songs have been produced for airing on other radio stations.On Friday, UNMIL’s public information office hosted a one-day workshop for senior Liberian journalists and local stringers for foreign media about DDRR. The information campaign is now expected to expand to areas outside Monrovia.