How to use robots.txt correctly and detailed

can use # annotated in the documents, the use of specific methods and UNIX in practice. The file records usually start with one or more rows of User-agent, followed by the number of Disallow and Allow, the details are as follows:

robots is an important channel of communication with the spider site, the site through the robots file to declare the site does not want to be included in search engines or part of the specified search engine only included a specific part. Please note that only if your site contains not to be included in the search engine content, only need to use the robots.txt file. If you want all the content included in the search engine website, do not create robots.txt files.

What is the robots file

: " "

robots file is often placed in the root directory, containing one or more records, these records by separate blank lines (CR, CR/NL, or, NL as the terminator), each record format is shown below:

User-agent: the value of the item is used to describe the robot search engine name. " robots.txt" file, if there are multiple User-agent records that have more than one robot by " robots.txt" restrictions on the file, must have at least one User-agent record. If the value is set to *, to any robot are effective in " robots.txt" " User-agent:*" file, only such a record. If the " robots.txt" " adding file, User-agent:SomeBot" and a plurality of Disallow and Allow, so called " SomeBot" User-agent:SomeBot" by " Disallow and Allow behind the limit line.

Disallow: the value of the item for a group of URL do not want to be accessed, this value can be a complete path, can also be a non empty prefix path, with the value of the Disallow entry will not be at the beginning of the URL robot access. For example, " Disallow:/help" /help.html, /helpabc.html, robot to prohibit access to /help/index.html, Disallow:/help/&qu> and "

From four aspects of improving the user experience of the website B2B

of each type of website is dead again good law, if the site does not have sufficient content is no good, even if your site optimization is very good, is not enough, not after the user search engine in what can not see through it, you should at least have related content. Therefore, the B2B site you want to do, it will be bigger, better improve the content of the website included quantity, ensure each search engine has to grab something new.

B2BMember of

speed is a key to the success of the website, if your site does not have a steady and fast server, then you are not very successful, the website the day down, not open, and happened to meet the site open phenomenon, then the search engine spiders to your web site but also by at the door, what also didn’t get, then next time, it will not be so willing to come, this is It’s only human. was put dove, after all, I feel very fun. >

B2B website has its own membership, and you want to become members of the site, the enterprise shall register account it, but many of the B2B sites in the affiliate programs do this very place, let users fill a lot of content, what information should be, when the user is registered to half will want to give up, so we can’t set the level for the user, can make the best of registered members as simple as possible, or even just like information and contact their company on the line, no need to put all of the information integrated, this will only make the user feel afraid.

Set 24 hours QQ online customer service

site open speed fast

program more Jane better


B2B industry website content is king

when a user registered good account information released due to not familiar with the site, after landing in often do not know how to improve the information release, business opportunities, at this time, what they need most is often a wizard to guide him step by step operation, what problems can be solved at any time. Therefore, the best 24 hours QQ website online customer service, otherwise, will lose a lot of customers.

no matter what type of website, the user experience is very important, but for the B2B website is important, the user experience has a direct impact on the operation of the site, determines the success or failure. Now the B2B website but the success of the innumerable, and how much? If your website user experience do not at home, then you will be doomed to failure, after all, the B2B website want success or user experience, a valuable B2B website user experience must do a good job, otherwise, would be out of the. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) from the following aspects about how to improve the user experience of the website:

Case analysis of ALT label Shanghai Longfeng effect

the author will briefly analyze the results. A: we can be seen as a search engine from the test results, whether it is love or Shanghai noble baby will use ALT attribute value to determine the image type, the value of the ALT property at the site of the Shanghai dragon still plays an important.


electronic website as an example, the author found a picture of the ALT property page. A picture on the price of the electronic map, the alt attribute value is: "North Huaqiang electronic market price index week trend". View the page source code, found that only the value of a ALT containing the words. I use Adsense tools of spider crawling simulation tools found in the pages, crawling results did not find this one word. As shown below.

we can see that this picture has no doubt been included in the search engine. Then we’ll take a look at this picture ALT attribute value. Look at the source code, we can find that the ALT property of this picture is: "bedroom _1780x1024 click browse a kitchen, try

often see many novice in the ALT attribute discussion at this stage whether there are values of the Shanghai dragon? Pictures using title and there is a need to use ALT tags? If the ALT attribute is not what effect whether or not we can not set, because of the abolition of the Alt property value can reduce the website editor or developers a lot of time. Then this paper will deal with these problems, through the examples to answer significance.

so I decided to look for the answer from the search engine’s search results. Finally I found a good case, first, as shown below,



goodWe first take a


then we to search this one ALT attribute word engine, the author is using search engines love Shanghai and noble baby two authoritative search. The results as shown in figure

first, verify whether the search engine can identify the ALT attribute


I can not help but have doubts, however the alt attribute is really worth without the slightest effect, even the search engine spiders are not recognized. Then in-depth analysis also does not feel strange, because we know the search engine is not very good to identify the picture, we can also identify the picture information effectively, can make nothing of it where a bottom. As a webmaster tools, we can only be used as a reference data, and can not be used to define the effectiveness.

as below

This Qingming Festival, the Internet business is deadCase analysis 2009 college website which way to

Monday, the Internet industry was born on Tuesday, YAHOO Internet market was born; Amason; Wednesday, shlf1314 appeared on the market, YAHOO will lose the power that day; Thursday, Facebook appeared on the market, the day and the "alien" Apple crossing over from last week…… And then, on Friday morning, we saw a pile of grass growing in the apple APP STORE, just like the next batch of shlf1314 ecology, what would happen on Friday night?

2 seize the opportunity of 3G and do a good job in telecom value-added service

4 do B2B, B2C and other e-commerce websites

to do a network platform for supply and demand of a particular industry, a communication platform, of course, this website is not a short duration of time made, after all your platform to have enough visibility, which generally need to go through a period of "culture", the audience and the occupation businesses will spontaneously to release of information.

3G era clamored for many years, finally has come, now most of the sites in this area are in the same starting line, but this is an expected profit of high efficiency website project, first it is easy to gather a lot of access for a period of time, the accumulation of fixed visitors, if you provide enough resources exclusive, good enough, then you can try the charges.

Internet Friday,

3 to do network intermediary platform, receive information fee

1 relies on high quality advertising revenue,

the Internet is just like 40 years ago in Detroit, the three major car manufacturers still have unlimited scenery, but the numerous small and medium-sized car manufacturers have already had to live hard, or be merged, either, or quietly drained with vigour and vitality, to survive it is this kind of Delphi accessories manufacturers — at the time of the auto industry, is also regarded as the basic Chaoyang industry. The rail industry, because of its cost and flexibility, is difficult to compete with the car transportation, is regarded as sunset industry, just like today’s retail electricity supplier.

advantage is that when they do not have to worry about the content, users will spontaneously help you update the content, but the content of the training phase is not a small problem, if you want to search, it must be itemized entry, the time-consuming degree as can be imagined.

today, apple, shlf1314, Amazon, Facebook dominates the Internet world, but also fight each other, as the automobile industry ecology is: first, the even Germany and Japan have several decent opponent, only Ali, sh419 and Tencent three little giant Chinese such a closed market; second, here no BOSCH, Denso such parts giant, only those small AP>

if we put after 40 years in the automotive industry concentration to 4 days, then concentrated: Monday, 70s, the three major car manufacturers still dominate the world, although the German manufacturers rise in Europe, but they still rely on international growth; Tuesday, concentrated in 80s, Japanese manufacturers rapid rise, and break through North America, the world the three major manufacturers have a situation of tripartite confrontation, not dominant; Wednesday, concentrated in 90s, three major forces to dominate the market, but the South Korean manufacturers preliminary breakthrough, local cracks appeared in the global market pattern; Thursday, concentrated in the 10 years before twentieth Century, the market for the development of the BRIC countries, four forces are spoils, but China manufacturers occupy half of the market is also the most barren at home…… The question is, what about Friday? How about Friday?

is busy leaving the market, PPS and UC are busy looking for buyers, and even APP like ink weather is looking for a way out…… See these, always feel deja vu.

we temporarily difficult to assert, however, on Friday morning, you go to see the Great Wall such a corporate profits also began approaching $1 billion, Gillette such a difficult family also has more than 2 billion yuan profit…… You can think about next Friday night and Saturday morning.

like a lot of people seem to think that the entertainment website far less than the so-called commercial station for advertising, actually not, depends largely on the audience’s consumption ability, such as mop, as a typical entertainment website, his browsing is mainly fashionable young have certain consumption characteristics and impulse fashion consumption ability is not a weak person this web site to do all kinds of fashion goods advertising effects are not bad, because playing in the mop in addition to bring direct consumption, but also greatly enhance the brand.

There are a lot of

a successful web site, for example, 58 city, SouFun and so on, each industry has a successful web similar, but in the vertical segmentation era, there is still a chance, see your eyes can not see the small chance.

after all, this market is saturated, you die, I live, so do the Internet market.

very profitable network model, profit is also very impressive, but the site of the early investment to larger, and >

so far many owners preferred to rely on advertising to bring a lot of income, the requirement to the quality of the site itself is very high, at least, three points is not the lack of flow rate, the audience’s consumption ability, product correlation, and the three complement each other, indispensable. Do these three points, you can bring good quality customers for the site.

want to make money, there is definitely a method, the key is to see you as a webmaster, do not know how to practice and summarize the experience, of course, there is a very important, you can from the analysis of the successful experience of others in an effective way to make money, from the analysis of some examples in the following website, website to 2009 make money by what method:

Webmaster, where do you go, stick or give up

remember in April, that is, at the time of boredom on the QQ, suddenly met the site of the net friend. As for the site out of curiosity, but on what is called "higher" have deep feelings, so according to the bottle gourd picture what.. No, I don’t remember.. Bought this < website construction three musketeers > "web language foundation"…. Learned a lot.. Strive。。 Try again… Do not understand, ask the net friend.. In short.. On the construction site and the "higher" curiosity, finally… In April 29th, he built his first web site, because he learned the computer network of the netizen, and also made a computer network…, for website construction, I am a layman! Can build this network, a lot of friends and friends say, like you, this network is also a website… My face was red at that time… What method is there? Just hope the old stationmaster of broad website can extend friendly support to me… Instead of giving me a bucket of water on my head!!!


now I from the website from the two months, 25 days from Baidu included my website, I began to happy every day, get up early every day to update the site! Hope the aging performance let Baidu this "pig", included my article…

later put Ali’s mother’s advertisement and began.. 0.08 cents a day, less than 10 Fen a day.. But it’s money, too. At least it works… On the day of the income a few hundred – thousand people say. I have to study… And envy… Strive。。 I don’t want to say anything else. Just because I’m a new station, I always comfort myself… I am new stationmaster, I try hard, still can have an opportunity… Although I am now a day IP100-200, but most of it is more than 100.. Less than 200.. But I tried very hard… Well, by now, I don’t know what to do, day after day.. Updated daily.. Baidu just doesn’t like my network.. Delete every day I little, no less articles… Cry… I fear the day give me a leave, dial the grass root.. I wonder if you’d like to help a rookie station? I’m not confident now. Can you give me some confidence?, otherwise. I can only.. Give up… My QQ635608447 really wants someone to help me,


Build my English website quickly

  with the small and medium-sized enterprises to develop foreign market and internationalization of electronic commerce, have higher requirements for the related websites, the establishment of an international and multilingual website for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and grassroots webmaster bloated. Here’s a simple way to quickly build an English version of your site.

Webmasters still need to learn more about basics

old article, wrote the "four stages" webmaster, it should be said that I personally do a typical miniature station so several years of course, I think the webmaster editor will add such as slides as the site of the recommended reading the article, I dare not say that my literary talent is good, but at least it should be a review process for many webmaster, let everyone see their past, also can imagine their future.

article I mentioned my personal second stages: the second stage: hard work, making ". Here, there is more than necessary to say, I university is marketing, and I have learned some programming, but always oneself is not engaged in the process of that piece of material, so gave up learning programming. But, what I want to say is, the website now, oneself write the stationmaster of the program already very little, the stationmaster of big part is using CMS, because CMS., so have some of my today’s idea ——–

Many webmaster

I know, a lot of friends love PowerEasy or Dede CMS, yes, I also very love for the two CMS, because they are powerful, but a lot of trouble for the owners on the site. However, we do not want to change the next version of the easy to hang on the Internet, began to add channels, sub column, collecting data. What I want to ask is, why don’t you design a template for your website in accordance with the style of the host,


here may be involved in another topic is the website visitors to experience the problem, try to imagine, if the use of most of the people on the website of the website interface is that a few sets, the website will have what kind of feeling! Think of the benefits first is not responsible for the webmaster website. Casually hang a program is good, so what the website should not so good, especially some advice, the class website, which is particularly prominent, because this site in general this site has a theme, do tutorial, do this, do health information do, do mobile phone, computer hardware, do gender — too much, the theme of the site with a perfect template and perfect CMS, that is the site of excellence website, so webmaster is pursuing end Beautiful stationmaster.

design template, owners need to master the knowledge does not need a lot of ah, PS +DW+ basic CSS, this website will be able to surf the rivers and lakes of the chaos, I had to rely on this, is in the university enterprise website design to do a single, and I don’t know what ASP what, too do a lot of the station, also earn some money. But I think, from the first to make the website now with word, learning web design time is almost a year’s time, is that just when the University, no teacher, no computer, but also a lot of course, only in their spare time to learn the Internet, look at the video tutorial now, most of the owners have their own computer, 1M, 2m broadband hanging every day, every day out of irrigation, YY, also uncomfortable ah.

To choose to join the Chinese fast food jar

Chinese fast food to join the choice of what type of fast food items have prospects for development? With the development of the fast food industry, the crock project has development prospect, great popularity, word of mouth, let us come to understand, choose to join the jar?

jugged also become a leader in nutrition boiling entrepreneurial brand, compared to other Chinese fast food franchise brand, jugged has set the central kitchen, boiling and R & D base a team of professionals and experts team of technical and marketing team, provide the most comprehensive and effective marketing skills and operation experience for agents and agents support, ensure the development of a successful one, to achieve a.

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This year the lake will be extended to Yinchuan

January 16th 10, the Provincial Sports Bureau Feng Jianping guest of the people, with the majority of users talk about the development and construction of Qinghai sports. He said, Qinghai sports from the beginning of this century will start on the sports industry, mass sports, competitive sports in three aspects of the coordinated development of the work, after ten years of development, practice proves that this is the ultimate goal of sports development. He revealed that in 2013 the twelfth round of the lake will be extended to Yinchuan, the total prize money will increase to $700 thousand.

Feng Jianping introduced in recent years, Qinghai formed a unique "Qinghai sports phenomenon", especially after 11 years to build, the Lake Race ranks in the Chinese brand Festival comprehensive selection in the list, won the most prestigious international sports events ". The event has brought us confidence, bringing an open mind, the impact on Qinghai is far-reaching, this year’s tournament will also have a new, greater breakthrough. Feng Jianping believes that it is very important to do a thing. Only persevere, 10 years, 20 years, adhere to one thing in 30 years, in order to eventually succeed. Around the lake can go today, Qinghai sports can go to today, is because of perseverance.

lake after 11 years of competition, but also to Feng Jianping for the entire sports career has its own unique insights. He said that after nearly 12 years of exploration, we put forward the development of sports industry as the core, the development of mass sports and competitive sports concept. In 1978-2002 years, 25 years, our sports infrastructure investment is 2 million yuan, in 2003 after a month to 5 million yuan at the rate of increase, a year is about six or seven million yuan. But where is our short board? Competitive sports. Last year, the London Olympic Games, in the history of the Olympic Games, the first Tibetan athletes to win the Yang Yang sister won the bronze medal, which is very far-reaching significance for Qinghai and china. (reporter Ge Wenrong)