Why website weight decreased

love Shanghai products impact: love Shanghai search engine, which will give a high weight to their products, for example, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai encyclopedia, because of love and love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai library audit strictly, and the number of restrictions, so the general impact on the products of Shanghai love love Shanghai know. The owners love Shanghai know, do a lot of keyword related questions, so that this information has some weight, it will also make the decline of the weights of the website. Love Shanghai know actually influence weight, and classification of information content and influence of this effect almost, the weight is a short period of time, it will decrease with time, because this is not a fixed update page, however, in the love of Shanghai products, fell in love with the sea > Paste

tools / materials

love Shanghai effects of renewal: a week will have a major update, and within a week, sometimes not regularly appear small fluctuations, this is not generally a regular update belongs to love Shanghai new algorithm test before and after the update, change will appear website keyword weight, the effect of different sites are different. If the change in the normal update time, generally through the website of the data can be analyzed to change, if it is adjusted in update time is not normal in it, so we need to observe some sites, when a certain algorithm is integrated into all kinds of negative influence, and sometimes will be restored at a short period of time. The first two pages are all known information, also see website keyword weight within four or five hours of repeated jump phenomenon, because these are caused by the instability of the update, especially the new algorithm is integrated into the technology, perfect.



Links effect: Links can be said to be the most easily influence the weights of the website, the website in order to obtain the good weight to exchange about thirty Links, while for a railway station, the Links is often not high quality links, is prone to problems, once the Links website: don’t open, right down, K and other phenomena, will certainly affect the master, this reaction to the site, the general order of "domain" is not in the first place, if in second, whether it is right to be reduced, you need to combine keyword weights conclusion. Along with the "domain" is not a normal weight, there will be a large area of decline, the first is the long tail, the next step is to target keywords, more serious will affect the site included reducing. Which is usually affected by the result, a large area of the keyword directly can not find.

do a lot of optimization know, the weight of the website is constantly changing. A corporate website is a good weight, it will bring benefits is not the same, business opportunities will be more. So the website weight is how change, the website weight will decline to? Here today to share some experience:

website weight decreased

On e-commerce sites keywords ranking how to take cities and seize territory

: regather, keep stable keywords ranking

today’s electricity supplier competition is extremely fierce, but in the fierce competition in the market, the biggest strategy is that the quality of service, quality of service in order to make your business platform have a better user experience. For the electricity supplier site whether Shanghai Longfeng optimization or other marketing methods, the ultimate goal is to achieve the sales target, if our electricity supplier site cannot provide quality customer service service, so our customers very hard to come back.

three: the development of a variety of marketing mode of

The The fourth step:

service quality customer service

providers online marketing in many ways, we get some traffic in the ranking of keywords Shanghai dragon after need as much as possible to expand our marketing, let the target users stick to more of our site. Marketing means there are many ways, for example, price promotions, shopping gift, free door-to-door service, seven days free replacement products etc.. Or is the use of email marketing, micro-blog marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and other marketing tools, to obtain the target flow more of our electricity supplier site, and then through the second steps of the quality of services, improve the conversion rate of flow, so as to achieve the purpose of sales.

keyword search results page to obtain certain result does not mean that you are always the winner. Keywords stable ranking need continuous maintenance of the site. When a target keyword ranking first, we are not thinking about how to make money through the word, but should think about how to regather. Site of the Shanghai dragon strength still can not relax, and update the chain site still needs to be sustained and stable. If your site is stopped, then the search engine will reduce the weight of the site. But the ranking of the competition is fierce, you don’t step forward you will be overtaken by rivals.

when we have electricity supplier site keywords ranking, through the natural keyword in traffic, then how to quality customer service leave our target consumers we need to deliberate. The website should have clear content product navigation, detailed product introduction, customer service and sales customer service to contact to clear, conspicuous, the site’s customer service to online during the work, we try to give the user to provide the most professional service, so that customers of the network station has a good impression, in order to enhance the transformation of the site effective rate.

is the main site for the electricity supplier online marketing tool than the search engine marketing. The search engine marketing is around the keywords ranking, when a business site for a ranking by cumulative keywords continuously, electricity supplier for the site to take cities and seize territory on the basis of research results to obtain a high conversion rate is particularly important. Below the author to solve the problem about how to continue when a business site take cities and seize territory ranking.

two: to ensure the quality of customer service

I talk about is how to increase the amount of included sea love

search engine is the original love, love a new article website, and if you’re not old original, even the article is not made, the search engines will not come. The original is difficult, pseudo original also have their own value, can not have no actual content, if the search engine found a lot of plagiarism, the consequence is very serious. Little more than a collection of reduced K out. Unworthy。 The scope of the original article must pay attention to the control, write range is too small, able to attract the keywords is very few, write too wide, and to ensure the quality, in short, you.

4, in the social media forwarding

3, attract more users to evaluate

2, multiple original articles

website must add user evaluation module, love Shanghai now have user evaluation as one of the "quality evaluation standard. Be sure to add, and to attract users to evaluate themselves, also can use Ma3 jia3 evaluation evaluation.

must have good website structure, let the spider can follow it, catch every page, to ensure that every page is living chain, chain is very harmful, the spider to scare away is not good. The website structure is not too complex, simple 3 layer on the line, the home page column page article. To ensure the purity of the structure of the website.


original article, must be the first time on their own initiative published in various social media, including Sina, micro-blog, Shanghai love blog space, blog, blog and so on Sohu NetEase. This promotion is an important part of the initiative, broadcast, plagiarism is much better than others. When all the places are scattered, others copy does not matter, your reputation has come out.

small business has nearly 2 years of time, say good, do not start from every little bit, but at least, slowly to the highest when the IP is greater than 1000, is small and have a sense of achievement. Especially the site of love Shanghai included, is the best I run, has been climbing, from more than 500 last year, up to more than 14000 of the recent (except the last big adjustment fell outside, I believe it will be

  editors: recommended learning website promotion website took www.xuanxue贵族宝贝, the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion students must not miss.

1, the structure of the website to do



summarize my love experience to improve several sea included, website:

5, pay attention to the user experience of

the user experience of the website, the website is to do, faster, more optimization, use Yslow or Pagespeed for continuous optimization. Speed up, not only the user with comfortable, spiders also catch fast, "

To create a perfect website structure optimization in Shanghai Longfeng system

in the robots.txt file


3.PowerPoint and PDF

can be the perfect solution to the difficulty of our website search engine, and.

4.robots.txt shielded link

first, the establishment of friendly link structure

search engine optimization work is divided into the station, outside the station, we all know the station or station or if you do not, Shanghai Longfeng work will not be carried on. We know that the search engine is a software program that has both advantages and disadvantages. As the Shanghai dragon, streamlining operations throughout the site must be adjusted to the website, to search engine spiders more easily, reduce the difficulty of the work of the search engine, if we can do this, then we made a big success in Shanghai dragon nearly. So in the station optimization system sometimes is not what we think so simple, get a few OK, we should optimize to construct the whole website according to search engine spiders’ habits, optimize our emphasis in this article to talk about the station.

? Remember links / *?This

6. picture links

writing: Disallow: *

such a code generation, so the search engine spiders crawl your site map down.

1. sitemap.xml site map, plus

1.Javascript script

friendly, first of all we need to know about those things, the search engine link is not easy to parse, is also difficult to know, I generally give a classification.

Sitemap: 贵族宝贝88salon.org/sitemap.xml

file How to establish the link structure of

the frame structure of the 5.frame link

2. with "inside the robots.txt shield?" the dynamic page, as shown in figure

2.flash and other

the above six points is the search engine spiders are difficult to identify, that is to say do not know the contents of the search engine, if you build the entire site, there are some flash videos and some pictures with no text, is impossible to see the spider crawling up, there is a certain degree of difficulty, but even if and we can not be avoided in the production of web pages, such as when we design the website for Industry restrictions, such as: KTV, hotel, bar, etc. some of the industry’s website, because most websites have to put some beautiful Flash video, that this time we do

Once 30 thousand IP DJ Adsense talk about the reasons for the failure of business

I have personally done a DJ website, mainly free online audition dj DJ download, was well developed, which reached its peak at 3Wip, but ultimately failed to analyze the following reasons, I hope you learn from you, I avoid detours.

first, server unstable,

want to be stable DJ station, must have their own server, and the server should be stable, when I first started due to low popularity, so the website run quickly, but with the number of online website is more and more high, DJ often appear white screen phenomenon, a time to meet friends, if you hit a few times, you will never come to my site, but also caused great loss of popularity.

second, Baidu SEO didn’t do it,

you can go to the Baidu index check, the word "DJ", a more than 50 thousand day search volume, I had DJ rankings, to get the first page, third, was a skylight on the word, a day to 1.5IP, because the word. Similar struggle too much, I did not grasp the ranking. What a pity!!!


second, lack of moneymaking planning,

at that time, my site up to 3W IP, but with the increasing popularity, my server could not stand up, I want to change a better server, but I suddenly found that almost no profit, experienced friends all know, DJ station GG advertising doesn’t work, now, SP hang up, basically no advertising what to do, other income maintenance, while the DJ station is to burn, no money, the server cannot sustain. Now sum up, the above three reasons is the cause of my site failure, speak now also hope that we learn from the above problems as soon as possible to deal with the method to make a station, otherwise open to head back, DJ website is not good business, and now do the same site so many people. Due to a loss of popularity before the station is too big, so now I change to another new business, http://www.dj234.com, hope can be developed


How to operate local gateway to catch users

in some local site exchange group encountered many problems, there is a lot to ask how the user can grasp the operation of the site, local site Jason operation time is not long, but it also summarizes some, here to share with you.

content chapter

1, analysis of user habits,

how to locate your site features, you must first find a local user habits, local user habits vary, the best side to understand, to see what kind of layout is most suitable for them, because they are your site service, they are the real movers of your site, some local religion is ingrained. Your characteristic is the prevailing religion, in some places you idle away in seeking pleasure, characteristic is that the site is best not to idle away in seeking pleasure, what are, cover and contain everything, what is not fine.

2, dark content,

users love what kind of content, I personally think that the user is love dark content, but also conducive to the spread of dark content, when the editor, many mining some dark content, making the site represents the voice of the masses, not too official, for example, where there are people Dutch act, where there is Bao Xiaosan has been arrested, this kind of dark content with the public appetite, also willing to spread, do not underestimate this spread, many users can bring. And so and so the leadership of a company to investigate such official news should not be too many, few people see, unless the local won what honor, this can cause public pride can be publicized.

user profile

1. uses QQ group to pull user

QQ group is a good stuff, you can be members of the QQ group to your site, some friends also use QQ group, also have, he has what the content of the post, directly into the group, but the results caused resentment.

1.1 you can use your name as a keyword search, such as "Nanjing", there will be a lot of groups, added to the group, then do not do publicity for a period of time, you need to communicate with them, cultivate feelings, the feelings you speak out you engage in a local website, ripe.

1.2, of course, there are a lot of local interest group, this group is very important, mixing time, talk to him directly, let him do the moderator, he has his own troops, can fully mobilize the forum, such as the local pet group, construction can make him responsible for the pet version.

1.3 there are some groups more chaos, you can add friends in addition to human management, and then form their own group, inviting them to join, to develop their own leadership, let them take you anywhere, the time is ripe can lead to the forum.

A lot of

on QQ group practice Gexianshentong, whether black or white cat can catch mice is a good cat.

2. uses social networking sites to tap user


Thinking behind the attack gate of Baidu

early in the morning in January 12, 2010, the webmaster circle is boiling up. No matter which webmaster group, no matter which webmaster BBS, discuss the most exciting thing is "Baidu is black" information. A5 on the bbs.admin5.com home page, full page full page is about About Baidu. So far, the cause of this incident is still a mystery, although many speculations, but different views, Baidu official did not give specific instructions, everyone is waiting.

although many webmaster just know Baidu is black information appeared very happy, because the usual Baidu "arrogance", a lot of personal website unprovoked K, caused great dissatisfaction with the webmaster. But as Baidu was black, for more than 4 hours can not access, the webmaster also worried, after all, there are many web sites is to get traffic through Baidu, Baidu and personal website is closely related, interdependent.

Baidu was black more than 4 hours, and for Baidu, the loss is enormous, not only for customers can not account for, traffic loss is more direct. From 7 in the morning to more than now, the site can not access more than 4 hours, and for Baidu, although the immediate response to solve the problem, but the situation does not seem optimistic. More than 4 hours later, the site still can not be fully restored. As the first station, capital and technology are top, suffered such "hackers" are unable to recover as soon as possible, visible attack intensity, but also show their strong and well prepared.

Baidu early in the morning can not access, but also to ordinary users caused great inconvenience. No wonder some netizens reflect that Baidu can not open, but also think it is broadband problems, quickly consult broadband companies. Baidu has become one of the habits of ordinary Internet users. If you can’t access it for a while, you are not used to it. Although many people can not wait to see Baidu’s "temper", but also can not help but admire the momentum of Baidu’s development. Although late start, but the rapid development, Baidu know, Baidu post bar, Baidu, MP3, etc., have accumulated a large number of users. For ordinary Internet users, Baidu is indeed convenient for the Internet, bringing convenience to the user.

for the majority of grassroots webmaster, Baidu can not open, although the words happy for a while, but in fact, more worried. If the personal website is to obtain traffic and users through Baidu, Baidu can not open, it means that the loss of users, the site affected. If you don’t get traffic through Baidu, you don’t seem to have any impact. But change an angle to think, even Baidu is so strong, known as the first Chinese websites are so easily be attacked, and what the security website? Compared to the personal website of Baidu has absolute advantages in capital, technology and user support, are unable to counter hacking, if personal website suffered such a catastrophe, more unable to cope with.

network security has been a headache for the Internet, remove some irresistible objective reasons, not to say that subjective, man-made attacks can cause paralysis. Since then, the relevant departments in China have been concerned

More than a year’s experience in the IDC industry

in the blink of an eye on the line in IDC has also been a year and a half, and not proficient in, but also some understanding.

came to the company since last year, from a server does not know what to do with the virtual host for the layman, and customers can now talk to. To tell you the truth, I did learn a lot.

my department is the sales department, so every day to face all sorts of different identity and character of the customer, I found that most of the focus of debate is the price, I personally think it is very early, because we put the server hosting the room, not for hosting and managed to get. High speed and stable bandwidth, constant temperature and humidity monitoring, 365× 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply guarantee, 365× 24 hours of care……

, so friends who need hosting servers should ask for advice:

first, computer hardware, the general choice of national telecommunications room to choose self insurance than private room, because the self built room to achieve a level standard, great investment, individual enterprises in order to save costs increase the profit space, in the room construction and facilities not to jerry.

second, the bandwidth of the computer room, usually only the backbone node, the room’s bandwidth is the best, do not rule out some node machine

room set a backup room in the surrounding two class city, room environment such as the backup bandwidth is also quite good, but now there are a lot of room 2 city even room county say they are the backbone, we can keep their eyes open. Can provide you with a message, there are four Bo Internet exclusive operation of Shaanxi Telecom, Weinan Telecom room, that is, Xi’an node machine room, the western data center backup room.

third, room management, room 24 hours to be on duty, this is the basic, another room management must be strict, not what people want to enter into, at least the certificate import, near registration, strict management of ComputerRoom on the user’s server and data safety is guaranteed


fourth, operators of services, this is critical, especially now that IDC is relatively confusing situation, the user in the choice of operators, we must choose to have credibility, good reputation. If just a cheap, hosted in the black heart of the IDC server crashes 3 days there, nobody, at that time have no time to cry.


above is I give some advice to the server hosting friends, we can serve as a reference, may be relatively shallow, a detailed understanding of the needs and I QQ:29607363 we can discuss.

How about opening a home 99ok

clothing as a necessity of people’s lives, in the market has a high demand, the apparel industry has a lot of room for development. In particular, the demand for women’s clothing is very large, because women in pursuit of fashion apparel, clothing for faster. Do business open fashion women’s clothing store, has a good prospect.

The only factor


In the cell door convenience store open what tricks

in today’s society, some community life has been more and more convenient and fast, at the same time, some small convenience stores opened in the area surrounding also welcomed by the people, want to succeed to open a convenience store in the area, the need to focus on marketing strategy.

How much money to open a convenience store /

open a convenience store operating tips: to open a convenience store in order to facilitate the fixed customer shopping convenience, it shall guarantee that the commodity categories are as unchanged; the special offer goods stores Duitou show should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect; the store corridor is set at 80 to 90 cm.

tips to open a convenience store, convenience store opened according to the reasonable arrangement of goods stores during the peak period of the planning, will be difficult to separate selected goods and unsalable goods, in order to prevent the peak of shoppers crowded aisle, to facilitate other customer shopping; the shelf height to many families should take care of the needs of women, not the shelf center more than 165 cm, it is best not to exceed 6. At the same time, we should pay attention to the application of the end of the shelf, as this is the store’s gold point, the customer in the center of the longest stop time, should be equipped with a number of high margin unsalable goods.

is different from general large supermarkets, convenience stores which sell daily necessities, but also can provide multiple convenience services, such as fees, payment, boiling water supply for charging the mobile phone, for inflating a bicycle, to print digital photos, collecting dry cleaning, booking flowers, booking all kinds of concerts and set up self-service payment terminals. Even for training registration, booking examination materials, the deepening of community residents value-added services, help gather popularity.

in addition, because the main consumer groups to open a convenience store at the age of 30 students and commuters, for this group is easy to accept new things, the pursuit of fashion and weak consumption characteristics, so the store opened in the choice of commodities should pay attention to innovation and renewal, combined with the theme of fashion.