Keywords competition degree analysis

1. we most Adsense optimization keywords are commercial keywords, then we can see a comparison with reference data: your target keywords love Shanghai auction number. LED advertising vehicle as an example, seems on the surface, this car LED advertising keywords love Shanghai index is about 150, if the love Shanghai index standard to judge the key competition of words, then this is the popular keywords, but when you love Shanghai led search advertising car of the word in the first. Screen your web page, the earth is full of love for Shanghai LED advertising vehicle, I don’t know if you see this will happen if LED advertising vehicle is a popular word, there will be so many people to participate in the competition? The love Shanghai auction business is not a fool, but we all know that love Shanghai bidding cost is relatively high, if you see a lot of keyword bidding, then most likely the industry of Shanghai dragon competition is very powerful, do not believe you can love Shanghai search "LED car", you only see the top 10 websites, there does not appear in the page can be. If there is a page ranking (not a large site. Only in the small site for the), we can determine the industry keywords competition is not, at least not belongs to the popular words.

two, since the method above is one-sided, so I analysis method is to introduce what is relatively comprehensive.

keyword competition is a very interesting topic, because we thought the conventional competition is often through love love Shanghai Shanghai index and related results to judge, and the judge method we are often one-sided. Even if it is not correct, so today I come with you to analyze the keywords competition degree from another point of view, after reading this article, let you witness what is not the same as the Shanghai dragon.


, one must first prove through love love Shanghai Shanghai index and related results to judge is one-sided. But we all believe that a key love Shanghai index is higher, so the degree of competition in the word is higher, the more difficult it is to do Shanghai dragon, is it really? Then we give an example to illustrate this problem. We love Shanghai and search for "L", then we will see the following data: love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 100000000, we all know that the morning big numerical love Shanghai relevant search results for 1 hundred million, it is related to your search results regardless of how high, more than one hundred million, shows only one hundred million, then everyone the judgment of "the degree of competition in L" the words high? And 24 English letters, you enter any one of them, the result is reached the limit, but in fact this competitive keywords is not too big. And you look at these letters of love Shanghai index is more than 1000, after watching this, you still believe in love, love of Shanghai through the Shanghai index related results to determine the relevant search results is correct?

How to adjust the structure of the station to bring convenience to the Shanghai Dragon

station directory hierarchyThe ? Don’t


2, robots


, 3 page code appears too many malicious spider trap

standard was the structure of the station is to be able to have a simple structure of the station environment, so the hierarchical control directory or pay attention to a certain extent, because the search engine spider came to the site, the spider is not every directory crawling, so we must try our best to reduce the amount of the directory and the directory, too give customers access page inconvenience, because users access to the site after the multi-level directory is the need to repeatedly perform or click finish, so the station is too many directory hierarchy to the user operation to bring a lot of inconvenience.

The correct use of

Shanghai Longfeng a good internal structure can help us reduce the difficulty in optimizing the structure of the station, a standard can help us get more valuable position, a simple structure of the station to the customer can bring a better user experience, said so much about the structure of the station, I want to tell the structure of the station is not a single to everyone around the search engine, is more human words to set up and standardize the search engines crawl structure, only such a search engine accepted standard station structure we really want, but I believe we all understand this truth, but do it is inevitable to make some a mistake or not to make mistakes to reach a certain effect, of course, structure of the standard is not dead, but in order to have a good user experience and a Good position, we have to control our thoughts on problems in the perspective of customers, so how to set up a Shanghai Longfeng standard structure of

is a non malicious spider trap every site there, because we will use some search engines that can not be recognized or dangerous things to complete our site design or structure of the station sometimes, so non malicious spider trap is no way to control, but we all feel on the search engine spider trap non malicious supervision mechanism is not very strict so relax no notice of them, in fact we are wrong, in the search engine that a site there are many dangerous or suspected program is one of the causes of fall right and be K, so less >

is a good site structure of robots set is essential, we all know that spider came to our website to crawl the page, we can do some program because the program spider, the spider crawling is not included, the reason is very simple, no value information program directory, so small and included the odds of a website, the program is a collection of search engines is not good, so this time we have to crawl position control with robots spider, I suggest you prohibit crawling in the robots program, allowing more to crawl to the directory folder, so the spider can ensure that each included are valuable information page.

A5 marketing love Shanghai K station is to progress, win-win cooperation is the ultimate goal of opt

after entering the second half of the love of Shanghai search engine, the large and small non conventional phenomenon, changes from the index of the amount of change to the keywords ranking to site weight changes, these unconventional phenomena has not stopped, but more and more serious, especially the index continued to drop, small changes in the site the flow is not too big, but most of the sites are mild and severe right down. At present, this phenomenon also makes some owners panic, fear of his website at a later date no weight, flow and ranking.

This article


your site meets the love of Shanghai K station

is the latest Shanghai love love Shanghai "strategy has been updated, the quality of search of the white outline has been released. So, some webmaster can through the white paper to determine their own website whether it meets the love of Shanghai K station standard. Why do you want to go to judge by the white paper? Because I love Shanghai will strictly enforce the white paper to the three quality standard "content quality, web browsing experience, accessibility, and from the three dimensions of website evaluation. According to the results, the love of Shanghai will increase to show the amount of high quality web pages and give good weight and ranking, will reduce the amount of "show low quality, serious or even not included or direct K treatment station. So, suggest webmaster see your site meets the standard of love Shanghai K station. The details are as follows (these types of stations will be severely punished:>)

today write mainly about the search engine optimization is difficult: the innovation of "win-win cooperation" mode of revelation, to see the essence through the phenomenon, K station, K station to see love Shanghai why? Webmasters may not understand this sentence, in fact, this sentence is well understood. About the meaning of the sentence, let the webmaster and talk about it, I believe this article will help you.

strange to say, why the recent love Shanghai search engine will be so unusual? Is it really like some people say: "love Shanghai server is not enough, the recent large-scale reorganization of the low quality of the site?" of course, this is purely a joke. So, what happened in Shanghai recently about love: the index fluctuated, keywords ranking fluctuations, the website weight associated with mild and severe right down, I love Shanghai in Webmaster Platform and officials also exchanged, they can be seen from the meaning of love the sea search engine is now some low quality sites for processing, which is love Shanghai white paper strategy is being implemented, may be part of the site will fluctuate. The other is the love of Shanghai is being done to adjust the search engine. Of course, factors accounted for more than half of the white paper policy updates, if your site index fell or no recovery or serious drop right, only then that your website to love Shanghai white paper. But if your site index slumped again and is better than the original, so that your site is in line with the search engine is also in line with the user, Shanghai love will give you better show the amount and weight of the site.


The new station beyond the old stand in the hold the line


4, the website user experience, the search engine user experience now is more and more popular, the search engine is becoming more and more important, if you are a regular analysis of the same site of words, believe you will find many similar websites function more and more powerful, the page is more and more beautiful, in fact, importance from this we can see the user experience, Bi >

"is the first to the line, maybe many webmaster friends will not understand the meaning of this sentence, because this sentence is my original quotation, hee hee! I’ll simply to explain some specific to the site in to practice. "The road" here refers to the new station when we are doing a good location, which is on the line before the planning, from the positioning of the site to internal optimization. "Hold the line" here refers to the US in addition to the planning stage, need to do more work, do not let the planning become empty". Well not wordy, directly on the content.

(a) site on-line before planning

of a web site planning undoubtedly determine the site on the direction of development, so it is very important for planning. What need good planning before we do the railway station? Because the different requirements of different industries, so I will not elaborate, only general and we illustrate some points:

3, the website keywords, the keywords generally we take the reference site with the aid of successful webmaster tools was selected to locate good website keywords, but here the author suggests that the webmaster must "Li" screening, especially the novice webmaster just learning to do stand don’t eat into a fat man, can develop slowly from the long tail word.

2, the overall structure of the site. After doing the site location, the overall structure of the site, from the distribution of template selection to the column are also very important, so this is the need to plan well in the early after I began to prepare to go in.


believes that many webmaster like me, has been paying attention to learning the content of Webmaster Platform, but never released any articles on the platform, not only for the other did not feel, also just a novice, who haven’t got enough. However, attention network owners for two years for the first time today by Webmaster Platform to discuss with you some of this two years for some planning and the views of new sites beyond the old station, because I was planning to do a new station recently, so regularly synchronized update for everyone some experience, I hope to help you.

Screening of

site location. The first step we need to clear our website is what to do, what belongs to the industry, is the enterprise site, or marketing, or personal blog for? Also, and must to refer to some good site in the industry website positioning before, to see how they are positioned, and in combination with the site itself to by combining the form of positioning.

To solve the four key problems make you successful revision of the website

website after the revision, weight a little influence of the website is always more or less, so we need the webmaster in website also need to pay attention to repair, such as a little more than usual high quality of the chain, to a little more than usual high quality original.


four: after the revision of the maintenance of

! ! !

so what good method can solve this contradiction? It should try to make the site down easily in the revision of the website weight will not end, the author thinks that in fact is not difficult to do website, as long as the attention in the four core problems encountered and solved the heavy revision, and timely, it can let you want upgrade

two: the original website content and keywords to keep

most webmaster for the website is always cautious, because the website accidentally caused by the right, will be in front of the hard but website who vanish like soap bubbles, there is no way to avoid, because with the passage of time, the function of the website need more in line with the user’s habits, to enhance their brand image to facing the revision, this is really a personal webmaster let in a dilemma


is part of the site within the chain is also the website structure, website redesign in the chain are most afraid of is because deleting part of the contents appeared a lot of dead link, once dead links can easily lead to the search engine with your site, so the best way is to keep the original version of the content, and also increased 404 deathblock links page, so as not to affect the weight of the entire site after the revision of the

is the core of search engine website content, but also the core of the website operation, if the website, need to relate to the content of delete it, then delete the best are those who love Shanghai not included, and the keyword of the website to be modified, but can be increased appropriately on the basis of the original, or to the appropriate modification in time to modify keywords, gradual change, so as not to let the search engine think your site is new, the weight and calm the succession of the old site of


three: the chain website

: a website structure reform can be repaired and directional

search engine included a website, will be the main collection site structure, content, code and other related information, if you put in the website, the website’s structure changed, the search engine will think you after the revision of the website is a new website, because in my memory the repository can not be found before similar sites, which will make your website weight all reset to zero! So the website to repair changes, such as the related module from this location to another location, change the site font and color, let the user feel more affinity! After another revision success in the website, but also the need for a 301 redirect to the website, so that you can put the original weights of the old station transfer to the railway station

Startups need to read storytelling can capture investorsEnglish website design how to be more close

when you call a taxi, but you can’t wait until you listen. The dispatcher kept saying, "it’s almost 15 minutes," and 15 minutes later, he didn’t even have a shadow. It would be nice to have an app that would let you find the nearest empty taxi, which is the legendary inspiration behind Uber, a story wrapped up in a sentence: "everyone’s chauffeur."".

story telling Storytelling, not to show off

whenever it comes to persuasion, the average company tends to be more traditional and more dependent on the left brain of the human being: logic, price, and variety. However, more evidence suggests that emotion is a better tool for marketing, as Daniel Pink, author of Drive, says, "right brain control is a new source of competitive advantage."". Relying on the right brain can stimulate more emotional involvement, and storytelling is the best way to make this happen.

so, you talk about a company behind the story of the scene should be completely different from your story on party, although it is recognized as a recipe for success, but most business stories are completely failed or irrelevant, especially in the business circle. But I don’t think you can teach a company to build their own stories, just like you can’t teach a person how to change his personality, on the contrary, I think in the story are some of the best not to touch the line.

also says that a website and visitors interact with each other, suggesting a message function, and an online communication tool to increase the affinity of the site to interact with visitors. Next, talk about a misunderstanding. Don’t think that too many FLASH and pictures are good things. It’s a mistake to let customers know more about product information. Too much will cause web pages to run slow and bad for SEO searches and collections. Therefore, the site of the structure and station search system should be coherent, so that customers can find what they need faster, and the promotion of enterprise website rankings.

English website design is often to do the needs of foreign trade enterprises, these enterprises need to do business with foreigners, so most of the site is in english. However, many foreign trade enterprises website is not standard, leading to many businesses in vain. The author for many years engaged in the design of English Web site, the following main talk about my English website production of a little experience, hope to friends a little inspiration.

there is also the word encoding of the web page, I suggest using Western European iso-8859-1, mainly to prevent foreign customers access to garbled and other phenomena. Here are the little details. Take care. The second is about web access data analysis. Have a website access analysis, through professional analysis software on the site analysis, detailed data of the Important, the only way to know the site, specific to who, when and where to visit the site, leaving the enterprise cannot access software, clearly, to do their own decision-making cannot judge, also not timely improvement of the site.

tell me about the colors of the website. Do English website target customers are mostly foreign clients, including foreigners mostly, so empathy, to build to the custom of foreigners, not too many things mixed, foreigners love simple, so simple to do stand, the blue and white tone, white color collocation, different levels of blue dotted. Different regions so as to form the site. The specific situation according to their own match. If the product line sales mature, a short time without changing product information at the site, you can choose a static page, and the other is to take a dynamic database site, but to generate static pages function. Static page advantage is that you can firmly climb the spider’s heart, easy to SEO included. The website can choose to use DIV+CSS+ pure static page generation, or commodity information and website, enterprise news use dynamic database, so easy to update every day content, also easy to SEO included.

when you’re in storytelling, sharing should begin in this way, to make people feel the vision behind the story, or to put themselves in the story of the characters, as Mark and Twain said:

for storytelling, this should be the most basic basic skills, people will not only absorb you tell them the facts and information, instead they will really listen to the whole story, and then make a self inference, so instead of going to tell them what to do, not only is the sharing of stories, let it naturally into people’s brain and let it bring people’s own ideas that.

company image presentation is indispensable. Business related information, as well as qualifications, and even enterprise pictures, proper layout, display, so that customers can increase the trust. English website generally do not understand SEO optimization, and some did not pay attention to this, awareness is not high. In fact, this also has the optimization, is also very important. Most of them are mistaken for SEO understanding in keyword ranking. This is actually a surface phenomenon, the real optimization is: core keywords

this article analyzes the importance of storytelling and should not reach seven, when the content of marketing is more and more important, the company behind the brand story not only represents more meaning for start-ups, "every start-ups should start with the form of media".

in practice should be like this: enter "about us About US interface, see text or picture only? You are the only data or some of the background story about the company? The story is not some humor,"

, don’t just say an old woman is screaming. Bring that old woman down and make her scream.

The reflection of Marx’s film behind K

movie station, why was K, with my personal experience, I analyzed it, there are three points:

number 1: these sites are mostly featureless and repetitive,

second: for the movie copyright is one of reasons, so Baidu under the banner of "Ningquewulan" attitude of K station is normal, and a Marx film into station more, this management website, for lazy owners would be more convenient.

third: some Marx movie station in order to attract more traffic, specifically the introduction of some China banned pornographic movies or with pornographic movies, there are also some pornographic images, it makes the Internet more secure, so Baidu K here don’t blame it, which also affected the whole program to do with Marx web site.

But the value of

celebrate business, using the Marx program made the website also has Baidu strongly support, such as: Chinese Buddhism on Baidu video network as long as you enter: "Chinese video network" will find this website in Baidu page one or two, this shows that what I think it is worth a good reflection, especially Marx is the webmaster, if you want to stick to the site, the site had to relocate!! of course there are some other comparison of the characteristics of the website I will not, for example, hope Marx can take up the anti movie master himself, making your own unique website!! (by feeds).

Old webmaster example analysis website successful upgrade Road

at the beginning, do not always want to make money, forget to make money, out of limitations, the establishment of multi-channel, multiple modes of marketing, soft and hard tools to run, and wholeheartedly do a good job in the web site is the last word. Build up a good brand image, reputation and reputation. Only for the sake of users, and constantly improve the viewer’s experience, so that people feel their proper role and effect. User feedback will be immeasurable, the sea surge, come to


a team that can work steadily, improve internal relations, and then step by step, on this basis for construction and development. Let each member understand the importance of team cooperation, convey the spirit of hard struggle, unify their thinking and drive the energy of their efforts toward common goals.

many people write in the blog, want to use soft Wen to do promotion for the site, how long can survive in an article in the network? This is a key to success depends on its effect, or is it the value, meaning of this article is how good it is good to what extent. Is a representative of information, or on behalf of a story, the story is a fantasy, moving, the more exciting the better. Why classical poetry, catchy, has been transmitted; it is because the poem expresses the poet of deepening emotion and broad mindedness, lifelike and vivid picture of the thing, it is picturesque, extraordinary classic, the essence of beauty; how not to honor? Good article also loved by the people, read, copy, transfer and circulation to reproduce its wonderful. Speaking of here, do not forget the article in the wonderful content of the key word insert links Oh, can not put too much, one to two on it.

asked the king of Lu Mencius, why not our people increased, while people in other countries did not reduce? Mencius wants to say, Huainan area, rich in citrus, people called it "orange", and to the north of Huainan, also producing citrus, because different regions, different environment, fruit a little bitter, sour and sweet, that is even more expensive than selling citrus; where people call it: "Zhi", why the same fruits are called different things, in fact that is what people call it the expression of symbol and label, look at the shape and color of the given name, a habit. No matter what it is, it is our favorite orange. Don’t expect it to be called orange. The colorful features are also good.

according to local conditions, management properly, it will bear a lot of fruit, and rich joy, will let people see hope, the day is naturally over, the more prosperous.

to the mountain country, national stability, people live and work in peace, reuse talent, scientific innovation, economic development, personnel training, transfer the spirit of the horse as its power, people do their best to make more contributions to the prosperity of the country, make up, the country will continue thriving and prosperous development…… The relevant, not only all the people came from afar, people will come to us, to the water it! All rivers run into sea of tolerance, popular >;

Local webmaster to focus on the development of local forums, Bus inquiries, navigation

day after day, wood and wood have also increased one year old, nearly 4 years of local station operating experience, made a lot of mistakes, but also learned a lot of things. In fact, as a local station or do several things that after all is said and done, local classified information, the local catering platform, local forums, local news, local bus, local site navigation, local SNS, local mall, local tourism, local talent, local car.

where the local car, mall, talent recruitment, catering these personal webmaster to do, it may not be successful. Because these are small upfront investment, late operating threshold of large projects. What’s more, they have higher requirements for project funds and management level of team leaders. Especially in one place and with this site, it’s harder to do. So wood and wood do not suggest you do this kind of station.

, and now the fiery classification of information, but also the current operation of wood and wood projects, there are also a lot of problems. Is also more money consumption and profit model is relatively vague project, the threshold is lower to death, the late threshold of high scared you. Not having enough money is not appropriate for the project unless you’re just interested in making public platforms. Since these are not for our good or no money to do these, we can go deep into the forum, bus, site navigation potential, first let personal popularity. In return for funds, BOSS attention, investment or external support.

Why let

forum, bus, site navigation become our focus, do this long wood website, understand a simple truth, any local station can be used as a forum to complete, such as classification information, also can only meet the needs of Internet users forum can, and buyers and sellers will be closer, more interactive. Spend 2 or 3 years down the popular forum more or less will be very good, if you are the heart of the business will be more good, of course if you start a business with very strong will cause the atmosphere of the forum is not very good. The forum is up. It’s easy to develop any small projects. The forum is here, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with bus or site navigation. Here’s something.

local bus everyone knows there is a general bus company to do this kind of bus query site, and generally around the bus company website is very lazy, your local bus company website does not believe that Baidu sucks the. The Dongguan bus company where the wood and wood is the super rotten website, let alone, what transfer, site query function. Bus companies do not do lazy, commercial companies do not make money, do not do, these two points is that we can do a small webmaster reasons. May webmaster to ask why we have to do public service, the reason is very simple, the bus station is not a domain name input, a space, a bus line content is totally fix, the probability of bus lines updated a few times a year to adjust. And this kind of public welfare site is more likely to get media, TV >

The secret of enterprise generation operation

has always been suggested that you do not look for the generation of operating companies, only companies themselves to participate in, and put in time, energy and emotion, is the real Internet marketing. If you don’t invest your time, energy and emotion, then internet marketing must not be good. Guard Yuan Kun today and talk about the operation on behalf of that thing.

Internet development is very fast, and some new nouns appear, so that more and more enterprises and individuals keen on network marketing, we must do electricity supplier. However, most enterprises do not have professional network marketing, electricity supplier operators, no budget to establish their own network marketing team, so looking for generation operators became a necessity.


traditional enterprises into the Internet has become a normal, but because they do not have professionals, so blindly believe in behalf of the operating company. While many of the generation of operating companies to customer turnover, the miraculous Internet marketing blowing technology. We know the essence of Internet marketing is constant, the Internet is just a channel. Acting company is like a nanny, the enterprise is like a child’s parents. Although the nanny is professional, but parents have the advantage of empathy.

we know that whenever a babysitter just takes a part-time job with a child and wants to train a child, we need parents and nannies to work together. So for the enterprise, in the process of Internet marketing, must not do shuaishouzhanggui. Guardian Yuan Kun saw many traditional companies do shuaishouzhanggui, on behalf of the operating companies to do well, and then complain about each other on both sides, final part is their own problems. Because enterprises and generations of operators are not combined with each other, naturally there is no best effect.

friends said: "on behalf of the operating company can not help you do well, he can help you do well, as he opened his own company.". Relative to the generation of operating companies, they do network marketing, electricity providers to do business is quite professional. Here, we can not question the nanny profession. However, for most products and services, the generation of operating companies do not quite understand, and really understand their own products and services is the enterprise itself. Parents only really understand their children.

if everyone’s enterprise sees the opportunity of the Internet, if everybody’s enterprise wants to expand their business better through the Internet platform, then we must seriously play Internet marketing. Of course, for most enterprises, there is no professional network marketing personnel, there is no network marketing team budget, please on behalf of the operation has become a normal. We must pay attention at this time, we invite only a nanny.

there are people in any industry who disrupt the market, especially on behalf of the business. This paper on the wrong things, do not.

text / guardian Yuan Kun, Hubei network marketing consultant, real name network marketing from the media. Micro-blog: @ Guardian yuan kun. QQ WeChat: 1029079293. Baidu, you’ll understand me better.