How to do web site optimization and immediately modify at any time

for an ordinary site, the wrong will change factors on the site’s ranking is very large, a very simple example if your site Links has reached 30, but you belong to the natural exchange link does not exceed 10, and the search engine through its detection your cheating, this time you haven’t changed so what, from the web site after the operations, should find their own problems in the immediate rectification, rather than wait for that search engine.

level of website optimization, many webmaster will find a look back have done a website or optimize the website ranking is gone, the external factors of the site which admittedly, but from the comprehensive factors of website optimization work, webmaster also affected the ultimate discovery site.

no matter how your web site, web search engine is also the most concerned about the Links website, if your website is a literary website, the 90% links are the government website, can love Shanghai search engine will believe? For this kind of behavior may be the biggest is facing love Shanghai hair therefore, for a web site for the Links is not only stable, more important is to treat, and the link is the best link if you can maintain a certain correlation with the site, as a webmaster should regularly check the integrity of the site Links, found to have been down right hair friendship link the immediate rectification clearance, only in this way can guarantee the stable website.

Links is the search engine on the web to pull out hair root

With the increase of

internal link inspection, found dead immediately clean up


anchor text point to the home page is 90% of all love to do, these sources of anchor text may be the major forum and community network, there may be a number of blog sites, here I suggest you Adsense: if your anchor text pointing in two weeks for your website to bring better rankings so, it is best to gradually withdraw the anchor text link, since love Shanghai does not recognize why always do so? Anchor text links also have a degree of control, and not on the web page to the more the better, the anchor text should also be reasonable to pages within the website to >

for a web site, the composition of the internal links is very large for the influence of the website, can clearly tell you, is the focus of the search engine to check the internal links, because the internal link is the key of the user experience, if users want to visit a web site in a web page is found is this kind of behavior is dead links, will not cause bad influence on the website? So a website must be internal links regularly to check the website, found a dead link situation should be promptly removed, the only way to ensure that the site’s ranking work.

error behavior of

gradually reduce the anchor text pointing directly to the home page

How to improve product rankings through long tail keywords


doesn’t know that SEO is embarrassed to say that he is doing e-commerce. SEO contains a lot of content, and enterprises are closely related to the promotion of bidding, keyword optimization and store optimization and so on. The charges do not say, as long as willing to pay to do. Now most manufacturing enterprises do e-commerce, mainly in the major B2B platform to build shops, hair products, I can not avoid the vulgar, a few small experiences to share with you.

as mentioned above, I in the B2B platform is also built shops, hair products, and then were observed, comprehensive, focused on fishing, gradually put emphasis on some good rankings, and easier on the website optimization. I do mine equipment parts, mainly B2B platform has Chinese suppliers, China’s Internet business and factory stores, million net and so on.

accidentally discovered today that I was in the factory store issued a product in the Baidu home page, this is relatively unexpected, because usually did not take care of. I was on the situation was analyzed, the key word is "shearer nozzle", I used the title of coal mining machine nozzle, ordinarily should not be too ranking in front, then I found the site title is

, this is what I do, by referring to the background of publishing products found in the background there is a set of keywords, I fill out the "coal mining machine nozzle, so will appear on the website in the title, a careless move to my own ranking brought this big effect, this is not me think of.

in addition, the SEO of this site is still in place, you can see in the source file, the description of the description is written in great detail, according to this, it seems that my product can have such ranking is not accidental.


as the industry says, a good tree is a good place to enjoy the cool. Find the right website, can make network marketing achieve twice the result with half the effort. I want to say is, looking for the platform at the same time, publishing products should pay attention to the long tail keywords and keyword set, I like this product, the main keywords are shearer and nozzle, long tail keywords including shearer shearer nozzle, nozzle, nozzle, Hydra integrated coal mining machine nozzle prices and so on, the general site allows to fill in 5 a good combination of keywords, as related to the long tail keywords, selected 5 of the more important fill, might surprise you.

is another point to note is that when the release of products, all kinds of parameters and properties of the settings of the site can fill in as far as possible to fill, such products for ranking and search is very beneficial, not because of the trouble to fill a casual move instead can achieve a large order


I have always believed in the principle of doing things without worrying about it. When you complain about the effectiveness of products everywhere, have you ever wondered whether you have studied the rules and settings of these websites?

As webmaster also need hype

online selling things, speculation seems to be very popular. But, is every speculation good results? What are the hype techniques worth our learning? Today, I analyze a few cases to see if we can give you a touch.

"Taobao mosquito man" became popular these days. His way is simple – sell what you think is incredible. 6 yuan a dead mosquitoes, and seriously how to fight mosquitoes, how to pay the cost. This news, immediately or unintentionally spread to the major sites, especially to spread to the end of the world, mop and other super community. He became famous. More than 100 people looking for him, to advertise in his Taobao shop, there are several companies to ask him to do planning director, annual salary of hundreds of thousands of companies. More traditional media reporters, downstairs, to interview.

also, recently, a Taobao called "fireworks hot" clothing shop is even more bold – launched several Taobao small second name pen clothes. In my impression, Taobao small two has a high credibility, is to maintain the healthy operation of Taobao one of the core forces, I did not expect the owner was "dragged" into the water". I don’t know Taobao’s management is how to think, their employees so deeply involved in the business activities, they acquiesced? I doubt Taobao, two pen name I can give this shop sales? But there is one thing I don’t doubt that is the store visibility and traffic sure to go up.

‘s last case is an old one, but the story is often full of waves. Underwear MM Song Jiabao, small popularity on the network. Has been in Taobao, Tianya, NetEase, Alibaba and other sites for speculation. Her technique was simple: she sold her underwear and modeled herself. 06 years of fire for a while, 08 years in June again in the two hot Alibaba website.

carefully observed the three cases, I found one thing in common is that their approach is very consistent with the site’s appetite. Such as Taobao, it is certainly love shopkeeper controversial thing pounding drums, spread to the internet. "Mosquito man" do not know how much eyeballs and traffic Taobao brings, the spread of the effect is not less than tens of millions of outdoor advertising sold.

, in this, I think, will not be less, Taobao in fueling. That is called "fireworks hot" clothing stores, but also directly pull Taobao staff to participate. So, we will find that in all these controversial small incidents in the network, there are websites behind the initiative. Otherwise, the virus will never work better than it is now. The website and the individual conspire to do one thing, and the results are very good.

webmaster see whether this will give you some tips? By


What need to pay attention to open chain hotel

we usually travel to do things, to live in the hotel, go out to travel to stay in the hotel, the hotel market is also very hot. A lot of people all know, at present hotel of the chain joins in the industry to have good development foreground, say specific management, chain hotel joins in how? What are the major factors that affect the operation of franchise stores?

A, health and safety is a top priority of the hotel. Safety in production is the most important task, we must put safety in the first place; there is no security there is nothing, not to mention economic benefits. Operators only pay attention to the restaurant decoration and grade, and sometimes ignore the health requirements. Food hygiene is also very important, can not relax at all times, we must strictly abide by national and local laws and regulations, to the customer’s diet health! Personal hygiene can not be ignored, the staff of the hotel is the highlight of our hotel, but also to establish the basis of the internal image of the hotel, good personal hygiene is also the embodiment of professional ethics.

two, food and service is the vitality of the hotel. In the past, some operators believe that the quality of food first, quality of service second, and practice has proved that: service first, dishes.

three, the hardware and software is the grade of the hotel. Hardware is the main structure and decoration of the hotel, location, facilities, tableware, tables and chairs, dishes, guests can see the touch of the. Software is the brand of the hotel, is the corporate culture, is the embodiment of the spirit of the quality of the staff, as well as the reception level, quality of service, the value of the dishes to the guests.

actually operates a hotel chain is not difficult, pay attention to some details, you can successfully open the chain hotel. These three points are the key to the impact of the chain hotel business, do a good job of these preparations for your chain hotel franchise to bring more good business.


Some useful ways to join the solid wood flooring

now, the prospects for the development of solid wood flooring industry is relatively good, in fact, choose to invest in solid wood flooring is a lot of investment business in the shop, so the actual process, how to get more space for development, many investors are concerned about this problem. Before investing in the management of solid wood flooring stores, it is best to be fully prepared. Solid wood flooring store, when investors in all aspects of the solid wood floor store to pay attention to the shop.

the above describes the preparatory method of solid wood flooring stores, shop in the process, operators should pay more attention on the actual situation, to consider, to be able to get the ideal success!

Novice entrepreneurs must know the future of six entrepreneurial strategy

  many entrepreneurs do not know how to make success in the process of entrepreneurship, coupled with the era of continuous transformation, new industries have occurred many changes, many entrepreneurs have no guidance on how to choose entrepreneurship project. In fact, can not be changed is now a lot of franchise industry has a very good development prospects, as long as the master of the following coup, will be able to start a business success.

  is a magical coup two network strategy. This is based on the Internet, the use of digital information and network media to achieve interactive marketing objectives, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing activities. Entrepreneurs can follow the trend of new trends, such as e-commerce and the Internet and other ways to network marketing strategy. />


Beijing innovation and Entrepreneurship Week ended a number of achievements

national double week activities gradually came to an end in the country, to provide a display and communication platform for the National City for entrepreneurial projects. The implementation of double week for the innovation and development of China’s venture capital and a large number of seeds of hope.

The new technology of

to fill the domestic blank

into the late autumn season of Beijing has been cold, but the temperature drop did not affect the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship. Just last week, the National People’s entrepreneurial innovation activities week was a complete success. Exhibition Center in Zhongguancun, the main venue, from the country to stand out more than a hundred entrepreneurial projects on stage show. Beijing is the country’s most selected area, the number of selected projects up to more than and 50, accounting for nearly half.

"our products" Ming Puno "is China’s first self-developed aspheric foldable intraocular lens, mainly used in the treatment of senile cataract." The main venue of the exhibition, the Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises love Bonuode staff said, the intraocular lens implantation to the human eye, the patient will be able to see the light. The product has broken the monopoly of foreign soft crystal technology, in the development of new materials and high quality optical design has filled the domestic blank.

"Beijing is the national innovation resources is the most abundant, the most intense atmosphere, the most significant areas of innovation achievements." Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission deputy director Peng said that last year, the newly established science and technology enterprises in Beijing more than 1.3, angel investment accounted for more than half of the country. Leading entrepreneurs, overseas entrepreneurs, continuous entrepreneurs, 90 entrepreneurs to become the main force of entrepreneurship, the total number of more than 30 thousand people.

relief "sandwich layer" loans

talent is the first essential factor. The day before, the Beijing municipal government issued "on the implementation of the views of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation vigorously". To provide opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to increase income, improve the incentive mechanism for talent, become the opinions of a major bright spot. Beijing will give colleges and research institutes scientific and technological achievements independently recommended

Keep an eye on the target depth to create

February 27th, the city held a meeting of the United Front, the Secretary general. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong, Minister of municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal Party Committee United Front Liu Fade, vice mayor of Jiuchen Kim attended the meeting.

Su Rong stressed at the meeting, the United Front, the people were working to accurately grasp the new requirements, and effectively improve the initiative and effectiveness, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas as the goal, and effectively improve the United Front, the people were working ability and level. Keep an eye on the goal of "two years of strong foundation work, carry out the work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas, to effectively solve the problems affecting national unity efforts in innovative work methods and ideas in the work, and actively create atmosphere to create highlights efforts in research efforts work earnestly.

Su Rong, Xining province’s stability to firmly establish the awareness, earnestly work in the field of ethnic and religious stability, give full play to the Buddhist Association, the Islamic Association, the association and other religious groups of bridges, to encourage and support. Give full play to the advantages of the United Front, do a solid job in the Democratic Party Federation work, strengthen the construction of democratic parties, unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development, building a strong and effective leadership, the establishment of a resolutely support the party’s leadership, adhere to the socialist road China characteristics of the non-public economy representatives team. To further strengthen the non-public economy representatives of Ideological and political work, and guide non-public economies to actively participate in and support the glorious career, extensive and non-public economy to establish and perfect the heart friends, regular contact mechanism, combined with the party’s mass line of educational practice, and actively guide non-public economic enterprises to carry out extensive work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas.

Liu Fade from eight aspects of the work in 2014 to arrange the deployment.


West will build the city’s central business district

In February 27th, a reporter from the west area of the seventeenth people’s Congress of the fourth meeting was informed that the west district will strive to build the city’s central business district, in the foundation of the development and construction of Dalian Wanda, West Street, Beijing Hualian city complex, actively attract high-end consumer formats in driving the Western District of popular and commercial gas, gas aggregation.

it is understood that, in 2013, West District in accelerating industrial upgrading, promote urban and rural construction, improve the public service system, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects have achieved good results. In 2014, the West will focus on commercial pedestrian street, Qinghai Richpower Xiang Xinhua Department store, Wangfujing department store west business leader tracking service, to further enrich the commercial Lane area consumer formats, to build the city’s central business district.

reporter learned that, in 2014, West District, pay more attention to quality and efficiency, and strive to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Efforts to promote the implementation of the project, focusing on the renovation of the street landscape, as well as shanty towns, old homes and buildings, such as the elevation of the facade renovation project. Qinghai, South East, Youyuan Qi Xiang Xiang Xiang youth Sijian old city area demolition work etc.. In order to speed up the development of modern service industry, the West will comprehensively promote the wisdom of urban construction, the implementation of information Huimin project. To promote the integration of the development of business, the western research Huoshaogou basin industrial development planning layout, efforts to build a comprehensive set of eco-tourism, cultural industry, forest economy, leisure and public services as one of the band. At the same time, this year will be implemented in the West for the practical projects, efforts to enhance the people’s production and living standards.


How to operate the lighting shop in order to ensure that money

lighting as an indispensable in the life of every family activities, consumption, demand is also very large. So the market to do a lot of lighting sales investors, but some successful, some failed. So, how to successfully run a lighting shop?

first good location you want business products, in the high-end or low-end. Products are generally based on local market conditions and economic level to determine. Then the size and direction of the business. How large the store is based on the wholesale or retail, or engineering. Because it involves the quantity you want. Followed by shop rent and decoration and tax. Decoration of a paperback and luxurious two categories can be the economic strength of the individual to confirm. The most important point, be sure to do the rest of the funds used for turnover. To ensure that you operate in normal conditions.

to confirm the product positioning. Need to understand what the style of local architecture is the level of consumption, what style and price of the product can be more acceptable. These are needed to understand and analyze the market. There is a wholesale or retail channels, or engineering based. These depend on personal connections and financial strength. The last is to confirm the style and decoration products and other light collocation, a display showcase.

about joining lighting to the mode of operation, generally look at individual needs and strength. Agents to join the benefits of simple, most things do not need their own operations, but the threshold is more expensive, the general price of your. Is not very recommended novice to do. Big brands frequently hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of investment. Small brand cheap, but no effect.

as their purchase, advantage of flexibility, can grasp the freedom of business products and efforts, according to market adjustment ability. But more complicated. If the purchase volume, if the volume can be considered to take a look at Zhongshan Ancient Town. Because there are more styles, and are factory outlets, the price is relatively cheap. This will be more advantageous to do. But it is not recommended that retailers go to the ancient town to purchase, because the price is cheaper. But the travel and scheduling together. The advantage is not obvious. However, nothing can go to the town to see, perhaps to gain some experience?

for everybody introduction is about the lighting store some management skills, whether it is a lighting store or, or do other investment, full market investigation is indispensable, the only way to do a risk free money management.