Shanghai Longfeng information chaos and miscellaneous novice get more should self-help

many novice in obtaining information, usually to A5, the owners of the house or the laggards find, because these forums were highly recognized, in their eyes, these forums are very significance through the manuscript. But the truth is we think so? I think we can put all the things to be so pure, just like the A5 forum, although a good manuscript exists, but there are still many cheating manuscripts exist, including the master paper sometimes will appear some obvious mistakes, although it can our understanding of such a situation, but for some there is no industry experience of the novice, an inattentive will go astray, so I advise you on this star, not superstition well-known forum posts, for some cases and data of the article do not blindly believe, should be through the use of thinking to combat.

– Three: go to the famous blog talk industry access to information

I don’t know if you will take what kind of attitude in time to obtain information, want to learn a kind of mentality, or to find a definite answer? As in the teacher said, Shanghai dragon itself is not what standard, we found on the Internet to information and most are also talking about the experience of others and since it is experience, then there is a problem of timeliness, so everyone on the Internet do not blindly or simply seek is not, and no good answer, for some Shanghai Longfeng rigid rules can also be, but for some optimization methods and determine his operation simply can not, as you said spider does not recognize the pictures, you can’t do? So when everyone in the information must not go to extremes.

: a self-help not superstitious well-known webmaster forum posts, only believe the case data

Xingyi working every day with the message, because no matter how busy, I would go to stroll around Lu Songsong, a blog to relieve the power, and these blogs have a common characteristic that is very popular, the problem is very wide. It is more important here is different from the QQ group discussion, there are senior people "

two: self when retrieving information is absolutely not extreme

10.20, China Ping teacher closed light forum, this country level teacher gives three reasons, one is the pure Shanghai dragon more two is the Shanghai dragon be inopportune or inappropriate, the development environment is not good, the three is the mainstream technology and development of Shanghai dragon. Personal feeling behind these three reasons, is in the domestic environment of the Shanghai dragon teacher disappointed and helpless, because now the webmaster in website, think more is how to enhance the site’s ranking in the quickest way, so all kinds of Internet junk came tumbling forth, black hat tactics repeated the development environment is a lot of confusion just entering the industry novice talking, even go astray, so now in Shanghai Longfeng development environment, how to obtain useful knowledge has become a novice will take classes.

To love Shanghai blow sells two level domain name or directory for cheating on

3. against sale two level domain name or directory for cheating action is conducive to the healthy development of the website. As a management website webmaster friends, it is best not to sell the two level domain name or directory, because this behavior is punished by the existence of love Shanghai, site is down right and even the danger of K. Once the site is down right or be K, your previous efforts will be wasted, will directly affect the development of their business.

love Shanghai web search anti cheating team in July 19, 2013 issued a "sell two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station statement" article, the author will tell the story of the 3 point understanding and suggested that their.


2. owners who know the website growth process takes time and the new establishment, maintenance and optimization, the weight updating process from low to high. These processes need to pay a lot of manpower and material resources, and optimize to experience some bad. But after the purchase to go directly to the site of the existing high weights of the two level domain name or directory for the development of the network business, is the equivalent of the website development way of multi hop, it is not conducive to the new start of the webmaster friends.

for the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station thinking is talking about here, also did not pay attention to this information to remind friends, find your site if there are such problems, promptly corrected. I hope you protect the work site, not for little benefit and pound foolish. There are different views or deficiencies, welcome. Thank you

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1. love Shanghai made in the statement: attention has been paid to a large number of high priced acquisition of two level domain name or directory information in some forums, most are used for the phenomenon of cheating, and show some relevant information forum. Obviously, a large number of high priced acquisition of two level domain name or directory after the behavior of these two domain names or directory related columns of information will not be master station maintenance and operation, inevitably a lot of master station and original information content completely inconsistent, so it is obvious to use the master of high weight cheap.

Some tips for buying text links

dedicate this article to a friend who is going to buy a link,

just 3 months before the contact link market, commissioned by a friend, buy pull nearly more than 40 web sites including PR3, PR2, PR4, Web links, forum links, blog links, cost about 1000 yuan, all put the links on the new station some formal, non PW links, buy a week after the website began to take effect, first by Google, YAHOO included, then Baidu included, namely this half finished

link to buy half a month later observed link, because the purchase link, by feeling, as long as the PR is a little higher net, finally by observing the second half of the month, found that some only do home page link to the site only included a page, and some do station forum link, with the development of the forum. Included increases continuously, obviously better than the home link. Some website links innumerable but mostly, it links, according to the PR algorithm, the effect is far less than the number of blog website links effect, blog links as website so much, but PR increased faster. Yes, Google included, very useful.

has some new sites, but also to buy some links, but to have the option of buying some forum site station, the station link, try to choose a relatively small website station link station, PR relatively high, such as the above PR4 website, Baidu ranking effect better, of course, the Google effect is good. The site has some links with YAHOO expired, query tool, query the better, link to start the next renewal. Some effect is not very good, will choose to give up, to save money to buy some high quality links, so second months, Baidu keyword began to rise, Google also began to rise, of course, give up some stations, there are still some negative effect on the rankings, so the pre selected link time is necessary to considering the multi comparison and choice, try to choose on the website. PR slightly higher, more affordable, can do the whole station, and continue to work together, this is good for both sides,


this is a 3 month experience in buying links, and personally, I think it’s good to have a classified information link. Especially the increase in the outer chain. Thank you,

look at this article, hoping to help the novice.

very gay network (

Ali mother vice president Jiang Zhiqiang small and medium-sized website how to realize profit


Jiang Zhiqiang shared in his speech how to find the brand advertisers experience.

Jiang Zhiqiang: I think there may be some friends will know the advertising industry, some friends who don’t know, so we still talk about the advertising industry with everyone and the value of the ecological chain, basically advertisers advertising if the network industry in terms of words, first it will have their own agents, the agents may include marketing strategies the plan, or to the media agency, directly put into a platform like us, but it must have a good advertising technology, can put the advertisement delivery to the front of the Internet users, advertising for the agents is still very high, about 70% to 80%, in the business of Internet advertising business is not the same situation, the income is from agents.

Jiang Zhiqiang: in addition to it, no matter is the head of the scale, if you have a big point, the company’s qualifications, you want to run network advertisement must have these conditions, the first to have advertising sales qualification system, second advertising, what is their own development or spend money to buy, good advertising system may be spend a lot of money, the other one is the need to have an access to the advertiser’s ad sales team, this is not only to have advertising sales staff, but also planning, operations, research, design and recommend to advertisers and so on functions. In fact, to advertise, this business is very difficult. Education agents and education especially advertisers as a new network media is a process, also need to have a business signed business process, if advertisers once launched, there needs to be a very complete professional assessment, the assessment and reporting system is actually a higher requirement. When you start doing business, advertisers will continue to ask you: "then I can expand my spending for more in-depth and how I do the user interaction".

Jiang Zhiqiang: other words, you also need to understand that when advertisers will consider what? If the first from the form of speaking, we can see from the big screen, advertisers situation basically still in the picture of the ad, we see in the Yellow paid search ads and text ads besides, other brands: Video ads are pictures or advertising, this part still accounted for a larger part, this basically echoed in front of the online advertising market potential phenomenon. In addition, some advertisers will consider the price budget and the user attributes of the media as well as the relevance of the media and products. This media can cover people, areas, areas, and so on. So, in fact, in so many different challenges, Ali, mom, we believe that through the webmaster and Ali mother cooperation, we can help you open another door.

Jiang Zhiqiang: back to the long tail, it’s hard to work in isolation, and I want to be able to reach ad exposure by aggregating

Personal experience about the originality of the website

was just writing for ADMIN5 for the first time. It used to be tourists or onlookers. Look for a few months, to tell the truth but also learned a lot of knowledge, for example, experience the site, SEO promotion, website ranking weight gain a lot of knowledge, but personally think that only themselves to experience, to practice in order to realize all the articles in the canon


my web site’s key word is "Kunming website construction", a few months, the site has undergone several revision, included in the situation is not very good, Baidu spider to also do not frequently, more than 10 days to once. Later in the ADMIN5 article to understand that the original is the key, or pseudo original also line, and need to adhere to, at that time, after reading the theory of these articles, no feeling, did not practice ah. Recently, the site in the last revision, decided to update the article every day, so every stick to write original article, these articles have their own writing, some are original change, is pseudo original. After some days of practice, at present, for example, updated daily articles are collected by Baidu, "the day, the company’s products sales of Spirulina Spirulina keyword analysis" this article is written in December 14, is really the original article, the day was Baidu included! "Also update the content of a corporate website really the important?" this article is published, the morning of December 15th, the day was Baidu included. At that time in the Baidu Lichaben collected station, found the day of release paper will be immediately included, the mood is excited! The day Baidu spider come to my site to watch, which proves that the original is included in the key, is the reason the site keyword ranking when accounting for a large weight.

is a real practice ah, here to write this article is the importance that novices really feel the original content of the site, but also thanks to ADMIN5, a bit and let my website in Baidu included in the process of successful encouragement.

this article by the Kunming website construction webmaster original, reproduced please retain the source and the article site links.

Lighting shop design must have a novice

lighting demand, profit, a lot of people have the intention to open the lighting stores, lighting stores have a great impact on the decoration of the shop business, have to pay attention to. How to do decoration decoration design? How to save popularity? Today to introduce a few strokes.

lighting franchise store layout to be reasonable, can use larger lamps as the main product is placed in a prominent place, other small lighting decoration in lamps nearby, such as small lamp can be placed in the corner shop or cylinder.

for the newly opened lighting stores, take some time to accumulate popularity, entrepreneurs in the purchase, the choice of lighting brand based, can choose one or two widely acclaimed by consumers and good product sales as store products, consumers see the popular brand products will also pay more attention to it. Can increase the number of potential customers, improve the exchange rate.

reasonable style of decoration for your lighting stores to attract more customers, the business will do a lot of good, so when we open the lighting stores must pay attention to this piece of decoration. How to do decoration decoration design? After reading the above introduction, do you learn?


How to reduce the risk of food and beverage investment


is a relatively simple business to join the field of entrepreneurship, but also has a lot of risk, how to reduce the risk of food and beverage investment? Most important, the lack of experience to the child is father of the man, entrepreneurs, can quickly find out the catering service management from the details, and flexible operating characteristics can be after the restaurant development experience. So, what are the skills of small restaurants can reduce the risk of entry?

pricing comparison

supply of raw materials

is very careful in reckoningMagic

Compass barbecue snacks a variety of barbecue delicious collection

barbecue delicious is surely no one can forget it, add cumin barbecue delicious to lead a person to endless aftertastes. Catering industry so much barbecue brand which is worth investing in major investors to join? Xiaobian recommend to you the compass barbecue snacks. Fresh ingredients with a secret sauce, bring diners unexpected delicious.

compass barbecue snack car drunk sweet Teppanyaki squid taste delicious, this magical and unique exotic flavor, everywhere, every business is hot, pioneered will trigger a frenzy in the local delicacy. With a variety of meat, squid, fruits and vegetables with secret spices, fresh and crisp entrance, mellow intoxicating, so you can not forget enough to eat.

compass barbecue barbecue a variety of delicious barbecue, so that consumers can experience a one-stop barbecue food to meet the needs of consumers for delicious barbecue. Through years of painstaking research, the medicine in dozens of meticulous Peru, variety, taste, have kebabs, grilled wings, grilled chicken, grilled barbecue, Roasted Vegetable, fruit, fish, grilled seafood and dozens of varieties.

compass barbecue snack car baked food golden color, not narrowing, entrance crisp, tender and clinking, taste infinite, rich nutrition, long can eat, baked Xiangpiao streets, seductive appetite, excellent flavor, the market is extremely difficult to imitate, diners taste after all clapped.

compass barbecue snack car will mix with various meat food raw materials "crisp powder" fried, frying Xiangpiao streets, particularly fresh crisp taste, aftertaste lingering fragrance glibly, eat a few times can be addictive, irresistible, bonanza unstoppable!

compass barbecue car project, a variety of Gregory mode, you take measures to express such wealth, wealth feast and create all the conditions to guide the way forward for the people, point out a way for investors to create wealth, easily won the rich business opportunities and wealth.

would like to join the compass barbecue snacks? If you want to please leave a message at the bottom of our website, we will arrange for staff to get in touch with you later, tell you more detailed information.

Copy paper ten brands list – the whole

as long as it relates to office supplies, copy paper should be the most indispensable. Do not look at the paper, but the brand is different, the quality of the product is possible, which will directly affect the use of results. Now, let’s get to know the ten major brands of copy paper, if we have this demand, to see which brand is more trustworthy.

copy paper ten brands list NO.1: Jia Yin – Xin le. One of the world’s leading forest industry group, the world’s third largest paper and paper products manufacturer, has a hundred years of history, UPM (Chinese) Co. ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.2:Double A. From Thailand, Bangkok, the Asia Pacific Group, Asia’s second leading pulp and paper group, the top of the brand of paper printing, the ten trade (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list: NO.3 – Gaopinle piovan. Singapore Golden Eagle International Group (in 1967), a wholly owned subsidiary of large multinational companies, the industry’s well-known brands, Asia Pacific paper (Guangdong) Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.4: flagship FLAGSHIP. Sinar Mas Group of enterprises, high-tech enterprises, one of the largest office paper production and processing enterprises in Southern China, Yalong paper products (Kunshan) Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.5: lucky bird. The state protects the trademarks, brand-name products in Jiangsu, printing paper ten brands, one of the important national paper industry standard drafting unit, Zhenjiang Dadong Paper Co. ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.6: prince. Founded in Japan in 1873, Japan was the first company to introduce large-scale paper-making enterprises in Western countries.

copy paper ten brands list: sun NO.7. National protection trademark, the world’s leading multinational Paper Group and pulp and paper enterprises, the world’s top 100 paper-making enterprises, listed companies, Shandong sun paper Limited by Share Ltd.

copy paper ten brands list NO.8: Chapter TANGO. National trademark protection, high and new technology enterprises, Guangdong famous brand products, Guangdong province famous brand, ten fax paper brand, Guangdong day chapter information Paper Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list: NO.9 us. Asia, the first generation of multi-functional information recording paper supplier, Guangdong famous brand products, China’s light industry, cultural and educational supplies of famous enterprises, an Hing Paper Group Co., ltd..