When the anchor in addition to sell what Luo Yonghao Betta and crosstalk can we see

Notice that as

, product manager Luo Yonghao and hammer technology products director Zhu Xiaomu to appear in the betta live last night.

In fact, the first

in the hammer technology notice this message when the author is very curious, but also thought it was normal, estimates it will be a standard of product marketing and brand display, easily refresh under the hammer and Jade brand Dragon (ERON) presence.

and the whole process is really so development. Along with Luo Yonghao’s familiar voice carried out by the Smartisan OS One Step (step) and Big Bang (Big Bang) feature demo, the end of the end of the audience interactive sweepstakes. read more

The new network interconnection DNS fault occurred a number of webmasters posting complaints

Adsense complaints new network interconnection DNS services

[TechWeb news] January 19th news, according to a number of owners reflect, around 18 tonight, the new network DNS server failure, resulting in tens of thousands of domain names can not be accessed. The new network is one of the larger domestic domain name registrar.

TechWeb call the new network of customer service, the source said, this afternoon, the new network DNS server to resolve the time there are some problems, but now the problem has been resolved. Due to the DNS server update problem, the site may be around an hour after the normal access. read more

Jumei com is a vip com or Dangdang

jumei.com submitted to the United States listed in the prospectus of the weekend, and published financial data, as a vertical electric beauty, jumei.com become the next vip.com or dangdang.com future


from the United States and the United States announced financial data can be seen, it will be very similar to their own intentions and vip.com, and the earnings look in many ways even more beautiful than vip.com.

, for example, the proportion of its mobile orders, the United States in 2013, the proportion of mobile terminal sales accounted for up to 49%, while vip.com was $23%, Jingdong’s, Dangdang is 10%. This concept is now in the mobile Internet is now increasing its beautiful degree. read more

Leak door two suspects arrested hacker day night Engineer

actually, because of legal consciousness, and holding a playful attitude, many in the security in the Internet Co’s technical staff, technical staff and security vendors are more or less spread, steal user information database.

soup Beijing reported


user information leakage events create a great sensation finally have a "pay".

January 12th, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, CSDN (China Software Development Alliance) leaked two suspects have been under criminal detention. One of them is a Beijing based hacker, another is a foreign hacker. read more

One week news review Sina micro blog commercial value bearish Taobao blocked cashback mode

1, Sina micro-blog ecological deterioration to learn only the Taobao

Ali shares

Ali shares and Sina wireless Wang Gaofei replaced Peng Shaobin as the new head of sina micro-blog is rumored to become the focus of recent. On the surface, these two things are good. Ali shares, capital and strategic level positive. Sina micro-blog is not only the lack of money, but also the lack of ability to achieve small and medium customers. Micro-blog is not always a praised product; at this point, Ali and Baidu are the only two small and medium-sized companies have realized the customer experience. Sina over the past ten years too dependent on sales, so that although micro-blog caught such a theory can be the long tail of the meat and potatoes, but still in the implementation of big company disease seriously. read more

Three sites turned over to pay a fine of 320 thousand unfamiliar street public apology to close the

drawing / Gao Yue

according to the national anti pornography office deployment, in March this year to September in the country to carry out the "anti pornography · net net 2015 special action. So far, has been informed of the two batch of a total of eight cases. Internet dissemination of pornographic information harmful to society, seriously affecting the healthy growth of minors, must be severely punished. Since today, the newspaper launched the net net action · (2015) column, continue to report the progress and effectiveness of net action. read more

t never stops the mobile phone patent war who will be killed

from the inside to the outside, mobile phone patent "prairie fire again".

this is a war without smoke, almost all of the world’s mobile phone manufacturers have been involved in the patent war has become the largest proportion of the mobile phone industry.


manufacturers are in the "war", in addition to spare no effort to protect their own "wall", is to curb the development of the friends are in the relevant business "wall", there is a huge amount of war reparations "". read more

P2P net loan lending platform want to run away Juankuan over more than 20 million investors alarm

Legal Evening News April 15th want loans (www.wangwangdai.com.cn) suddenly closed, no one answered the phone call, this is after Fu Xiang ventures, a venture capital element, P2P net loan platform at home and a "run away".

want loan run for more than 2 months. Investors from all over the country, there are college students, enterprise workers, there are civil servants. Investors spontaneously organized alliance statistics show that there are more than and 300 people who have been registered, ranging from a few thousand dollars to one million yuan, the total amount of nearly $20 million. read more

Personal portal nternet milestone

The development direction of

Internet portal is diversified and personalized, the future of the Internet portal will present a variety of portal type coexist situation. And generate integrated services and search technology based on personalized, diverse, easy to use a strong personal portal, users can use such a portal to use a variety of Internet services.

with the continuous innovation of Internet technology, the Internet companies are constantly increasing and optimizing their services and products to meet the diverse and personalized needs. Because of the Internet products and services provided by enterprises and gradually enrich the integration is that there are more Internet users demand for Internet products and services, the goal is to provide a variety of services for users in order to increase the using degree and user stickiness, emphasizing the interaction with the user in products and services, to better meet the demands of the users. read more

Reported that in 2019 the scale of China’s electricity supplier will exceed 1 trillion

sina science and technology news Beijing time on February 5th evening news, research firm Forrester Research today released a report that in 2019 China’s online retail spending will exceed $1 trillion. This is mainly due to the development of mobile applications and logistics networks, e-commerce companies to help win more new users in small cities.

industry insiders said that this is a good news for Alibaba. After the release of the latest quarterly earnings lower than expected earnings, Alibaba shares fell. Some investors worry that the impact of Alibaba investment mobile platform revenue rose. read more