Shanghai Longfeng data analysis skill three analysis of the quality of the website chain

Web links to be effective, you need is not only effective in the page (at some sites will jump on external URL or written rules are prohibited weight), also need this chain "is included, and we can be as much as possible the release of links in the chain resources website weight these links, will soon be collected, and attract the spider to crawl the web information, enhance the website weight. So when choosing the chain resources we need to collect and analyze the weight of the site, analysis of the weight of the chain in the module, analysis of the ratio of chain included. And a little worth we talked about is a summary of individual chain included the proportion and a law think is necessary, some sites outside the chain of hair is not up, included within one day, this is certainly the quality of the chain, some need to accept every few days.

many people may wonder, the number of the chain has what good analysis, in addition to the number of the chain is not what can be analysed, if you for the website understanding that this chain is only for the Shanghai dragon know too shallow. The number of the chain includes many aspects, contrast is the most intuitive and competitors, look at the surface, the chain of competitors more than us, so we have to think of ways more than him, he can first analysis the chain site growth law, this we need to observe a period of time or the use of rough query about the history of the chain webmaster tools to make a reference, and then formulate corresponding plans to catch up. Of course, this you must have to consider, but on the other hand, might not have considered, such as the number of the chain of different site URL links, and we do what different analysis of the URL, and how much to the site, which can make a quantitative analysis of subdivision point of our chain, we can divergent thinking, specific I will not speak.

the construction of the chain every day we pay more attention to the possible number of resources and a little deeper consideration, we will pay attention to the weight of the chain and included, also have some friends in the chain widely degree, correlation and the chain of diversity, these are the need to pay attention to in the construction of the chain, here. I give you to the health of the chain of this one, through the analysis of these aspects of the quality of the chain website, I hope to help you better develop Shanghai dragon chain strategy.

The number of

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon data analysis techniques, the front for everyone talked about the keyword ranking analysis, content analysis of two parts, the chain construction site in Shanghai Longfeng process is very important, I believe this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends are very important, but also do their own site outside the chain in an effort but to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng chain in addition to know how to do the construction of the chain, but also on the quality of the chain, and real-time feedback to adjust their strategies to make Shanghai Longfeng, website to get more weight support in the external links.

1, the chain of

2, the weight of the chain and included

Speaking from the big change in July to love Shanghai

from Tomb-sweeping Day when big change, love Shanghai a few months this change is moderate. But in late July had a relatively large change, just last week, the day should be the last month 24~25 day. Because of love of Shanghai has not change a standard, and never announced the change of the content, so the webmaster and ER are only from the Shanghai dragon website daily data and ranking changes to judge.

there is a problem with many to seek answers to the webmaster nets webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, Xiao Bian found the problem also to the webmaster nets to see you have not encountered such a problem, there is no solution. Especially the submission and approval of others, that the authority of the relatively large number of. But when he often contribute and gradually become some stationmaster net "regulars", Xiao Bian will never for any article of the view of overall recognition. Because you know where the level of their own, because that is all speculation and subjective recognition of individuals, and the situation of each site is different, even personal experience are likely to be wrong, the most.

last week that love Shanghai change is mainly of a collection of adjustment algorithm. Because small usually for small change indicators and website data is not too much attention, so this is due to the change of recorded data is too large to begin to pay attention. But gradually, in fact, love Shanghai before every change are all together before. That is to say, every major change to love Shanghai, you can find some traces in the early.

The content of small Although

said a small encountered situation. In a small series of website as an example, in the last week before the record is more than 600, the concrete is probably around 630~650, but last week began to turn around 540 (data may be < less than 10 of the variance), but Thursday when found, included only 345! Less than the original nearly twice! A little alarmed, but using a variety of data analysis at. The following investigation found that some of the original article published in 2012 and 2010 are not included.

long ago love Shanghai has launched the original spark program, but small series has been no more to pay attention to research, for small series, no matter how real love in Shanghai, the original and the chain in the chain are the same, this time, if the small didn’t guess wrong. Love Shanghai should be on the original spark program upgrade algorithm. But let the person is, when a small series of articles are original, why not included is not included? Compare now writing and writing before the article, written before the article length is generally relatively short, probably in the 800~100 word, was also suspected to be the length of the problem. But later found that even the relatively long length of the article was cancelled by. It found that love of Shanghai’s original spark program probably another universe.

Taobao guest in an invincible position is to give up the Shanghai dragon magic

, only the user experience is the only true

can turn from a guest into a host in an invincible position sputtering

old people know the importance of Shanghai dragon has been, in the webmaster heart form a dependency on the Shanghai dragon, even think Shanghai dragon is everything, to flow, to be included, snapshots, weight would need the Shanghai dragon, but this year the 6.28 fell in love with the sea wind, the amount of the webmaster heart want to rely on check Shanghai dragon sense. The Shanghai dragon has always been universal, suddenly became the culprit massacre site. A lot of master Shanghai Longfeng sites have pulled the hair, on the contrary, many of the grassroots webmaster Shanghai Longfeng utterly ignorant of the website development is good. Let liberty through the analysis conclusion, only to give up Shanghai Longfeng Amoy website can be in an invincible position, there are three reasons as follows, hope veterans who express different views, let us go forward in exploration.

, the two major search standards, constantly changing, it is difficult to achieve comprehensive


it hard to please the search, compromises Shanghai Longfeng, rather than completely self-centered turn from a guest into a host, to the user experience, for the purpose of stately combat. As long as we do with.

for a long time, people on the construction site there is a bias, resulting in most owners are simply, that there are a lot of garbage station. The reason is the webmaster website development way in order to seek a long-term effective, too much emphasis on the role and exaggerated Shanghai Longfeng, misleading people to deviate from the true meaning of the only user experience of website construction.

focus on user experience is better than the best of Shanghai dragon, that is to say, a website with good user experience, users love, then the Shanghai dragon is no problem, the search will love. Otherwise, the need to meet the search site, do not have a good user experience, in other words, the user experience of the website is the only test site.

we all know, Shanghai dragon that is to search and search how to love Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon hate what search, put an end to what? To win the search of love, get good rankings and included, so as to get traffic. However, we all know that search is a love not the world, Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou number coexist, and the difference is All flowers bloom together., each big search preferences of different requirements are different, for example in dealing with words, love Shanghai love between the various search keywords separated by commas, and Google search requires space. That is to say, if we only from the search, the search can not be unified, in view of the differences in the major search, we must care for this and lose that difficult to develop. Moreover, the search also has its own variety, who has experienced 6.28 massacre of the webmaster can feel good, a website, because love Shanghai search itself changes, blink of an eye will fly out, it can not make the webmaster thinking.

Shanghai Longfeng information chaos and miscellaneous novice get more should self-help

many novice in obtaining information, usually to A5, the owners of the house or the laggards find, because these forums were highly recognized, in their eyes, these forums are very significance through the manuscript. But the truth is we think so? I think we can put all the things to be so pure, just like the A5 forum, although a good manuscript exists, but there are still many cheating manuscripts exist, including the master paper sometimes will appear some obvious mistakes, although it can our understanding of such a situation, but for some there is no industry experience of the novice, an inattentive will go astray, so I advise you on this star, not superstition well-known forum posts, for some cases and data of the article do not blindly believe, should be through the use of thinking to combat.

– Three: go to the famous blog talk industry access to information

I don’t know if you will take what kind of attitude in time to obtain information, want to learn a kind of mentality, or to find a definite answer? As in the teacher said, Shanghai dragon itself is not what standard, we found on the Internet to information and most are also talking about the experience of others and since it is experience, then there is a problem of timeliness, so everyone on the Internet do not blindly or simply seek is not, and no good answer, for some Shanghai Longfeng rigid rules can also be, but for some optimization methods and determine his operation simply can not, as you said spider does not recognize the pictures, you can’t do? So when everyone in the information must not go to extremes.

: a self-help not superstitious well-known webmaster forum posts, only believe the case data

Xingyi working every day with the message, because no matter how busy, I would go to stroll around Lu Songsong, a blog to relieve the power, and these blogs have a common characteristic that is very popular, the problem is very wide. It is more important here is different from the QQ group discussion, there are senior people "

two: self when retrieving information is absolutely not extreme

10.20, China Ping teacher closed light forum, this country level teacher gives three reasons, one is the pure Shanghai dragon more two is the Shanghai dragon be inopportune or inappropriate, the development environment is not good, the three is the mainstream technology and development of Shanghai dragon. Personal feeling behind these three reasons, is in the domestic environment of the Shanghai dragon teacher disappointed and helpless, because now the webmaster in website, think more is how to enhance the site’s ranking in the quickest way, so all kinds of Internet junk came tumbling forth, black hat tactics repeated the development environment is a lot of confusion just entering the industry novice talking, even go astray, so now in Shanghai Longfeng development environment, how to obtain useful knowledge has become a novice will take classes.

The current site operations do Shanghai dragon you should understand the truth

second is a search engine optimization and the contest must believe in yourself. Especially in the optimization, the site itself has a lot of problems, including included decline, ranking, these are great to play fast and loose their ability and psychological test, through the crisis, later you will understand a truth, the story of the lion to our table name, in fact, the donkey that a few strokes, howl, kick, shake tail. When the lion knew donkey these tricks, psychological advantage is the fundamental factor to eventually eat donkey, stationmaster is a truth, love Shanghai for investigation of the railway station is the problem, through this period of oscillation, you will see the outcome you want. Believe in yourself is the first magic weapon to conquer others.

fourth, as a webmaster to continue learning Shanghai dragon thinking. We are a lot of early site optimization from their past experience and the lessons of their predecessors, the search engine in the continuous development of owners should also be timely through self-cultivation, in the process of optimized website we can not keep the previous theories on, think before I was so optimized now I still do, insist on the attitude is worthy of recognition, but the method is suitable for the current optimization strategy can really, but also rely on practice to check, then, we in addition to keep their capital, to find some new optimization ideas, these ideas from the optimization program such as stationmaster net, Shanghai dragon why these industry website, the latest information to make we have a good grasp of the optimization of large rudder. Therefore, to enhance their awareness of learning is very important.


first, practitioners must know how to pay only the return. A lot of Shanghai Dragon said Er optimization of no effect, in fact a lot of friends are all new, site weights are still wobbly, anxious to return to that, it is not ridiculous? The sky will not give you the money It is without rhyme or reason.. So any one industry to pay only the return this is the everlasting truth, complaining and I first let you know how important it is to pay for the optimization.

as everyone knows, the author found that many webmaster forum have Shanghai dragon Er issued a manuscript, Long Fengzhen also talked about the current Shanghai seemingly do? In fact, I saw this article in the self reflection, the industry is really coming to an end.? in fact, I own more than the sum of the Sales Department by Shanghai dragon the optimization to the company’s orders, Shanghai Longfeng power itself is very large, the key is to see how you do? Here I talk about my own understanding for the optimization of

fifth, cultivate their rigorous attitude for the optimization. Failure is not terrible, terrible is his lost three story let down, Ma Su Jieting is the best interpretation, although not as serious now optimization, but shopping malls such as the battlefield, especially a site can bring a lot of orders for the enterprise, we must ensure the rigorous attitude towards the optimization of our work, any a small mistake will make the site fell into a trough. < >

The 2013 station in the Shanghai dragon in the teeth of the storm

also saw a lot of friends on the understanding of search engine technology, do some black hat, it may be part of a "trick", but Shanghai Longfeng consultants basically do not recommend this operation.

I have a micro-blog: Shanghai dragon master may love expert. Now I still agree. Shanghai dragon optimization sometimes like a proud and a little bit on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, attitude, actually seems a bit of black humor. Sometimes we want to stop a detective, find out what, there are not too many things that are, but the mind is like a rather than express feelings, not too absolute, but still feel that, uh, get something.

Shanghai dragon no secrets, say you may not believe it, but the fact is this. I always thought if not Niubi, Shanghai dragon will do is very sad, never out of date. So, in the past to create their own Niubi, please keep quiet. Have seen a lot of resume: proficient in search engine algorithm. I was very surprised at this. Because Shanghai dragon friends will know whether Google search engine or love Shanghai basically is not open ranking algorithm. Many people learn Shanghai Dragon technology is by virtue of the experience of predecessors, and then according to some official document search engine over step by step practice, but also caused the level of.

There are a lot of expert

for search engine we have too much love and hate. Take love for Shanghai, a lot of enterprise website optimization to a certain extent will bring traffic, and do SEM marketing work, there will be some conversion rate, but if you love Shanghai glorious past a sudden change in the situation, then the enterprise profit is Not the least trace was found., will have a certain impact, of course, I speak of here is a point, whether individuals or businesses are the same. Shanghai Longfeng consultants want to advise is: Shanghai dragon website optimization is a certain risk, need to be able to endure pressure.

to write this article at the beginning of 2013, it is hold too long, perhaps too fluent expression, may say is highfalutin, but the cruel reality has put the heart of defense, I have a dream, but the dream is a dream after all think, this is what I want to say. Stand in the limelight of the 2013 Shanghai dragon, please stay with.

, the Shanghai Dragon technology is no trace, my Shanghai dragon at best not to even start, Shanghai dragon Er is really good and achieve a consistent user experience optimization, also is to optimize the traces of Shanghai Longfeng people do not feel too much, but was attracted to the content of the website.

I say because I feel the cognitive search engine optimization technique is too shallow, and some began to beat a retreat. Shanghai dragon road is too long, this is not always a champion, not at the end of the road, unless you are a cockroach, otherwise there will be lost when the jieting.

The end of man does not come again in Shanghai Dragon

? ?

2: right before the three is to create more opportunities? If stable in the right before three, does it mean that a major upgrade of the bidding price of


love Shanghai king in the bidding to save money, this adjustment seems right before the three advertisers, will laugh ah, according to the bidding principle now, in the star under the same condition, the first left with the right of the first price difference is not a little ah, so the price right first to cost a lot obviously. Developers can study from today, what kind of ways of adjusting words, let the ads on the right before the three stable, after consulting the company’s technical team, said the emperor Alexander, it also requires the research breakthrough, is a long way to go, I will search for

storm will come stronger now? We can only look forward to love Shanghai to continue to adjust, what is at least right blank position supplement? Liz, this is not your fotocall >

1: the left side of the three, or forever king? Right advertising exposure, SEM industry will ignore

2012 Shanghai dragon ER to love Shanghai natural ranking, is still a few happy tears, but there is a message but once again hit the confidence of everyone, love Shanghai for advertising display about do the subversion of the traditional distance adjustment, the right to the left side of the advertising position, right the large blank, the entire page is displayed in the eyes of many people can be said to be the ugly. According to love Shanghai wantonly rape user experience consistent style, likely so it continues, but the love of Shanghai province bidding Qianwang sincerely hope that love Shanghai and the subsequent adjustment, don’t want money right, but a small plum handsome uncle, the main face of the.


, you can feel free to search, now love Shanghai only customer experience are not, and now the whole screen is filled with advertising, even natural ranking optimization to the first, you will pray for potential customers to withstand strong competitive rivals blarney. Language, multi screen scroll down a few inches. This adjustment is love Shanghai exposed ambition, known to all, Liz now is not satisfied with the Forbes before ten, eager to do Chinese boss in the next few years, such adjustment, a large number of users will be forced to do the bidding promotion, even now love Shanghai bidding price low to the people can not tolerate. Shanghai dragon industry may have a negative impact, but this may be an opportunity of the SEM industry, whether it is to do SEM training, or do the data analysis, or adjust the word software developers.

A big update last Thursday


we now under such problems:

3: bidding words creative description, right left left some of the creative advertising display is not complete, and the right margin of a large, therefore, the right side of the creative will show more? Whether to make corresponding adjustments.

The website wants to survive the stable Law shall be three meals a day

In fact, the

website and life is the same, but also need to have three meals a day, a few days do not eat, do not drink, will not continue to support the light, love Shanghai website snapshot back, keyword ranking fell, while, the site was K, even the hair pulled up, and most of these are caused by the station the long daily work of A5, the stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic-.Html Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng) and everyone is talking about which website keywords ranking drop, which website is roughly K


The ?Update not rule acquisition

chain for the emperor, since we all know that the chain for the importance of the website, then why not stable or every day to do the work? Although the construction of the chain is one thing but it’s dull as ditch water, the site is directly play a role in promoting, the website ranking will be due to the number and quality of decision chain the website ranking factors accounted for at least 60%. The importance of the chain that many webmaster all know, but always in the site problem of the time will arouse their attention, usually not very regular chain construction, when to these customers site in A5 webmaster do diagnosis found that many website problems are the same, are caused by the construction of the chain is not stable, and they are not some new Adsense, the surge of the chain reduction of violence is not good for the site, is also very clear, but people are lazy, do not want to be limited by time, want to be free. So, when they will be in the day time, the chain construction of a large number of sites, one day out of time. "

the construction of the chain increased violence reduction


content is king, is the foundation of survival and development of the site, a site if no good content support, the design of the good is useless, just a shell. Therefore, this requires the webmaster must prepare food every day, for the needs of the site, even if a few days do not feed, the website will also like people, because of the lack of food and no effort to sustain life. Finally, causing the site to die, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team is deep. A lot of new people in building the first site, because the work is a little busy or lazy, do not want to write every day, slowly on the website by day ten, slowly down to five, then one, last for several days is not simply an update. More importantly, the number of daily updated website not only reduces, the quality is reduced, then the update is CTRL C, CTRL V, to love Shanghai website snapshot back, keywords ranking drop. At this time, many webmasters will find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team counseling and their website problems, ask how to quickly solve site problems now, these problems A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team almost every day to meet, this is also very helpless.

The web server selection

website right down topics:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

virtual host server: cheap, generally less than 350 yuan, individual IDC dealers to engage in activities and free. Generally used for personal or small business start, show website. The shortcoming is: public IP, the space is small, vulnerable to other sites involved with IP, and the flow is limited, the subsequent optimization is difficult. Support FTP login.

webmaster must choose the server, but do not know how the website operation effect, how to choose the server server? I will experience many years engaged in the operation of the network to share with you:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

server. That is their own to buy a server, is actually a computer installed, can be WindowsServer2003 or higher, can also be a Linux system, whether maintenance or technology have higher requirements. Suitable for mature enterprises.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:



industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

server: VPS IP independent, independent broadband, limiting the amount of logistics. You can create multiple sites, and according to the needs of their server configuration, the two can only buy to choose their configuration. Support remote login. For higher technical requirements, suitable for mature webmaster or larger companies.

secondsWebsite optimization

server of the cloud space: in essence, cloud space or virtual host, but it is an independent IP, according to the space requirements, you can create multiple site each site is equivalent to a virtual host, you more than one site public this one IP, a virtual host to optimize is a little lower, also restricted flow. Suitable for multi site or station group operation. Support FTP login.

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked The Independent server Do

special chain optimization:

How to adjust the structure of the station to bring convenience to the Shanghai Dragon

station directory hierarchyThe ? Don’t


2, robots


, 3 page code appears too many malicious spider trap

standard was the structure of the station is to be able to have a simple structure of the station environment, so the hierarchical control directory or pay attention to a certain extent, because the search engine spider came to the site, the spider is not every directory crawling, so we must try our best to reduce the amount of the directory and the directory, too give customers access page inconvenience, because users access to the site after the multi-level directory is the need to repeatedly perform or click finish, so the station is too many directory hierarchy to the user operation to bring a lot of inconvenience.

The correct use of

Shanghai Longfeng a good internal structure can help us reduce the difficulty in optimizing the structure of the station, a standard can help us get more valuable position, a simple structure of the station to the customer can bring a better user experience, said so much about the structure of the station, I want to tell the structure of the station is not a single to everyone around the search engine, is more human words to set up and standardize the search engines crawl structure, only such a search engine accepted standard station structure we really want, but I believe we all understand this truth, but do it is inevitable to make some a mistake or not to make mistakes to reach a certain effect, of course, structure of the standard is not dead, but in order to have a good user experience and a Good position, we have to control our thoughts on problems in the perspective of customers, so how to set up a Shanghai Longfeng standard structure of

is a non malicious spider trap every site there, because we will use some search engines that can not be recognized or dangerous things to complete our site design or structure of the station sometimes, so non malicious spider trap is no way to control, but we all feel on the search engine spider trap non malicious supervision mechanism is not very strict so relax no notice of them, in fact we are wrong, in the search engine that a site there are many dangerous or suspected program is one of the causes of fall right and be K, so less >

is a good site structure of robots set is essential, we all know that spider came to our website to crawl the page, we can do some program because the program spider, the spider crawling is not included, the reason is very simple, no value information program directory, so small and included the odds of a website, the program is a collection of search engines is not good, so this time we have to crawl position control with robots spider, I suggest you prohibit crawling in the robots program, allowing more to crawl to the directory folder, so the spider can ensure that each included are valuable information page.