See the love Shanghai popular keyword optimization from Shanghai dragon race

execution is particularly important in the long-term. Individual owners due to weak, "

insist for a long time to optimize a keyword popular keywords are a must, don’t expect to be in a short period of one or two months. In order to maintain a popular keyword in the home before three, certainly not without a certain skill. The most important work is to examine the need for a competitor’s site. The most popular keywords will have strong competitors, such as portal website home page, column page, the industry fell in love with the sea height weight products etc.. As for now optimization the word "electric business circle", the top three have been variable, high weight chain into large, some blog message has been updated, can be said to be very interactive nature of the site. Some by Shanghai dragon skills website, such as brush related keywords kk103. Understand competitors, consider their Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

in addition, we also see some high weight chain in Shanghai ranked the importance of optimization of love, such as the news website, the website of gov high weight factors. Many personal webmaster or Shanghai Er also took over the Dragon many popular keyword list, in addition to the purchase link, the text is to get a good method for the high quality of the chain. But need to pay attention to the growth of the chain speed and breadth. In the optimization of popular keywords, one of the important elements of the correlation is also considered the content of the website optimization. Pay attention to writing the relevant content and related text, can effectively improve the site weight, further optimize the popular keyword ranking.

3. is more important than strategy execution

is the most popular keyword index that tens of thousands of love Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng District of electrical game, keyword index of thousands, is a popular keywords, as a representative of the majority of enterprises should be able to represent keywords, but also a professional electric district of Shanghai dragon game optimization technology for the popular keywords of Shanghai dragon master who can better reflect. Although he did not participate in the competition, but real concern for the game, plus some superficial experience, but also to share with you some place.

1. for a long race


optimization is the same as with the general popular keywords Shanghai dragon, you just need to pay attention to every detail. Starting from the structure of the website, we should make full use of the site within the chain of power. The structure of the program, the target page where the keywords within the chain through import. At the same time, the optimization of well site URL, the website address of the static. Now many websites through tag related article page, but through the dynamic web page to achieve, often see ASP? PHP? This. In fact, the weight of tag page can be equivalent to a column page, tag static pages, and then imported into the target page keywords, can get good weight.

programThe initial work of

2. from the start of

The authenticity of the news revealed 360 product vulnerabilities

through this information, we can draw two information, the first, the four securities companies before today, 360 products have been used, including 360 security guards and 360 security browser; second, the four securities companies, is today in reliability just realized 360 products "". This explains what the problem is? The four securities companies have been in the use of 360 products, but so far, there have been no any confidential information leaks, there have been no leakage of any customer reflect personal information. Just today, "emergency notice", disable the 360 browser and a series of products.

August 29th, search around 16:30 in the afternoon issued an hour "to build a safe, clean and effective competition in the Internet search market" in 360, the network appeared on the "4 brokerages GF mail exposure: disable the browser and the 360 series products" this report.

said the report, "GF Securities, Sealand securities, Guoxin Securities and Haitong Securities four securities companies have issued an emergency notice, the staff is forbidden to use the Qihoo 360 security guards, 360 security browser two software, and installed the two software employees as soon as possible to uninstall."

then they are suspected to 360 reliability products according to what information is not? "In the 360 browser privacy policy, indicating the 360 security browser will record browsing history of practical information on your computer." We can see that their information from the 360 self released product privacy policy. These "useful information" includes: browsing history, most web page screenshots, Cookie or network data storage, access the site you visited left on the temporary files etc.. This information is private, not as outsiders know, just ask, these information, which browser cannot record? Firefox, IE, Google and many other browsers, they do not record these information? The answer is obviously. Is it just because the 360 search crawler, this information will be collected

products with 360 self published information and suspected 360 products.


cloud platform vulnerability experts is cloud technology.

technology for expert cloud platform vulnerabilities, 360 search may be "not as foreign website backstage address, internal system exposed in search results," well, you provide keywords, we the people to search, whether there is secret information found? The experts also believe that the 360 search crawler ignore the provisions of the robots.txt agreement, the illegal capture of the website content, for subsequent data adjustment, there is a potential threat. I think this information, for the majority of users may think that search is a threat, but for the webmaster, release this information, may be to sniff at, because.

From 6 to 0 weight share now and then to restore the weight and the lack of experience

two, the chain will not be too excessive for a single, single

Hello, I am Zhang Jiajie. Also remember that day in June 28th, I experienced, now in retrospect, remember. I will fall in love with the sea pupils writing network weights from 6 down to 0, and so the content page will almost K light, only part of the home page and column page. Because of the general situation, I also go with the flow of some love Shanghai bidding group took a look, found that it is of no help.

PR3, the weight of 3, love love Shanghai IP station data is not accurate, I was his 2 times


in just 2 months, I experienced a lot of things, but also tried many things. Here I share.

I am a dark horse VIP blog users, now still maintain more than 100 Sina blog, included only a few, now almost deserted. I spent 1 days to register hundreds of Sina blog, the first group after one week basic are included. And then add the chain link, now my sina is more than 90 thousand. Over the single is not feasible, because I was sending Sina blog, there is a time to love Shanghai is not even included in my original article, until I stop sending only included.

at that time, most of the webmaster is the development mode of collecting a large number of pseudo original + + a small part of the original + the chain, I remember right down 1 weeks ago, I collected more than 3000 compositions of 3 compositions on the website, all included basic love Shanghai. But later included a lot of drop, I deeply reflect the next, stop all the original manual collection, every few articles and a few chain. A month later, is not a little improvement. I had a friend told me that he will delete all the content of the website, then do a similar, only the original and high quality pseudo original article, do not collect the results of his site quickly to a lot of traffic, this is the second book, now the weight is good. So, I refer to it, decided to more than 3000 essay before me all at once removed, then the home of title, to love again Shanghai submitted a complaint. After a week, I love Shanghai reincluding article, although it has recovered 3 weight, but there are many things to learn.

for Tencent like Sina and other large web sites, they have a lot of articles are reproduced, but love Shanghai are included. Their website has experienced the sandbox, and love Shanghai for their very high degree of trust. So for the new station acquisition, this road is not feasible. Rather than spend some time each day to the original artifacts.

severe punishment

now I still maintain the Sina blog, but did not.

, a new station or not love Shanghai sandbox stand don’t collecting a large number of

Stationmaster does not know what project to make money, must work two years firstDry goods entrepren

in the assessment of the difficulty of financing, there is a situation must be singled out and discussed, that is the company’s flawed situation. What is the company’s flawed? For example, there are no good stuff. Equity in the company, such as team founder of the proportion of shares have problems, such as the ownership is not the share of people accounted for, such as flawed data data is very poor, a lack of data.

valuation of more than 5000W of the project, to see whether the company itself in hot industry or unpopular industry. Hot industry refers to the market there are many many successful cases in the industry, if the company in a hot sector, so the reference industry financing success rate, and the company’s position in the industry, we can determine the difficulty of financing. The position of the company in the industry is covered below.

Huaxing manager Huang Xisheng in the sea of foreign exchange financing for business incubator platform "tutor" activities and entrepreneurs share, the theme of "on the financing of the" rhythm, full of dry cargo, it is worth sharing.

at the beginning of financing, entrepreneurs should first judge the difficulty of their company financing, that is, how much time and effort will be required to finance. To assess the difficulty of financing, we provide the following evaluation system:

angel, Pre-A valuation of no more than 5000W of the project, the evaluation index is the strength of the team, and whether it is in the hot track. The stronger the team, the more popular the track, the less difficult it is to finance, the greater the chance of success.

This article from the

assessment of the financing time, based on past financing experience, I have the following judgment:

if the company is in an unpopular industry, it depends on whether the project can bring value to investors. The more difficult it is to help investors make money, the less difficult it is to finance.

1. Correctly assess financing difficulty


first of all, we should make clear how long it will take to finance. It’s a dynamic problem. Each year, the market environment is different, different times, need to invest time are different, the sales funnel in which part of the card will be different. For example, the early project may contact 10 institutions, 8 institutions meet on pass, 2 signed NDA confidentiality agreement materials, but also to some extent shows that the project is interested. While the later rounds, financing more difficult, requires a period of time is longer. Compared to early projects, the latter project may be 10 institutions, 9 will require first sign a NDA, materials, but in the end may only have 2 follow-up.

for grassroots webmaster, how to choose a suitable for their own project, I have a don’t know whether the right point of view, but at present, according to my own experience, is correct. For those who enter the society, full of ideals, but unknown division lead the way entrepreneurs are, go to work for two years, preferably in the past two years, jump several times trough, and more understanding of some industries. So, as long as you put your heart into it, you’ll find some of the blue ocean market, or a very competitive market. And, over the last two years, you’ll probably learn a lot from your colleagues and bosses. My site knowledge, SEO skills are learned from work. And it did this work found a lot of business opportunities, and then I worked back alone, at this time, as previously in the company already know these projects which resources can be used, can be extended through what channels, so through their own efforts, but also achieved a little success.

what project to make money? This should be the most concern of novice webmaster. In Wangzhuan in this industry, positioning is more important than what. The direction chosen is right, the next effort and persistence can be rewarded, otherwise it will go farther and farther.

a friend of mine, too, was promoted in an education company, and later found a huge market in it, and went out alone. Because of the previous work in the company, with the company’s money, has done a lot of promotion experiments, know what method is effective, what channel effect is good. It’s easy to get out of it. You can make one every day

, like many grassroots entrepreneurs, has been in the university dream of adding a network of entrepreneurial forces. Because the unknown teacher directions, so many detours on this road. Once done click to make money, investigate money, hang up money, etc., done station, done a movie station, done Taobao customers, done site station, and finally failed. Summing up the reasons, I found that we do not understand the market, we can know is what others do, make money, we also follow. This is what grass roots love to do, but there is no success here, but most of us fail. Like last year’s group buying site, this year is the end of most web sites.

according to my experience, on average, each project financing to meet investors generally more than 30, financing arrival time not to sign TS nor SPA more than 5 months, signing the TS breach of contract rate is greater than 50%.

when I was talking about Ma interview, I heard him say, "if an idea comes out and everyone feels good and feasible, then he usually puts the idea in the garbage can.". Why, because he felt that if a creative many people feel good, then this world is smarter than you more capable than you people have to go, they can do what you can do better than others. In the same vein, if a project feels good, then you have missed the opportunity, and you have to make great efforts to join it. And these efforts, if you use a competition in general projects, you will succeed in several times the possibility of success.

evaluation of financing urgency

‘s initial steps in determining the pace of financing are two: evaluating financing difficulty

Flow Catcher SEO keyword optimization


we know to do a web site, keyword is to win the important means of flow. So new Adsense to the SEO website to have certain users, even in the next operation to win more traffic, do a good job in the SEO keyword optimization must work hard, can have a party. As SEOER know in addition to literal meaning — especially keywords but the media used in making use of the index of vocabulary, the most important is the keyword search web search is one of the main methods of the index, in the hope that users can understand the product or service or company specific names. Well, how to do SEO optimization? I put forward a few suggestions, and colleagues to share and exchange.

one, broaden your horizons, comprehensive screening keywords


face, is a huge vocabulary system and a SEOER should cover and contain everything, to learn by analogy in so many words, broaden their horizons, fully involved. But not all of the key words should be optimized, so that it will become "pass" and "not fine", and the operation of the entire website is very unfavorable. And now the new Adsense in the understanding of many key words, began to study what keywords are useful and effective, what kind of keywords is user demand, what kind of keywords can reflect your site content, and then screening out key words, this is the real meaning of keywords. For example, snack related websites, this keyword is like stars, like keywords casual snacks, imported snacks, nuts and so on, you need to study the selected keywords in your web site development keywords so much, so in the keyword search rankings on the front, let your website to get more flow, improve the success rate of the website.

two, key assault, internal structure optimization,

when your website started to sort out the relative usefulness of the keywords, the next step is to start for keywords of internal site optimization deployment, you can select or create keywords to optimize deployment. And the most critical skill of SEO website optimization is SEO long tail optimization, so you can start from the SEO long tail optimization, focus on attack, optimize the deployment of the page. Here first explain the long tail keywords, the web site non target keywords, but also can bring search flow keywords, called long tail keywords. For example, "snack" keyword extension and expansion, can be expanded to "casual snacks" or extended "melon seeds, snacks" and so on, which is in the snack related website is very see. So when you SEO website optimization to a specific page long tail keywords deployment within 3, around the long end word planning content, content to keep the uniqueness, and timely maintenance of long tail keywords optimization, it can successfully deployed for your site traffic increased by 30%.

three, analyzed the website, the enemy can ever victorious

Website analysis ten, ask (top) about website goal, strategy and user

hasn’t updated the blog in the past half a year, either because of busy and two because of laziness. I think it’s a very happy thing to have some things of my own when I’m out of work, and to keep it up. I will continue to update my blog in 2012. Blogging has two benefits for me: 1. Help me think. Every process of writing is also a process of thinking. A lot of things are easy to talk about, but once you have written it down, you will find there are still many problems that you do not want to understand. 2 record my thoughts and thoughts. Whether they are right or wrong. He who makes mistakes makes progress.

talked a lot about the subject of entering this article. Website analysis ten must ask is to analyze a new web site, before we do the work, is to understand the website background information method. It was also a thorough physical examination of the site. These ten issues include the website’s goals, strategies, user and business information. These information scattered in every corner of the site, some may only be a person in charge of the mind has not yet forming assumptions, and we have to do is to find the answers to these questions or speculation, the summary information, it can be said that, if not clearly understand the site for answers to these questions, the entire process of your website the analysis is very difficult to start. Let’s explain these ten questions one by one. If there is an error, please enlighten Bozhuan friends.

one, what are the goals of the web site,



The goal of the

web site is simply the value of the site. Every web site has its own goals. There are no websites without goals. In the previous article, I’ve also explained the goals and goals of the site. Here, in addition to understanding the goals of the web site, we need to know more about the target before starting the site analysis. Each goal is made up of three parts: 1 goals, 2 target indicators, and 3 index values.

Is the

1 site goal reasonable? Is it executable? (target)

Is the goal of the

site reasonable? We don’t seem to have thought about it all the time. If this goal itself is not reasonable, then both in the specific implementation and analysis process, there will be a lot of problems, leading to the final failure. So, when goals appear, we need to think carefully.

a reasonable goal is not always an enforceable goal. This goal can be implemented only when changes in the target are strongly associated with the site. The term "strong association" here refers to a change in the results of a website that can directly result in a change in the target’s results. For example, many companies now display their products on their websites, and then finish their final sale online. In this case, sales are affected by two factors, the online and offline. It is not reasonable to set the goal of the website as final sales. It should be set as a potential guest for the site

The best cook Wang Xiaoxiao’s career

do not know when did not want to cook, anyway, Xiaobian was determined to be a cook, of course, that’s just talk, the chef is usually fat uncle, there is little woman as a cook, but today to talk about this as the most beautiful cook was an exception, looks too sweet she is to become a chef?

2014, after graduating from school in, easily find a job in Chengdu. After work, she often made delicacy treat myself well after each happily in the circle of friends Slide Show, friends praise. Many friends also deliberately went to her home, rub eat, after the taste of screaming fun. Wang Xiaoxiao thought, "since I have this craft, why not start their own business". Said dry, Wang Xiaoxiao to the market to buy fresh ingredients, try to do cold eat rabbits, chicken, spicy beef and other cold food series, the results of a one-time success.

24 hour convenience store business tips

investment and super business not only need abundant capital, but also in the fast pace of the market, the business of the shop is also difficult to get great development, on the contrary, conform to the current city development process, the convenience store business is getting bigger and more, have very good development prospects, entrepreneurship is a lot of people preferred. If you want to join them, Xiaobian to introduce you to 24 hours convenience store business tips.

24 hours convenience store to make money? Open wide prospects for convenience stores

with the rapid take-off of China’s economy, the domestic market demand for convenience stores increased significantly. But the demand is not equal to success, in order to make the 24 hours convenience store, it is necessary to seriously study its business know-how.

24 hours convenience store compared to the general supermarket investment return is higher

operating in Shenzhen is relatively good 24 hours convenience store, the gross profit margin is about 15%-20%. This is mainly because of the convenience store business principles of "small and fine, the price is about 10% and the general supermarkets, convenience store goods on the shelves are relatively large volume of goods, goods turnover, inventory is relatively reduced, but also according to the sales rebate from some suppliers.

is currently in Shenzhen, shop 24 hours to facilitate an investment of about 50 square meters, usually about 200 thousand of the funds, mainly spent on the decoration of shops, buying all kinds of equipment and goods; housing rents are different due to different locations, on average, generally 3000 to 6000 yuan / square meters; in the management. Due to the 24 hours of operations, so the general staff from 2 to about 3.

open 24 hours convenience store business tips

24 hour convenience stores in order to facilitate the fixed customer shopping convenience, it shall guarantee that the commodity categories are as unchanged; the special offer commodity Duitou display stores should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect; the store aisle is set at 80 to 90 cm.

According to the

24 hour convenience store at the peak of the reasonable arrangement of goods distribution, separating the difficult selection of goods and selling goods, in order to avoid the peak shoppers crowded aisle, not for other customers shopping; the shelf height should take care to need many housewives, the center shelf should not exceed 165 cm, preferably not more than 6 layer.

should also pay attention to the use of the end of the shelf, because this is a 24 hour convenience store store gold point, the customer in these places to stay the longest time, should be equipped with some of the best-selling products of high margin.

it is understood that

2012 what shop to make the most money

2012 what shop to make the most money? Do you want to start a friend? The whole network Xiaobian pushing several projects, we go and have a look!

flower soil

position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower. According to the current market spend about 200 yuan per cubic meter of soil, with annual sales of about $200 thousand, to remove the rent, fertilizer, water, electricity, wages and other costs, net profit of 6-10 million, the market prospect is extremely attractive. Flowers can also be sold at the same time, while selling some flowers and trees.

exquisite porcelain

as thin as paper, white jade, such as the sound of catering equipment Xin Bone China, porcelain Ivory made popular; antique porcelain, pottery porcelain, cloisonne became a respected Master of traditional culture, a symbol of quality of life stress. The creation of ceramic stores should be located near the edge of the market, it is best to be adjacent to the grocery store, or choose more customers in the vicinity of the market. People with 2-3 is good, but with their own hands to do more ideal. In the display of goods should be more brains, if the young class as the main object, we must have a sense of color on the display, which helps the sale of goods.

children’s products

car accessories

surge in private car ownership leads to rising car accessories. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. A considerable proportion of car owners want to have a beautiful, personalized car. There are many opportunities to be found in the shop. Like perfume, dolls, steering wheel sets, cushions, etc. have a great market demand.


Shop operators win heart is more important than profit – net

in the process of shop operators, each operator will have different concerns, some shopkeepers will be very focused on profit and ignore the services to consumers, and some shopkeepers are more focused on customer service in profit at the same time, just to win more customers. Different business strategies adopted, the development of the store may have a different development. Here Xiaobian suggested that shop operators, but more important to win the heart than profit oh.

"profit" can be said to be the ultimate goal of all types of operators, however, as a commodity circulation chain in a link of the operator in order to achieve profitability, must not be separated from its downstream terminal – customers. Therefore, the profit is more to win the heart, to be good at grasping the customer heart.

cigarette retailers need more. In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of cigarette consumption service industry, the cigarette retail terminal construction efforts to further increase, accelerate the development of small, standardized retail terminal coverage to further improve, promote the competitive environment of cigarette retail market has been improved effectively. Therefore, in an increasingly standardized cigarette market environment, by means of unfair competition means "profit" more and more work, but to see who is more adept at winning the hearts of customers, stability and expand customer groups, stabilize and expand business profits.

for cigarette retailers, win heart at least three points:

is a shop arrangement to be careful. To do items placed orderly with bright windows and clean tables. Otherwise, it is not respect for the value of goods, but also to the customer’s respect, because customers here in the consumer will feel insecure. In particular, cigarette display, to be vivid, eye-catching, saturated, to attract customer attention, stimulate the desire to buy, meet the needs of the purchase.

two is to treat customers with enthusiasm. The door for customers, whether it is "customer first" or "repeat", don’t start straight to the point, ask the customer "what to do" and "what" and "how much to buy"…… Don’t let the customer feel you are always staring at his pockets, the best talk topics outside things, many customers praise, such as the elderly love you praise him health, women love you praise her beautiful, love you say she’s smart and lively children…… Sometimes, even a white lie, but the customer is never tired, always feel you are very concerned about him, care for him, respect him……

three is to be sincere business. Integrity management is to do their own store signs, for their own personality brand. Only the integrity of business, reputation can be done far, do ring, business can do long, do wang.

once recognized by the customer, such shops are also worried about the latter can not be developed? Therefore, in the two aspects of profit and win the heart, the heart is relatively more worthy of choice, which for the long-term development of the shop