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Shanghai dragon WHY home mainly to the several modules: recommended today, readers recommend, week recommended ranking, latest submission, month recommended ranking, basic course, the latest recruitment. The main content is displayed on the WHY Shanghai dragon columnist of the original article. The stone also saw many webmaster network writers column, this is a very good model. For the website with original content and stable injection for writers and soft contribute to get good quality of the chain, it is mutual benefit fee.

Explanation: WHY Shanghai Dragon



Shanghai dragon WHY has the following: search column, industry information, community forums, tutorial, Cardiff Institute, Shanghai dragon pool, the search column, industry information, community forums, tutorial with the format of the catalog, Cardiff Institute, Shanghai dragon pool with two the domain name on the Internet, the website should use the directory or two level domain name controvercial. The general view is: large website and content is not related with the two level domain name, small sites, such as enterprise website in the form of the directory. What about the two level domain name and directory, you can go to love Shanghai.

, only the teacher almost Wurenbuxiao, the words Shanghai dragon has been steadily in love before the Shanghai three, only the teacher had talked about Shanghai dragon WHY Shanghai dragon mode: CMS+BBS+BLOG. This golden collocation has been many websites to imitate, but can surpass Shanghai dragon WHY scanty, stone today will take you simple analysis of Shanghai dragon WHY the Shanghai dragon pattern, and then discuss how to better play the advantages of this mode. Is clumsy, I experienced a friend pointed out that. Take a look at the Shanghai dragon WHY navigation layout:

Shanghai dragon WHY founder

finally to see Shanghai dragon WHY Forum:





The main navigation

Shanghai dragon WHY forum now there are still many people posting, but to be honest. Stone forum now feel lack of quality content, in fact more than Shanghai dragon WHY forum, many webmaster forums are large. For example, A5, Chinaz forum, the original dry cargo is less and less, more is the chain or post irrigation. The main forum is popular, but not many people are willing to share their experience. The above is a brief introduction to the Shanghai dragon stone WHY page layout, so how to make better use of the Shanghai dragon pattern? Stone thought it according to the specific needs and specific analysis.

then look at the front page design:

Noble baby update search ranking algorithm against excessive Shanghai dragon website

also said the noble baby update will involve a number of languages, including English 3% keywords retrieval will be affected, German, Arabic and Chinese will also have an impact on more than 3%, while the Polish effect is accounted for 5%.

stack and false link is the excessive use of Shanghai Dragon technology website’s trick, and noble baby said, will punish those who use excessive optimization way to enhance the visibility of the site, on the contrary, strictly abide by the guidelines of the web search engine visibility will improve.


days ago announced the nobility baby ranking algorithm to update the search engine optimization, mainly to improve the technology and popularity of the website and regardless of the quality and content of the relevance of search results is the behavior against the "black hat" search.

Search Engine Land conducted an informal comparison test, the results showed that the correlation between Microsoft search results provided by Bing is better, and the noble baby search results page to use the more recognized Shanghai dragon skills. Search Engine Land also found the noble baby to the whole algorithm to update the search results to bring significant changes.

Love Shanghai search site no home where hundreds of thousands of traffic



. ?

is a connected home are not included in the site where hundreds of thousands of traffic here, it is because we can not kick up a cloud of dust, and the long tail word of this site does have a very high ranking found when searching keywords, it surprised me, holding a clear purpose to understand me to enter search keywords stage.


after the chain analysis of the website I found outside the chain of this site very much, yesterday was 90 thousand, today’s data show there have been 110 thousand, but the chain come from? Finally, after domain analysis found that the chain is all novel website station outside the chain, we all know that an ordinary novel the site may have tens of thousands of included, if more than a few websites all to him with the chain, the chain is not likely to break through to make this site a day on one hundred thousand? You can say that this is the biggest cheating, may be the owner of this web site is from previous several novel sites, there are it is possible to cooperate with others in the Commission, but no matter how to say this is cheating. The search engine algorithm incomplete website >

just visit a "decryption ten days 7 of the weight of the myth" of the article, the article appeared in the website is very scared me, too scary, a website for 10 days of hundreds of thousands of traffic, with the purpose of learning to understand this website, but it makes me look fantastic,

is a website of hundreds of thousands of flow is really a very impressive figure, but this website is a new website, webmaster all know a new station if too much traffic may be considered cheating and direct K off, and now the site is subverting the examples we think, I also check this website found this site has no so-called historical site, that is to say a new domain name will have hundreds of thousands of traffic, the traffic can help hundreds of thousands of websites every day a lot of profit, can break the new Sandbox can reverse the fate, the establishment of a new miracle, can be said to do hundreds of thousands of traffic it is making people exclaim sign.


ten traffic impact on the site

search for a few long tail words are found this website ranking does, but compared with the site’s ranking has declined, many words from the first to the second, but the hundreds of thousands of flow is what the impact of the website? This site is how to do it? This site will be search engine K?

this site is how to do it

you can see when the site in Shanghai in search of love there is no so-called URL, and the following August 25th snapshot I click on the snapshot into love Shanghai also found

We read the important information from the decryption statistics in Shanghai love

third, which is the search word search word >

second, we need to know the source of traffic flow your site is where to come, so that we can know where we do have is to use, promotion where it is no use. Useful we will increase efforts to promote, in no place to do the promotion next time will not go.

wrote an article called decryption to get information from the sea in which statistical tools, this article is mainly about the love the sea would like to know from the statistical tools of information, to talk about today is that we can read what information from Shanghai love statistical tools, the website is starting from a variety of data analysis and these data can help us better understand their own website which is insufficient. Here we can talk about love in Shanghai read from the statistical tools to which useful information.

We can

on the site of the inside to see website today and yesterday’s traffic, and can compare the traffic today yesterday is up or down, if it continues to rise, nature is of favorable site. Here are a few data about the user experience we should pay attention to, IP and PV. IP high enough promotion, the higher the PV represents the content of your website that you can attract users, content and user experience is doing great. There is an average access time, if a user stays on your website for longer periods of time, content and user experience that you are doing well, if your PV is low and the average access time is very short, so that your website needs to be improved. If your PV and the average access time is lower than the average for the industry if you (of course, we can’t know the industry PV and the average access time average value is how much), then your site’s ranking will be in a disadvantageous influence. Of course, the bounce rate is as low as possible, it still depends on your website user experience and content. In fact, PV, the average length of visit, jump out rate is an important index to reflect your website user experience and content quality. This is from the chain for the emperor era to the user experience is king of the times. These data are very important.

can be seen from the picture, I this enterprise station fifty-six percent comes from search engines, direct access to Twenty-six percent, the chain access seventeen percent. Personal feeling this ratio should be relatively healthy, unlike some sites rely on search engines, eighty or ninety per cent of the flow from the search engine, this more or less makes a bit worried, single source of traffic is very dangerous, remember to read an article called do Shanghai Longfeng site will die only Shanghai dragon the website Shengburusi

In front of the


, which introduced very clearly that the risk of a single source of traffic.


first, the website of


Title website is still important to blindly follow the trend is taboo

      Title website written before the popular search engine attention. Still, the wording of it often determines a site traffic trend, because the title weight is very high, affect the ranking of keywords, keywords into new sites if the competition is more intense, often are not good in the rankings, long tail keywords less competition, may soon have a immediate effect, this is the reason why many webmaster love modify title, for the website to write the title webmaster still can not be blind, analysis now often encounter some of the webmaster here, writing about the Website Title:

Adsense encyclopedia Yue Dialogue world lead you into Wangzhuan stormMa Jiajia started again how to

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: that garbage station is to rely on advertising to make money?.

Yue world is now: nothing, garbage station well, the user experience is second, making money is the first, but the page to make it look good on it.

hunt cloud: what kind of target users does High target?

from the current point of view, High is more like a female mobile question answering community App, content basically is the large scale style, from the topic "and kissing her boyfriend, his hands will be placed where" to "how to eradicate the male vote" reluctance "those ambiguous objects are involved.". In addition, the community has many "war" bitch "day dish" and "little meat" Gay honey "this kind of distinctive style of vocabulary.

Hunt: please say "High" in one sentence".

therefore, hunting cloud network to interview Ma Jiajia himself, the following is the full text of the interview interview Ma Jiajia’s record:

: the strontium strontium and life rubbish feel like ah, I really want to know, a garbage station, everyone said to rely on the acquisition, not what the value of the user, it is exactly what

mention Ma Jiajia, she has already been put on many Tags: Internet thinking, 90, entrepreneurs, fun supplies, humor and maverick, etc.. Born in 1990, she had an unusual way of thinking and doing things, and thereby spawned an alternative experience.

Ma Jiajia: a new generation of girls, influenced by American culture, is neither clever nor wild. Neither milk tea nor Pan Shuangshuang’s Emma Watson girl.

Yue: do garbage station, or a lot of ways of making money, usually make money on advertising alliance advertising, as long as the user can make money in general, put three advertisement better, CPM, CPV, CPC, CPS almost no conversion, CPM and CPV. No matter from any local station has entered the income, easily earn.

Ma Jiajia’s personal style, as some time ago, Ma Jiajia at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel for the new product team held a press conference to kill party open up a fresh outlook, Matt, nude model, each net red together, is also known as the world’s best conference.

: now the world veteran to Yue is not well, garbage station group construction literally built a lot of garbage station, ha ha, with some say, is to do three or more than three stations of the stations, the content is collected, so we used to call the garbage station.

now, in the bubble no, "curtain" after, Ma Jia Jia embarked on a new journey. On the one hand is the chief editor of a fashion magazine New Media Group, on the other hand, start again, at the launch of High community to this new woman, carrying her new dream, as she wrote in the new year "at least do a very niubi".

Yue world is: Hello, I’m here, oh,


may have experienced, from the pursuit to questioning, from Carnival to quiet down, from peak to trough, Ma Jiajia’s mentality and ideas are more practical or feasible.

Ma Jiajia: in twenty-second Century, the most red but soon red new female community.

?There is make money?There is Adsense Encyclopedia –

Abstract: Ma Jia Jia, she has already been marked with many: Internet thinking, 90, entrepreneurs, fun supplies, humor and maverick. Born in 1990, she has an unusual way of thinking and doing things.

Yue Shixian: Yeah, most of them are relying on advertising, of course can also sell some of the monthly, I sold some to the car company, package, CPC, the best way to put in the content page, and the contents are mixed together, so click will be relatively high, such as sh419 and put nine wins good. 9 win a little color, if it is placed in health and entertainment category, the effect is good.



webmaster encyclopedia strontium strontium: even if you and the content of different ads, you can also sell him advertising, this will affect the user experience?.

This seems to be in line with

Yue: do stand group, I think first of all, don’t be afraid of the K station, for example, the target is 10, so in this process, K is a, immediately do one, it is always to ensure that there are 10, if it is so long, is to pay attention to not only the optimization SEO optimization, I said. My experience is that new sites have not included, when the collection of some, and so on, with a collection of control every day a number of collection. My station general, I control in 200 to 300, and I also found that more than 20 thousand of the stations can also collect more, >

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: Yue brother is a veteran of the station, and that brother and we talk about what is the construction of garbage stations,

graduated from the University in 2012 opened up interesting shops, after less than a year and a half, and with no global technology Co. Ltd. was established in Sanlitun flagship store of their own, and a unique personality on the Internet hot topic. Therefore, 2014 is the life of the most tired one year for her, with the sudden flood type plunder, blind worship, unprovoked attack, it will bring N opportunities, N identity, N partners, N times of trial and error.

Adsense encyclopedia strontium SR; Hello, at three o’clock in the afternoon, Wikipedia interview group, founder of science and technology researchers, who now lead you into Yue Wangzhuan storm. Everyone warmly welcome.

webmaster encyclopedia strontium strontium: Oh, ah, that’s for a station group, want to do it for a long time, how do we go to maintenance, how to optimize

Online education, stay half sober, stay half drunkI received the check in English. What should I do


one, online education is a new form of education

, this to do shlf1314, AdSense and other foreign networks to make money useful

to the local bank for the Chinese "clean collection" business.

check collection procedures

note: some of the company’s cheque is valid, so to handle collection procedures as soon as possible! For example, marked "VOID AFTER 90 DAYS" on the par, which means that the check is valid for 90 days.

online education

in the square dance aunt who jump out and began to talk about panic buying gold online education today, as in the traditional enterprise training industry for many years the countersunk cart, do not talk about online education is not scientific, but after all, is what excitement, does not understand the technical language so much deep view, is offbeat, welcome small owners.

but in a piece of the Internet on traditional education subversive and revolutionary vision, also should have a clear understanding of this process will be long and gradual, at present, we are still in the process of chaos in infancy, there are still many unknown, in the excitement at the same time keep some rational, if quick, fantasy cookin three years a master, then the Huashan mountain, only to have up early to catch a late set or fall in the market on the road exit embarrassed.

but there are so many ways to learn, a single form of simulation is difficult to replace classroom learning, including the current highly regarded "flipped classroom", including MOOC. It is believed that classroom teaching is an indispensable substitute for the Internet for a long time before disruptive technology can replace classroom learning completely. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the Internet can only be an educational technology based on the needs of learners’ distance learning.

has its own Internet associated with the Internet education, after many years of practice has proved that the Internet education did not replace the traditional classroom teaching has become a revolutionary mainstream form of education, online education products currently largely still in the PC era: cloud, big data, mobile learning and other cutting-edge concepts are rarely used, at best is simulated the effect of classroom on the Internet by using multimedia technology.

is constantly improving in its Internet infrastructure, and new theories, technologies and tools are emerging


needless to say, the Internet penetration and transformation of traditional industries is an irreversible historical process, in this process, after the search, shopping, social networking, online education field by absorbing the vertical flow, the birth of par BAT company is a high probability event, the Internet is not cultivating virgin land, the new industrial chain provides a large number of business opportunities, have the privilege to witness and put into this node is undoubtedly lucky.

education is an old but evergreen industry, complete witnessed all of human history and education related science and technology invention and application, papermaking, printing, radio, television, satellite, computer, laser Phototypesetting, multimedia and so on the invention of technology, not only did not subvert since Confucius classroom education form, but because of the application of these techniques to make the classroom teaching form and means to constantly improve, enrich and extend, make classroom teaching more effective.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

Scholar how does the website seek good quality friendship link

what I’m talking about here is "quality links", which means the best link to your website, which is the best link to your website.

these days, many webmaster friends through QQ or QQ group asked me, how to do a good link to the website, IT College Station friendship link is how to exchange with others?. Asked a lot of people, they decided to write this article, summed up their experience in exchange of friendship links in this experience, to share with you.

from this Google update PR value seems, personal think friendship links to Google PR value promotion function and not imagine so powerful, but also can’t deny the importance of links to the site. For example, the Internet is a vast expanse of water, and the site is in the sea one island, it is a Links link island bridge. Metaphor a bit nauseous, simple, Baidu search engine directly to your website and content directly to another website content, if the two sides do Links, spiders may by the other party website onto your website to be included, this multiplier.

on the exchange Links this, but There is much fineness in. What is the quality of Web sites, links, high PR value, high included site, or flow of large web site, personally think, the most suitable for your website links is high-quality links.

, such as my IT College Station, has several principles for linking:

1 non regular stations do not do.

example, a private type of Web site, even if your PR value is higher, the flow is big, resolute not to exchange links. It is undeniable that most private stations are high PR value (buy links everywhere, the PR value can not be high), it is easy for some novice Adsense temptation.

2 site navigation station does not do.

here does not detract from the site navigation station, after all, there are too many webmaster do site navigation, and site navigation station has a lot of the PR value is quite high, but under consideration, even if your website PR value of 2, his navigation station PR 4, and how? Your site of the chain twenty or thirty, but his two hundred or three hundred, how can we compare.

3 company type website does not do.

does not link with the website of company type, the reason is, basically company website, no matter the PR value is high or low, rarely updated, similar to the dead station that I mentioned in the previous article. How to prove, might as well go to check his website collection and snapshot situation.

4 forum type link not done.

declares first. I mean, my website basically doesn’t link with the forum. Personally think that the forum is the best link to find the forum, and the site always feel a little different with the forum. Except for one point, unless it is large forums, and similar, and traffic is enormous, the weight is extremely high. IT >

Jinjiang District professional management help college students entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial activities in China is gradually from the "niche" to "public", Sichuan Chengdu has been trying to build the western innovation city, the construction of a number of college students entrepreneurial base, inspire youth innovation potential, to support youth entrepreneurial success.

provide intimate style fine service, inspire youth innovation potential and entrepreneurial activity, which is the core idea of Jinjiang youth entrepreneurship work, but also to achieve a win-win economic and social benefits.

"two" business carrier "dry facts"

Behind the

Jinjiang follow the industrial agglomeration principle, to support the cultural and creative industries, take the characteristics of the road of development and cultivation of different stages in the development of cultural and creative enterprises, the formation of the industry chain and value chain, the middle and lower reaches of the implementation of the cultural and creative industry agglomeration scale development.

"two" path to promote entrepreneurship service "effectiveness" of

Double 11 price war can play a few years

Double 11

distance less than 48 hours, the major electricity providers and consumers have been prepared to meet the challenge. Since the birth of the double 11 Shopping Festival, only in the past 6 years, it has become a business era electricity supplier myth. However, with the escalation of consumer attitudes, the 11 pure price war can play a few years?

those only because the price comes to consumers, because the price will only leave, although left that day is far from coming.

and those foreign counterparts to change the way of shopping "as the basic goal is different, the earliest in China business" 8848 "after the fall, almost all the electricity supplier price war as the core means to get rich, living in the lakes.

from the fire came to the fire, in the price war so crazy, but also gave birth to the distribution system, the electricity supplier logistics system and China tough payment system. But behind the price war, many business platform is not on the table to get the small means and waizhao. An electricity supplier industry practitioners on Tencent technology, said: behind the price war, the decline in quality and the survival of small sellers difficult."

many relevant survey report said, with the Chinese consumer income levels increase, the price sensitivity in reducing. But now, in the Chinese price war is still the most important means to seize market share and marketing, this year eleven, many business platform war, still without exception resorted to price war magic.

fumbled mode in the Jingdong is still new, the history of the most famous China retail price butcher Gome Yongle electrical appliances to flagrantly (after Gome acquisition), Suning has launched a price war, or even a strange scene in the price war: the United States to buy goods mostly for supplier employees, because the promotional price is too low the supplier will have to choose, promotional items to panic buying back. Then Jingdong will quickly follow the price war, only one year. In the Chinese business "Whampoa  military academy" said China newegg.

in the first battle, tasted the sweetness of the price war Jingdong to spearhead Suning, Gome, then the price war broke out in 2012 815.

the price war is inevitable, electricity supplier once the speed and size of growth of 100%, is behind the economic growth and population growth China Internet double dividend. But with the economic contraction, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, the capital market is still demanding rapid growth in electricity providers, the market share and the dual pressures facing the market share of the electricity supplier platform is the best way to launch a price war.

but manufacturing the price war on the Chinese have irreversible damage, although Ali, as a representative of the Jingdong business platform have repeatedly declared that China consumers are value oriented from the price oriented, but the fact is the recommended price