The 2013 station in the Shanghai dragon in the teeth of the storm

also saw a lot of friends on the understanding of search engine technology, do some black hat, it may be part of a "trick", but Shanghai Longfeng consultants basically do not recommend this operation.

I have a micro-blog: Shanghai dragon master may love expert. Now I still agree. Shanghai dragon optimization sometimes like a proud and a little bit on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, attitude, actually seems a bit of black humor. Sometimes we want to stop a detective, find out what, there are not too many things that are, but the mind is like a rather than express feelings, not too absolute, but still feel that, uh, get something.

Shanghai dragon no secrets, say you may not believe it, but the fact is this. I always thought if not Niubi, Shanghai dragon will do is very sad, never out of date. So, in the past to create their own Niubi, please keep quiet. Have seen a lot of resume: proficient in search engine algorithm. I was very surprised at this. Because Shanghai dragon friends will know whether Google search engine or love Shanghai basically is not open ranking algorithm. Many people learn Shanghai Dragon technology is by virtue of the experience of predecessors, and then according to some official document search engine over step by step practice, but also caused the level of.

There are a lot of expert

for search engine we have too much love and hate. Take love for Shanghai, a lot of enterprise website optimization to a certain extent will bring traffic, and do SEM marketing work, there will be some conversion rate, but if you love Shanghai glorious past a sudden change in the situation, then the enterprise profit is Not the least trace was found., will have a certain impact, of course, I speak of here is a point, whether individuals or businesses are the same. Shanghai Longfeng consultants want to advise is: Shanghai dragon website optimization is a certain risk, need to be able to endure pressure.

to write this article at the beginning of 2013, it is hold too long, perhaps too fluent expression, may say is highfalutin, but the cruel reality has put the heart of defense, I have a dream, but the dream is a dream after all think, this is what I want to say. Stand in the limelight of the 2013 Shanghai dragon, please stay with.

, the Shanghai Dragon technology is no trace, my Shanghai dragon at best not to even start, Shanghai dragon Er is really good and achieve a consistent user experience optimization, also is to optimize the traces of Shanghai Longfeng people do not feel too much, but was attracted to the content of the website.

I say because I feel the cognitive search engine optimization technique is too shallow, and some began to beat a retreat. Shanghai dragon road is too long, this is not always a champion, not at the end of the road, unless you are a cockroach, otherwise there will be lost when the jieting.

Personal Adsense how to make money, your site recover the costshlf1314 multinational testing mobile


server fees and domain name fees are available

so I began to want to make websites profitable, the website does not earn money to support themselves, can not pull me back, I began to go to Chinaz, Admin5, to find how others earn experience. But many people still did not understand me after all is said and done. Seems to be basically the big truth, maybe I’m stupid, huh, huh?.

for the first time I did a lot of small league, one or two months down and found that even earn less than a few bucks. Oh, my God, it’s been a long time. The electricity bills have been saved much more than that. Then listen to friends that the price of GG is relatively high, so I also to register a GG account, beginning one day find it 0.05-0.1$, I see this result is really dumbfounding, so 0.1*365 days =36.5$takes three years to collect a money last year, there are about 8 yuan this year, only $7 yuan after three years still do not know what will remain 5 yuan three years 500 yuan is not my server cost for one year. This time I began to go online to find GG alliance optimization, after several efforts, finally optimized a little achievement, the highest time, 1.5$but for more than a month began to fall, about 0.5 a day. I thought well, put it, how much is how much it can at least earn fees back to the server, finally done a full year before I do the first 100 dollars, just very happy, your account is K, I almost cried out, the heart want to fuck Lao Tzu for a year you took my money embezzled ah, so I go to submit why K off my account, wrote a lot of reasons, did not think second days landed, wow, recovery, money is still, so I got 100 dollars in the first GG.

      Beijing on July 14th news, according to foreign media reports, shlf1314 confirmed on Friday, has begun testing AdSense mobile phone advertising services in 13 countries around the world, to provide users with more useful information, and bring new opportunities for advertisers.

personal Adsense how to make money? Maybe every individual webmaster want to know how others make money, at least know how to earn the cost. My information station only 1500IP poor, stock, although only then IP but not even the cost of not having come back, then I do share more than a year of part-time webmaster experience.

for a while, my mother made a fire, and his advertisements were everywhere. Listen to others say, take money is easy, a few cents can get, not like GG to 100$can lead, and the unit price also has 10 Fen, no one too much money, so I have to register a. Although not earn much money, at least earn back the domain name fee. And then, like the GG ad, put it.

, a shlf1314 spokesman, said the mobile AdSense advertising service is in beta and will be improved on the basis of feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. shlf1314 AdWords said the information service center, AdSense mobile phone advertising test has been opened in 13 countries, namely the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Chinese, Italy, Japan, Holland, Spain, Ireland, India, Russia and australia. shlf1314 says advertisers can target mobile ads for different countries, and the costs are roughly the same as those for standard PC users.

started to do, much earlier than I do the webmaster said to me, now do only interest, if in order to make money to do the estimates you have to be disappointed, I’d like to start but also as a boring amateur update. But gradually I found that interest in amateur but must pay the price, the domain name server for money, money, the Internet to update Internet, electricity, time. That’s a lot of money for a year.

shlf1314 mobile AdSense advertising contains two lines of text, each line of 12 or 18 characters depending on the country’s generic text type. After the advertiser puts in the mobile phone AdSense advertisement, can install the function that the client dials advertisement phone directly. Advertisers pay only when they click on an advertising link or make a phone call. Analysts say shlf1314 mobile AdSense ads will appeal to mobile phone service sites, and will force YAHOO and Microsoft to develop their own mobile advertising solutions.

industry believes that if the mobile phone advertising model succeed, the growth of users, mobile phone service prices show a downward trend. shlf1314 CEO, Eric ·, Schmidt Eric Schmidt has previously said that mobile advertising can bring subsidies for operational services.

Do stand plan and moving to a winner


network has developed from nowhere to the present. From the past to do a garbage station, you can have thousands of months to tens of thousands of income, and now rent the server’s space costs are not affordable. This change, had to allow the majority of individual owners to carry out a change of thought. We used to kind of "want to do the first rich station" mentality is not good, not what station can make money, the election is not good, not only can not make big money, or even direct loss. We should now consider what to do and how to make money. Plan and moving to win


networks make money roughly divided into the following.

one, use advertising. This is the most basic, the most simple, but also the cheapest mode. The station that our individual stationmaster makes is rubbish station basically, and because of its limitation, often do is recreational station, for instance music station, joke station, novel station. Such stations even if hundreds of thousands of traffic, but also can not pull high advertising costs, there is no line of efficient marketing team, and want to get a good profit is almost impossible. And this kind of station is the station that most individual stationmaster chooses first, also be the station with the most in the network, this kind of station suggests not to do, want to increase flow is not easy, want to make money, profit is more difficult. If you really want to rely on advertising to make suggestions, I do not do industry website, has done excellent site of the industry in the industry, to find that no one had done business, or not good site industry. When you are doing the best in an industry website, there should be an enterprise to advertise.

two, using alliances. Use alliance is individual stationmaster bigger income, want to have at the outset, a Taobao advertisement alliance, let how many stationmaster’s purse changes the drum?. But now the whole environment is not good, making use of the alliance to make money has become extremely difficult. Now the price alliance is very low, the amount deducted serious, has become chicken ribs, tasteless gesture! If you want to make a stand now, want to profit by union, I would advise you still cautious.

three, using GG. Make GG earn dollars. It is also a broad road to get rich rich. Think of the original, casually engage in a blog, and then find an English translation software translation. Put a GG ad.OK, just stay at home and wait for the dollar. Unfortunately, I sometimes wonder why the easy money is always so short. Yes, now, with the beauty of the old, smart, and with the appreciation of RMB, our dollar plan can not be done. Want to make a garbage English station earn dollars, this road seems to be impassability,

four, the use of crooked ways doings. This kind of money making model needs to take some legal risks, but it’s nothing more than doing a rubbish station and setting off a Trojan horse. Then steal virtual property. This kind of money making is both technical and risky. This line has formed a large industrial chain. Have a clear division of labor. There are loopholes in writing Trojan horse, there are black stations, Trojan horse. There are agents in the middle of the distribution game account, there are special letters under the house, there are special collection of black gold. Almost every popular games have many special hacking Trojans, Trojan horse technology >

Expand webmaster network connections, to achieve a substantial breakthrough in traffic

often to webmaster nets learning website building experience, benefit a lot, I want to put some of his own experience to write out to share with you, is suffering from sparse shallow, dare not do. In the encouragement, while some free this weekend, several essays, laughed.

do stand more than two, pure interest in front of nearly half of all is playing the more static HTML pages, do very naive, ASP started learning and planning do now stand a year ago (, because he had just come from the beginners, beginners want to understand, so the site location for beginners, at the same time he also collected a lot of beginners need to site resources, the spirit of content is king mentality, coupled with my character (always love, so I work out of contact with anyone) in a bitter, almost isolated, it was a time of suffering oppression ah, hey……

It is half a year after the

has made some progress, the daily IP nearly 1000, and most directly enter the URL, or that content more attractive for beginners, but also exposed a flaw of SEO: I absolutely ignorant of


because my site is mainly multi user things, such as multi user player, so every day from my website and I QQ, I would like to ask, and I exchange users are generally not less than 10, but as said before, the establishment mentality and character I’s sake, I mostly ignored.

sees IP much more than she used to, and has a natural sense of pleasure. But after rejoicing, the problem ensued. For the first half of the year, IP has always fluctuated between 600-800, even though he has spent a lot of time on website updates, even before. What is the reason? Thought but not the why. More than depressed, started some exchanges and some of my QQ from my website users, or that some have been I refuse to add as a friend for many times, or ask me questions many times always as big stone him, is considering to other similar sites. After guilt and rejoicing, I patiently answered their questions.

all of a sudden, I seem to have gotten through the two pulse. Why is the traffic on the site stagnant? Because many users have lost the station. From then on, I have added to the webmaster, I QQ will be, there is a problem, as long as they can solve the problem, be sure to help. Now I have to use 2 QQ, because the number of friends a QQ have reached the limit, and many of the primary station to access more convenient, not only to join my website, and home page on their website on the link (though many are free forum, two level domain name). On the one hand, they are willing to take my site to recommend to other webmaster friends, introduce some of them love the contents of my site on other sites; on the other hand, I often receive a lot of suggestions on the website, let me better know the correct direction of website development, such as many user >

Ice cream to join a good project on the election of these ten

now people would love to do something different, even the number of people love to eat ice cream in winter is less than the summer, visible to open an ice cream shop as long as you are good at business is never suffered off-season business. The following small series for entrepreneurs who want to join the ice cream shop list the top ten brands of ice cream.

NO.1DF ice cream

DF ice cream to " four seasons as the center of the characteristics of " for the idea, the pursuit of fashion, fast, healthy, delicious, fresh and so on. Chinese style, western style, traditional, fashion, simple meals, packages, such as 37 series of more than 100 kinds of products, thousands of different tastes taste. Even picky consumers can always find a favorite

NO.2 Haagen Dazs

wherever it is, when it comes to Haagen Dazs, people will think of the most delicious and attractive ice cream, as well as in china.

NO.3 cool Saint stone

Advanced equipment

Cold Stone Creamery uses the world’s leading technology and independent development, with senior technical adviser production and production personnel, based on the established strict quality management system, to ensure that the production of the new product quality and quality.


Baskin Robbins

is one of the world’s most Baskin Robbins brand awareness at present, is one of the world’s largest ice cream chain. Not only has the classic chocolate and strawberry cheese cake flavors, but also according to different regions of the local consumer favorite tastes, such as green tea and wine raisins.


Beijing BAXI Food Co., Ltd. has been established for more than ten years, has always been committed to the production of fresh cream ice cream, and completely maintained the product of pure fresh taste and advanced quality. Produced by the product not only delicate taste, a wide variety, but also rich in a variety of health benefits of nutrition elements, for the first case of a "green food" logo ice cream.

NO.6 bumper cool

"bumper cool rich and diverse product mix, product development has always been at the forefront of the development of the industry. Adhere to the production of ice cream without a drop of water". The use of automatic constant temperature milk leading global shrub mixed process, selection of global quality of milk production of fresh milk, perfect to create a real natural healthy milk ice cream.


Shop operating small coup what

if you want to set up shop, business is good, so in the current business situation, but also need we can grasp more coup, so the security of business development, the store can create higher profits. So, a small business coup what? Let Xiaobian to analyze some tips for you.

in the retail business, if there are no good strategies and methods, then it is not able to attract customers, not to attract customers, it proves that our supermarket is not recognized. After this, if you want to make money is difficult. In view of this situation, we must formulate feasible way, in many cases, these seemingly insignificant coup but can make our operation smooth. Therefore, we should try our best to build their own characteristics, so that these tactics for the development of the supermarket to add a force. Most of the time, although it is only a small coup, but it can bring us surprises and wealth.

solicit opinions popular

since the start of the supermarket, I have implemented a strategy, that is, to solicit opinions from customers. This is I have a touch to take, I go to the post office, next to the views of this, let the customer to their own opinions written on it, so I wrote a few, did not expect the leader’s attention, when I go to work next time, those issues are to be understood no, so, it reminds me of my own supermarket, why not to customer comments? At the beginning, I prepared a suggestion, let the customer to put the opinions and suggestions on the above, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of service, and then win the trust of customers.

this method has played a role. A customer said: "this is a really good boss, the last time I wrote a proposal, it is hoped that the store can replace the expired goods in a timely manner, did not expect to immediately get the boss’s attention, I really have to go shopping this time is a good date." With the development, then I set up a WeChat group, what customer comments and suggestions on our supermarket can use this group directly to me, the rationality and the suggestions and opinions, I also use the gift of return.

this recruit indeed as expected, many customers have published their own ideas. For example, a customer through WeChat said to me: "every day I pass by you in front of the supermarket, sometimes the car didn’t have time to shop, you can play in front of the supermarket special offer goods with electronic screen, so we can see the customer according to their own needs to decide whether to buy!" I think this customer is very good, very operational, so I bought the second day of the display, and the supermarket specials on the above. A lot of customers say: "this is really very convenient, see this screen we will know today’s supermarket specials.

16 year old students to open the shop to earn $90 thousand to make people envy

when the advent of the era of the Internet economy, a large electricity supplier was born, many entrepreneurs in the field of electricity providers to open their own way to get rich, so that everyone envy. Electricity supplier is the first choice for young entrepreneurs to earn the first pot of gold in life.

"green kid", looks childish, you never see, they have electricity supplier in the sky flying free, fingertips, nearly a million monthly profit to reach the designated account. For most college students are very envious of me, but they are actually just school more than a year before the secondary vocational school students.

in Shenzhen District of Longgang City, the second occupation technical school, electronic commerce is dynamic and professional, every year there will be students with graduation. Double 11 approaching, the reporter walked into the school, a closer look at the growth process of the 2014 electricity supplier professional students, close to feel how much electricity supplier incense, entrepreneurship how cool.

related recommendations

Relax the conditions of access to private capital

recently, the province combined with the actual proposed ten policy measures to further promote investment, increase investment in private capital, in order to accelerate the cultivation and development of market players.

policy measures clear requirements, all levels of government and relevant departments and the industrial park to implement a series of hundred-percent support investment, encourage private investment policy, smooth policy "last mile" to ensure the equal treatment for all types of investors. At the same time, to further relax the conditions of the private capital market access, encourage private capital into infrastructure, basic industries, social undertakings and other laws and regulations do not explicitly prohibit industries and areas of access, encourage private capital to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises, to participate in the construction of operation of natural monopoly, government funds and state-owned enterprises in the investment field, and enjoy the same public the price of services, tax support, land supply policy treatment. The Industrial Park Administrative Committee, the government departments at all levels should actively assist the various types of investment entities to handle the relevant tax procedures, fully enjoy preferential tax policies. The finance department in conjunction with the relevant departments of industry, and gradually increase the financial investment, further integration of financial support funds, give full play to the guiding role of financial funds to support the project quality, investment and the development of enterprises, promote the supply side structural reform. The financial sector will be innovative financing services, and effectively solve the problem of corporate investment and private investment financing. Human resources and social security departments will vigorously support the project with technical personnel stationed, introduce the project and investment through the introduction, to solve the shortage of high-level personnel problems.

in addition, according to the needs of the provincial government to arrange a certain special funds, units and individuals for the adjustment of industrial structure of Qinghai and the economic and social development, with the construction of ecological civilization and green development requirements of the excellent investment projects have made outstanding contributions to reward the introduction. And the full implementation of the power list, list of responsibility system, comprehensive clean-up of administrative fees related enterprises, the full liberalization of the EIA, safety evaluation, rating market, standardize intermediary service charges. Governments at all levels, relevant departments and industrial parks to increase policy advocacy efforts, so that every investor, each operator to understand the policy, familiar with the policy, the policy dividend into a development dividend. Further improve the supervision and inspection system to ensure the implementation of the policy measures in place.


Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation to open the moral lecture pass positive energy

sing a song, recite a poem, watch a short film, tell a story…… Recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of internal revenue, moral lecture in the Bureau of national tax cadres chorus singing Lei Feng learn good example in the song kicked off.

activities, the Bureau of cadres and workers to recite classical poetry, Lei Feng, and Guo Mingyi moved Qinghai ten people watched the video about Tian Yuying, learning the IRS East District of Comrade Wang Jianhai dedicated the story. We will speak to talk about feelings, talk about experience, have said: to advanced models as an example, to enhance their own moral self-cultivation to make a love in the family respect and care for children, the work of dedicated, honest and trustworthy people in society.

according to reports, moral lecture activities, not only is the positive response to the provincial civilization is an important measure for the "moral lecture" construction activities related requirements, conscientiously carry out activities to create a civilized unit, but also carry out the "talent construction", "great job training" is an important content. (author: Xiaogang Gao Jie)