Survival of social quiz sites how do they flow

Three basic features of

social question and answer websites: SNS, forum and knowledge management. Although known in prosperity, but the status quo is: "the question". What makes this field a Jedi? Is it not a matter of course to rely on traffic flow? Follow the I dark horse to see the author’s point of view.

in the know there have been such a problem: if a web site to Sina + micro-blog + Douban + features full integration will happen? In answer to most people such as opposition:

you are a hodgepodge of just started, users come from, where is not characteristic, bring them together, they are characteristics, tend to make a hodgepodge of product features, more to attract users.

, however, know about Sina micro-blog + + Douban + public comment

this problem proposed in 2011, after a lapse of 3 years after looking back, the most amazing thing happened, you look at the know, it is said above this fusion, with almost all the desired fusion feature of this problem, then the questioner’s expectations are as follows:

, Sina, micro-blog,

advantages: there are many celebrities, there are many different voices, can be very good to expand their knowledge, of course, entertainment is also more

disadvantage: the total sensory interaction is too small and the activity is limited,


advantages: many students, users should be very closely related, mutual trust between the highest

disadvantages: low quality, for me personally, the use of value is getting lower and lower,

watercress net

advantages: book reviews, reviews, and relatively high quality

disadvantages: content is unitary, sociality is insufficient, feel a bit too literary and artistic

public comment

advantages: many resources, if necessary, to comment,

disadvantage: this shouldn’t be a social networking site, but it’s still dependent on relationships with people (evaluation of the same store) and so on. Function list,

The fact that

has all the features above actually has some inherent reasons.


implies behind it is the three basic characteristics of social question and answer websites: SNS, forum and knowledge management. Specific corresponds to now know, then, the information flow on the home page reflects the SNS attribute, the topic reflects the knowledge management attributes, and the discovery is reflected in the BBS attribute. These three attributes are on the basic characteristics of the above-mentioned major sites, micro-blog and everyone is SNS, watercress reviews, reviews, etc., is similar to the extension of the forum, and public comment is a sort of knowledge. The fusion of the three is a creation of the old world

What is the cost of a dry cleaner

shops need to invest, but the size of the difference between the opening of a dry cleaners need to invest much? Many entrepreneurs are very concerned about this issue. According to the latest market, according to the latest situation, to provide people with the most valuable information.

for dry cleaners, the most important is the cost of equipment, no equipment, no service is in vain. In the dry cleaning equipment investment, there are different levels of investment, in general, large dry cleaning equipment cost is very expensive in about two hundred thousand yuan, medium-sized, dry cleaners investment also needs ten yuan, if you want to save the investment cost of the dry cleaners, we must choose to join this way. Join the dry cleaners can save their own promotional costs for the store, you can also learn the first time to shop experience and technology, the most simple way of operation.

The elements of

choose dry cleaners, you need equipment, also need to rent shops, all cannot do without financial support. How much do you need to open a dry cleaner? Shop costs to be controlled, to be able to successfully opened, otherwise, the latter will be very troublesome operation.


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What do you think of the 7 day of the national day of the spread to earn a profit of 500 thousand

Tianya forum in Chongqing, the emergence of a title for the letter? National Day 7 day stall earned a post of 500 thousand, attracted many users hot.

bonusgiven network called "dawn – Garbage brick house, post time is 22:14 on October 8th. In the bottom of the title of the text, there is only one word, such as false replacement false penalty ten". To 3 yesterday afternoon, users click rate has more than 5000 times, reply to several of the ten. In the face of questions and questions, the author said he sold a couple loaded.

netizen "extraordinary" analysis is more rational, in addition to the 7 day "500 thousand net profit of 70000, according to the daily put 10 hour per hour on average $7000, net profit of more than and 100 RMB per minute, that every minute you have to sell the same net profit of more than 100 pieces of things out, is it possible?"

stand age: 1 years

What stall how much money? This reporter interviewed two stall stall stall.

although Wang Yan put the mouse pad is various, but Wang Yan admitted that most of the time a day to earn fifty yuan, less time is only twenty or thirty yuan. Less than two thousand yuan a month.

stand age: 3 years

if so easy to earn money, who will start a company?!

Zhang is selling women’s


Grass roots in the spring of Guangzhou international entrepreneurship lead the future

now the whole society is in an era of e-commerce, under a background of the e-commerce industry is beyond the development of some traditional industries, and eventually led to the development of the entire enterprise.

grassroots spring, Guangzhou cloud led international entrepreneurship leading the future. With the advent of the era of big data, Internet banking has been rapid development, whether it is e-commerce platform or online payment platform, are constantly sharing the share of online shopping consumers.

but facing the complex Internet financial situation, whether consumers or investors are very difficult to grasp the correct direction, there will inevitably be in the way of consumption or investment do not hesitate before, and in the face of many kinds of uneven in quality investment projects, if there is no correct understanding and sufficient understanding, investors can easily go astray. Xiao Bian today as an example of the development prospects of the international online shopping platform cloud collar analysis of the status quo of Internet commerce.

grassroots spring, Guangzhou cloud led international entrepreneurship leading the future. At present, the mainstream business platform such as Taobao, Jingdong, one shop has developed into the stable period, but at the same time also exposed the long-standing problems, such as fake and shoddy products, difficult issues such as return on the Internet, such fierce competition in the battlefield, as are the birth of a new platform however, in many of the bright younger generation, the cloud is to lead the international leader, consumers and investors alike in the platform too many rookies in talent shows itself.

Urban management undergraduate recruitment to strengthen grassroots Management

urban management as a grass-roots work groups, and our people’s life is closely inseparable, in order to further improve the quality of service in the name of urban management, in Shanghai recently decided to enable some undergraduate students as urban management and law enforcement personnel.

According to the

It is reported that this is the Shanghai /

of the new recruitment of 2015 Shanghai urban management law enforcement personnel recruitment, Shanghai Municipal Civil Service Bureau, the Shanghai Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau will be unified held posts before closed training, focus on strengthening occupation moral, legal knowledge, law enforcement, law enforcement standard skills and other aspects of the content team discipline and training efforts, efforts to enhance the legal knowledge, the new law enforcement law enforcement ability and level of service for the people.


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Employment and entrepreneurship in Anhui ushered in the policy of spring

The promotion of

entrepreneurship policy development for the entire community of entrepreneurial activity has a very special meaning, especially in today’s popular stage, all over the country are actively introduce some good social policy to help entrepreneurs.

high gold content policy to promote entrepreneurship

"I will make great efforts to cultivate all kinds of entrepreneurs, for college graduates, college students quit school entrepreneurship entrepreneurship, institutions, scientific research institutions, professional and technical personnel from entrepreneurship, migrant workers entrepreneurship to give policy support, for example, professional and technical personnel and institutions approved to undergo entrepreneurship, retain their human relations within 3 years. In addition, we are on the threshold of entrepreneurship, to give relief period, the network of entrepreneurs to venture to enjoy the corresponding entrepreneurial support policies, these measures will give birth to a large number of entrepreneurs." Provincial Department of human resources and social analysis.

"opinions" will still be placed in the employment of college graduates employment work first. On the one hand, for this group will continue to give special policy, job subsidies to expand the scope of entrepreneurship has obtained student loans for graduates; Small and micro businesses employ graduates to give social security, training subsidies, training, retention rate of high reward, self entrepreneurship of graduates to entrepreneurship subsidies, tax incentives. On the other hand, to provide full service, before leaving school, to encourage the campus recruitment; after school, efforts to provide public employment services, employment












像Wii Sports是Wii,nintendoland将捆绑在为Wii U的保费捆绑享受拖车和让我们知道你的想法,通过下面的评论部分。


3 year old boy playing with a lighter burn sister, a large area of the age of 5 years old girls will

, Guangxi, a 3 year old boy playing with a lighter to burn only 5 year old sister, the boy lit the bed with a lighter, resulting in a large area of the body burns sister, but also amputated fingers. At present, his family has collected more than 80 thousand yuan donation online.

last December 30th at 10 pm, Xiang Qiqi had been asleep, her 3 year old brother, I do not know where to find a lighter play, accidentally ignited bedding bed and mattress. At that time, the room was closed, the grandfather outside the room completely unaware.

"I consult a doctor, if to Nanning for treatment, the cost is about 100 thousand yuan." Aunt Xiang Qiqi’s aunt said, desperation, she put things to the Internet, to help people love the community, I hope enthusiastic people can help her tide over difficulties.

According to a

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Our province administrative 13th Five-Year development plan formulated

recently, according to the spirit of the provincial government and the Ministry of justice in 13th Five-Year "plan, combined with the actual administration of justice, the Justice Department issued the" Qinghai provincial administrative work during the period of "13th Five-Year" development plan "," 13th Five-Year "during the scientific development of the province’s judicial administrative work plan deployment.

the "Outline" from the law enforcement work into the forefront of the country, the people’s mediation work, and promote legal services to comprehensively strengthen the work of seven aspects, reviews the main achievements and basic experience of Qinghai administration of justice "in 12th Five-Year" period. Scientific analysis of the current difficulties faced by the province’s judicial and administrative work, problems and situations. Put forward the overall goal of the judicial administrative work during the period of 13th Five-Year ". Pointed out that the development goal focus on comprehensive deepening reform, strengthening the base construction, the construction of the three team, and constantly improve the judicial administrative work system, strengthen the judicial and administrative functions, by 2020, efforts to form a complete functions and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, excellent service, safeguard the judicial administrative work pattern.


Wang Yubo proposed the two sessions will be included in the city of Xining two pilot cities

suggested a: will be included in the underground pipe gallery pilot city, Xining, two recommendations: Xining will be included in the sponge city pilot cities


" is proposed to be included in the Xining underground comprehensive pipe gallery pilot cities and cities in the sponge city." In two of the country, the National People’s Congress, Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo took the two recommendations.

suggested a: included in the underground pipe gallery pilot city

[background] Xining Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the most livable city, is the political, economic and cultural center, and the center of gravity is also the province’s population, industry and urbanization, plays an important role in service of the province, especially the strategic function of national importance in Sanjiang source of ecological protection, maintain stability in Tibetan areas. The city’s total area of 7649 square kilometers, the main city built-up area of up to 115 square kilometers. By the end of 2014 the city’s resident population reached 2 million 290 thousand and 700 people, the urban population of 1 million 571 thousand and 500 people, the urbanization rate was 67.8%.

Xining as the population in Qinghai Tibet Plateau only over millions of city, is the most suitable for industrialization, urbanization, informatization, modernization of agriculture area, development of the first degree, the support of the industry, economic and social aggregation concentration. At present, there are about 200 thousand more than other areas in the province of cadres and workers and families of children living in Xining Province, more than 80% retired workers in Xining purchase home; nearly 30 thousand of the province area cadres and workers children in the Xining school, and an annual increase in the number of thousands of people. Xining City, the province’s commitment to about 50% of the population of "food, shelter, medicine, education, and old" and other public services to the province accounted for 1.07% of the land area of the province gathered 40% of the population, the city infrastructure construction is very arduous task.

[status] in recent years, Xining city around the new urbanization, improve infrastructure, strengthen the use of underground space, and so do a lot of work. According to the development strategy of the eastern city of group of Qinghai Province, the "Xining city overall plan (2001-2020) to modify" as a guide, to complete the preparation of the eastern city of Xining group urban strategic planning, urban area controlled detailed planning and full coverage of water supply, drainage, gas, flood control, drainage pipe gallery, comprehensive transportation etc. the special planning for the future, the city municipal pipe network renovation, provide the basis for the new, promoted the Xining city construction process. 2013 began to carry out the general survey of underground pipelines, pipeline census is now nearing completion, is conducive to the next phase of the integrated pipeline planning and construction. The main city of Xining power 10 thousand volts, telecommunications fiber optic cable into the ground, drainage culvert culvert and a number of projects have been completed. However, due to local financial constraints, together with previous to the construction of the underground pipe gallery building is insufficient, inadequate attention, with the province’s population, accelerate the industry to gather in Xining, city infrastructure capacity current cannot guarantee the need of city development, reasonable and scientific;