On three may 628 love Shanghai event and its measures

speculated that the two love Shanghai algorithm, pay more attention to the user experience and interactive website

is the user experience this thing is difficult to use a standard that the search engine will be more difficult to judge, but the love of Shanghai has a sufficient number of data to analyze and prove that a website user experience is good enough, one of the typical sign is the site of the viscous, is we the bounce rate.


: according to the recent love Shanghai with an open attitude to release a series of tools and guidelines for Adsense website optimization. This includes "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 1" to the earlier 2, Shanghai launched the love of statistical tools, and this month love Shanghai launched a series of love Adsense management tools and information to help Shanghai Webmaster Platform under the Shanghai love Share button etc.. From this very love Shanghai official information and tools can be found in many of the details, one of the largest number of emphasizing a word is "is useful to the user, a clear signal that is the so-called love Shanghai website to the user experience to do good.

experienced love Shanghai 622 and 628 after the event, the webmaster forum is a "sound", but many webmaster website be punished rather baffling don’t know why, where second-hand forklift! A station maintenance the customer’s business also suffered punishment at the same time. Analysis of a number of K sites, the K found that its performance characteristics are:

all night

solution: do not worry too much, love Shanghai completely after the update will return to normal.

The feasibility of

K is the website after the number included in the single digits fluctuated between

this is a saying there are many webmaster support, because in the past love Shanghai big update, this phenomenon also occurs, as the typical characteristics of love Shanghai update day, a large number of website ranking disappear, the site included a large number of reduced or disappeared, but it usually lasts for one or two days will gradually restore the rankings and included quantity, until full recovery.

All the

website ranking disappear overnightThe

At the same time

characteristics of these sites were analyzed, speculated that the following three possible reasons:

site included a number of

According to

: from the K station features found to be punished website have included the phenomenon. There are also a number of sites included the number but showed a trend of gradual recovery in 29 days.

loves Shanghai is how to calculate the user experience is good? The user bounce rate as an example, the love of Shanghai has included the very many sites, as long as there are users.

website home page is deleted from

a, love Shanghai database updating incomplete

Shanghai Longfeng data analysis skill three analysis of the quality of the website chain

Web links to be effective, you need is not only effective in the page (at some sites will jump on external URL or written rules are prohibited weight), also need this chain "is included, and we can be as much as possible the release of links in the chain resources website weight these links, will soon be collected, and attract the spider to crawl the web information, enhance the website weight. So when choosing the chain resources we need to collect and analyze the weight of the site, analysis of the weight of the chain in the module, analysis of the ratio of chain included. And a little worth we talked about is a summary of individual chain included the proportion and a law think is necessary, some sites outside the chain of hair is not up, included within one day, this is certainly the quality of the chain, some need to accept every few days.

many people may wonder, the number of the chain has what good analysis, in addition to the number of the chain is not what can be analysed, if you for the website understanding that this chain is only for the Shanghai dragon know too shallow. The number of the chain includes many aspects, contrast is the most intuitive and competitors, look at the surface, the chain of competitors more than us, so we have to think of ways more than him, he can first analysis the chain site growth law, this we need to observe a period of time or the use of rough query about the history of the chain webmaster tools to make a reference, and then formulate corresponding plans to catch up. Of course, this you must have to consider, but on the other hand, might not have considered, such as the number of the chain of different site URL links, and we do what different analysis of the URL, and how much to the site, which can make a quantitative analysis of subdivision point of our chain, we can divergent thinking, specific I will not speak.

the construction of the chain every day we pay more attention to the possible number of resources and a little deeper consideration, we will pay attention to the weight of the chain and included, also have some friends in the chain widely degree, correlation and the chain of diversity, these are the need to pay attention to in the construction of the chain, here. I give you to the health of the chain of this one, through the analysis of these aspects of the quality of the chain website, I hope to help you better develop Shanghai dragon chain strategy.

The number of

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon data analysis techniques, the front for everyone talked about the keyword ranking analysis, content analysis of two parts, the chain construction site in Shanghai Longfeng process is very important, I believe this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends are very important, but also do their own site outside the chain in an effort but to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng chain in addition to know how to do the construction of the chain, but also on the quality of the chain, and real-time feedback to adjust their strategies to make Shanghai Longfeng, website to get more weight support in the external links.

1, the chain of

2, the weight of the chain and included

The web server selection

website right down topics:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

virtual host server: cheap, generally less than 350 yuan, individual IDC dealers to engage in activities and free. Generally used for personal or small business start, show website. The shortcoming is: public IP, the space is small, vulnerable to other sites involved with IP, and the flow is limited, the subsequent optimization is difficult. Support FTP login.

webmaster must choose the server, but do not know how the website operation effect, how to choose the server server? I will experience many years engaged in the operation of the network to share with you:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

server. That is their own to buy a server, is actually a computer installed, can be WindowsServer2003 or higher, can also be a Linux system, whether maintenance or technology have higher requirements. Suitable for mature enterprises.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:



industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

server: VPS IP independent, independent broadband, limiting the amount of logistics. You can create multiple sites, and according to the needs of their server configuration, the two can only buy to choose their configuration. Support remote login. For higher technical requirements, suitable for mature webmaster or larger companies.

secondsWebsite optimization

server of the cloud space: in essence, cloud space or virtual host, but it is an independent IP, according to the space requirements, you can create multiple site each site is equivalent to a virtual host, you more than one site public this one IP, a virtual host to optimize is a little lower, also restricted flow. Suitable for multi site or station group operation. Support FTP login.

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked The Independent server Do

special chain optimization:

The three stage of Shanghai dragon new out of the new optimization confused period

2, competition analysis

may include a more comprehensive, mainly include: title, description, robots file, site map, breadcrumbs, reading and so on, a lot of website architecture in detail, we don’t care about some details, like fine ALT attributes like are not to be noticed, but at the crucial moment they play a decisive role.


, the 1 key words

5, the chain platform to collect

laying station linkThe purpose of

1, website search engine


website optimization at the beginning, the choice of keywords is very important, if not how it will be called keywords! Keywords directly affects the development of the site and the direction of the promotion, only accurate choice of keywords, Shanghai Longfeng personnel to carry out the next step of

second stages: the stage of operation of Shanghai dragon

method is correct: the chain level you have to do to sum up in advance, then the platform registration, for example: the technology industry forum, forum, blog and so on, when you clear classification is also very handy when you use.

station link is mainly concentrated within the site weight, and improve the correlation between column and column, column and web pages, pages and pages, home page and column page, page and terminal and relevance, improve the user experience of reading comfort. At the same time, also provides unobstructed conditions crawling for search engine spiders, more conducive to search engine included.

first stage: the adjustment stage of

analysis of bidding, including his opponent’s two keywords, keywords, keywords, long tail keywords and so on, after accurate analysis and make deployment program keywords.

Submit !Keywords

website >


why to do this job in advance? The reason lies in the hair of the chain also want to pay attention to methods, instead of saying I want to up the hair on the hair, don’t think it is not made, regardless of its quality. If you do, then your website even longer time, also do not have what good effect basically.

yesterday, I in the technical forum, see a lot of new Shanghai, asking the same question, "the couple received a new station how to optimize?". Because, I do optimization now less time, more time in the study of network marketing strategy. But to see such a problem, I still want to summarize it, hoping to provide some convenience for the Shanghai new dragon. I put a new station on the line optimization is divided into three stages, through these stages, slowly to do will have the effect of:




station structure adjustmentI said this station

What kind of chain is conducive to improve the site weight

what kind of the chain is conducive to improve the site weight

website also has many, although not very successful, but in some less competitive areas, those rankings do also is comparison before, today and share what is the contribution of the chain on the site of the largest, believe that on this issue we have seen a lot of friends to write experience, but about the high quality of the chain, I personally feel should be more specific to some good, we take a look at a little experience on the outside of the chain that I practice in recent weeks the

what kind of the chain search engines soon after deleting

just began to stand, see a lot of friends to do the chain is the chain in a relatively high weight forum such as A5 A5, which is about where I often go, posts can say many times you can direct the seconds, but recently I found like A5 posts may achieve the second, but soon many outside the chain was cleaned up, the reason is mainly because a lot of water caused by the post, if a post words too like a word, and then put the top people and casual "published some good post, okay, next, passing" do things carelessly the reply to this post, so the overall quality is not high, and although the post is search engine soon included, but then the search engine feel no post what substantive things, that It will soon be cleared, this is why I found many friends with many outside the chain, but later had been deleted, the chain quantity fluctuation is very serious, it is not good to the website, the chain is likely to cause instability in site is down right.


on the chain is the summary of the recent Shanghai Longfeng experience deficiencies, please. More about Shanghai Longfeng experience, in the future I will share with you.

! A website 贵族宝贝jyou5贵族宝贝/

what kind of the chain is conducive to improve the site weight

recently rose oil personal in the outer chain process, found a very interesting phenomenon, published a high quality personal experience in the Shanghai dragon A5, if successfully published, many friends found the post can be reproduced, and number of short time inside and outside the chain growth soon and, the most important point is to be reproduced articles easily after it is reproduced, and the number of the chain growth continuously, there is one point of such article was collected, the basic will not be deleted, then the number of the chain is also very stable. The number of the chain increase stable + high weights of the forum included will be very easy to promote the website weight increases, enter the keywords ranking will rise slowly. So the author thinks that the construction of the chain of Shanghai dragon without what difficulty, as long as the construction of the chain, pay attention to the quality of the chain, and in the high weight website forum steady increase, so the site weight will soon increase, ranking also point the day and await for it.

Fu Yan Yan 95% of the domestic venture projects are CopyCatThe entrepreneur on his knees says, how d

if there were no sudden changes in life at the age of 19, perhaps I would, like millions of other college graduates, have a life changing trajectory. My father died 2 months before the college entrance examination. I still remember my father’s death in my arms until now, although sometimes I didn’t want to think about it. From that moment on, I was inwardly determined to change my fate and never let my family down because I had no money.

"rich saw a lot of early businesses, but 95% of them were CopyCat, and most of them died because they didn’t adapt to the domestic market."."

returned to school and my training class continued to recruit students. At that time there was only one idea to make more money, but >

passion is the cheapest, persistence is the most precious." Yan Yan said, entrepreneurs should broaden their horizons, the target market must be large, "business model of adequacy" is the most important thing commercial entrepreneurship."


Yan Yan hopes China entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Internet entrepreneurs, because the low cost of reproduction, often regardless of market demand will follow the trend of foreign market hot project copy to China, this project mostly cannot succeed.

Yan Yan said, although the Softbank rich PE and other late investment as the main business, but there are still 10% of the business specifically for early investment. At present, Softbank has invested more than 100 rich enterprises in the early stage.

people who experience hardship are more precocious than their peers, which may be a great advantage for us. I started earlier than their peers obviously consider the burden of life, when the other students on the university is also the third the ideal setting for a couple in love, I would like my business, poor boy, don’t wait for my business, is certainly more tragic fate. In 2003, I started my business when I borrowed 600 dollars from junior college, and started an English training class with my classmates in Shenyang.

I’ve been busy this summer vacation. The training course has a good reputation, and it’s true that I have more students with me, which makes me understand that reputation is always important. Due to periodic training, after a short summer vacation, I went back to school, but I don’t want to lose this class, so my mother and my classmates to do this class, this class was later set up a new power school laid the foundation.

NetEase technology news September 12th news, venture capital 2013 DEMO CHINA finals today entered the second day, Softbank Asia Investment Fund chief partner Yan Yan delivered a speech at the scene. Yan Yan said Softbank has seen a lot of projects in China, but 95% are CopyCat.

life is full of suffering. As a serial entrepreneur, Wade, the founder of Liu Haijiao’s education, knows more about the vicissitudes and meanings behind this sentence: frustration, dignity, tears, and kneeling. Interwoven in his first half of life, the pathos is always intertwined with his fate, and many years later, perhaps he has been unable to move, sitting in the sunset, he will be able to think of his life as a novel. The following is the founder of Wade education Liu Haijiao readme:

I clearly calculated the ratio of input and output, decided to take 600 yuan of money all used for printing leaflets, I think Zhang Chuandan was 4 cents a, 600 dollars Nengyin 15000 copies, sent out, a collection of 900 students. And the class is their own classes, the classroom is the house of their own house, so, in addition to propaganda costs, in theory, I just need to recruit a student, he can easily back to this, the risk is very small. Finally, I sent out 15000 leaflets, 20 students, income 18000 yuan, the first attempt to succeed.

I was born in the northeast, so I have a distinctive character of northeast. A chivalrous man with a real temper and breadth of mind. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur before I graduated from college, but fate was always wonderful. He always pushed you to the other end of his life in an unexpected way.

Video, SNS, web games and other four types of sites, the risk of bankruptcy is great

"there are a few romantic, there are a few fold fall" – – Hongkong’s former financial secretary Liang Jinsong used an allusion to the investment field has been very popular in the venture site, this sentence has become a suitable portrayal. Recently, 99 music network and Home Furnishing supplies shopping network take Home Furnishing network failures, due to the closure of the site, the venture capital investment will lose everything.

investors show reason

recently, Li Jiacheng Hutchison Whampoa  announced the suspension of the new global investment, before next year, all has not carried out or not bear the expenses will be saved, and all existing investment projects to make review and review, previously, the Sequoia Fund throws a sentence: "before we use the money, cash flow is still not what up, then it would not reach out to us for money!"

recently, 99 China (www.99.cn) music network in a year after the closure of the operation, it is understood that the site in January this year on-line, by an American Chinese investment 30 million yuan creation. According to sources, the company recently met to discuss increasing the bandwidth, but on Friday, due to sudden withdrawal of venture capital withdrawals, into the asset liquidation stage.

one after another broke massive layoffs, such as last year won a $8 million venture capital fund of the commercial web, recently because of employee wages event triggered the dispute, after confirmed, the company laid off 100 people are still the core of the team."

four types of sites shut down risk

Guangdong herefrom, director Chen Sheng said that the deteriorating economic situation this year, small and medium-sized site capital chain tension, estimate next year’s survival environment even worse, in addition, the government to strengthen the site licence supervision, but also to the small website increased policy pressure, "although we have the audio-visual license and broadcasting licenses of the company not in Guangdong, but also to save costs for the winter, such as by controlling the size, the monthly cost of 800 thousand yuan in the compression." According to industry sources, like big video sites, the cost of a month is about 2 million.

four domestic websites because of financial difficulties and face a great risk of failure, including the video website (high operating costs, high risk policy), the social networking site SNS (mainstream sites have been difficult to surpass, consolidate) life search site (industry segments, earnings uncertainty), web games (large enterprises to enter the threshold of Entrepreneurship), when the network entrepreneurs financing will be called the "Web2.0" concept, also be regarded as synonymous with "two".

environment, there is still risk investment into the Internet, before the injection of electronic commerce website "Diamond bird" LIAN sources, today the capital totaling 10 million dollars in the second round.

From the collected some experience flow have beauty webmaster (a)

Hello everyone, I’m heaven’s street! For the first time to share with you website experience, I hope we can bring some inspiration, let us grow together!


a beautiful makeup video web site for more than a year of time, by the love of many female friends. The website traffic is also the past two months of 100IP, until now 3000IP+, with the time for 5 months, although the level of 3000IP in front of many owners simply does not matter, but I the customers are quite quality. Because they can really learn a lot of make-up skills at the top, and the female customers have a good, love is around. So in the website position put on proper diet, beauty, shopping advertising appeal is quite powerful. The female Internet users the consumption ability is strong. Now GG’s income is considerable, how much will not say. Be sure to buy cosmetics and beautiful clothes do not have to worry about:


said the results, I explain the process since the promotion of my website, which is a topic of concern for many owners. Because I am like everyone, from a promotion of the ignorant novice, came all the way. The following is my growth process:

Remember to open the

1 station time is 07 years at the end of December, beginning to do makeup information network, with easy to do, but finally find it, if the content is no advantage, so I finally gave up. Because I also love makeup, makeup often see in the online tutorial, so think of put these tutorials together, do a makeup video station, it is lively and easy to use. This is the first point that I need, selection is of interest, but also need not to follow suit, with the divergent, even if it involves not wide range of websites is now also not afraid. When the market segments of.


2 makeup video station was built, also tried a period of confusion. I do not know how to spread out. Then in the graph king bubble, followed by a few novice webmaster around with the post, even some netizens forum mass software to me, this effect is not obvious, but there is a benefit that can make GG Baidu included as soon as possible. One thing to note is that I did not login to Baidu center log on my website, because I heard someone say, let Baidu included their weight will be relatively high. Even so, Baidu included my station is only 17 days. Can I do stand less so, really can’t say.

3 included after entering a bottleneck stage, every day by GG to 10 IP, but note that keyword search over all is very detailed. For example, " face makeup skills, " " to ", the eyebrow; let me think of a problem. It is based on their own and friends around the situation, summed up the MM who most want to know, to proceed from this point, I chose the most basic makeup > "

The new mode of hot Chinese hit off the economy

is now a customer in the world, at the same time, there are more and more young people into the tide of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become a lot of people doing one thing, especially in some high-tech entrepreneurial network and a large proportion of.

"platform" flash cast ‘service per hour value reached 2 million 60 thousand yuan." Angel exchange founder Lan Ningyu said. And angel sinks similar in Haidian District and even the whole city of Beijing, a large number of entrepreneurial service format rapid growth.

data show that the first half of the year, Beijing science and technology services industry accounted for third of the proportion of 11.1%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points.

in China, "off the record" is a word of heat is rising fast. In China’s scientific and technological innovation test field, the National Innovation Demonstration Zone in Beijing, Zhongguancun, in the first half of this year, start-up companies to maintain blowout growth. 1 to June, Zhongguancun new technology enterprises, 12652, compared with the same period last year, the figure was only about 90000.

is different from the last century in 80s, "the sea" entrepreneurial hot, the Internet, mobile Internet business model based on new features, and these new features began to release the real economy good.

"" angel investment partnership + + equity raise "is becoming a new wave of entrepreneurship China mainstream model, driven by the angel investment, to raise public equity industry development, also gave birth to the new equity architect occupation." Guo Hong, director of Zhongguancun science and technology park.

Sisters killed at home in front of her mother killed her boyfriend revenge

recently, a pair of underage sisters in Hubei, Enshi was killed at home, according to the police investigation, the murderer was the sister of the mother’s ex boyfriend, emotional entanglements caused by the murder of two children revenge. The suspect has been arrested.

1 29, high Luo Xuanen County town murder occurred, it is understood that later that day 7 always suspect Teng Xu (male, 41 years old, Xuanen County town of Lijiahe) in the high board Luo Zhen Liao Cun Liu (female) in the home, Liu’s two daughters (a 8 and 13 year old) hacked, then escape. Mian 22 PM, Teng in Gaoluo town pour water village was arrested by the police.

it is reported that the murderer Teng aquatic, live in five groups of Dongping Lijiahe village, with the victim’s mother Liu once lived together for one year, but did not receive a marriage certificate. Liu recently because of a contact with a boyfriend, Teng Shui took extreme behavior, resulting in tragedy.

When the

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