Taobao guest in an invincible position is to give up the Shanghai dragon magic

, only the user experience is the only true

can turn from a guest into a host in an invincible position sputtering

old people know the importance of Shanghai dragon has been, in the webmaster heart form a dependency on the Shanghai dragon, even think Shanghai dragon is everything, to flow, to be included, snapshots, weight would need the Shanghai dragon, but this year the 6.28 fell in love with the sea wind, the amount of the webmaster heart want to rely on check Shanghai dragon sense. The Shanghai dragon has always been universal, suddenly became the culprit massacre site. A lot of master Shanghai Longfeng sites have pulled the hair, on the contrary, many of the grassroots webmaster Shanghai Longfeng utterly ignorant of the website development is good. Let liberty through the analysis conclusion, only to give up Shanghai Longfeng Amoy website can be in an invincible position, there are three reasons as follows, hope veterans who express different views, let us go forward in exploration.

, the two major search standards, constantly changing, it is difficult to achieve comprehensive


it hard to please the search, compromises Shanghai Longfeng, rather than completely self-centered turn from a guest into a host, to the user experience, for the purpose of stately combat. As long as we do with.

for a long time, people on the construction site there is a bias, resulting in most owners are simply, that there are a lot of garbage station. The reason is the webmaster website development way in order to seek a long-term effective, too much emphasis on the role and exaggerated Shanghai Longfeng, misleading people to deviate from the true meaning of the only user experience of website construction.

focus on user experience is better than the best of Shanghai dragon, that is to say, a website with good user experience, users love, then the Shanghai dragon is no problem, the search will love. Otherwise, the need to meet the search site, do not have a good user experience, in other words, the user experience of the website is the only test site.

we all know, Shanghai dragon that is to search and search how to love Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon hate what search, put an end to what? To win the search of love, get good rankings and included, so as to get traffic. However, we all know that search is a love not the world, Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou number coexist, and the difference is All flowers bloom together., each big search preferences of different requirements are different, for example in dealing with words, love Shanghai love between the various search keywords separated by commas, and Google search requires space. That is to say, if we only from the search, the search can not be unified, in view of the differences in the major search, we must care for this and lose that difficult to develop. Moreover, the search also has its own variety, who has experienced 6.28 massacre of the webmaster can feel good, a website, because love Shanghai search itself changes, blink of an eye will fly out, it can not make the webmaster thinking.

According to the historical data of Shanghai love website right down inquiry and diagnosis and recov

with the search engine to change and planning, more and more of the site is down right, can be heard everywhere "website and be right down", "my site is down right?", "the website was drop right ah, to see how the site is not to be loved in Shanghai drop right" sounds like, many webmaster has been like a badly frightened person, see the website a little change that the site is down right.


3, the website included plummeted

love Shanghai right down performance query

1, Shanghai

is actually a lot of normal fluctuations when the site is meeting some, not all problems are right down, site is down right a few love Shanghai, the decline in ranking, included snapshot, plummeted, seconds of the article was deleted, a few hours after the article included the direct search to search. Any of the several one is right down the phenomenon, but this phenomenon is not necessarily right down. We need to combine the historical data of website operation process to make preliminary judgement whether the right down.

included quantity reflects a site traffic source. Typically, a website search engine rankings, included the amount of traffic is more. The hands of the website included quantity decrease suddenly we need to look at before the ranking page if there is, if there is love can be inferred Shanghai adjustment algorithm. If you drop it may be right down. So we should analyze the existence of collection, copying or pseudo original tools included page deleted phenomenon at. Love is of no value in Shanghai to identify the page needs a period of time, no value for page sooner or later will be deleted. But if all of a sudden to remove too many pages, on site

2, website ranking fell

snapshot question is not. Shanghai did not say the website will love the snapshot, the site will be poor snapshot of stagnation. And we also often see a snapshot of half a year ago in front of a lot of home station. Do not need to get excited over a little thing snapshot stagnant or back to file. There the snapshot problem we first asked about whether the recent long time not to update the site, or whether or not to buy a link or soft. In fact, love Shanghai snapshot system itself is an issue. Often see snapshot updates but does not update the snapshot time. So don’t take snapshots seriously.

web site optimization theory, the search engine ranking should be rising. But up to a certain extent may be stagnant or even retrogress. Then don’t doubt their own website optimization method or technical problems. Look at the competition site, perhaps your site in the article, the quality of the chain, the chain, the site scale is better than others, or they do optimization technology. It does not mean that the ranking drop down right. If all of a sudden from the first page to the 10 page or even not to search, this is right down.

website snapshot of love

Do novice station station optimization guidance read on to understand the Shanghai Dragon

1, space domain name such as "hardware"

to each section of the title, keyword, write in a book, and modified at any time, it is best to hold a one-time written attitude to write seriously, because this is really important. We according to the latest trend in July 2011, now write the title on the "long tail word" surrounded by "hot words", so you can try to do the long tail word. Don’t grab the new hot word, like new Taobao customers don’t do "lose weight" products.

sites are in discussion with the Shanghai dragon ah, ah what search engine.. A lot of people found that each site and each post also is different, this may become overcautious, for fear of offending the gods love Shanghai ~ ~ I told you the cool cat several simple methods, you can keep updated every day. Torgovnik

When the site

, you must first think of yourself by what profit, and try to choose a topic of interest to do stand, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of you insist on not down, only interested in power. For example, you want to be a community, you can use DZ, a news DEDE, blog with WordPress or Dblog. The program itself has a certain degree of optimization, it is suitable for newcomers.

space must choose stable, fast, and good customer service, tens of dollars a year, but for the poor in terms of Shanghai dragon is more than that. Torgovnik

do a good 404 page, 404 page can be said to be the most affordable way to keep the spider. Just like we had a net, let the spider stay and repeated catch inside page. You need to do is make a page.


local debugging, write 301 redirect code, specifically how to modify can see the love of Shanghai. Check and test. Some local even modified to the next program, but on the line after the change, the consequences will be grievous.

use of H1 and H2, the content on the title, the title on the column to write, "this article interspersed.

domain name is certainly shorter is better, the best is the second digital Pinyin, the worst is combined with the symbol and. Of course, not absolute. Torgovnik

station Now many

2, the optimization of

some of the so-called master station optimization every day hanging mouth, but really do it but no details, this is why, because each station and each station is not the same, sometimes according to the methods of other people may lead to their station was K, such as medical stations and news stations do not. If it is the kind of professional you do stand in the industry, such as hospital station, then several contents of disease, if you add a lot of chain or your program calls will inevitably occur very frequently, keyword density etc.. Here some general methods for simple station optimization:

A bit of doubt about the original content of the site

Now the

website, can see a familiar term " everywhere; original ", said the original search engine can attract ah, can attract webmaster. Reprint a while ago seen reports, American media to put pressure on Google, require changes to PR algorithm, improve the original content in the search engine rankings. Including the "New York Times", "time", "Wall Street daily" and other media. Several companies in the meeting with GOOGLE executives put forward, their original content of great value, requiring GOOGLE priority ranking. In other words, GOOGLE rankings should give priority to the source of the original article.

A spokesman for

GOOGLE responded by saying, "first of all, the value of the original article, but it also means" "there will be some problems in actual operation."". Thus I think of some of our domestic site practices, reprinted some articles, modify some of the content. This approach will not know search engine to determine the original content? As I know there is a website, FLASH game site, with PowerEasy station program collection, in which each FLASH page of the game, is by hand and add. How does this "original" search engine determine


also has a problem that everybody knows, search engine to a large number of portal website, forum included faster. The same article, at the same time in the author’s Web site and large portal site published, search engine first included is often on the portal site, and then included in the author’s Web site. If so, the article will determine the source of the article from the portal site.

on the original, search engine criteria: snapshot date, crawl page time, the number of pages outside the chain, the extent of the article modified. As the above example, I want to be a pseudo original, the search engine spider is a program, some text change, it is difficult to assess is not original, but after the estimate with the search engine program, this situation will be less and less. More than the amount of similarity should be regarded as reprint.

so on the original content has a few small suggestions: first make your site included, and then go to the website to send. If it is new, more use of these tools Baidu feeds. There are original content, coupled with their own content address, so that when other people collect, because the link will also be determined as the original content.

Hefei equipped with the Internet + to promote college students entrepreneurship

now college students employment and entrepreneurship issues has been attracting the attention of the whole society, at the same time, there are more and more universities and social public attention in college students’ entrepreneurship, and the new era, and the Internet is closely related to the entrepreneurship of College students.

in the boom of entrepreneurship, four college students of Anhui Agriculture University, while learning, while walking on the road of entrepreneurship. The first order, four people moved a truck steel, they deeply appreciate the hardships of entrepreneurship. The future, they will be equipped with "Internet plus" photovoltaic agricultural express, with advanced technology to increase the motivation for entrepreneurship.


2014 in April, at the Anhui Agriculture University Graduate School of agricultural biological environment and energy engineering master Choi Bowen and several classmates, founder of the Anhui Feng Hui agricultural science and technology limited company, "the main thing is to undertake the construction of the greenhouse business." In July, they successfully received the first single, they excited to join hands.

Remember that a

Equipped with

the future they will be equipped with "Internet +" express, the PV industry and Internet connection, the realization of NC production. The master’s graduation in order to further enhance the technology of the enterprise, is preparing to go to Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to study for a doctorate.

the territory in Hefei, equipped with "Internet +" business platform, but also for the majority of the student entrepreneurs to bring up a good business environment and opportunities, but also will have more and more entrepreneurs to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.


Nail shop sales membership card to pay attention to what

for a variety of beauty agencies, membership card sales has become a very important means. However, if you want to better play the role of membership cards, in fact, there are a number of considerations. Only the relevant work to do in place, membership card can create a higher profit for the store. The nail shop as a classification of the beauty industry, membership card sales also become a very important means. So, nail shop sales membership card to pay attention to what?

first, the design of the membership card to the United States

women are emotional, many women for those good-looking, nice, nice thing is no resistance, as long as you can make them feel comfortable, even more unreasonable things, they can do. In the nail shop membership card design, try to be fine, just like nail style, to be attractive in order to attractive.

two, membership card should not be too much

general nail shop membership card level in three or more than five. Nail shop is the reason why the design of membership cards can be targeted in the face of each consumer groups, so that customers enjoy the maximum discount. Usually three to five kinds of membership cards on behalf of the five different consumer groups. For example, the general public customers, white-collar workers, the high-end consumer groups, etc..

three, membership card to protect the interests of members

nail shop can be based on the amount of consumer spending, the amount of the number of membership cards, gifts to customers some nail items. For example, high priced customers can send some hand and foot care, massage and other projects. Mid-range price and the general price of customers can discount, gifts and other items. In short, the higher the amount of cards, the more items donated, the lower the discount. In addition, nail shop must be done to keep its promise to protect the interests of members, so as to promote the nail shop membership card sales.

is now a lot of store membership card has become a tool for the operator’s profit, for consumers is not a bit of benefit, so that the membership card will not be sought after by consumers. So, if you want to open a nail shop, while trying to make the membership card really play a role, the above three points need to pay attention to.

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Wenzhou businessmen teach you 4 tips for success

business people know that Wenzhou businessmen are well-known at home to do business, they even created their own culture, to create their own legend. So, if you want to start a business, how can you not look at how Wenzhou businessmen in business? Here, Xiao Bian will take you to Wenzhou businessmen teach you 4 tips for success!

"world money in the pockets of Americans and Americans; but the money in the pockets of the Jews", "God" of the Jews to change the economic structure of the world. The Wenzhou people from all walks of life known as the "Oriental Jews", with their wealth of action to prove himself not only to learn more than the Jews, the jews. It is said that in France, the temperature of a unique man, doing things gradually Jew out of the market, the world’s first Jewish businessman exclaimed: there are more than we do business!

as Jewish businessman

1984, founded by Nan Cunhui CHINT group is a registered capital of only 50 thousand yuan, only 10 thousand yuan output value of the family owned enterprises, in 2004, CHINT staff of 14500 people, the total assets of 4 billion 200 million yuan, sales of 11 billion 900 million yuan. From 1997 to 2001, the annual sales income of CHINT group and the average annual growth rate of total assets were 39.46% and 32.23%, respectively, much higher than the average level of domestic enterprises and the average of 6.5%. 2005 statistics show that CHINT group in the next few years will continue to maintain a high growth rate of 50%~60%. Around the world, and Nan Cunhui, like the temperature quotient abound.

in interpersonal relationships, they are skilled in the traditional code of conduct, advocate dignified and imposing shrewd. In the application of money, they should spend money wisely, they like to live, operating costs, the cheapest house, eat the cheapest food. On the other hand, after they spotted a project to bound the suddenness of a lot of money "hit" down, Wenzhou housing investment initiatives can be regarded as the one and only. In addition, Wen is very keen on philanthropy, millions, tens of millions of donations they think it should be reasonable.

Car jewelry store location matters needing attention

car accessories industry development prospects, attracting countless business investment, if you want to open a car accessories store should be how to choose? Want to learn the location of the technology is only a lot of attention to the relevant information, Xiaobian compiled some practical suggestions, so you can easily learn site selection skills.

1, traffic flow to be more, many local car owners can be opened to your car jewelry store, the car will mean more than your potential customers. Traffic is a basic factor to determine the performance, understand and understand the passenger flow, passenger flow belongs to the market positioning, also is to get rid of those who can not become a real traffic consumer, is an important factor to join the location should be considered when car accessories shop. Car jewelry store location attention to the surrounding business environment is the surrounding commercial facilities and the corresponding facilities, such as dining places, entertainment, etc..

2, convenient parking, you must be around the store to facilitate parking, this can facilitate the customer into the store procurement.

3, target stream of people. Do not have to choose the local flow of the car, if your car accessories shop is very distinctive, it can be your favorite store in individual car owners gathering place, this can also attract a lot of customers.

4, the competition is not very intense place. Fierce competition means that the local market is small, so, in the car jewelry store location must choose the competition is not very intense place. At the same time to have the difference and the effect of collocation, such as the above will be opened in the shop in the beauty shop, car wash, repair line next to. Believe that the end of this article, you will have a more full understanding, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the store, from the site to the local facilities, you have to consider, choose a relatively high regional comprehensive competitiveness, it is wise to shop, this meeting also more peace of mind.

car jewelry stores location there are actually a lot of skills, businesses only need to grasp several important points you can choose a good location. The above suggestions for reference, I hope to help you get a good shop, if you still have not clear place, welcome consultation.

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Fujian how to upgrade the real estate management

in the course of rapid economic growth, prices soaring let us surprised, although our salary level is far not reached that level, but the price has been high, so many people buy a house to give up! For such a frenzied real estate market, Fujian will improve the way the public land transfer. Land auction, if the land auction premium rate of more than a certain percentage, the scene can suspend the auction, to take the limited land prices, competing prices or limit premium, competing with the construction and other means to sell land.

yesterday, the office of the provincial government issued the "notice" on the further strengthening of the real estate market regulation and control of land, to reasonable regulation of the real estate land supply rhythm, promote the real estate market to the inventory and the steady and healthy development.

"notice" clear, commercial housing inventory to cycle less than 12 months or the rapid rise in house prices in cities and counties should be expanded for the size, speed up the supply of rhythm, meet the demand of the market, stable market expectations; inventory to cycle more than 24 months of cities and counties should significantly reduce the land use approval, supply scale.

commodity residential or commercial office inventory to cycle more than 36 months of cities and counties shall suspend the transfer of residential or commercial office, the planning department shall not issue the corresponding planning advice, provincial committee will suspend the acceptance of the relevant counties corresponding uses new application.

for the rapid rise of individual local land prices, the province will improve the way the public land transfer. Land auction, if the land auction premium rate of more than a certain percentage, the scene can suspend the auction, to take the limited land prices, competing prices or limit premium, competing with the construction and other means to sell land.

pointed out that the "notice", to strengthen the supervision of real estate purchase funds, a move aimed at reducing leverage, and effectively prevent risks. According to regulations, the province will be strictly prohibited real estate development enterprises through the issuance of bonds, trust plans, asset management plans and other financing funds for the payment of land transfer price.

Fujian how to upgrade the real estate management? Through the above reports I have come up with the relevant conclusions, but also should be clear that the price control can not be separated from the implementation of the government’s correct decision-making. "Notice" also urged all localities to speed up the disposal of idle land and real estate, the transferee fails to pay the land premium, in strict accordance with the default processing; due to business reasons idle land, shall be ordered to make rectification or rectification in place in accordance with the law to recover, before the relevant enterprises will be banned in land transactions within the province.

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Lando still pregnant how cosmetics sales is very good – the whole

2017, the choice to do cosmetic business? What about the cosmetics? Has always been a very popular choice. Join the pregnancy is still more than the cosmetics project, open a pregnancy is still their own more than cosmetics store, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

more and more people realize that from the beginning of pregnancy can solve a lot of problems, than after the recovery to do better and more healthy. For example, stretch marks once formed, will not disappear but 100%, pregnancy prevention, recovery rate will be greatly improved; and, if the pregnancy will take good care of the uterus, ovary and other parts, not only can help smooth pregnancy, also help postpartum recovery better.

is still pregnant blue cosmetics to make money?

still pregnant Lando first postpartum recovery products, and covers the two periods of pregnancy, pregnancy professional efficacy, the function of professional, rich variety, from the pre reproductive system maintenance to the special care during pregnancy to postpartum breast shaping and pregnancy scar repair lines, by consumers.

is still the choice of pregnancy cosmetics alliance, the first step in successful entrepreneurship. In the cosmetics market, is still pregnant more than cosmetic? Market sentiment is good, sales are also very high. The best choice for small business!