The website wants to survive the stable Law shall be three meals a day

In fact, the

website and life is the same, but also need to have three meals a day, a few days do not eat, do not drink, will not continue to support the light, love Shanghai website snapshot back, keyword ranking fell, while, the site was K, even the hair pulled up, and most of these are caused by the station the long daily work of A5, the stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic-.Html Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng) and everyone is talking about which website keywords ranking drop, which website is roughly K


The ?Update not rule acquisition

chain for the emperor, since we all know that the chain for the importance of the website, then why not stable or every day to do the work? Although the construction of the chain is one thing but it’s dull as ditch water, the site is directly play a role in promoting, the website ranking will be due to the number and quality of decision chain the website ranking factors accounted for at least 60%. The importance of the chain that many webmaster all know, but always in the site problem of the time will arouse their attention, usually not very regular chain construction, when to these customers site in A5 webmaster do diagnosis found that many website problems are the same, are caused by the construction of the chain is not stable, and they are not some new Adsense, the surge of the chain reduction of violence is not good for the site, is also very clear, but people are lazy, do not want to be limited by time, want to be free. So, when they will be in the day time, the chain construction of a large number of sites, one day out of time. "

the construction of the chain increased violence reduction


content is king, is the foundation of survival and development of the site, a site if no good content support, the design of the good is useless, just a shell. Therefore, this requires the webmaster must prepare food every day, for the needs of the site, even if a few days do not feed, the website will also like people, because of the lack of food and no effort to sustain life. Finally, causing the site to die, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team is deep. A lot of new people in building the first site, because the work is a little busy or lazy, do not want to write every day, slowly on the website by day ten, slowly down to five, then one, last for several days is not simply an update. More importantly, the number of daily updated website not only reduces, the quality is reduced, then the update is CTRL C, CTRL V, to love Shanghai website snapshot back, keywords ranking drop. At this time, many webmasters will find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team counseling and their website problems, ask how to quickly solve site problems now, these problems A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team almost every day to meet, this is also very helpless.

How should the Forum on Shanghai dragon optimization

6. increased sharing plugin. Share plug-in can share articles in renren贵族宝贝, QQ space, SNS is the site visitor cheats, if a person can get double the reprint, page impressions, it will bring a lot of traffic sites, but also very convenient to humanity.

1. pseudo static Copyright 5.

forum website, because more convenient, as long as the construction has certain popularity, the daily work is very easy and user management posts, too many articles do not need to edit and update. So, with DISCUZ and PHPWIND as the representative of the forum site has been very fire. Here on the forum of Shanghai dragon optimization details:

3. forum page cache settings. The page cache function can be a member often visit theme of temporary cache, alleviate the pressure of the server large forum. This function for the server load ability of the forum should try to open, not only can effectively alleviate the pressure on the server to increase the access speed, but also can increase the degree of user experience, improve the pageviews.

set. Many of the original page with title forum copyright, such as "powered by". We should revise the corresponding settings will be removed from the copyright in title to build a good forum, it is very important to streamline the title page weight aggregation. In the general forum bottom can leave your used forum copyright. Love Shanghai more and more weight on copyright increasingly heavy, so a key work copyright setting will be the future.

. Dynamic address forum posts are generally more often, with many parameters, it is not friendly to the search engine, will increase the burden on the search engine included, it will be more difficult. You can customize the post after the opening of pseudo static address format, it is very beneficial to the collection.

4. theme settings. Add a list of links to related topics of the forum, each randomly generated related topics, then formed a large net posts to guide post, continuous cycle. The spider will be uninterrupted in the net forum in grab the page, which can effectively improve the page number included.

Now many webmaster choose

2. site map. Love Shanghai has a "Internet Protocol" is included open forum, love Shanghai web search forum content set included standard forum website can forum posts made to follow this agreement to open the XML format for web search engine index, the post forum released voluntarily and timely inform the search engines love Shanghai. The "Internet Forum included opening agreement", the equivalent of the forum post is search engine subscription, search engine this platform through the love of Shanghai – the world’s largest Chinese, users will likely access to higher frequencies in a wider range to post your web site forums, and bring potential flow your site. This protocol is based on XML format "as the standard, similar to a site map, let the love of spiders in Shanghai included more purpose, will greatly increase the forum included.

An old webmaster for optimization experience sharing

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I always think Shanghai dragon friend is very cute, would like to see the A5 in the above optimization work home on the subway, like in the early hours of the time not to sleep in the website data analysis there, when the love of Shanghai renewal they may cry may laugh. Have a friend to do optimization I said yesterday: " love Shanghai boss to update, 5 website optimization ranking all his flash to the thousands of miles away, this estimation is out of a job. " take today Shanghai Longfeng things I experienced and share with you.


from the 08 years since do very little has been written about the Shanghai dragon of the article, because I think Shanghai Longfeng things this is too difficult, difficult to have no one can understand the algorithm, but also feel too simple, simple to a new webmaster all know the user experience is the core of the ranking. Today to share what I do for so many years of Shanghai dragon understanding. I just write my experience, the prophet you pit how much Shanghai dragon Er

anchor text plays a leading role, through the anchor text, users tend to be faster and more accurate to find the information they need, this can be very good to improve the user experience. But I >


I see a lot of friends website title has a problem, here I give a direct example [Xiangyang website construction | leading Xiangyang website construction service provider – Xiangyang waylong network company] this title is used [keywords | adjective – brand word] inside this adjective is actually letting users have to click on the desire. Even if your site in other sites behind, still can to attract users to your site inside. It is important to attract users to come in after, very good to meet into the site through the keywords the user needs.

chain in the ranking algorithm is voting and guide the love Shanghai index, many schools in Shanghai Longfeng near students every day shuttle in the blog forum, busy send outside the chain, also bored. The chain guide can really love Shanghai index (1 was found recorded "link is enough), but many lovely students mistakenly believe that these his hair of the chain could improve ranking, look at their website ranking and I think we should be very clear. Let me say to buy links, links to buy what I want to say you can buy links, enrich the website, can meet the time into your website through keyword needs to buy, buy the same industry links, and can not buy too many (20 or less), can’t buy to sell links to the web site link. Don’t think this ranking will be very good, the role of the chain can only help you to rank up, once ranked in the home after the link failure algorithm ranking algorithm, user click start. Note: the new station outside the chain link to buy and throw rubbish will be punished (within 4 months of the website).

Anchor text:



How does the website win 80 hind and 90 hind sale strategy

China "80" "90" and the crowd is bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening, along with the globalization and the growth of the Internet wave new-new generation, a new way of thinking, values and life concept and consumption patterns, is the future of the mainstream of society and consumer market leader. Website to win this group, need to study their consumption characteristics, take the new road marketing strategy.

new media marketing

80 and 90 living in the Internet age, born close to the network, is very familiar with the new media with network, strong dependence, are keen on online shopping; network is their main entertainment and communication tools, is the most important and the most convenient information source, or the smartest and most professional the consumer platform, we often discuss the consumer direction in the group, the exchange and shopping experience, the vast amounts of information using the Internet to provide the service for the purchase decision; they are also a relatively sensitive population, consumption patterns easily influenced by others, new media marketing is conducive to the spread of commodity information, stimulate their purchasing behavior.

website using the Internet and other new media to carry out marketing activities, we should make good use of new media interactive communication to enhance brand awareness and reputation, make full use of a variety of professional websites, personal websites, online games, BBS, MSN, blog, QQ group, SMS platform, audio and video based animation spread to more commodity information. Play the spokesperson of the influence and important reference group appeal guide "80" "90" consumer, but also pay attention to the cultivation of 80 and 90 own opinion leaders, the mutual influence of information exchange between them through word-of-mouth and viral marketing effect and peers, rapid replication and dissemination of marketing information excited, buying behavior. As Nike designed a computer game, the participants in the game and Diego Jordan play basketball together, so that the Nike brand image in the subtle deeply implanted hearts of young consumers. The Chery QQ, which is based on "the young man’s first car", skillfully combines the styling concept of cars with the QQ, a popular online chat tool for young people.

experiential marketing

80 and 90 consumption concept innovation, bold advance, advocating new consumption, love to try new things, the ability to accept new things is also very strong, the non event of intense interest in life, has the experience of psychological craving; they have set up their own financial management concepts, in the process of direct consumption consumption, strong ability to control, not blindly, do not blindly follow the trend of buying, on trial, DIY experiential marketing activities are interested, willing to go to try and experience consumption; they choose a product or brand is not the criterion based on the "good" or "bad" the rational cognition, but also because of "love" or "not love" attitude of sentimental feelings, pay attention to the process of consumption experience and feelings, experience emphasizes the use of the product.

Small and medium-sized Adsense to realize the profit of my view

from last year the small owners in this area for nearly a year, during the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only their own can truly realize. From knowing to buy books to learn web design, website to modify the program, website SEO, and then to try to profit and so on, do not know in the end to see many articles, ask how many counterparts. To sum up, so far, even their initial investment (buy domain name, space, books etc.) didn’t make up, and spend a lot of time and effort, sometimes I really want to give up, but the heart and unwilling to see some friends of the station a month can earn hundreds of thousands, once again time to play, continue to fight.

I think

and I have the same feeling of the webmaster should not in the minority, even a lot, I remember reading an article, said eighty percent of the webmaster is operating at a loss, then we have many people in this area, hundreds of thousands or millions, and every day how many new hands to join the ranks of large in the past, how many webmaster in the vast crowd fell.

there is a saying "a long way to go, I will search" is a bit tragic color, I want to enter the twenty percent (graph king was said, simply following 5000IP on station, then we put 5000IP as a watershed, we do not know over this can make money Kan) ranks of the webmaster, the key to think more and more research and follow the trend blindly abandon.

next, I according to my practice for more than a year, talk about a few points, and talk well, please criticize.

first talk about the profit model:

, click on the ads, it is needless to say, the absolute profit of small owners preferred, such as Google, Ali’s mother, who is good or bad, I only want to use to know (that is, I am currently using the mother, is not to say that Google is not good, just didn’t want to try) and some experience about my mother, my overall station turnover rate is very high, basically no idle down, I think the key point is to reasonable pricing, cost per thousand is not high, if your cost per thousand in 0.2, the turnover rate is absolutely equal high. But on the current situation, dozens or hundreds of IP station prices surprisingly high, often dozens or hundreds of dollars, empathy, you will buy such advertising position,


on how to do the mother’s advertising, improve the turnover rate, in this regard many articles on the forum, you can see more, not behind closed doors, to be more open-minded learning,

two, the combination of station and enterprise, this method, if operated, will bring a lot of considerable income, and recently I was trying to try. For example, you can understand, have seen a webmaster article, introduction is one of his station is how a lot of money for him, standing just a few static pages, simple type, content is to introduce a famous tourist attractions and hotels, he said. Each.

Tea shop open

looked at a lot of milk tea shop to make the brand, made a reputation, can not help but someone began to itch, but to open a tea shop is not an easy thing. 1, first of all, to analyze their own personal management capabilities, the ability to transport domain, character mentality, to see if it is suitable for a shop owner. This is important!

2, second in assessment of their environment: one is the degree of family support; two is the economic ability (see how much can the investment, will not affect the other existing business or industry, not only do the tea shop to know tea can not eat. (three) risk resistance.

3, finally positioning business strategy, is after you open the shop how (at this point, many people are blind, love to do some unrealistic dreams).

industry analysis?

the industry to have a certain degree of understanding, do not just look at the surface of you think you want to do, or see a friend or someone else is doing good to think that they can do. Some things can not be copied (some shop business is fire, which position do you have? Some shop business is very prosperous, its management level can you do that? Some of the shop back rate is very high, it’s quality you can do? Some of the shop is very profitable, it experienced many storms, you clear? "), men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang." This is the truth. When you analyze the basic trend of the industry and the market, the next step to prepare.



if the target consumer group in the location of frequent passing of the downtown area, average daily sold 500 cups (one) is the most conservative estimate, the cold cost in 0.2-0.4 yuan / cup, hot drinks in the 0.3-0.6 yuan / cup, price in 4-6 yuan, the average daily profit of about 2000 yuan, including expenditure 40 yuan rent, utilities, staff salaries and pay 110 yuan, net profit of 1000 yuan, with the most conservative estimates, a 6 square meter sold fresh beverage shop, monthly profit will be 30000 yuan, less than a month to recover the cost, second months to open second, enter the state of easy profits.

> small business investment

Small household electrical appliances

for Home Furnishing appliance industry now, many people have found their trend of development is increasingly better, but how to join in, we must not blindly before joining the fierce lost.

to enter the small household appliance stores need to pay attention to the following four points:

A: the election of the industry. In recent years, the popular joining the industry frequently shuffle, high popularity of the industry, fast fever, fever faster, often making the latter step of the franchisee, just opened on the risk of experiencing an upsurge of decline. Therefore, the choice of small home appliance stores in the first criterion, that is, the industry must be selected to withstand the test of the market, there must be sufficient vitality, there is a certain degree of sustained profitability.

Three: selection of products. Small home appliance stores to close to the market, to achieve localization, which can effectively enhance the vitality of enterprises. Franchise enterprises should be able to ensure product standardization and consistency. In addition, it is necessary to choose a popular, highly popular operating items and varieties, to prevent the popularity of the bubble boom has become a problem.

in your clear, sure than before has greatly improved your sense of direction.


boutique recommended: Hao art home decoration luxury home lighting

Automotive beauty shop location should pay attention to what matters

the number of cars surge, car beauty franchise business is also very prosperous, so many friends want to open a car beauty shop. No matter what shop, location is very important. If you want to have a good car franchise business, location can not be ignored, the following three aspects are very important.

3, shop duolong city effect. For automotive beauty decoration industry is concerned, the more the number of shops, the formation of a certain professional market effect, the marginal area of the more customers. But the city also brought store dolong full competition, choose the shop in these places, must be in the product, service and reputation more efforts, ahead of the competition in these areas.   4, the store’s topography and orientation. When considering the store, we should also consider the natural factors such as the direction of the store, the intensity of sunshine and the degree of sunshine.

In fact,

< >


What matters a part-time business – Business

people in more than -time part-time, and naturally there are people in the business part-time, -time part-time business only, is different from the ordinary part-time, attention is more, also need to attract entrepreneurs attention, so as to ensure the part-time business success. So, what are the points of part-time business?

part-time entrepreneurship is based on existing work on the two work. A part-time business was also a choice of commercial projects to start, operate, generally speaking, suitable for working entrepreneurial projects are relatively small, but this small project is a pioneering project, independent entrepreneurial projects. Since it is an entrepreneurial project, you have to act in accordance with the laws of the business, the operator needs to have a certain degree of business characteristics and related prerequisites. These conditions can play, otherwise, it becomes a victim of the sea tide and stepping stone, specifically what conditions need is suitable to do business while working side.

part-time entrepreneurship five matters needing attention

has a commercial heart

is a business mentality what kind of state of mind to do what kind of thing, do business, naturally have to have a business mentality, then the business mentality, there are factors that constitute it? In simple terms, it is necessary to understand the nature of business where the business process and the outcome of the relationship. Popular point, the fundamental purpose of business is to make money, the so-called market selection, product, project and operation mode and so on are the process and tools, everything should be to achieve profit as the ultimate goal as the core operation, as the guiding ideology.

human resources

has no human resources there is a saying: "money is not earned, but my friend", while working side business for the small start-up cost, various aspects of starting budget are relatively limited, but in the initial stage is the maximum period of consumption of resources, it must be considered by the the relationship strength, to reduce costs, improve work efficiency to promote. Especially in market research, product storage, customer development, backdoor operation, procedures registration and so on, each step involved in the quasi best boss, needs to have some connections, the success rate of entrepreneurship and stability so as to ensure the maximum.

very strong pressure

to work out time in the primary stage of working business, due to the cost and volume of business considerations, not it is not necessary to directly recruit staff, many of the specific work are quasi boss himself everything fine personally. The problem is the need to personally most of the time in working hours, which requires prospective bosses can come out in time to go to work, and it is legitimate to walk out, not every day, please.

Han said Bibimbap joined what conditions need to be met

said in Korean delicacy project so much in what project in Chinese market more favored by investors, Xiaobian see also is Bibimbap. In order to facilitate consumer oriented business direction of Korea Korean Bibimbap sangdoo, with the steady financial policy, hard market investment, let the enterprise stability and rapid development, so that employees, partners, investors and consumers of our common benefit. Then the Han sangdoo Bibimbap joined

what are the requirements?

Han sangdoo joined requirements:

1. Han sangdoo franchisees willing to accept South Korea Korean sangdoo dolsotbap joined the way and conditions, abide by the rules and headquarters operation and management system.

2. has a good reputation and credit, capital adequacy, the ability to assume market risk.

3. Han sangdoo franchisees are suitable for the operation of South Korean sangdoo dolsotbap fast-food sales places in the city’s downtown area plenty of traffic.

4. Han sangdoo franchisee identity sangdoo dolsotbap Korea Korean corporate culture and business philosophy, product trademarks, cognitive Han Shangdao Korean dolsotbap join.

5. has a strong ability to coordinate social and public relations.

6. Han sangdoo franchisees have the ability to independently bear civil liability decency, no criminal record, catering business qualifications and effective business license and the relevant license.

Han sang as a mature catering enterprises, to less investment, high profit, quick return, is the best choice for your business! Han sangdoo Bibimbap joined what are the requirements? Han sangdoo dolsotbap login official website to know the franchise information, if you are interested in Korean Korean sangdoo dolsotbap alliance project or what questions don’t forget the message