The current site operations do Shanghai dragon you should understand the truth

second is a search engine optimization and the contest must believe in yourself. Especially in the optimization, the site itself has a lot of problems, including included decline, ranking, these are great to play fast and loose their ability and psychological test, through the crisis, later you will understand a truth, the story of the lion to our table name, in fact, the donkey that a few strokes, howl, kick, shake tail. When the lion knew donkey these tricks, psychological advantage is the fundamental factor to eventually eat donkey, stationmaster is a truth, love Shanghai for investigation of the railway station is the problem, through this period of oscillation, you will see the outcome you want. Believe in yourself is the first magic weapon to conquer others.

fourth, as a webmaster to continue learning Shanghai dragon thinking. We are a lot of early site optimization from their past experience and the lessons of their predecessors, the search engine in the continuous development of owners should also be timely through self-cultivation, in the process of optimized website we can not keep the previous theories on, think before I was so optimized now I still do, insist on the attitude is worthy of recognition, but the method is suitable for the current optimization strategy can really, but also rely on practice to check, then, we in addition to keep their capital, to find some new optimization ideas, these ideas from the optimization program such as stationmaster net, Shanghai dragon why these industry website, the latest information to make we have a good grasp of the optimization of large rudder. Therefore, to enhance their awareness of learning is very important.


first, practitioners must know how to pay only the return. A lot of Shanghai Dragon said Er optimization of no effect, in fact a lot of friends are all new, site weights are still wobbly, anxious to return to that, it is not ridiculous? The sky will not give you the money It is without rhyme or reason.. So any one industry to pay only the return this is the everlasting truth, complaining and I first let you know how important it is to pay for the optimization.

as everyone knows, the author found that many webmaster forum have Shanghai dragon Er issued a manuscript, Long Fengzhen also talked about the current Shanghai seemingly do? In fact, I saw this article in the self reflection, the industry is really coming to an end.? in fact, I own more than the sum of the Sales Department by Shanghai dragon the optimization to the company’s orders, Shanghai Longfeng power itself is very large, the key is to see how you do? Here I talk about my own understanding for the optimization of

fifth, cultivate their rigorous attitude for the optimization. Failure is not terrible, terrible is his lost three story let down, Ma Su Jieting is the best interpretation, although not as serious now optimization, but shopping malls such as the battlefield, especially a site can bring a lot of orders for the enterprise, we must ensure the rigorous attitude towards the optimization of our work, any a small mistake will make the site fell into a trough. < >

The social networking site optimization Shanghai dragon series Facebook

optimization some limitation in Facebook



how to use Facebook and other social networking sites do Shanghai dragon

, a social networking site in Shanghai Dragon

Facebook page page page contains very much in the noble baby, page can also take pure hyperlinks to websites, but also we specified user @.

from the batch test results for >

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site, currently ranked first in the world. How to use the Facebook like this high weights of the social networking site do Shanghai dragon




is currently the author has designed a automatically on the Facebook registration, release, comment, @, praise, message software, will also support twitter, pinterest immediately, noble baby +, the LinkedIn website, as long as this article the author submitted by subsequent follow-up will bring several other sites for everyone Shanghai Longfeng Research Report.

value of resources

in addition to Facebook, twitter, pinterest, noble baby LinkedIn 4 +, currently the world’s largest social networking site, ranking in the top 100 of the world, the weight is very high given the noble baby.

first look at the screenshots below:

Facebook page log is only supported with anchor text links, the chain is very high

value is very high Facebook

Facebook page comments are generally open, only with a pure web hyperlink, but below the logo description is the anchor text link is very good, but the anchor text here is the automatic generation of Facebook according to the comments of the web site, you cannot customize the chain resources,

through the test and analysis, the Facebook can be used as the optimization method has the function of Shanghai Longfeng logs, reviews and pages released 3 functions, the other subsidiary functions, such as @, home message, praise, plus friends is mainly used for drainage effect of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix not what role.

it is Facebook to do with the Shanghai dragon, must use the page, because personal homepage content is needed after landing is visible, but the screen is not required, so the baby will only noble personal homepage on your home, other as there will not be any included, but almost all included page content.

Talking about the profit of shlf1314 rapid collection navigation websiteOrdinary railway workers fin

ordinary railway workers of higher lower

network is one of the basic guide can provide a variety of effective search engine easily, if it is to join the alliance website, you can use these in the user search, click on the link, so the League will access to providers, is the site navigation, with the traffic and advertising rates, but also the station she was a composition of income ~! The most common advertising is the most common form of shlf1314 AD, because of the presence of the advertising alliance, make a lot of network navigation can easily play a variety of advertising. Keywords sales in foreign countries are relatively common, also have similar business in some professional directory, a keyword search engine like sales principle, on the one hand, at the top of each page directory to start, there will be sponsored links sponsored links, small sites are often replaced by shlf1314 Adsense; on the other hand, associated with a navigation service operation, the sponsor will inject port, tourism can query, eLong is the search entrance, some shopping sites, can be in the online navigation occupies a prominent position, in the user navigates into these sites, when purchasing, the network will have navigation commission income, this is not a small income. Some sites in order to ~ in a better position, for example in the first position classification, will buy, this is the link charges included ~ link sales That is mainly aimed at the typical domestic architecture form page, for example in the form of first line of the first column, such as different fonts, sizes and colors to highlight some of the links. The shortcomings of this model are not particularly pointed out. These are advertising links that can easily mislead users, lose their authority, or even navigate.

as a newcomer to the website, it is difficult to make profits through regular stations. I began to do the website in 2008, the first to do a Taobao promotion alliance, in fact, just to promote the use of Taobao stores. But it didn’t work. I also put a lot of ads on my website. But the normal click income is too little. By chance, I heard a friend say that shlf1314’s advertisement could cheat.

Hello, there are two pieces of articles in front of me. Many friends add me. I asked why the railway benefits are so good to do Wangzhuan

studied for a while and saw a lot of people making money out of it. The method is simple, just by using peer software or clicking on each other. The average income per click is $0.05. See some people, an English keyword, there are about 1 dollars in income, really very envious. Ha ha, but this cheating method is very primitive, and also very easy to be K. Such cheating methods, such as mutual search, and so on. But recently, the crazy K number, ha ha, the novice webmaster or not to participate. Projects that really make money are not published outside. Once the operation of more people, of course, will not make money.

but unfortunately, I’ve only received two payments on GG, 230 dollars a time. 130 dollars at a time. But this business can only be a game. Just do it. Don’t live on him. Or starve to death, do not blame me Oh, ha ha.

is a web site navigation site navigation, web site is a static HTML simple, many people will ask this in fact not many live inside, indeed! However, do good, or the normal operation can be achieved very good profit, the navigation network is how to profit, this paper will explain. Overall, its profit model is based on traffic in exchange for revenue model, mainly by: search union advertising, recommended links, union advertising, promotion of their own business.

well, friends who are interested in communicating can come to my website,, thank you.

? Taobao shop

2, profit model: mostly advertising, sales, links, charges included, good, large network guide may be four modes exist ~

1, first of all, web site navigation is essentially a search, providing users with convenient search clusters

navigation website, navigation web site to provide people with great convenience, because a lot of big websites more concentrated arrangement together, people just move the mouse, you can go to the website you want to go. The domestic navigation website templates are used in hao123, the median home is the major site of the site, in addition to providing some services such as e-mail, let hao123 users can complete the early stage of the online operation here, so he can have a good user viscosity ~

actually, you just saw the surface, the railway, the railway construction in recent years, did not ask the country for a penny. The reporter asked the Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, the railroad in the money come from? The minister speechless. Why? In fact, we write ordinary railroad workers here. It is calculated that the future development of the railway requires 1 million of each railway worker. We are only half paid now, and the other half is for railway construction. So, life’s push. Well, today I’m going to talk about my experience making websites.

is an ordinary railway workers Wangzhuan Road shop


A wonderful week website comments do stand to learn by analogy (two)

When the

primary school, the teacher taught us to learn "analogy", especially from the website webmaster, do stand in the process of learning from others, to avoid detours. A5 forum Daily website comment is such a window, the site from others comments, absorb helpful suggestions for their improvement, and later in the process of doing stand, the site is getting better.

This paper summarizes the

A5 last week in essence daily web comments, we can learn from the next.

October 12th website review

review site: Taixing recruitment network

website description: the website was formally launched in November 08. The current traffic is 4000IP per day, local talent station. The website is a company operation at present, have sale team, have before sale, after sale service, profit condition is good. Operation mode is customer service call, salesman line run enterprise, customer service will be running each enterprise to pay a return visit, ask how service attitude. In the latter part of the website, a talent pool will be set up for individual job seekers to be trained, and the well-known enterprises will be invited to conduct lectures. The main content of the training is the specific requirements of the position and the skills of interview. Our goal is to make Taixing recruitment network to become the most authoritative and professional recruitment platform in Taixing.

problem: now Baidu only included the home page snapshot is normal, a month is the situation, also please advice, not very grateful! The website is now gradually does not rely on Baidu, a fixed customer line, have also done a lot of promotion. Just don’t understand why Baidu will drop right, only included home page.

best comment by: home recipes Daquan, webmaster provides comment

1, site details. I looked at the site code, somehow, will appear code estimation is the application of the Yangtze talent network source program to modify? No special look at this code, the proposal must use it to your own website or the effect will be better. The relevant code is as follows:


2, including the home page problems. Take a look at the content page, the source code table nested too much (up to 6 layers), it is recommended to optimize the source code, reduce the number of nested layers, to no more than 3 layers as well.

3 and Title tags. The current label is too long, but there is duplication of suspicion and outstanding focus, it is proposed to amend: Taixing professional recruitment website – Taixing recruitment network. Concise, prominent, more atmospheric.

4, publicity and promotion. Not relying on search engines is a better model, much more connected with the talent market (but most talent centers are now estimated to have their own websites)

Foreign trade website construction details determine success or failure

SOHO do foreign trade company in Fujian Province, mostly because there are Putian and Jinjiang foreign trade personnel accounted for more than 80%, a lot of small foreign trade companies have their own websites, but some operation is not very smooth, or the utilization rate and the conversion rate is not very high for what we analyze some problems from early to late:

1 foreign trade website domain name problem

domain name is nothing to say: a fee, foreign purchase price is probably around 5$, domestic registration price of 40-70 yuan, ranging from 60

domain name is not recommended, huh, huh?. Take note of the site URL, too. Counterfeit trade suggests domestic purchase of domain name, saved by K risk

2 server / space size problem

look at the market, where to choose the server, the main European proposal, the British can also. The most widely used server is the United States, and the backbone network is also good. The quality of the server determines the access speed, stability, and security of a website. So, can not neglect, cheap, no good goods, this is what I have always believed, this year, less free.

Another problem is the size of the

space, there are a lot of people about my 10G space! I wonder, a website you have 10 thousand pictures of products also are not more than 500M to so much why general website 300M is


3 enterprise mailbox problem

enterprise mailbox, as far as I know, used to do trade in Soho, Fujian identity occupies a very large component, but the enterprise post office is good, this used all have experience, also too lazy to say more. Mailbox security, practicality, many mailboxes have to be refined. Secretly said, many are not safe, it is easy to be invaded.

4 foreign trade website style question

this problem is relatively small, but a lot of enterprises or individuals trading website, a look to know is China, a word – rotten ah. Complaining all day long, no single, do not know whether to consider this problem, efficiency.

we do business, when visitors enter the site through a variety of channels, 100 how many will be interested? How much will the turnover rate in the consultation?? we do SEO conversion to promote free promotion of intelligent promotion rate of


very important point, the quality of the product is not spoken by the mouth, as a network operator, the site is its own virtual base. A website can’t do well. How can other people believe you? (domestic trade is different),

secretly said: "many people are still using the 163 album?"

5 foreign trade product pictures, product introduction questions,

enterprises, individuals, and individuals, their product pictures are not clear enough, and product descriptions are not detailed enough (not even).


In 2008, I’ll continue my garbage collection


Before the

to write the text, in fact, I also very confused, for the 2008 road really do not know how to go, do we really are waiting, waiting for a message such as Taobao or alliance like this should not be a real chance? We webmaster style. Today, a chance to meet a new friend,..JOY:.: when we talk about the future development, he also feel confused, in fact, this is the voice of most of the webmaster now. While we talked about in the personal website (station to say) the webmaster should now be in the low tide period to grow, for their own future ahead.


actually, the garbage station websites are all waiting to die. Although the big flow of garbage stations can guarantee your life for a while, and GGAD is supporting the last hope. But garbage stations are rubbish stations after all and never have a big way out. Besides, the garbage stations are no longer so easy to do.

in 2008, we the webmaster how to spend? It is worth pondering, a successful webmaster will eventually have a successful website, commercialization is the ultimate goal, then 2008 will be the best time to mature our webmaster.

positioning a target, struggling forward. Like Wang’s webmaster network, choose a future direction from all types of websites, and strive to achieve your ultimate goal. Although the road will be very unhappy, no income, no traffic, the user viscosity of the site will become our stumbling block. But difficulties can be overcome in the end, and it is no more difficult than landing on the moon.

site location: some people may ask each industry network now will have a very strong opponent, how do we get involved. Yes, now every industry, every type has a very strong opponent, someone outside. But all problems lie with themselves. Positioning problems, of course, need to come to myself, I know the webmaster network, I know the king, are absolutely worthy of our admiration. Stationmaster net from 06 years starting in March, to it for a long time, is not the real start time, stationmaster net actually only one year, and in one year more than he has got up early and similar sites (webmaster information) become the webmaster information websites in a real boss. Figure Wang, a respected webmaster by tens of millions of webmaster stars, has always had a far greater vision than others. In the beginning of August 2006, Taobao, SMS alliance after the setback, determined to expand the network owners, though there are still insufficient, but enough to make many webmaster with a Alexa ranking from 100 thousand just a few months to 20 thousand in the name of. The goal of the king is to enter the webmaster network within 1000

I say these, not because I am familiar with the map king, not the gunman, but for the name of the king, speculation, just want to explain a truth, a seemingly simple truth: find a direction to do >

Do catering need to pay attention to what details

how to cook? What are the food and beverage matters? These are exquisite. The first is the store design to be clean, service attitude to be enthusiastic, the core is the dishes must be unique, can not let the guests wait too long. The following is a specific introduction, a look at it!

Second, service attitude, the first feeling if you feel good, at this time, the waiter’s attitude is very good, seem to wear this uniform clothing, politely asked (regardless of how a restaurant grade services are not bad.)

Third, the types of dishes, dishes not bad, people eat about a Xixinyanjiu, and according to local conditions, people look at KFC, can do so hot in China besides, its unique management, is good at push into a new. This is a key point.

Fourth, the service speed, no matter in what place, especially now that the faster pace of life, no one is willing to sit in the restaurant and the smell of others on the table but not eat their fragrance, this shop I will not go to a.

fifth, do catering need to pay attention to what? Site selection and other issues, as far as possible to choose a relatively large stream of people. As for management, I would like to strengthen the quality of staff and cooking techniques.

Human resource dispatch to achieve your wealth dream

said the dispatch of human resources, many people may not know, many companies in order to save costs, human resources and other departments have implemented outsourcing measures, the rise of the implementation of measures directly makes the dispatch of human resources in this industry, the dispatch of human resources will become a rare investment project!

15 million new jobs. In the meantime, they predict the growth rate of close to 20%, is 2 times the growth rate of the overall employment forecast, "wal kvist added, along with new employment opportunities increase, employment services is expected to be the growth rate of the second industry. However, the potential of human resources in this field is far from being tapped, many people have begun to cast a net in this industry. Therefore, the best strategy to create a business is to develop their own blue ocean.

if you have served as accountant, lawyer or lawyer assistant, so you have to start the business relationship in the network, these professional expertise will ensure you have a leading position. Wahlquist believes that there are areas of great potential, including engineers, information technology, legal support, accounting, finance and health care. He also proposes to provide survey and employment referral services and partnerships with businesses to help them find talent in short – and long-term projects.

The word


Ten imported milk powder brands list of the top 2016

2016 imported milk powder ten brands list, along with the new era of globalization, Chinese become the world’s most important consumer market of milk powder, milk powder market competition has intensified, the world’s top ten dairy enterprises fully settled Chinese. In recent years, the international brand of milk powder in China is popular, so the baby milk powder rankings reflect the impact of the major brands of milk powder on the market.

network of small by users voting results, objectively describes the China market milk list 10 strong brands, 2016 brands of imported milk powder ten list, hoping to provide reference for treasure dad Baoma who buy milk powder.

imported milk powder brands first: good beiai te (Holland)

good beiai te belonging to Hape Nor Kay (Hyproca) group, founded in 1897, is located in the traditional dairy country of Holland, has richly endowed by nature advantage milk, from milk collection to packaging products, complete industrial chain and strong R & D strength and strict quality and safety control system, is Holland’s hundred years of dairy enterprises. 1938 production of infant milk powder, is the world’s first production of infant formula milk powder manufacturers, the world’s leading production technology, product line, quality control to achieve strict standards in the eu.

imported milk powder brand second: bullpen (UK)

1896 Nutricia founder of Martinus van der Hagen in Holland invented infant formula milk powder. In 1901, the Vander Hagen two brothers founded Nutricia, focused on the production of infant formula, in the late twentieth Century, Nutricia has grown into an international operating company. The company has developed a number of products to meet the special needs of various groups of people.

brands of imported milk powder third: good children (Holland)

brought from Holland – good child infant formula, mothers should not unfamiliar, the parent company of Holland Royal Fish Lan Can Pina company (Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.) founded in 1879, has been 130 years of history, the annual turnover of more than 9 billion euros. With the help of Holland agricultural scientific and technological level of excellence and the There is nothing comparable to this milk quality, milk, milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products and dairy raw materials produced by Fish Lan Can Pina has won a high reputation in the global more than and 100 countries.

brands of imported milk powder fourth: Mead Johnson (USA)

mead with its strong strength and excellent quality, in the formula list >

How about the quality of life of good source beauty printing options

source printing is good? In our life, we can not do without the need for printing. Of course, the small business choose to join the source of the United States printing projects, is not a business opportunity, with the strength of the choice! Join the source of the United States printing? Good project, what are you still hesitating about?

is now a variety of printing services company is very much, mainly because it can be more professional in the protection. Now the use of different printing materials, the use of different printing products, the use of printing machinery and equipment are not the same. So after the printing of the printing effect, it will show great difference. And if there is no professional operator to escort the printing, the printing effect may be very different. In such a case, you can see a lot of professional companies, in order to protect their products in the printing, enough to achieve a good printing effect, so the United States and the United States will print to cooperate.

source printing investment to make money?

is mainly because the United States and the United States printing in the operation of their products, not only can guarantee the use of the material is very good, and the use of imported is no pollution of the dye. The most important is the use of printing machinery and equipment, but also the world’s most popular printing equipment. In printing, not only to ensure a high degree of precision, but also to ensure that the printing effect is very good, the use of computer printing technology, so that printed products will not appear error.

to join the source of the United States printing? Small business choose to join the source of the United States printing, brand strength, entrepreneurship has protection. If you join the source of the United States printing projects, is also very exciting. Act quickly! Come and join us to realize our wonderful life!