The increase of the chain suddenly influence on the weights of the website


chain is not a day for two days, but after long-term accumulation, so the chain will not appear to move against the website, so as to improve the weight of the role, instead of reducing weight, short time site outside the chain suddenly increased, the site is not good, we can two examples I have a reference, these two are true. The stationmaster itself should have a long-term plan, if you want to rise by short-term rapid chain, so the trouble is sure to get you out of step. Follow the steady rise, on their website on the weight of foreign chain will be on the ranking of some benefits.

finally, I once again with their suffering suggest the webmaster, the influence of the chain site for the weight of the website not only so little, I was lucky not to be K station, just down right, if the site outside the chain increase suddenly caused by K, then a direct declaration of all.


, jump the chain number of thousands, so the weight of the jump to jump. The increase for the chain, suddenly this nature, the weight will also affected. Most of the time, most of the weight of high and low are instability caused by the increase in the chain. A web site may not indicate what problem, then I use a web site to actual combat. Figure

We can see from the above

this is a very good description. Site outside the chain of super jump, jumped from ten thousand to fifty thousand, the natural weight is reduced, if you think this is not possible, so I can only say, you can own real, because it is the author’s personal experience, increase the jumping site outside the chain, the author is suffering the. Hard to do and then an unexpected 4 weight put so all my efforts were in vain. So, the stability of the chain increased, the author suggests that in the pursuit of a large number of owners, the chain at the same time, should grasp the chain number every day, so that it will not be dragged down to the site outside the chain weight. We all know that the weight of high ranking is good, and the weight of this jump, natural ranking also jumped. Especially for the new station, the site itself is not what weight, if the new one up on the chain into large, then it is easy to enter into the legend of the assessment period.

general webmaster will pursue the site outside the chain the more the better, I think so, but after a bloody lesson, I think the chain or a steady increase of good. For sites outside the chain, every day to the webmaster have hair, hair everywhere, there is no increase in the number of counted every day? When love Shanghai big update, the chain number is certainly greatly jump, this jump is for the weight of the website did not improve, but also reduce weight. Today I talk about this problem with an example, the author of a web site outside the chain suddenly increased. Lead to the weight of the website also decrease, first thought is not the problem of the chain, in fact, I was wrong. The chain is one of the important factors affecting the weight. Figure

Share three methods quickly solve the website open speed

, a replacement web space

space is the basis of a website, is carrying the website development platform, but also affect the user experience the most direct factor, a space velocity of fast and slow, is directly affect the user can visit the web site content, under normal circumstances, a user experience good site access speed an average of not more than 5 seconds, if more than 5 seconds access speed, then this site is basically a fee, because there are very few users each open a web page has the patience to wait 5 seconds. So for the site open space is slow, owners should be how to improve? Today I to explain the rapid method to improve the opening speed.


can generally be CSS compression 1-5k. do not underestimate the K, but it is important for large web sites, and it would not only reduce some K problem? But now there are some tools to support the entire station compression, which can make the website of the volume, this way can reduce web page loading time.

compression "

two, use the tool

site open speed is slow, we can use the PING command to test the speed of super PING commands and webmaster tools, if PING within 60MS, so that the space of the original speed is also good, but we have to open the site when they used too long, this is the source of the problem. Typically, a web page size is best not more than 100K, is too big it will make the space used to load the web page for a long time, and we want to improve the speed of opening can use appropriate tools to "lose weight. If we can use CSS compression tool to weight loss website CSS code compression, as shown in figure

space quality on the network is uneven, for us as a member of the website management, choose a good space is very important. If the site is a window, then the space is the glass of the window, can block the exposed to wind and rain to see it. Similarly, a site can normal operation and development, the first step is the need for a stable space, which is responsible for their users and. Of course, not all owners are so good luck to get a stable space. Then the space is not stable, we need to how to solve it? In fact, one of the most simple method is to replace the space, we can open the speed from the number and website space IIS to test the speed of space, such as a website access speed is 10 seconds, regardless of is the peak of the Internet or the ordinary period. The access speed did not decline over the case, I suggest webmaster should change a space, after all this space for optimization and the user experience is not good. If the space is not stable, need to be replaced, always called customer service processing this is a temporary solution, the most direct way is to replace the space more thoroughly.


Love Shanghai anti cheating algorithms upgrade combat website hyperlink cheating

link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site;

value by creating a web page or site built a large number of cross chain wheel;

love Shanghai said the upgrade combat consists of any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, but also a lot of hard damage websites owners interests, vicious spiral, lead to the Internet ecological healthy development, there are a variety of interest groups to exploit long interests. Hope that through this algorithm upgrade further reduce behavior on the harm to the user experience; maintenance of diligent station interests, which will focus on building up the content of the website.


joined the hidden links in high quality site by scanning the web site vulnerabilities;

love Shanghai about some examples of hyperlink cheating:

station network (Admin5贵族宝贝) October 23rd news today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest "super chain cheating algorithm upgrade notice. According to the analysis of Shanghai express love announcement comprehensive data and user feedback and the quality of the webmaster, will be the recent love Shanghai anti cheating algorithm again upgrade. The love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams.

to spend money to buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;

has no significance on

The use of recommended exchange links

love Shanghai for super chain cheating to upgrade the webmaster, great influence. Especially the website of Shanghai dragon by the black chain webmaster. Wyatt A5 with marketing to remind the webmaster, site of the Shanghai dragon should be based on the content of the website and the operation, only to provide more high-quality content, links to play a greater role in the dragon in Shanghai. Love Shanghai also said that the upgrade will enable the 3%~4% algorithm of keyword search experience has improved, but does not rule out the fire situation. If there is a webmaster site in the update algorithm in injury, can through the Webmaster Center (贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest) appeal. (finishing / triumphantly)

The announcement of

Rookie talk about doing half a year station feeling

When the

in 2008 May, I met the secondary school students, understand each other about each other in what he told me, he made a website, a monthly income of 2000 yuan, also said that people do good station can earn several million per month, the money may be the temptation is too great I asked him, I can do station? He said yes, if you are interested I help you build a.

is the next to the students to help me build a station, what name ah, what space ah, I don’t understand it all, when built, what I can make money when I asked my classmate? He told me after the website through advertising ah what can make money, I look forward to that day. May day flow rate is too low, I will repeat every day to ask N themselves do not understand the problem, he said that Baidu and other sites included your flow on the table, I waited, suddenly one day, I saw your site was collected, but where’s the money I earned he said, advertising ah, almost every day I put all the time on its website.


at the beginning of December my site suddenly flow up, but up to about 200IP, it is several day IP strong ah, my happy, call to report the good news to the students, the students told me his space to expire, my website should not play, I this is how to do it, I just up the traffic, he said you can buy a space, I played for almost a year, I didn’t earn me what to buy ah,

a few days later, the site really can not go up, I hurry this, when the site is not to make money in no hurry, do not go on the website now I also anxious, anxious and in what ah, anyway, he did not earn money do not want to invest, two days before the students called to say he bought a room that my website can, unfortunately my data not the whole website into a new station. I again.

, but in a year of the station, I know a little bit, and this is also a harvest, my QQ460380581, please expert pointing out my new station, let me in the net modest to earn the first bucket of money, even if a few yuan.

, my cow (thinks) stands

How to choose a good food items mainly to see these four points

entrepreneurial projects need to carefully consider the eyes of investors Fang Liang, because a good project can bring you not only brand honor, money, but also determine the length of your business life cycle. Being a rational investor will never be wrong. So how to choose a good food and beverage items four things to pay attention to

food and beverage stores to join a note: appropriate financing, reasonable investment

do not rush to start a shop, in order to raise money to join the gold, margin, borrowing everywhere, and even usury. Although the restaurant has a mature management concept but the new store will be open for a period of cool period, profits in a short period of time can not earn. But every day in order to raise funds to repay the debt, entrepreneurs can not completely inadvertently invested in the business.

entrepreneurs if the funds are limited, small series suggest that you can invest in a number of small food and beverage to join the project, slowly accumulate venture capital. Appropriate financing, reasonable investment, the franchisee to do, choose to join the project for its investment threshold. Otherwise, entrepreneurs debt ridden, worried about the day, a great impact on the operation of the store.

Small and medium-sized catering

we propose to join the project: a taste of tea, osteopathic expert ribs, fun fishing, bomb burning and other Hot pot special snack franchise.

food and beverage stores to join the attention of two: direct contact with the restaurant to join the headquarters

is now a lot of food and beverage franchise chain, coupled with the recent years to open a restaurant to earn considerable profits, making some of the new food and beverage chain enterprises and franchisees are more impetuous. Some entrepreneurs eager to start, just listen to the chain some promotional material on the hastily signed, wait to have found the restaurant chain headquarters dispute is smaller than their stores, and even a shell, does not address the problem of ability and experience to join the project. Therefore, it is very necessary for entrepreneurs to go to the headquarters of the restaurant.

catering stores note three: carefully reading contract, legal consulting

contract is the only binding an important credential. The most important thing is the contract period, the domestic more than three years or five years, because some franchisees in order to insurance, taking into account the constraints of some factors on the joining point, so the contract period is set for a short. The development of a more stable franchise contract life is relatively long, mature management philosophy to ensure that the franchisee can be stable development in the industry.

in fact, entrepreneurs in the signing of the contract before signing, it should be in-depth understanding of the contents of the contract to ensure their own interests. Do not think that the contract is the headquarters of the model can not be modified, in fact, the contract should be made through each other after the agreement

What are the store decoration decoration taboo taboo 4

  decoration is a knowledge, especially shop decoration, but also pay attention to. Good decoration can bring unexpected surprises to the shops, attracting a large number of consumers, so that your business booming. The following Xiaobian for everyone to talk about several shop decoration process to avoid a few taboos, we must seriously read.

should not be placed in the exit! Some of the shops for promotional merchandise, often at the exit of the escalator in the counter, the purpose of course is to make the customer to sell a foot on the floor can see goods, to increase the possibility of selling goods, but it often makes some customers will deliberately bypass the counter, and to the next to the counter. You will stand in the counter next to the stairs to 2 meters away, to see the effect, believe you will feel "curtilage reading" effect.

Test three years later, you will be rich

three years later, you will be rich? Or you’re still poor! Everyone wants to be rich, because the rich life is always so beautiful, so enviable. Some people say: would rather cry in a BMW car, no longer laugh on the bike! With the small series together to do a test to see if you will be rich!

A, Hamburg

B, French fries

C, dessert

D, beverage

A, you have a strong plan and don’t want to try risky investment activities, but as long as you work hard, you will have a very good career prospects.

B you, this type of active thinking, strong ability to make money, but to pay attention to in life.

C, you have a strong sense of adventure, and hope that through high-risk investment activities to obtain wealth quickly, if the timing is good, you will make a fortune in a short time.

D, you have a strong self-control, will not easily carry out their own money transactions are not familiar with, it is very important to pay attention to financial security, the possibility of overnight riches.

How to open a tall tea shop on campus

we know that there are a lot of couples on campus, but in the campus, there is almost no high-end stores, because it does not meet the students’ consumption standards. But we know that the campus tea shop business is generally very good, but also very suitable for couples to go, then how do we open a tall tea shop?

when entrepreneurs to open a tea shop, the first problem is before us, what is the core of the tea shop. Location? Is the price? Or tea shop brand?

has opened tea shop in Macao science and Technology University Zhuhai campus of the Su Tong tea really spent a lot of thought. In the tea industry, Taiwan is the customer acceptance of a pearl milk tea tea is relatively high, in order to make tea more authentic taste better, Su Tong to Taiwan tourism, from the Eslite Bookstore back several books on tea making books according to the book, then try again and again, as it is made out Taiwan tea.

的mgsv spoilercast。扰流板。前索尼男子Phil Harrison加盟爱上海



但现在我们过去谷歌搜索的总结,我们可以说,我们将讨论的大老板,Venom Snake,一切都在这巨大的spoilercast之间。让我们指导您通过我们的最后的思考(至少直到GOTY讨论)在这部史诗般的播客,并随时把我们拉上你认为我们已经错过了在评论什么!你的愉快和思考,它在YouTube上下载下面的表格形式!


音频剪辑:Adobe Flash播放器(版本9或以上)需要播放音频剪辑。在这里下载最新版本。你还需要有JavaScript在浏览器中启用。


爱上海今天宣布,前索尼人Phil Harrison加入了互动娱乐业务(IEB)作为公司副总裁的领导团队,与发展司的欧洲业务的重点。



Phil Harrison说:


Phil Spencer,公司副总裁在爱上海工作室说:


Don Mattrick,总裁,互动娱乐业务补充道:




Why choose to join the brand hamburger West master hamburger

said what good snacks, small have a hamburger. While many of the hamburger brands, is the West master hamburger is better, then a month with the marketing will sell hamburger 300 thousand myths are still visible before the eyes. West master as the industry strength of the brand, provide a more authentic hamburger for consumers, so, you know the West master brand investment prospects? The next Xiaobian to introduce it.

Why choose brand

hamburger to join the West master hamburger

The core product

is Shaanxi Guanzhong West master hamburger hamburger, and make improvement on the foundation of innovation. From thinking to the idea, from the product to the framework, the young master will be the perfect introduction of the Internet, to bring customers a new dining experience. West master hamburger from Xi’an classic snacks, but also have great originality, improved a certain degree of innovation on the basis of delicacy variety, with Qishan Ganmian skin, west dining room is small, hand Tofu pudding beef soup Hu, Changan alcohol Soybean Milk, old Xi’an plum, Bingfeng steam water, to the customer is not the same taste buds experience.

choose the West master hamburger is more reliable, the operating characteristics of a packaging bag by West master no oil leakage of the imported materials, each bar can provide USB charging port, so that people cannot do without the Internet equipment convenient sense experience charging treasure in the shop, and shop will provide special umbrella for customer queuing sun and rain.

rapid foothold catering market, the West master is the first time the Internet will be introduced into traditional dining. Details of the service from the core product, every link is the pursuit of the ultimate experience of the Internet, which has changed the traditional catering industry for thousands of years, the "minimum" taste + service + cost model, it is replaced by the new "product + user experience first" mode.

West master hamburger is a good investment choice, to join the shop a lot of support, as long as a small investment can easily have their own rich career, West master to join the project for your business be on the upgrade.


above is small on the West master hamburger brief, of course, West master hamburger shop is foreign investment, and if you’re interested to join the brand, then please give us a message on our website below, see the message after we will arrange our staff to contact you.