The end of man does not come again in Shanghai Dragon

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2: right before the three is to create more opportunities? If stable in the right before three, does it mean that a major upgrade of the bidding price of


love Shanghai king in the bidding to save money, this adjustment seems right before the three advertisers, will laugh ah, according to the bidding principle now, in the star under the same condition, the first left with the right of the first price difference is not a little ah, so the price right first to cost a lot obviously. Developers can study from today, what kind of ways of adjusting words, let the ads on the right before the three stable, after consulting the company’s technical team, said the emperor Alexander, it also requires the research breakthrough, is a long way to go, I will search for

storm will come stronger now? We can only look forward to love Shanghai to continue to adjust, what is at least right blank position supplement? Liz, this is not your fotocall >

1: the left side of the three, or forever king? Right advertising exposure, SEM industry will ignore

2012 Shanghai dragon ER to love Shanghai natural ranking, is still a few happy tears, but there is a message but once again hit the confidence of everyone, love Shanghai for advertising display about do the subversion of the traditional distance adjustment, the right to the left side of the advertising position, right the large blank, the entire page is displayed in the eyes of many people can be said to be the ugly. According to love Shanghai wantonly rape user experience consistent style, likely so it continues, but the love of Shanghai province bidding Qianwang sincerely hope that love Shanghai and the subsequent adjustment, don’t want money right, but a small plum handsome uncle, the main face of the.


, you can feel free to search, now love Shanghai only customer experience are not, and now the whole screen is filled with advertising, even natural ranking optimization to the first, you will pray for potential customers to withstand strong competitive rivals blarney. Language, multi screen scroll down a few inches. This adjustment is love Shanghai exposed ambition, known to all, Liz now is not satisfied with the Forbes before ten, eager to do Chinese boss in the next few years, such adjustment, a large number of users will be forced to do the bidding promotion, even now love Shanghai bidding price low to the people can not tolerate. Shanghai dragon industry may have a negative impact, but this may be an opportunity of the SEM industry, whether it is to do SEM training, or do the data analysis, or adjust the word software developers.

A big update last Thursday


we now under such problems:

3: bidding words creative description, right left left some of the creative advertising display is not complete, and the right margin of a large, therefore, the right side of the creative will show more? Whether to make corresponding adjustments.

Friends of the chain link to Shanghai dragon optimization is the key to return the value of the trut

regression value chain, we can to the website and so on.

Pay attention to the reasonable application of keywords optimization of

from this point of view, the keyword Links the purpose of the rankings will be weakened, then you should change the chain anchor text mode, should focus on the introduction of the brand of a chain. Why should we introduce the brand key word? The purpose is to enhance the natural attributes and drainage sites, when the birth of brand word of a website, so the correlation can be solved, but the brand word to search engine has a certain weight, so in this background, friends of the chain began to change the original the word brand chain, obviously can effectively enhance the site’s weight. At least to enhance the site’s brand.

from the analysis of the above chain transformation process, and not let the owners come to a black, just from the point of view to consider the optimization construction of chain link, but the construction of chain appropriate changes according to the environment, to return to the core value chain website construction, you you will find the original chain can also do so, the effect of the chain of friends can also be the case of the excavation, and this is a lot of website optimization workers easy to overlook the place.

At present a lot of knowledge about the optimization of

from the beginning of the website optimization process, the anchor text chain in the vocabulary should use target keywords, which is conducive to enhance the site’s ranking and included, but if the site continues to rise, the chain of the anchor text keywords will involve the nature and related problems, this will effect the friends of keywords the chain becomes very poor, but as the optimization target site of results is not only to enhance the site’s ranking, but to enhance the brand property website.


but more and more found in Shanghai Longfeng optimization field, when a website through the new period, Shanghai has been love included, after also has gained some rankings, but found that his website appears to be a bottleneck to rise, at this time no matter how to optimize the site of the chain, including web site outside of the chain often, the role is not great, especially with the search engine algorithm innovation today, this change becomes more obvious, the friends of the chain using keyword anchor text to drive the site outside the chain way has apparently not recognized by the search engine, after all the friends of the chain keyword relevance is very bad.

If the

regression is the core value of

In fact, from the point of view of the optimization principle of

chain, such as certain relevance, how to find the potential for the development of the friends of the chain, and the number of friends of the chain don’t too much, but the construction of the chain are constrained by the author a framework, that is Shanghai Dragon and Phoenix optimization point based on the web site to do the friends a new chain, perhaps from the date of birth, friends of the chain effect is very big, especially those with your website weight chain is relatively large, it plays an important role in the rankings for your website collection and initialization.

Five points of the site and improve and optimize the conversion rate

according to the experience, this is one of the most easily overlooked factor but it will have an impact on the conversion rate of drama. Users are accustomed to search for those brand official information page.

ensure that the similarity of H1 tags and keywords to control the flow of


search engine marketers are particularly obsessed with some data, such as visitor characteristics and ranking, any successful SEM projects are determined by the final return.


, proposition

method returns quickly to improve the search rate of project is to improve the existing conversion rate. Even if the conversion rate will only increase 0.5 –1% of the entire company brought dramatic changes.

with a variety of media to test. Let the user through pictures, text and video to understand your brand, and understand their thoughts after watching. With enough flexible way to meet your target customer demand information.

is five of the most effective ways to improve the conversion of home page and pay rate:


allows users to effectively understand the content of your business is very necessary.

the main function and key points of interest to become the highlight of the text.

The following

the text should focus on product positioning on / to take the service as a necessary rather than just an idea.

trust should become the highlight of themeCorrelation of correlation Keywords

according to your advertisement or description, your users will have an established group. In prepending the landing page to set good related advertising language is very important for reducing the rate of jump. Here are some simple ways to increase the relevance between you and visitors.

domain name is very important. We found that the conversion domain classification test and keywords related products has increased four times, each customer case rate of return on investment is a gap.

The use of

do not use a lot of information is too rich to drown your users, so that they will lose interest and enthusiasm for the brand interaction. On the contrary, an interesting thing, such as a downloadable F& Q, demo or white paper and so on, these can assist you in sales work, and to capture the key point of sales.


The The

know your customers are most worried about most things and fear, and solve these problems.

images to strengthen the relevance because the picture is basically in the page buffer, the first thing you saw most captures your attention. Make sure it is applied to the title and is also used in the associated text.

Insert social wings for e-commerce (1)

social commerce should be hot this year, several friends are pioneering in this field, will do a social e-commerce share on the Hangzhou Railway Station I share in SocialBeta, PPT has been released, but relatively simple, especially some numbers, and today I will come again with a little write a version of the. I begin with a few phenomena.

3 phenomena – socialization has been everywhere,

phenomenon 1: we are all on the social network.

I believe that many people have become addicted to micro-blog and become a veritable micro-blog control, and spend more and more time on micro-blog every day. From the social network the number of users, Facebook has more than 600 million of the number of users in the world, if you compare Facebook to a country, Facebook is ranked in China and India’s third largest nations in the world, but in China, the number of active users of QQ space has reached 490 million, while the number of repeat users both relatively small, if the sum of the two, the equivalent of 7 people on earth is a social network users, and this number is crazy growth.

phenomenon 2: we care what other people say / like / comment about,

movie "let the bullets fly" that will be released, hot on the network, my colleagues and friends are talking about, so I went to see what users watercress to play a bit, look at how others comments, scoring results, very high, very good comments, so nothing went to the cinema. In fact, this will be a lot of things, buy books, watch movies, travel, restaurants and so on, will go online to see how others are evaluated, what to say, like, do not like. In a 2008 survey data of opinion research, affects their shopping decisions among 83% users that other users on the network review and evaluation, that is to say, we really care about others.

phenomenon 3: we don’t believe advertising more and more.

we all filled with all kinds of advertising, bus, taxi, elevator, a portal home page, but we can turn a blind eye to these ads, but do not believe in advertisements. In 2007, a survey by Nelson showed that 70% of survey users believed in recommendations from other consumers, not business advertisements. The emarketer2010 year survey data show, compared with 09 years, believe the number of recommended users from known social network of people increased by 47.5%, micro-blog believed to come from the understanding of the recommended number of users increased by 21%, while the number of users believe that advertising has declined from.


correction: the scale of the social e-commerce market will reach [by 2015]

How to attract customers to open maternity clothing stores

consumer demand for special consumer groups in the modern society, gradually get the attention of investors. For example, pregnant women’s clothing store, is a very good choice, then the opening of maternity clothing stores how to attract customers? How much experience do you know?

A, warm return: return most stores face is not very good, even if it is returned to the customer, but also reluctant. If there is a store to return than sellers but also the attitude of enthusiasm, this store will be able to retain customers, because it retain the hearts of customers.

two, the interpretation of 30 kinds of products: psychologists tell us that this more than 5 kinds of products or light customers ask not to buy, the salesperson will start impatient, more than 10 have sales to customers but also the patience to explain. Under normal circumstances can only ask not to buy customers to explain the 15 products even if it is a miracle. We need to do is: to the 15 varieties as the starting point, if you want to write on the face: "impatient" three words, at least after this 30 kinds of products, if she did not buy, we say: I feel shy, not suitable for your products in our shop. The next time we must have more complete varieties.

three, let her buy products: if certain products are not suitable for her, determined to tell her, this product is not suitable for her.

five, let the ears: erect ears, listen to customers speak, don’t sell goods to her from A to Z. Sometimes listening is more effective than selling.

six, the precise time to store hours: will inevitably be out of stock, if the customer asked what time will arrive, the general answer is: about a day will come, we have to do is: a day will arrive at 4 p.m.. Hear this answer, customer loyalty to you at least 30 percentage points.

seven, the door to the refund to the customer: if overcharged customers money, the customer is unaware of the situation, we must come to return, to bring the best little gifts to apologize. More money is less, this heart can not give up.

eight, and as a lift: many stores only up not down, meaning is clear: it is for you to pay down or not to buy, or have been paid for. The shop is the same, is to smile, to actually don’t have stern manner, and enthusiasm, as long as do the customers smile in, can send out a smile.

nine, of course, the clerk to wink: pregnant women saw quite a large belly, how with shopping bags I don’t help for the customer, want to make recommendation

What are the advantages of Chen’s investment

catering market for consumers love shrimp opened numerous special shrimp shop, Xiaobian want to touch the chowhound friends recommend a good restaurant brands today that is shrimp, prawns prawns Chen catering Co. Ltd. Chen is an integrated set catering management, food raw material supply, catering business as a whole the management company. The company was founded in December 6, 2006, headquartered in the Middle Road, has been successfully registered in the State Trademark bureau.

Chen prawns, exclusive skills, never rumored, can not be copied, in the snack market, the competitiveness is very strong!

What are the advantages of

investment Chen prawns? Chen prawns join advantages are as follows:

1, brand maturity – joined the brand operation for 9 years, the existing chain of more than 100, loved by consumers from all walks of life, to become the first brand in Yunnan cooked food market.

2, low investment threshold – only 10000 yuan investment.

3, one-time investment – investment is mainly used for shop decoration, equipment acquisition and brand use fees, the future will no longer generate additional capital investment.

4, professional shop location services – we will send professionals to assist investors to investigate the selected shops, to minimize the risk of site selection.

5, a professional chain store management services – shop run by our professional management, investors can focus on your career now, really do shuaishouzhanggui.

6, fast return on investment, high profit – store investment payback period is short, you can enjoy the long-term stability of operating results.

Chen prawns joined the brand operation for many years, the existing chain of more than 100, loved by consumers from all walks of life, interested friends come join us. You can step ahead in the first message to our website below.

Let the enterprise involved in Entrepreneurship help more flexible and more able to control

nearly two years, China’s job market situation is not optimistic. The same is true of venture capital market. Although China has launched a number of entrepreneurial support policies, but in the face of the vagaries of the market, there will be a sense of difficulty.

"in today’s employment situation is grim, many college students because of lack of experience and experience, caused by failure." In January 27th, the provincial CPPCC members, Henan Deyu supermarket chain Limited company chairman Zhang Deyu said in an interview with reporters.

in addition, the government to have interest in entrepreneurship students posted to the related enterprise to carry on the practice, the fledgling entrepreneurs to help students clear business objectives, development planning, by imparting entrepreneurial experience, docking strengths projects to improve college students’ entrepreneurial success rate.

than government behavior, enterprise behavior to be more flexible and this flexibility is more effective for entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurial projects will still be in line with the market, profit. Contact with enterprises, can learn more effective experience, realize the dream of wealth.

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Shanxi college graduates can enjoy a one-time job subsidy business

for many entrepreneurs, start-up assistance policy is an indispensable part, especially the country now for some college students entrepreneurs can provide very good business subsidies in Shanxi, college graduates can get a one-time job subsidy business.

I will also improve the employment difficulty assistance measures. Encourage people to work hard to obtain employment, self employment or flexible employment. The basic situation of the employment difficulties of personnel to carry out regular verification, improve the development of public welfare post management system, the scientific setting of the total amount of public welfare posts. Will arrange no less than 15% of the proportion of public welfare posts, priority arrangements for the employment of persons with disabilities.


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Open clothing stores need to master the skills of success

dress is necessary for people to eat, so clothing and catering industry to maintain a lasting two hot. Compared to the fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, the apparel industry is more investment value. So for the novice, how to open a clothing store? The skills needed to master the following.


clothing franchisee must first understand, to join us and not profit guarantee.

not overdo sth.

however, clothing stores and the number of not too much. If the store opened more and more, then the scope of each store is bound to become smaller, it means that consumers will be less and less. Competitors increased, but the consumer market did not grow with the number of stores.


good delineation of consumer groups

Shijiazhuang within two years will cultivate 30 cross-border electricity supplier model enterprises

The development of

China e-commerce market matures, the fierce competition is to promote the entrepreneurs looking for the next area of development, in addition to the rural market, cross-border electricity supplier to become the majority of the makers favored choice.

views, county (city) District, according to the local characteristics of the industry, actively promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce platform. 2016 and 2017, respectively, to build 3 cross-border e-commerce platform, which reached the provincial level in the year of the year in 2016, in 2017 reached the provincial standard 2, 1. Based on the comprehensive bonded zone, International Trade City, Fortune Tower, base Park, improve cross-border trade support system, the formation of e-commerce park with cross-border e-commerce function; play Shijiazhuang comprehensive bonded areas under special customs supervision, Hebei international service outsourcing in Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone, the provincial foreign trade base and service outsourcing demonstration zone policy and industrial advantages attract cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

2016 and 2017, respectively, to cultivate 1 cross-border e-commerce Park and reach the provincial standard. At the same time, to guide the Hebei Chenbang International Trade Group Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Shuangjian tools will use overseas positions for the expansion of public overseas positions, and the use of overseas positions, experience stores and distribution outlets, with overseas retail system, provide customer service service; to encourage all types of foreign trade base, cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce leading park enterprises and integrated services in foreign trade enterprises, by renting or building, to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN, Russia, India and other key markets, "The Belt and Road along the country to establish public overseas positions, and build radiation outlets, to provide one-stop warehousing and distribution services.

2016 and 2017, respectively, built 1 cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouse and reached the provincial standard. Foster cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprises. 2016 and 2017, respectively, the development of 10 and the 20 cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprises.