Laosheng share station Shanghai dragon optimization experience outward first


2, advertising and external information to call

, 4 image attributes and repetitive problemsWe all know that

before the momentary convenience often take some post or other site articles to their site, causing the station or network content is too repetitive, these are not the most spiders love, light person not included the content, or will be right down, so that you don’t do it this.

spider does not recognize the images, the ALT keyword can grab the picture, so that to ensure friendly website with the picture, as far as possible to let the ALT keyword with the title match, it can be combined with the effective.

Many webmaster to release

station link can be divided into two kinds: one, two, bare link anchor text. In fact, the anchor text is the best, so I will mainly introduce the anchor text, anchor text is also doing the longest service station keywords optimization. Every time when you can use the keywords anchor.

5, reasonable and effective to link station

reasonable screening will be written into the Tilte, the one and only the description of the article and keyword density (usually 6- per cent between 8 per cent of the best), the original and pseudo original article title content writing and highlighting what it represents, for an eye-catching spider can be said emphasize using some tags.

3, "content is king" in the station optimization is

1, a reasonable and simple URL

as the saying goes: "stabbing outside of the first". In this industry is very suitable, that is to say the premise of every webmaster in the external optimization must do well in the station optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, only do after doing so is very effect outside. So today and you talk about matters Laosheng I do stand experience and do some internal optimization of station optimization need some attention.

with the development of the website, to cite some external resources or advertising on their website on the inevitable, but directly added to the code will directly cause the code too much, will affect the access to the spider speed, causing some unnecessary influence, so that we can use the JS method to call to solve. There is not the site decoration too fancy, concise, it is not only good user experience and the search engine is very friendly.

is too long URL is extremely unfavorable for spiders, so we have to make some simple URL, and in URL is appropriate to add some keywords that can promote the website ranking, let the spider to more attention, of course, this is only applicable to English key words, Chinese words can take Pinyin together or is the first subtitle each keyword, not too long.

Shanghai Longfeng user experience is king

not to mention the other, as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, when you can not resist, you must follow the script to go to love Shanghai. So the user experience, in the optimization, is also crucial. Now the search engine also began to pay attention to the user experience, user experience to get the webmaster attention. The previous "content is king, the chain for emperor", also gradually is not so applicable. And improve the user experience for the webmaster is also a problem, he don’t like before, we put some content, which provided some key words on the line. Now as the Shanghai dragon Er, if not only for short-term interests, to do so is dead.

, a user first enters your website is generally divided into accidental clicks, or to enter search. Two this, apparently intends to search people in order to have a better user conversion rate. The site rate is by loading speed is. Now, users of the speed getting higher and higher, the first approved only quickly open the web page to get user. So, website loading speed is a big problem in the webmaster should consider.

the first thing to say is must abide by the rules of the Shanghai dragon down design fresh and comfortable page.

then what are we how to improve the user experience of the website? Below I share with you what we do as Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon look at four ways to improve the user experience and skills.

two, fresh and comfortable page does not allow users to annoying

The overall design of

, the most basic site rate increased

since the start of 6.28, love Shanghai officially began its action, there is more and more important user experience. Low quality content, duplicate content, began to be ruthless abandon love Shanghai. For all this, love is that Shanghai is to improve the user experience. Can be seen, in the importance of user experience. Now for the Shanghai dragon, the real user experience and become a real king.

second site first appearance, simple and generous, the first sense to customer satisfaction. At the same time, pay attention to the collocation of color, with the theme of the site. Such as wedding photography is best to use warm color red. Of course advertising layout is a crucial point, a lot of advertising will easily lead to reduce the degree of user experience. If the site is not attractive enough, it would be best not to put a lot of advertising.

usually we must first choose a high speed host, and optimize the website code, reduce the use of flash, image compression method. Of course, must also ensure the stability of the host. This is the Shanghai dragon Er common practice.

site rate is first a preliminary appeal to your reaction. If a user enters after your site will immediately jump out of it, don’t say you after the user experience? You can only say that there are


Why do companies ranked Shanghai Longfeng superior to search engine marketing

has been with search engine rankings in two forms: A, search engine marketing, B, site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, but the two ranking model, which is more advantageous? Search engine marketing through the promotion of direct purchase, can change more easily for the website ranking. Another site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, is cost-effective, although the ranking is slow, but once optimized higher ranking, will in the future play a more extensive influence. The two seemingly equal shares, but the author thinks: Shanghai dragon optimization ranking, more superior to the search engine marketing. In case of a wandering on the choice of the webmaster, an analysis can be read as follows:

had to say, now the user is more and more "smart". In the keyword search, user demand information is most certainly the first click on the above information, but to say that really focuses on commercial customers do not necessarily think so. They have to do is often "order three", this time in fact is "Shanghai dragon optimization" the ranking has more advantages.

two: the wider the keyword

search engine marketing, do a keyword is a part of the money, but it can be a Shanghai dragon ranking promotion website whole keyword. To optimize the ranking, a key to get home, is likely to be driven by dozens or even hundreds of long tail words reached home, bring flow and more benefit to the website, for this point, really is no exaggeration. Why do some webmaster, enterprise, willing to do a one-time consumption of tens of thousands of tens of thousands of the rankings, rather than do search engine marketing? With this also have great relevance. For example: the word "Honda" to do so may lead to the home page, and Honda automobile network, " Honda automobile, Honda automobile to sell"…… In this way, users can get more accurate search.

three: more likely to win the user

: a more economical consumption

search engine marketing is how to charge? Did the promotion of the webmaster is very understanding. According to click to pay, but there are obviously a disadvantage. If others malicious clicks? Thousands of pieces of promotion fee may be a few minutes. But this is not true in general if the ranking of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng hire professional engineer to do search engine optimization for the website to make it more in line with the search engine rules to search engine home page keyword ranking is not so easy to be going on, at the same time the two consumption is a big difference. Of course, the search engine marketing is not Nothing is right., we continue to view. Do recommend a little finishing here, it is reported that today A5 station network also launched the Shanghai dragon ranking service (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai rank.html Shanghai dragon dragon) have this intention of the webmaster can refer to, personal trust A5 service, in this small push.

A little

shlf1314 Adsense Picasa code complete collectionComsenz push forum game plug-in help community profi

      so we collected more commonly used Picasa referral code. The way to put it is to change the code ID into your shlf1314 Adsense advertising number, and then you can launch it normally.

      although Picasa’s recommendation has been deleted from the shlf1314 Adsense background, but since the simplified Chinese version of shlf1314 Pack has not yet been released, so the recommendation code before Picasa is still valid. However, for publishers who do not get ad code, it is a problem to get advertising code right now.

< script type=" text/javascript" > < —
shlf1314_ad_client = " pub-id"
shlf1314_ad_width = 468;
shlf1314_ad_height = 60;
shlf1314_ad_format; " 468x60_as_rimg"
shlf1314_ad_channel; CAAQjMeU_AEaCCfCybguyZX1KLj39IMB" " "
//–> < /script>
< script; type>

forum game plug-in is an official forum plugin on community game operations that will support a wide variety of community applications. And now there are forums, other functions without conflict, with easy to install features. After downloading the forum plugin, the webmaster will show the link to the game in the forum navigation board. The forum members can enter the selected game by accessing the plug-in page as shown in Figure 1.


first of all, the forum game plug-in will provide a wide variety of game promotion materials for webmaster friends. How to make more of the game player in the game. On this point, believe that the owners have their own way, notice, called top posts are very good.

forum which will be the official game plug-in Comsenz


profit community is the webmaster is very concerned about the problem, "Yes play" Comsenz Comsenz in order to help webmasters with profit, launched an official plug-in product. Forum game plug-in "Yes play" let the webmaster across the game platform development operation threshold, can directly participate in the game in operation, through the forum user resource, find their profit from the gaming industry in the joint operation way.

what is forum game plug-in?

webmaster play out of money tools, BBS game plug-in "Yes play" release

      in fact, the service team makes it clear that the ad code obtained before is still valid and that the background no longer shows the product and does not affect revenue settlement. As for the code that doesn’t allow modification of other people, that’s the common language in the shlf1314 Adsense specification. Publishers can say nothing about modifying someone else’s code, but the code they acquired from their own background a long time ago, because that’s actually no difference.

      of course there will be a lot of people ask, such delivery is in accordance with the specification, there are a lot of people consulted the shlf1314 Adsense service team can modify the code and whether others get a negative answer.

October 12, 2008, Comsenz Comsenz launched a new official forum game plug-in "Yes play" hereinafter referred to as the forum game plug-in, please refer to yeswan. Forum game plug-in "Yes play" launched, and improved the Discuz forum as the core of community product ecosystem, is a combination of the current game industry status quo for the webmaster tailored to a new forum profit tool. Forum game plug-in adds forum user’s activity, strengthen the member to forum’s adhesion degree, is advantageous for the broad stationmaster to excavate the network community’s greater value.

forum game plug-in "Yes play", support a variety of version forum applications, can support Discuz, mobile forums and other domestic versions, suitable for domestic about 1300000 medium and small forum applications. Forum game plug-in combined with the current game operation features, choose to release at the weekend. According to official statistics, BBS game plug-in released nearly two hours, that is, five thousand webmaster with the official on-line, and through the plug-in player registration volume quickly break through. The head of the community laggards on-line forum game plug-in for the first time, refusing to swim fish Dong Qinfeng combined with the current situation of network community, specifically on the SNS and Webgame on the show to discuss the significance of the webmaster, causing many webmaster attention and support.

      can also check my website: love space code station: kui


Install the

Analysis how to make the independent blog again

blog was born some years, but also can not be used again to describe today’s mature and stable development, but let person be cast into the shade although some quite coverage, applied widely, function relatively strong, but did not achieve the desired effect. With the current rise from the media, the popularity of WeChat platform, so that all people see the hope, eyebrows have been stretched, but once the blog’s short-lived shadow is lingering.

The development of the

blog still let people say not clear, see through, stand in a neutral point of view, the development of blog should be gradually decreasing form, whether it is business or personal blog, blog should be said to meet the market limit. There are many reasons here. The biggest possibility is that the exchange and reading methods are changing in different forms. The unique, unique and sharing of blogs are slowly replaced by other platforms. Now, the independent blog industry, a voice of four, want to survive, certainly need some development momentum. The following analysis of how the blog should be developed to attract more people to stop to watch, mainly from four aspects of effort, making the blog’s potential to be fully excavated.

first, work on the idea of passing. Personal blog want to have greater development, we must not relax in the ideological requirements of information, the performance of this idea is a cultural exchange, a concept of transmission, a true meaning of life. The first is to combine the ideological features on the blog, people can through the collision of ideas can grow, regardless of differences, or identity, ultimately should be regarded as the ideological progress, this is part of the value of blog. Personal blog should be based on personal thinking as the starting point, this is not just a personal flow record, more personal ideological growth history. Of course, the development of blogs should be free of charge. Through blogging, many friends may be made strong, so that people of the same interests or related experiences can be brought together. In a word, the possibility of greater development is possible only when there is a spark of thought.

second, work on the content of the transfer. The content of the blog should be said to be the "dishes" on the banquet, the taste and quality of the food directly determine the success of the banquet, and this truth is still suitable for the existence of blog. The content of the blog can be a paragraph of text, a picture, a few words, or a micro video, and so on, the form is very broad. Has a force to be reckoned with, perhaps a simple words, can cause numerous readers to read their own voice; perhaps a hand to capture images, can produce great news value, by all kinds of crazy reproduced website. Relative to the personal blog, which is an external display their own platform, transfer is the content of your behavior, there are a lot of related content, the sensitivity of course also need certain things, simply Title touches the content can also be appropriate to "touch some color", absolutely can not make up rumors, the corresponding area this knowledge and creative skills.


Excellent web viewing, web design trends from movie posters


I love movies and people around me know it. In the past 2011, I enjoyed numerous wonderful movies (how many, at least 200+). Time is Mtime every day to look at the news, previews, reviews, posters, gossip and so on ~ how to choose the movie? A blockbuster is initiated for the two time is the recommended + scoring mechanism, whether the three is to see the movie trailer and posters attracted to me. Recently, there is a special topic ( Xiao Bian has extracted several design techniques and trends from thousands of posters. It is the most fashionable choice to look at how to design. The design is interlinked, and the design of "tide" and "no tide", the key lies in the design concept. From this topic and the recent appreciation of excellent web pages, it is found that there are still several trends in web design that will be available in the near future.


;       a retro trend

              in recent years, clothing design and industrial design in almost all go retro, typical such as the rise of legging, shoulder pads suit return Harley glasses sales, home appliances and concise style warmer and so on, also led to other categories of retro design tendency. Here are two posters for the movie "father" and "Aung San Suu Kyi". "Father" poster by 80s hand-painted effect, revealed a childhood comic effect; "Aung San Suu Kyi" poster is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s poster. The following pages are also selected in the recent appreciation, the old-fashioned color collocation, the use of age patterns, the modeling of the sense of steam and so on, all of them show a great deal of retro trends.


two makes sense of

beyond the edge

                a simple plane how to highlight the three-dimensional sense of speed and will need to be made? Part of pattern effect beyond the borders can be realized! Busy life driving and Star Wars Episode One of two posters around the white space to create a photo, slightly overflow edge the pink and the new vehicle is the punchline stereoscopic appear immediately. The following pages also use this design technique, the picture beyond the edge, immediately from the border jumped out of the feeling, increasing the vividness and three-dimensional feeling.


The success of personal websites lies in persistence

today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, and the day after tomorrow is happiness. But countless webmaster often pours in "tomorrow"

early stage, the webmaster most difficult to overstep. No people no traffic without clicking, facing the dead site, a lot of people are not the adorable "give up" idea, and this will lead to not a wrong thought in passing, on track from the aborted site.

site early, popularity is not strong, traffic hits less, which is positive, is a very normal phenomenon. No one’s blog will have tens of thousands of IP traffic in the first place, and tens of thousands of hits, unless you’re a celebrity, even a celebrity, will take time.

doesn’t make excuses for giving up

I’ve built a couple of blogs before, and only one life blog has stuck with it. I’m already one year old. Why didn’t other blogs survive? Because my writing level and quality made me lose confidence in their future. Now, I’m going to reopen the blog. The quality of the content is the same as before, but I firmly believe that as long as I keep on writing, there will be bread and milk someday.

down-to-earth, perseverance is victory.

a very earthy sentence, but it is also a very reasonable sentence. As head of the US, no matter how bad the website content quality, how bad, how popular click traffic less, do not give up easily, persist, seriously writing, do not update, see flow, do not look at the click. When the time comes, the bread will be there, the milk will be, and so will the success.


Moonlight blog is a bright example. Moonlight blog opened in the 06 year, and at the same time there are many blogs appear, but can persist to today’s little, but the persistence has been successful, and Moonlight blog is one of them.


want to give up to understanding the truth good language passed down from our ancestors, "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow" and "Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum flower"…

How to open a shop at the Dragon

Take this as a snack food

community has the fire is not snack project can meet consumer demand for Hot pot taste pleasure, and can meet the basic needs of consumers for food to eat, if you own a small restaurant to take some is a good choice. But the food and beverage industry, there are so many food and beverage items, what is better? Xiao Bian recommended to you dragon food.

dragon food was founded in 2008, the existing 5 entity model shop. The dragon take food has been followed in healthy living ideas, the healthy diet of consumers in the first place, and lifelong stressed: never use disposable drainage oil, to oil; never use any additives; abandon the traditional single pot pot mixed with boiled boiled single. Dragon dish with the most sincere service to treat every consumer. The Dragon took the food and innovated the traditional food style, which changed the people’s awareness of the food, and won the unanimous approval of consumers.

open a shop at the dragon?

Since the creation of the

dragon food, follow the concept of food in a healthy life, with a new concept of consumption of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, consumers will always be placed in the first place. Dragon food store decoration style elegant, stylish, beautiful, has gradually formed its own business philosophy: integrity, quality, ethics, responsibility. We are committed to the use of fresh vegetables, superior ingredients, carefully deployed, so that customers eat at ease, eat at ease.

dragon dish to join the advantages:

, at the end of a vast soup, special ingredients, can take for spicy flavor, can also take three flavor

skilled use of dressing technology making bottom soup, soup will take food to do more perfect, more pure taste.

two, in seasoning, taste pure, memorable

traditional formula and modern standard production process, the secret of the seasoning sauce and seasoning powder, so that the food is not only to retain the essence of taste, but also take into account the different needs of different tastes.

three, in the absence of professional skills, you can operate

At the end of the Dragon

soup to take food, salad sauce, seasoning powder provided by the company headquarters. Standard operation makes the dishes more simple, housewives can do. You can start doing their own work, faster business!

four, absolutely no seasonal, no geographical differences, all year round can do

delicious dishes, low prices, North and South can take everything.

five, in unity >

You show the opportunity to show you

because of work pressure, a lot of friends to spend their time at work, therefore, delayed marriage. A survey shows that, due to the surge in employment pressure in recent years, the concept of love and marriage of female college students is more realistic, many people rely on marriage to find a way out, not looking for a job, the first husband to find.

Special delicacy join grilled sheep

a variety of food and beverage to join the project so that investors do not know what to choose dazzling, is a snack? Western food? Drinks? Fast food? These are the first choice for your investment, but Xiaobian noticed another big business, that is our national characteristics of delicacy, Roast Lamb Leg. Investors may wish to choose a suitable for their own is the best.

Shandong Mongolia Xiangyuan features Roast Lamb Leg join is a continuation of the connotation of Chinese barbecue culture, after many years of experience and practice of the barbecue store management to join the training company. The barbecue, sheep pot, special dish, segmented production process technology essence from cuisines.

pickled marinade exclusive formula, from Inner Mongolia factory has introduced the 7-8 month supply of high quality lamb, delicious mutton, articulate fragrant. Mongolia Xiangyuan Roast Lamb Leg features to attract customers characteristics, retain customers to taste. Roast Lamb Leg joined when hot choice Shandong Mongolia Roast Lamb Leg Xiangyuan characteristics.

Shandong want to focus on the advantages of the source to create the core products, professional smokeless barbecue equipment so that you do not need to invest too much to consider many issues, such as smoke. A brown, ten in the Inner Mongolia lamb turning fragrance in the customers table, don’t eat has the vertical extension of watering.