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Shanghai dragon WHY home mainly to the several modules: recommended today, readers recommend, week recommended ranking, latest submission, month recommended ranking, basic course, the latest recruitment. The main content is displayed on the WHY Shanghai dragon columnist of the original article. The stone also saw many webmaster network writers column, this is a very good model. For the website with original content and stable injection for writers and soft contribute to get good quality of the chain, it is mutual benefit fee.

Explanation: WHY Shanghai Dragon



Shanghai dragon WHY has the following: search column, industry information, community forums, tutorial, Cardiff Institute, Shanghai dragon pool, the search column, industry information, community forums, tutorial with the format of the catalog, Cardiff Institute, Shanghai dragon pool with two the domain name on the Internet, the website should use the directory or two level domain name controvercial. The general view is: large website and content is not related with the two level domain name, small sites, such as enterprise website in the form of the directory. What about the two level domain name and directory, you can go to love Shanghai.

, only the teacher almost Wurenbuxiao, the words Shanghai dragon has been steadily in love before the Shanghai three, only the teacher had talked about Shanghai dragon WHY Shanghai dragon mode: CMS+BBS+BLOG. This golden collocation has been many websites to imitate, but can surpass Shanghai dragon WHY scanty, stone today will take you simple analysis of Shanghai dragon WHY the Shanghai dragon pattern, and then discuss how to better play the advantages of this mode. Is clumsy, I experienced a friend pointed out that. Take a look at the Shanghai dragon WHY navigation layout:

Shanghai dragon WHY founder

finally to see Shanghai dragon WHY Forum:





The main navigation

Shanghai dragon WHY forum now there are still many people posting, but to be honest. Stone forum now feel lack of quality content, in fact more than Shanghai dragon WHY forum, many webmaster forums are large. For example, A5, Chinaz forum, the original dry cargo is less and less, more is the chain or post irrigation. The main forum is popular, but not many people are willing to share their experience. The above is a brief introduction to the Shanghai dragon stone WHY page layout, so how to make better use of the Shanghai dragon pattern? Stone thought it according to the specific needs and specific analysis.

then look at the front page design:

How to let the novice webmaster website traffic to fly

The main purpose of

second: website space to fly. No matter what the webmaster said, want to talk about the issue of space, website promotion process some time ago to write the webmaster most afraid of what, also said the issue of space. The line began to worry about whether the awesome space from the site of a space, really so important? Of course, web space do not fly, open speed slow, "could not be loaded, such sites, traffic can have a high, let alone the search engine can not come, is the normal users will not go you mind waiting for a website loading, such website bounce rate is very high, in order to reduce the site bounce rate, increase website traffic, space should be from the beginning to solve. Choose a good IDC, ixwebhosting as independent IP, free trial for a month, so it is possible to host your web site traffic to fly.

website promotion is to let more people know, this is a brand promotion methods, now many traditional enterprises have begun site operations of the road, the road to the webmaster is not very simple, site of the most important goal is to make web traffic to fly, the owners how to make web traffic fly? We can from the following aspects.

: the first web content to fly. We don’t stand in the search engine optimization point of view that the content of the website now, users come to your website, simply because he wanted to go to school from your site to something, then the content of the website has become an important resource to retain customers. The website to write what kind of content, it depends on the location of your web site, your customers are those you want to give your customers what your customers want to get what things from you, such a thought, the content of the web site you will have. The content of the website users to fly, and naturally many, this traffic will basically is from search engines, website traffic will be stable so, so in order to site traffic can fly, the first to seize the construction of website.

again: website sharing to fly. The development of micro-blog and community website, also contributed to the promotion of the website progress. Now many websites have launched their own share button, button function is the content on the website to share community website, social media platform, can let more people see you, see your product, this to give you both publicity products, but also to your site bring flow. Visit the community website is great, you share something interesting to others, certainly will look back on your blog, this brings the flow is also very objective. Some time ago love Shanghai also launched a share button, you need to invite code, Kedeng blogger will not use, but bloggers are now using the share button is also very good, with analysis of background data, so you can see the site traffic sources, and their share of things are viewed by others, so more the convenience of their own website traffic management. What kind of website platform to bring more traffic, I >

How to do web site optimization and immediately modify at any time

for an ordinary site, the wrong will change factors on the site’s ranking is very large, a very simple example if your site Links has reached 30, but you belong to the natural exchange link does not exceed 10, and the search engine through its detection your cheating, this time you haven’t changed so what, from the web site after the operations, should find their own problems in the immediate rectification, rather than wait for that search engine.

level of website optimization, many webmaster will find a look back have done a website or optimize the website ranking is gone, the external factors of the site which admittedly, but from the comprehensive factors of website optimization work, webmaster also affected the ultimate discovery site.

no matter how your web site, web search engine is also the most concerned about the Links website, if your website is a literary website, the 90% links are the government website, can love Shanghai search engine will believe? For this kind of behavior may be the biggest is facing love Shanghai hair therefore, for a web site for the Links is not only stable, more important is to treat, and the link is the best link if you can maintain a certain correlation with the site, as a webmaster should regularly check the integrity of the site Links, found to have been down right hair friendship link the immediate rectification clearance, only in this way can guarantee the stable website.

Links is the search engine on the web to pull out hair root

With the increase of

internal link inspection, found dead immediately clean up


anchor text point to the home page is 90% of all love to do, these sources of anchor text may be the major forum and community network, there may be a number of blog sites, here I suggest you Adsense: if your anchor text pointing in two weeks for your website to bring better rankings so, it is best to gradually withdraw the anchor text link, since love Shanghai does not recognize why always do so? Anchor text links also have a degree of control, and not on the web page to the more the better, the anchor text should also be reasonable to pages within the website to >

for a web site, the composition of the internal links is very large for the influence of the website, can clearly tell you, is the focus of the search engine to check the internal links, because the internal link is the key of the user experience, if users want to visit a web site in a web page is found is this kind of behavior is dead links, will not cause bad influence on the website? So a website must be internal links regularly to check the website, found a dead link situation should be promptly removed, the only way to ensure that the site’s ranking work.

error behavior of

gradually reduce the anchor text pointing directly to the home page

In the website optimization process keyword analysis is crucial

index analysisKeywords



if the target keyword in the search, the largest number of the most popular words, think the word will be the search engine at the top, for our webmaster, no human resources support and strong, must be very difficult, and even can be said to be impossible. Keywords analysis is needed to find the search times relatively more, also don’t choose too popular keywords, which not only effectively reduce the difficulty of optimization, effective on site optimization work in a cycle can also get better achievement budget. Usually that keyword in the search engine results in 300 thousand is considered to be the winner, 300 thousand between -100 million is considered to be moderate, 1 million between -300 million is considered relatively frequent, more than 3 million are considered to be a hot word. (the above data for reference only)

usually words about the business will do promotion in the search engine, general advertiser and advertising staff must have done a detailed analysis of the degree of competition and profit analysis, keyword only have effect on the company’s earnings, they will choose to promote. Under normal circumstances, the auction page is the keywords with development prospects are less than 5, are the key words can be selected. It also illustrates the site relative is not too much, the competition is not too difficult.

four: the competition analysis of

analysis of bidding website

in the era of science and technology, the Internet rapid development trend, the industry has a profound understanding of the importance of network marketing for enterprise development. With the development of network marketing competition is growing, the Shanghai dragon worker, will also mean that Shanghai Longfeng workload increasing. Website optimization keywords positioning, competitiveness analysis of key words reasonable, if a website optimization, keyword analysis over competition, directly to a field of work hastily, usually only appear you think key words very well done Shanghai love the home page or the first but not what keywords flow or maybe you want to do too hot, with tremendous effort can also do not go up, resulting in vain. So the key words analysis of pre conditions must consider whether they have the ability to do it, this is the need for a test of the ability to analyze Shanghai dragon.

: a hot degree analysis

after love Shanghai index query data, can reflect the words in the past 30 days the user’s attention. People think it is necessary to analysis the numerical reference, if the word has been rising in a certain period of time curve, it can be said that the word is for choice. On the contrary, if the rise of the word curve is close to the top, it is that needs careful consideration. Of course, when there are two similar words, adding love Shanghai index content compared to select good words for good data.


The increase of the chain suddenly influence on the weights of the website


chain is not a day for two days, but after long-term accumulation, so the chain will not appear to move against the website, so as to improve the weight of the role, instead of reducing weight, short time site outside the chain suddenly increased, the site is not good, we can two examples I have a reference, these two are true. The stationmaster itself should have a long-term plan, if you want to rise by short-term rapid chain, so the trouble is sure to get you out of step. Follow the steady rise, on their website on the weight of foreign chain will be on the ranking of some benefits.

finally, I once again with their suffering suggest the webmaster, the influence of the chain site for the weight of the website not only so little, I was lucky not to be K station, just down right, if the site outside the chain increase suddenly caused by K, then a direct declaration of all.


, jump the chain number of thousands, so the weight of the jump to jump. The increase for the chain, suddenly this nature, the weight will also affected. Most of the time, most of the weight of high and low are instability caused by the increase in the chain. A web site may not indicate what problem, then I use a web site to actual combat. Figure

We can see from the above

this is a very good description. Site outside the chain of super jump, jumped from ten thousand to fifty thousand, the natural weight is reduced, if you think this is not possible, so I can only say, you can own real, because it is the author’s personal experience, increase the jumping site outside the chain, the author is suffering the. Hard to do and then an unexpected 4 weight put so all my efforts were in vain. So, the stability of the chain increased, the author suggests that in the pursuit of a large number of owners, the chain at the same time, should grasp the chain number every day, so that it will not be dragged down to the site outside the chain weight. We all know that the weight of high ranking is good, and the weight of this jump, natural ranking also jumped. Especially for the new station, the site itself is not what weight, if the new one up on the chain into large, then it is easy to enter into the legend of the assessment period.

general webmaster will pursue the site outside the chain the more the better, I think so, but after a bloody lesson, I think the chain or a steady increase of good. For sites outside the chain, every day to the webmaster have hair, hair everywhere, there is no increase in the number of counted every day? When love Shanghai big update, the chain number is certainly greatly jump, this jump is for the weight of the website did not improve, but also reduce weight. Today I talk about this problem with an example, the author of a web site outside the chain suddenly increased. Lead to the weight of the website also decrease, first thought is not the problem of the chain, in fact, I was wrong. The chain is one of the important factors affecting the weight. Figure

My picture was a week experience station included nearly half of the love of Shanghai

picture in picture stand ready to stand before heard is not good to do, included more difficult. Because before this, I had several other text stations included is very general, traffic is not, do not look at what it did not take long, hope to put it to the world. So the picture is also try with the idea of a play.

I do a photo station, on a small scale, at present only a total of more than 100 articles, launched in June 3rd, five, included the more than 20 pages, eight to sixty pages, included much faster than I used to do those non picture stand, ALEXA also ranked from the beginning of the about sixteen million to today (12 The about one million and nine hundred thousand day). The following specific talk about some of my experience.

the reason, I think the main or original.

I used a template, buy from Taobao dedecms, it is also this year I was in contact with, and can only use simple modifications, this template is relatively simple, only the home page, list page, the article page of the three layer, the page template is used in image collection. At first in the machine state issued 100 articles, with a night time online (FTP upload so slow, depressed, and then check included) when found is the old name, was very worried, even if the love Shanghai punishment, not for a long time has included the miserably. After one or two days of inactivity, I was in a hurry, then to two the chain in 5, one is in soewhy, another is to use my name as a site called Ni registered a Sohu micro-blog, sent two articles, and then to Shanghai Post Bar made love micro-blog’s Web site, the result is really effective, on the same day to see the love of Shanghai included the website homepage, to check the night had included twenty pages. I stand before those who seem to be not so fast.

is the first choice of the domain name. Now many beauty picture stand, the station did not say first, said comprehensive picture of the other station, I feel a problem is very full, but the accuracy is not enough, and now people are very busy, optional site a lot, what to spend a lot of time in look at those ordinary picture station so, my position is a collection of some of the more cattle B, tough, funny pictures, the general picture not, after much deliberation, the final site name as "ox", check the domain name, the Internet has two call cattle net, but their domain name is the Pinyin and English mix the one is oxpic, another name is niupic, remember to read an article, like love Shanghai prefer Pinyin, but Niutu has been registered, so I simply take the domain name niutuwang, was also not too concerned about it Registered, found and check included later in the chain, the domain name in early 2006 has been registered, but this year has just expired, included is 0, but four of the chain, I was shocked, do not know it included for 0 reasons, do not know whether love is the punishment of Shanghai.

How to use robots.txt correctly and detailed

can use # annotated in the documents, the use of specific methods and UNIX in practice. The file records usually start with one or more rows of User-agent, followed by the number of Disallow and Allow, the details are as follows:

robots is an important channel of communication with the spider site, the site through the robots file to declare the site does not want to be included in search engines or part of the specified search engine only included a specific part. Please note that only if your site contains not to be included in the search engine content, only need to use the robots.txt file. If you want all the content included in the search engine website, do not create robots.txt files.

What is the robots file

: " "

robots file is often placed in the root directory, containing one or more records, these records by separate blank lines (CR, CR/NL, or, NL as the terminator), each record format is shown below:

User-agent: the value of the item is used to describe the robot search engine name. " robots.txt" file, if there are multiple User-agent records that have more than one robot by " robots.txt" restrictions on the file, must have at least one User-agent record. If the value is set to *, to any robot are effective in " robots.txt" " User-agent:*" file, only such a record. If the " robots.txt" " adding file, User-agent:SomeBot" and a plurality of Disallow and Allow, so called " SomeBot" User-agent:SomeBot" by " Disallow and Allow behind the limit line.

Disallow: the value of the item for a group of URL do not want to be accessed, this value can be a complete path, can also be a non empty prefix path, with the value of the Disallow entry will not be at the beginning of the URL robot access. For example, " Disallow:/help" /help.html, /helpabc.html, robot to prohibit access to /help/index.html, Disallow:/help/&qu> and "

Why website weight decreased

love Shanghai products impact: love Shanghai search engine, which will give a high weight to their products, for example, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai encyclopedia, because of love and love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai library audit strictly, and the number of restrictions, so the general impact on the products of Shanghai love love Shanghai know. The owners love Shanghai know, do a lot of keyword related questions, so that this information has some weight, it will also make the decline of the weights of the website. Love Shanghai know actually influence weight, and classification of information content and influence of this effect almost, the weight is a short period of time, it will decrease with time, because this is not a fixed update page, however, in the love of Shanghai products, fell in love with the sea > Paste

tools / materials

love Shanghai effects of renewal: a week will have a major update, and within a week, sometimes not regularly appear small fluctuations, this is not generally a regular update belongs to love Shanghai new algorithm test before and after the update, change will appear website keyword weight, the effect of different sites are different. If the change in the normal update time, generally through the website of the data can be analyzed to change, if it is adjusted in update time is not normal in it, so we need to observe some sites, when a certain algorithm is integrated into all kinds of negative influence, and sometimes will be restored at a short period of time. The first two pages are all known information, also see website keyword weight within four or five hours of repeated jump phenomenon, because these are caused by the instability of the update, especially the new algorithm is integrated into the technology, perfect.



Links effect: Links can be said to be the most easily influence the weights of the website, the website in order to obtain the good weight to exchange about thirty Links, while for a railway station, the Links is often not high quality links, is prone to problems, once the Links website: don’t open, right down, K and other phenomena, will certainly affect the master, this reaction to the site, the general order of "domain" is not in the first place, if in second, whether it is right to be reduced, you need to combine keyword weights conclusion. Along with the "domain" is not a normal weight, there will be a large area of decline, the first is the long tail, the next step is to target keywords, more serious will affect the site included reducing. Which is usually affected by the result, a large area of the keyword directly can not find.

do a lot of optimization know, the weight of the website is constantly changing. A corporate website is a good weight, it will bring benefits is not the same, business opportunities will be more. So the website weight is how change, the website weight will decline to? Here today to share some experience:

website weight decreased

Keywords competition degree analysis

1. we most Adsense optimization keywords are commercial keywords, then we can see a comparison with reference data: your target keywords love Shanghai auction number. LED advertising vehicle as an example, seems on the surface, this car LED advertising keywords love Shanghai index is about 150, if the love Shanghai index standard to judge the key competition of words, then this is the popular keywords, but when you love Shanghai led search advertising car of the word in the first. Screen your web page, the earth is full of love for Shanghai LED advertising vehicle, I don’t know if you see this will happen if LED advertising vehicle is a popular word, there will be so many people to participate in the competition? The love Shanghai auction business is not a fool, but we all know that love Shanghai bidding cost is relatively high, if you see a lot of keyword bidding, then most likely the industry of Shanghai dragon competition is very powerful, do not believe you can love Shanghai search "LED car", you only see the top 10 websites, there does not appear in the page can be. If there is a page ranking (not a large site. Only in the small site for the), we can determine the industry keywords competition is not, at least not belongs to the popular words.

two, since the method above is one-sided, so I analysis method is to introduce what is relatively comprehensive.

keyword competition is a very interesting topic, because we thought the conventional competition is often through love love Shanghai Shanghai index and related results to judge, and the judge method we are often one-sided. Even if it is not correct, so today I come with you to analyze the keywords competition degree from another point of view, after reading this article, let you witness what is not the same as the Shanghai dragon.


, one must first prove through love love Shanghai Shanghai index and related results to judge is one-sided. But we all believe that a key love Shanghai index is higher, so the degree of competition in the word is higher, the more difficult it is to do Shanghai dragon, is it really? Then we give an example to illustrate this problem. We love Shanghai and search for "L", then we will see the following data: love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 100000000, we all know that the morning big numerical love Shanghai relevant search results for 1 hundred million, it is related to your search results regardless of how high, more than one hundred million, shows only one hundred million, then everyone the judgment of "the degree of competition in L" the words high? And 24 English letters, you enter any one of them, the result is reached the limit, but in fact this competitive keywords is not too big. And you look at these letters of love Shanghai index is more than 1000, after watching this, you still believe in love, love of Shanghai through the Shanghai index related results to determine the relevant search results is correct?

On three may 628 love Shanghai event and its measures

speculated that the two love Shanghai algorithm, pay more attention to the user experience and interactive website

is the user experience this thing is difficult to use a standard that the search engine will be more difficult to judge, but the love of Shanghai has a sufficient number of data to analyze and prove that a website user experience is good enough, one of the typical sign is the site of the viscous, is we the bounce rate.


: according to the recent love Shanghai with an open attitude to release a series of tools and guidelines for Adsense website optimization. This includes "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 1" to the earlier 2, Shanghai launched the love of statistical tools, and this month love Shanghai launched a series of love Adsense management tools and information to help Shanghai Webmaster Platform under the Shanghai love Share button etc.. From this very love Shanghai official information and tools can be found in many of the details, one of the largest number of emphasizing a word is "is useful to the user, a clear signal that is the so-called love Shanghai website to the user experience to do good.

experienced love Shanghai 622 and 628 after the event, the webmaster forum is a "sound", but many webmaster website be punished rather baffling don’t know why, where second-hand forklift! A station maintenance the customer’s business also suffered punishment at the same time. Analysis of a number of K sites, the K found that its performance characteristics are:

all night

solution: do not worry too much, love Shanghai completely after the update will return to normal.

The feasibility of

K is the website after the number included in the single digits fluctuated between

this is a saying there are many webmaster support, because in the past love Shanghai big update, this phenomenon also occurs, as the typical characteristics of love Shanghai update day, a large number of website ranking disappear, the site included a large number of reduced or disappeared, but it usually lasts for one or two days will gradually restore the rankings and included quantity, until full recovery.

All the

website ranking disappear overnightThe

At the same time

characteristics of these sites were analyzed, speculated that the following three possible reasons:

site included a number of

According to

: from the K station features found to be punished website have included the phenomenon. There are also a number of sites included the number but showed a trend of gradual recovery in 29 days.

loves Shanghai is how to calculate the user experience is good? The user bounce rate as an example, the love of Shanghai has included the very many sites, as long as there are users.

website home page is deleted from

a, love Shanghai database updating incomplete