To create a perfect website structure optimization in Shanghai Longfeng system

in the robots.txt file


3.PowerPoint and PDF

can be the perfect solution to the difficulty of our website search engine, and.

4.robots.txt shielded link

first, the establishment of friendly link structure

search engine optimization work is divided into the station, outside the station, we all know the station or station or if you do not, Shanghai Longfeng work will not be carried on. We know that the search engine is a software program that has both advantages and disadvantages. As the Shanghai dragon, streamlining operations throughout the site must be adjusted to the website, to search engine spiders more easily, reduce the difficulty of the work of the search engine, if we can do this, then we made a big success in Shanghai dragon nearly. So in the station optimization system sometimes is not what we think so simple, get a few OK, we should optimize to construct the whole website according to search engine spiders’ habits, optimize our emphasis in this article to talk about the station.

? Remember links / *?This

6. picture links

writing: Disallow: *

such a code generation, so the search engine spiders crawl your site map down.

1. sitemap.xml site map, plus

1.Javascript script

friendly, first of all we need to know about those things, the search engine link is not easy to parse, is also difficult to know, I generally give a classification.

Sitemap: 贵族宝贝

file How to establish the link structure of

the frame structure of the 5.frame link

2. with "inside the robots.txt shield?" the dynamic page, as shown in figure

2.flash and other

the above six points is the search engine spiders are difficult to identify, that is to say do not know the contents of the search engine, if you build the entire site, there are some flash videos and some pictures with no text, is impossible to see the spider crawling up, there is a certain degree of difficulty, but even if and we can not be avoided in the production of web pages, such as when we design the website for Industry restrictions, such as: KTV, hotel, bar, etc. some of the industry’s website, because most websites have to put some beautiful Flash video, that this time we do

To solve the four key problems make you successful revision of the website

website after the revision, weight a little influence of the website is always more or less, so we need the webmaster in website also need to pay attention to repair, such as a little more than usual high quality of the chain, to a little more than usual high quality original.


four: after the revision of the maintenance of

! ! !

so what good method can solve this contradiction? It should try to make the site down easily in the revision of the website weight will not end, the author thinks that in fact is not difficult to do website, as long as the attention in the four core problems encountered and solved the heavy revision, and timely, it can let you want upgrade

two: the original website content and keywords to keep

most webmaster for the website is always cautious, because the website accidentally caused by the right, will be in front of the hard but website who vanish like soap bubbles, there is no way to avoid, because with the passage of time, the function of the website need more in line with the user’s habits, to enhance their brand image to facing the revision, this is really a personal webmaster let in a dilemma


is part of the site within the chain is also the website structure, website redesign in the chain are most afraid of is because deleting part of the contents appeared a lot of dead link, once dead links can easily lead to the search engine with your site, so the best way is to keep the original version of the content, and also increased 404 deathblock links page, so as not to affect the weight of the entire site after the revision of the

is the core of search engine website content, but also the core of the website operation, if the website, need to relate to the content of delete it, then delete the best are those who love Shanghai not included, and the keyword of the website to be modified, but can be increased appropriately on the basis of the original, or to the appropriate modification in time to modify keywords, gradual change, so as not to let the search engine think your site is new, the weight and calm the succession of the old site of


three: the chain website

: a website structure reform can be repaired and directional

search engine included a website, will be the main collection site structure, content, code and other related information, if you put in the website, the website’s structure changed, the search engine will think you after the revision of the website is a new website, because in my memory the repository can not be found before similar sites, which will make your website weight all reset to zero! So the website to repair changes, such as the related module from this location to another location, change the site font and color, let the user feel more affinity! After another revision success in the website, but also the need for a 301 redirect to the website, so that you can put the original weights of the old station transfer to the railway station

From 6 to 0 weight share now and then to restore the weight and the lack of experience

two, the chain will not be too excessive for a single, single

Hello, I am Zhang Jiajie. Also remember that day in June 28th, I experienced, now in retrospect, remember. I will fall in love with the sea pupils writing network weights from 6 down to 0, and so the content page will almost K light, only part of the home page and column page. Because of the general situation, I also go with the flow of some love Shanghai bidding group took a look, found that it is of no help.

PR3, the weight of 3, love love Shanghai IP station data is not accurate, I was his 2 times


in just 2 months, I experienced a lot of things, but also tried many things. Here I share.

I am a dark horse VIP blog users, now still maintain more than 100 Sina blog, included only a few, now almost deserted. I spent 1 days to register hundreds of Sina blog, the first group after one week basic are included. And then add the chain link, now my sina is more than 90 thousand. Over the single is not feasible, because I was sending Sina blog, there is a time to love Shanghai is not even included in my original article, until I stop sending only included.

at that time, most of the webmaster is the development mode of collecting a large number of pseudo original + + a small part of the original + the chain, I remember right down 1 weeks ago, I collected more than 3000 compositions of 3 compositions on the website, all included basic love Shanghai. But later included a lot of drop, I deeply reflect the next, stop all the original manual collection, every few articles and a few chain. A month later, is not a little improvement. I had a friend told me that he will delete all the content of the website, then do a similar, only the original and high quality pseudo original article, do not collect the results of his site quickly to a lot of traffic, this is the second book, now the weight is good. So, I refer to it, decided to more than 3000 essay before me all at once removed, then the home of title, to love again Shanghai submitted a complaint. After a week, I love Shanghai reincluding article, although it has recovered 3 weight, but there are many things to learn.

for Tencent like Sina and other large web sites, they have a lot of articles are reproduced, but love Shanghai are included. Their website has experienced the sandbox, and love Shanghai for their very high degree of trust. So for the new station acquisition, this road is not feasible. Rather than spend some time each day to the original artifacts.

severe punishment

now I still maintain the Sina blog, but did not.

, a new station or not love Shanghai sandbox stand don’t collecting a large number of

A new Shanghai dragon Er puzzle the user experience to see who

in fact, optimize the content above, we really need to go back to see customers? Specific technical process, basically 99% of the customers are not concerned with the construction site or the Shanghai dragon specific operation, specific skills, and these customers are not concerned about Shanghai and phoenix net station industry, related news or a large IT industry unless this person (the "

in the above verbose so much specific, want to express what? It is actually very simple, but when it comes to our optimization under construction site with website optimization related business website. Do you know the Shanghai dragon, the optimization is roughly in the station optimization and stood outside, a specific point, we say, content of construction with the chain. What we do? We are doing in order to correlation, correlation of Technology (some specific problems such as production site involved in the process and solutions, such as the Shanghai dragon skills sharing), industry correlation (website construction industry news what ah, Shanghai dragon industry what news, search engine, network marketing related, and so on, such as news), in addition to what

see the title they know, but this article is to love Shanghai Tucao user experience. Of course, you don’t get me wrong, but today said user experience, not the last time that Zac teacher’s blog to be kicked off the Shanghai love home, "what" strong insert this kind of thing, but today is their own experiences, say Shanghai dragon and web users experience their own body contact.

How then to

says this, we will talk about how the occupation of a network’s occupation of Shanghai Longfeng Er, our company mainly engaged in network services, of course, our department is mainly website construction, website and website optimization aspects of the work, this is how his website, these two aspects the contents of. Said the user experience, I believe the industry peers also basically have almost the consensus, our customers, mainly concerned with what? Our customers are mainly concerned about two things: first, price. Second, the. For example, customers want to do a website, first of all he cares for the site you give me much money to do it, the hearts of every customer has a budget, the budget source, may be the mouth between friends, may also be himself by other sources, or he has no matter how many of you have cost and he only care about their own investment, is what he does not see, is a heart of budget. Only within the budget or volatility in the acceptable range, the customer will do this site, if the budget, I’m sorry, even if the clerk never labored, said they do not move the hearts of customers. About the results is also very simple, customers are competitors, most of the time, the site of the customer intention, is forced out of competition opponent, he will pass the observation of competitors within the industry, or he felt he did a good website for reference, under normal circumstances, the customer will like here this was like the requirements.


How to choose the high quality Links

the number of outbound links number is A simple understanding website links to other websites. The search engine’s score is probably like this: 100 points, such as the A site has 10 outbound links, so each outbound links 10 points; if the export link is 50, so each outbound links score is 2. In other words, if you have 50 Links website with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 2; if you have a website do 10 Links with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 10. So when the chain try to outbound links less number of sites do Links, see a number of other Links which can directly be clear at a glance.

exchange Links is an important strategy of website construction of the external links, Links good construction on the website of the Shanghai dragon will be of great help. As a novice webmaster, how should we judge whether a site belonging to the quality of the link, it can be judged from the following 6 aspects.

3 is related to the theme of the site,

in the choice of theme related websites, we can adhere to three principles. The first match type, such as the Shanghai dragon website for Shanghai Longfeng website Links; second is the theme of the Shanghai dragon website can also find network marketing theme website links; finally is extensive, Shanghai dragon website can find IT industry website links.

4 and other export link

website snapshot time can be said to be a manifestation of a high and low weight website, but not absolutely necessarily. The snapshot update frequency of updates with the website internal pages closely related. We choose our friends of the chain of course is a snapshot of time is closer to the day time.

, 2 time snapshot site

< >

Links rules, related topics and web link than not related to search engine recognition and score. Some people say that peer website is difficult to find, in fact, is not difficult to find, but will not find. The most direct way is to find relevant keywords website, another way is to link the QQ group. If you really can not find the relevant, only the second.

The number of

a lot of people will go to site included the other site in the choice of Links, when you see each other website Links than their website Dodon immediately and do when tread on air, link. But you ignore a simple question: how much is the total number of pages each other? If the total number of pages each other is 100 thousand, included is a little more than ten thousand, then the collection of this website is very bad, you have to consider it is not where the problem. The number of pages of a web query can use tools such as Xenu to climb.

1, included with the actual web page proportion

Love Shanghai anti cheating algorithms upgrade combat website hyperlink cheating

link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site;

value by creating a web page or site built a large number of cross chain wheel;

love Shanghai said the upgrade combat consists of any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, but also a lot of hard damage websites owners interests, vicious spiral, lead to the Internet ecological healthy development, there are a variety of interest groups to exploit long interests. Hope that through this algorithm upgrade further reduce behavior on the harm to the user experience; maintenance of diligent station interests, which will focus on building up the content of the website.


joined the hidden links in high quality site by scanning the web site vulnerabilities;

love Shanghai about some examples of hyperlink cheating:

station network (Admin5贵族宝贝) October 23rd news today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest "super chain cheating algorithm upgrade notice. According to the analysis of Shanghai express love announcement comprehensive data and user feedback and the quality of the webmaster, will be the recent love Shanghai anti cheating algorithm again upgrade. The love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams.

to spend money to buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;

has no significance on

The use of recommended exchange links

love Shanghai for super chain cheating to upgrade the webmaster, great influence. Especially the website of Shanghai dragon by the black chain webmaster. Wyatt A5 with marketing to remind the webmaster, site of the Shanghai dragon should be based on the content of the website and the operation, only to provide more high-quality content, links to play a greater role in the dragon in Shanghai. Love Shanghai also said that the upgrade will enable the 3%~4% algorithm of keyword search experience has improved, but does not rule out the fire situation. If there is a webmaster site in the update algorithm in injury, can through the Webmaster Center (贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest) appeal. (finishing / triumphantly)

The announcement of

From four aspects of improving the user experience of the website B2B

of each type of website is dead again good law, if the site does not have sufficient content is no good, even if your site optimization is very good, is not enough, not after the user search engine in what can not see through it, you should at least have related content. Therefore, the B2B site you want to do, it will be bigger, better improve the content of the website included quantity, ensure each search engine has to grab something new.

B2BMember of

speed is a key to the success of the website, if your site does not have a steady and fast server, then you are not very successful, the website the day down, not open, and happened to meet the site open phenomenon, then the search engine spiders to your web site but also by at the door, what also didn’t get, then next time, it will not be so willing to come, this is It’s only human. was put dove, after all, I feel very fun. >

B2B website has its own membership, and you want to become members of the site, the enterprise shall register account it, but many of the B2B sites in the affiliate programs do this very place, let users fill a lot of content, what information should be, when the user is registered to half will want to give up, so we can’t set the level for the user, can make the best of registered members as simple as possible, or even just like information and contact their company on the line, no need to put all of the information integrated, this will only make the user feel afraid.

Set 24 hours QQ online customer service

site open speed fast

program more Jane better


B2B industry website content is king

when a user registered good account information released due to not familiar with the site, after landing in often do not know how to improve the information release, business opportunities, at this time, what they need most is often a wizard to guide him step by step operation, what problems can be solved at any time. Therefore, the best 24 hours QQ website online customer service, otherwise, will lose a lot of customers.

no matter what type of website, the user experience is very important, but for the B2B website is important, the user experience has a direct impact on the operation of the site, determines the success or failure. Now the B2B website but the success of the innumerable, and how much? If your website user experience do not at home, then you will be doomed to failure, after all, the B2B website want success or user experience, a valuable B2B website user experience must do a good job, otherwise, would be out of the. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) from the following aspects about how to improve the user experience of the website:

Enhance the net use chain platform used figuratively for studying hard.

: correlation degree, stable and normal

: search for "big brand", recommended

: safety and stability, popularity, high weight

Links platform believe the webmaster all know, whether new or old station to a chain exchange work, I recently responsible for the company website Friendship Exchange, before did not hand what resources, only in the online search. Carefully study, a lot of friends of the chain platform for online classification, exchange form, a form of sale, some large Adsense sites also have foreign friends of chain platform, such as A5, etc. there are also special network owners, do a chain exchange go9go, choose from a variety of platform for the most important has the use of the limited time, the work efficiency is highest.

did not particularly good way for friends of the chain platform, the vast majority of people are looking for the search engine, I am no exception, because I have only energy, select the first page of the Shanghai platform for love the search results, and then extracted for their own, friends of the chain platform is expensive fine, but is not much, also can ask the circle of friends, recommend some stable weight high platform.

as I said above, not all of the friends of the chain platform are suitable for release, some friends of the chain platform management is not strict, link out of order information, it is easy to be a search engine as a "chain pool", I believe we all know that, in fact the friends of chain platform released information exchange, at the same time is a chain, or one-way links, so be sure to take care of friends chain platform right important high, don’t lead to their own website to lose, there is the possibility of K, if you choose the right, this will be a high quality one-way chain, reducing the web site weight, one should pay special attention to 24 hours the amount collected is website, through love station network tools to query the information quickly, think about it, if you release the information outside the chain is not included, it is not a one-way chain of the anchor text.

circleWhat included snapshotAccording to the Three point

: pulse sorting, interactive < >

platform needs to fill the website information, now a lot of friends of the chain platform have the information to the subdivision, do search function is also very user-friendly, more in line with the user experience, will not come to the webmaster platform, looking for a long time can not find suitable for their own information platform such as failure, and the is to show the whole layout is relatively clean, should be reasonable, not advertising. Personally think that the stage to change friend side, the first stage chain can be reduced, to increase the site’s entrance, sites such as PR and weight increase, and strict requirements, then we must refinement, general site chain control in 40 or so, many others will not change with you. According to the experience, to change the chain site the most basic requirements: three types and their site almost included in the site should be stable, the snapshot within three days, of course, like PR, Shanghai, the number of outbound links weight love each other have to consider. In short, exchange links do not have the law too, increase.

How should the Forum on Shanghai dragon optimization

6. increased sharing plugin. Share plug-in can share articles in renren贵族宝贝, QQ space, SNS is the site visitor cheats, if a person can get double the reprint, page impressions, it will bring a lot of traffic sites, but also very convenient to humanity.

1. pseudo static Copyright 5.

forum website, because more convenient, as long as the construction has certain popularity, the daily work is very easy and user management posts, too many articles do not need to edit and update. So, with DISCUZ and PHPWIND as the representative of the forum site has been very fire. Here on the forum of Shanghai dragon optimization details:

3. forum page cache settings. The page cache function can be a member often visit theme of temporary cache, alleviate the pressure of the server large forum. This function for the server load ability of the forum should try to open, not only can effectively alleviate the pressure on the server to increase the access speed, but also can increase the degree of user experience, improve the pageviews.

set. Many of the original page with title forum copyright, such as "powered by". We should revise the corresponding settings will be removed from the copyright in title to build a good forum, it is very important to streamline the title page weight aggregation. In the general forum bottom can leave your used forum copyright. Love Shanghai more and more weight on copyright increasingly heavy, so a key work copyright setting will be the future.

. Dynamic address forum posts are generally more often, with many parameters, it is not friendly to the search engine, will increase the burden on the search engine included, it will be more difficult. You can customize the post after the opening of pseudo static address format, it is very beneficial to the collection.

4. theme settings. Add a list of links to related topics of the forum, each randomly generated related topics, then formed a large net posts to guide post, continuous cycle. The spider will be uninterrupted in the net forum in grab the page, which can effectively improve the page number included.

Now many webmaster choose

2. site map. Love Shanghai has a "Internet Protocol" is included open forum, love Shanghai web search forum content set included standard forum website can forum posts made to follow this agreement to open the XML format for web search engine index, the post forum released voluntarily and timely inform the search engines love Shanghai. The "Internet Forum included opening agreement", the equivalent of the forum post is search engine subscription, search engine this platform through the love of Shanghai – the world’s largest Chinese, users will likely access to higher frequencies in a wider range to post your web site forums, and bring potential flow your site. This protocol is based on XML format "as the standard, similar to a site map, let the love of spiders in Shanghai included more purpose, will greatly increase the forum included.

Five points of the site and improve and optimize the conversion rate

according to the experience, this is one of the most easily overlooked factor but it will have an impact on the conversion rate of drama. Users are accustomed to search for those brand official information page.

ensure that the similarity of H1 tags and keywords to control the flow of


search engine marketers are particularly obsessed with some data, such as visitor characteristics and ranking, any successful SEM projects are determined by the final return.


, proposition

method returns quickly to improve the search rate of project is to improve the existing conversion rate. Even if the conversion rate will only increase 0.5 –1% of the entire company brought dramatic changes.

with a variety of media to test. Let the user through pictures, text and video to understand your brand, and understand their thoughts after watching. With enough flexible way to meet your target customer demand information.

is five of the most effective ways to improve the conversion of home page and pay rate:


allows users to effectively understand the content of your business is very necessary.

the main function and key points of interest to become the highlight of the text.

The following

the text should focus on product positioning on / to take the service as a necessary rather than just an idea.

trust should become the highlight of themeCorrelation of correlation Keywords

according to your advertisement or description, your users will have an established group. In prepending the landing page to set good related advertising language is very important for reducing the rate of jump. Here are some simple ways to increase the relevance between you and visitors.

domain name is very important. We found that the conversion domain classification test and keywords related products has increased four times, each customer case rate of return on investment is a gap.

The use of

do not use a lot of information is too rich to drown your users, so that they will lose interest and enthusiasm for the brand interaction. On the contrary, an interesting thing, such as a downloadable F& Q, demo or white paper and so on, these can assist you in sales work, and to capture the key point of sales.


The The

know your customers are most worried about most things and fear, and solve these problems.

images to strengthen the relevance because the picture is basically in the page buffer, the first thing you saw most captures your attention. Make sure it is applied to the title and is also used in the associated text.