The small end Gilt Taste’s death food business grave Revelation


in China, and has been a popular fresh food e-commerce business areas, almost all of the electricity supplier giants and traditional industry giants will enter the fresh food area, preferably downwind originally life network in different areas to do fast, but from the real success is still far away, in foreign FreshDirect (fresh direct) PeaPodRelayFoodsOcado (Okedo AmazonFresh) and other fresh giants are doing well, but does not mean that this area will be very easy, no matter at home and abroad there are many classic cases of failure, another "the earlier horse brother gene or thinking? A fresh electricity supplier dead" has analyzed the case of China, and today is a a classic foreign high-end food business failures -Gilt Taste


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May 2011, the electricity supplier website Gilt Groupe launched its latest sales website – Gourmet website Gilt Taste. Here a few weeks ago, Gilt Groupe just from including Goldman Sachs Group (Goldman Sachs), investors to raise $138 million of investment funds, this round of financing to give the company a valuation of about $1 billion.

Gilt Groupe is famous for a substantial discount and limited inventory of real-time flash purchase model, so as to bring the New York style sample sales to the world. Unlike it, the Gilt Taste claims to be built to become a "luxury brand" selling high-end food at high-end prices. However, this model did not work, and in May 24th, Gilt Taste quietly closed down.

but as a group has been established, and the prospect is expected to growing food tech startups as indicated by the failure of Gilt Taste, did not prove to have a share in the electronic commerce industry of local food economy cannot in annual sales of up to $225 billion. However, Gilt Taste of the Waterloo that online sales of food is completely different from selling brand-name handbags, understanding these differences is important.

Gilt tast extension

The demise of

Gilt Taste, and the failure of e-commerce sites such as early online grocery, retail start-up Webvan and online food markets and subscription service sites, Foodzie, have many reasons.

: a failure of product planning lack of fundamental characteristics of personalized food – food food business movement characteristics of at least understood, is directly related to start-up mode is not consistent.

no farm, city, region, or country will have the same local food system

Webmaster, where do you go, stick or give up

remember in April, that is, at the time of boredom on the QQ, suddenly met the site of the net friend. As for the site out of curiosity, but on what is called "higher" have deep feelings, so according to the bottle gourd picture what.. No, I don’t remember.. Bought this < website construction three musketeers > "web language foundation"…. Learned a lot.. Strive。。 Try again… Do not understand, ask the net friend.. In short.. On the construction site and the "higher" curiosity, finally… In April 29th, he built his first web site, because he learned the computer network of the netizen, and also made a computer network…, for website construction, I am a layman! Can build this network, a lot of friends and friends say, like you, this network is also a website… My face was red at that time… What method is there? Just hope the old stationmaster of broad website can extend friendly support to me… Instead of giving me a bucket of water on my head!!!


now I from the website from the two months, 25 days from Baidu included my website, I began to happy every day, get up early every day to update the site! Hope the aging performance let Baidu this "pig", included my article…

later put Ali’s mother’s advertisement and began.. 0.08 cents a day, less than 10 Fen a day.. But it’s money, too. At least it works… On the day of the income a few hundred – thousand people say. I have to study… And envy… Strive。。 I don’t want to say anything else. Just because I’m a new station, I always comfort myself… I am new stationmaster, I try hard, still can have an opportunity… Although I am now a day IP100-200, but most of it is more than 100.. Less than 200.. But I tried very hard… Well, by now, I don’t know what to do, day after day.. Updated daily.. Baidu just doesn’t like my network.. Delete every day I little, no less articles… Cry… I fear the day give me a leave, dial the grass root.. I wonder if you’d like to help a rookie station? I’m not confident now. Can you give me some confidence?, otherwise. I can only.. Give up… My QQ635608447 really wants someone to help me,


Video, SNS, web games and other four types of sites, the risk of bankruptcy is great

"there are a few romantic, there are a few fold fall" – – Hongkong’s former financial secretary Liang Jinsong used an allusion to the investment field has been very popular in the venture site, this sentence has become a suitable portrayal. Recently, 99 music network and Home Furnishing supplies shopping network take Home Furnishing network failures, due to the closure of the site, the venture capital investment will lose everything.

investors show reason

recently, Li Jiacheng Hutchison Whampoa  announced the suspension of the new global investment, before next year, all has not carried out or not bear the expenses will be saved, and all existing investment projects to make review and review, previously, the Sequoia Fund throws a sentence: "before we use the money, cash flow is still not what up, then it would not reach out to us for money!"

recently, 99 China ( music network in a year after the closure of the operation, it is understood that the site in January this year on-line, by an American Chinese investment 30 million yuan creation. According to sources, the company recently met to discuss increasing the bandwidth, but on Friday, due to sudden withdrawal of venture capital withdrawals, into the asset liquidation stage.

one after another broke massive layoffs, such as last year won a $8 million venture capital fund of the commercial web, recently because of employee wages event triggered the dispute, after confirmed, the company laid off 100 people are still the core of the team."

four types of sites shut down risk

Guangdong herefrom, director Chen Sheng said that the deteriorating economic situation this year, small and medium-sized site capital chain tension, estimate next year’s survival environment even worse, in addition, the government to strengthen the site licence supervision, but also to the small website increased policy pressure, "although we have the audio-visual license and broadcasting licenses of the company not in Guangdong, but also to save costs for the winter, such as by controlling the size, the monthly cost of 800 thousand yuan in the compression." According to industry sources, like big video sites, the cost of a month is about 2 million.

four domestic websites because of financial difficulties and face a great risk of failure, including the video website (high operating costs, high risk policy), the social networking site SNS (mainstream sites have been difficult to surpass, consolidate) life search site (industry segments, earnings uncertainty), web games (large enterprises to enter the threshold of Entrepreneurship), when the network entrepreneurs financing will be called the "Web2.0" concept, also be regarded as synonymous with "two".

environment, there is still risk investment into the Internet, before the injection of electronic commerce website "Diamond bird" LIAN sources, today the capital totaling 10 million dollars in the second round.

Review and reflection after famous blog

has made his own blog a celebrity, something that all bloggers want. Ever since the day the blog was founded, bloggers have been fantasizing about when they can make a real name for themselves. Most of the time, though, it’s just a matter of thinking about it. After all, it’s not as easy to build a successful blogger, but there are also many uncontrollable factors.

although it is not a simple thing to build a famous blog, there are still many famous people who can learn from it. These days, I have been observing and learning some famous blog, and found that there are still traces of success behind me. Today, Song Congming will come and discuss the success of these famous names:

blogger’s user experience

first of all, let’s talk about the user experience of famous blogger. When we open a name Bo, often will produce a kind of "linger" feeling. Whether it’s blog style design, or blogger’s exciting article, or a click of the relevant recommendations of the desire, and even the background color of the blog can make people feel very comfortable. These blogs tend to be simple and easy to design, which people want to see and want to see, and they contribute more than N to PV.

blog success or not, its user experience is a key factor. These bloggers are veteran veterans, who know deeply about the behavior of target users, the preferences of target users, and so forth. If you want to build a name, you might as well go and see how your field is designed for your own reference.


blogger’s theme location

a successful blog must have a loyal audience, and the premise of these loyal readers is an accurate topic orientation. As the saying goes, there is no Tastes differ all tastes., something to cater to all tastes, blog is no exception. A successful blog must be within a certain range of success. A wise blogger will never pursue a large and full audience. All they can do is meet their target audience, and that’s enough.

, song wise, has met some bloggers before, and is very vague about the theme of the blog. Always hope that their blog can attract all readers, although the idea is very good, but this is impossible, this is entirely a thankless task. It is better to start out on your own interests, write your favorite subjects, and attract more like-minded people.

keep in mind that small areas will be a great success,


name Bo’s age

most successful blogs are known to be over 33 months old. That is to say, it takes at least three years to build a successful blog. It tells us that any success is not easy

Operation ideas and common problems of film collecting station

nothing to do today, talk about ideas for the operation of movie collection station. Little brother do stand six months, always have the following confusion, I do not know whether you have custody, and see me carefully.

initially do film collection station, interest dictates, see other people weight 7,8, every day accounted for thousands of blocks, that is envy, jealousy, hate, so immediately buy VPS, domain name, installed procedures, engage in collection, do film collection station. Collect updates every day, and then wait list, do not stop looking at IP traffic. I believe many friends are like me. But after a while, there was no traffic at all. I just found out. The Internet Movie Collection Station innumerable such content, repeat what you ask in a complete mess, breaking off the lead out the siege of


of course, I also realized that every day such collection, update, boil it is also a waste of time, I want to find a movie collection station operating breakthrough. Younger brother is now in this stage, there are several ideas:

1: do not take the site as a collection station to do, as a television station to do. For example, you in the resources collected from the movie, it’s other stations already updated pages, form up the film, you can now add collection, can come to the front row with the flow? Recommended: site after the first acquisition of a batch of data as the foundation, and then began to manually update. See some of the recent movies are relatively hot, do not wait for collection, manually added directly to the site, even if there is no broadcast address, put a trailer is also ok.

2: looking for the fastest update resource station, you don’t need all the resources, but the update must be fast. After Nora fell, I have a collection of bread web resources, play a very full type, Youku, music, potatoes, M1905, Sina, Sohu, watermelon, gigi. But there is a drawback, the update speed is too slow, such as the TV series this update to 15 sets, you collected only 14 sets, this movie has a HD HD, his back is the first acquisition TS version, which can make? Visitors can not fool, who is fast, high clear who who, in where to look.

3: playback mode selection, such as 2 said, down after Nora, I collected some time bread net, a lot of play types, but the updating speed, set the number of high-definition version, can not keep up, then I consider watermelon, Gigi, a pioneer in this several players, for users without what changes before using your site is fast, watermelon, watermelon player I changed into it. I don’t care what player you are, as long as I can see movies. But I also can not integrate these players to my site, and I see a few large television stations all have watermelon video, and I also test the watermelon playback speed is good, the renewal of resources fairly and timely, on the choice of the watermelon. Other resources are not collected, only watermelon.

4: as for the procedure, domain name, VPS select the online search a lot, I will say no more. But select template, I want to say >

The main problems faced by the public opinion monitoring work of the government

in recent years, various types of network public opinion events are frequent, has attracted national attention in the work of the network of public opinion. In the 12th Five-Year plan, it has been clear that government units at all levels should strengthen the construction of monitoring and management of online public opinion.

through the visit to some government units, we found that all units in public opinion work prevalent in the following situations:

(public opinion) is not scientific enough to understand

many units, the mention of network public opinion the first thought is not a good thing, followed by fear, but the network public opinion not only is not a good thing, dealing with the network public opinion scientifically also need not blind fear.

Effect of

network public opinion brings, not always negative, or sometimes it should be said that in most cases, the influence of network public opinion should be positive, such as network public opinion can indirectly improve the work norms, institutions with the help of the agency found their own lack of promotion institutions to improve their situation.

although most of the public opinion incidents we see have had a devastating effect on society, the result is often due to lack of proper handling. If each unit can actively carry out network public opinion work, then it is possible to create a healthy public opinion environment.

(two) ability to monitor public opinion lags behind

actively carry out public opinion work is the core of the first time to find clues to network public opinion, which is one of the most serious problems we found after visiting various units.

almost all the units that network public opinion is very important, many units are equipped with full-time public opinion information, at least one, more than one department, but most of them are lack of the first time that the methods and tools of network public opinion clues. We see that most of the units are still using the most primitive artificial search engine to monitor the network public opinion, this method is inefficient, and accuracy is very low.

public opinion monitoring is a routine work, not a one-off. Therefore, public opinion monitoring needs continuity and stability. If this kind of work depends entirely on human beings, there will be unstable possibility and it will be restricted by non working time. We initially estimate that a system can achieve at least 200 artificial monitoring capabilities instead.

therefore, public opinion monitoring work, if you want to achieve good results, must be professional tools, coupled with professional talent can be achieved.

(three) public opinion, lack of post-processing means

public opinion appeared and monitored, the matter does not end, but also the need for public opinion events to deal with. One of the ways we do this is to delete posts, but not to say that deleting posts is the best way to deal with it. Besides, there are many ways to deal with public opinion.

back to these public opinion treatments

Buy network, Groupon mode, money making, no competition, business model analysis

Groupon network group purchase money without mode competition, do not know this title will not be provoked into you again like a swarm of bees Groupon model group purchase website, have seen the incomplete statistics, said that the current domestic such website has risen to more than 400, of course, the data so far, the number of positive or infinite increase in principle to multiply.


remember in May 29th at Li Kaifu webmaster general assembly, the teacher talked about the Groupon model, and this is not good, the reason is the development prospect will reach a bottleneck, also does not favor VC and similar sites, it was the first time I heard about Groupon model of group purchase website, not seriously, because do not understand, so I listen to and.

himself is a constant focus on A5 and Sina Technology, and it’s finally rumored that a home site will finance and finance millions of dollars. However, there are reports of Groupon will be stationed in China, the whole capital first step is a legend website more than 2000 dollars in mergers and acquisitions, this message let me go to sleep before midnight in the hazy Shuiyan bit bright, the first feeling is terrible, second was surprised, third was an accident.

believes that there are owners made a similar website, its technology and operation, the threshold is very low, but this is just such a website, whether rumors or gossip or in financing, mergers and acquisitions news are uplifting. Believe in the way you feel, it’s like buying a lottery ticket.

the next day, which is on Friday, I have a try mentality, also launched their own Groupon mode and released the group purchase website, I work environment of ancillary products – candy series DVD and cartoon products. As usual, Saturday and Sunday rested so much that you forgot about the site. The accident occurred on Sunday at 1 in the morning, as usual before login mobile phone QQ, a friend of the authentication information with each other after straight into the subject asked, candy cartoon is in play beans network group purchase? A series of problems, this reminds me of my online website on Friday, the answer is. I thought it was a net friend searching for candy, because the related keywords came to my website, but then his words made me get out of sleep again, excited, and the other said yes, I bought 20 sets. A market price is 50 yuan, I was the staff of 15% off group purchase information sent to my online, did not expect so soon, or the click to buy Alipay and then half believe and half doubt that payment is good, and then talked to sleep. Go to work on Monday, and as usual, at around 10 received a phone call, the other said that it had 850 yuan for hit my Alipay account, what time is convenient to take. I once again tangled up, ask yourself, is not it, so it is really sell? So to Alipay account balance inquiries, as well as 85>

Foreign trade website construction details determine success or failure

SOHO do foreign trade company in Fujian Province, mostly because there are Putian and Jinjiang foreign trade personnel accounted for more than 80%, a lot of small foreign trade companies have their own websites, but some operation is not very smooth, or the utilization rate and the conversion rate is not very high for what we analyze some problems from early to late:

1 foreign trade website domain name problem

domain name is nothing to say: a fee, foreign purchase price is probably around 5$, domestic registration price of 40-70 yuan, ranging from 60

domain name is not recommended, huh, huh?. Take note of the site URL, too. Counterfeit trade suggests domestic purchase of domain name, saved by K risk

2 server / space size problem

look at the market, where to choose the server, the main European proposal, the British can also. The most widely used server is the United States, and the backbone network is also good. The quality of the server determines the access speed, stability, and security of a website. So, can not neglect, cheap, no good goods, this is what I have always believed, this year, less free.

Another problem is the size of the

space, there are a lot of people about my 10G space! I wonder, a website you have 10 thousand pictures of products also are not more than 500M to so much why general website 300M is


3 enterprise mailbox problem

enterprise mailbox, as far as I know, used to do trade in Soho, Fujian identity occupies a very large component, but the enterprise post office is good, this used all have experience, also too lazy to say more. Mailbox security, practicality, many mailboxes have to be refined. Secretly said, many are not safe, it is easy to be invaded.

4 foreign trade website style question

this problem is relatively small, but a lot of enterprises or individuals trading website, a look to know is China, a word – rotten ah. Complaining all day long, no single, do not know whether to consider this problem, efficiency.

we do business, when visitors enter the site through a variety of channels, 100 how many will be interested? How much will the turnover rate in the consultation?? we do SEO conversion to promote free promotion of intelligent promotion rate of


very important point, the quality of the product is not spoken by the mouth, as a network operator, the site is its own virtual base. A website can’t do well. How can other people believe you? (domestic trade is different),

secretly said: "many people are still using the 163 album?"

5 foreign trade product pictures, product introduction questions,

enterprises, individuals, and individuals, their product pictures are not clear enough, and product descriptions are not detailed enough (not even).


As webmaster also need hype

online selling things, speculation seems to be very popular. But, is every speculation good results? What are the hype techniques worth our learning? Today, I analyze a few cases to see if we can give you a touch.

"Taobao mosquito man" became popular these days. His way is simple – sell what you think is incredible. 6 yuan a dead mosquitoes, and seriously how to fight mosquitoes, how to pay the cost. This news, immediately or unintentionally spread to the major sites, especially to spread to the end of the world, mop and other super community. He became famous. More than 100 people looking for him, to advertise in his Taobao shop, there are several companies to ask him to do planning director, annual salary of hundreds of thousands of companies. More traditional media reporters, downstairs, to interview.

also, recently, a Taobao called "fireworks hot" clothing shop is even more bold – launched several Taobao small second name pen clothes. In my impression, Taobao small two has a high credibility, is to maintain the healthy operation of Taobao one of the core forces, I did not expect the owner was "dragged" into the water". I don’t know Taobao’s management is how to think, their employees so deeply involved in the business activities, they acquiesced? I doubt Taobao, two pen name I can give this shop sales? But there is one thing I don’t doubt that is the store visibility and traffic sure to go up.

‘s last case is an old one, but the story is often full of waves. Underwear MM Song Jiabao, small popularity on the network. Has been in Taobao, Tianya, NetEase, Alibaba and other sites for speculation. Her technique was simple: she sold her underwear and modeled herself. 06 years of fire for a while, 08 years in June again in the two hot Alibaba website.

carefully observed the three cases, I found one thing in common is that their approach is very consistent with the site’s appetite. Such as Taobao, it is certainly love shopkeeper controversial thing pounding drums, spread to the internet. "Mosquito man" do not know how much eyeballs and traffic Taobao brings, the spread of the effect is not less than tens of millions of outdoor advertising sold.

, in this, I think, will not be less, Taobao in fueling. That is called "fireworks hot" clothing stores, but also directly pull Taobao staff to participate. So, we will find that in all these controversial small incidents in the network, there are websites behind the initiative. Otherwise, the virus will never work better than it is now. The website and the individual conspire to do one thing, and the results are very good.

webmaster see whether this will give you some tips? By


Build my English website quickly

  with the small and medium-sized enterprises to develop foreign market and internationalization of electronic commerce, have higher requirements for the related websites, the establishment of an international and multilingual website for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and grassroots webmaster bloated. Here’s a simple way to quickly build an English version of your site.