Lighting shop design must have a novice

lighting demand, profit, a lot of people have the intention to open the lighting stores, lighting stores have a great impact on the decoration of the shop business, have to pay attention to. How to do decoration decoration design? How to save popularity? Today to introduce a few strokes.

lighting franchise store layout to be reasonable, can use larger lamps as the main product is placed in a prominent place, other small lighting decoration in lamps nearby, such as small lamp can be placed in the corner shop or cylinder.

for the newly opened lighting stores, take some time to accumulate popularity, entrepreneurs in the purchase, the choice of lighting brand based, can choose one or two widely acclaimed by consumers and good product sales as store products, consumers see the popular brand products will also pay more attention to it. Can increase the number of potential customers, improve the exchange rate.

reasonable style of decoration for your lighting stores to attract more customers, the business will do a lot of good, so when we open the lighting stores must pay attention to this piece of decoration. How to do decoration decoration design? After reading the above introduction, do you learn?


Novice entrepreneurs must know the future of six entrepreneurial strategy

  many entrepreneurs do not know how to make success in the process of entrepreneurship, coupled with the era of continuous transformation, new industries have occurred many changes, many entrepreneurs have no guidance on how to choose entrepreneurship project. In fact, can not be changed is now a lot of franchise industry has a very good development prospects, as long as the master of the following coup, will be able to start a business success.

  is a magical coup two network strategy. This is based on the Internet, the use of digital information and network media to achieve interactive marketing objectives, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing activities. Entrepreneurs can follow the trend of new trends, such as e-commerce and the Internet and other ways to network marketing strategy. />


Small business how to operate a small image gallery


have not done before the business people will choose some relatively new and promising projects, for example, some people choose to be mini studio business, which is then opened this store to pay attention to? If you want to know, then follow the small series of text together!

if conditions permit can also go a little further, for example in the area near the vicinity of a large event, the operation method can be borrowed from the first station. As for the product is not limited to this station, as long as you can produce the scene, you want to push what.

Promotions also need innovation

although on the double eleven, still has a very large number, however, in fact, many people understand that this year’s double eleven looks not so hot, which is the passion of people gradually consumed. In fact, the same store promotions, if it has always been the same promotion, I am afraid it is difficult to attract consumers.

in fact, the form of promotion should be diverse, and should not be limited to a. For example, in the promotion of cigarettes, I do. I make use of a special day to make a cigarette smoking day for the customers who buy cigarettes. On this day, I will take out some cigarettes for my customers. And also engage in some activities to allow customers to quiz and other activities.

I will be mixed with different cigarettes, and then let the eyes of the customer, and then identify the right guess can be rewarded, this move to attract customers, customers have to participate in. Everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized. Not only to allow customers to feel my frank, but also let them have a good impression of our supermarket. Although I put some, but it is also a customer feedback.

for customers, we can’t just think about making money, but we should do some of these activities properly. This activity has been highly recognized and evaluated by our customers. After listening to some customers, have rushed to come over, although the event is over. But it has left us a good reputation and a good reputation, and we can attract more customers.

in addition, in terms of promotion, for cigarettes this commodity, we can also give those big customers points or send shopping cards, etc.. There are two large customers in our supermarket, the customer is the leader of the company, the annual festival for employees to smoke. And I don’t know how to express my gratitude, so I can only use the way to send the card, so that touched them. So we have a supermarket to win a greater surprise.

if the promotion can not innovation, once it is two times, so, three times or so, this is for customers, no one new, this did not catch up, next to it, and the shop to carry out promotional activities is very time-consuming, no customers buy it, is undoubtedly a a loss. So, want to promote good results, naturally also need to be innovative.

Leaders and cadres are suitable for Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship, really is suitable for anyone? In fact, in the business consultant seems to be general can be divided into two types: Knight type and team type. Knight like people like to go alone, suitable for art, engineers and other work. Team oriented people who work in a team, about 1% of them are leaders, about 9% of the cadres, suitable to follow the leadership of the leadership team, while only suitable for the masses of the people of 90%.

Knowledge is money

is always saying it is never too late to learn Chinese, the book house of gold for the current market economy is not out of date, it spawned an unprecedented market demand and the desire for knowledge, with the wisdom to make money and let you!

in addition the catering industry is also a good choice, such as opening a fast-food restaurant, the investment cost in the million or so, business is the key selling point, is what kind of a fast-food restaurant, have a good grasp of the core business, not like a few years ago, the same soil residue scones, said Huang Jiuhuang.


Underwear franchise brand innovation and development

underwear industry is now very competitive, many small and medium-sized brands are facing serious challenges. Many franchisees also face some challenges in the choice of brands, we hope the products more distinctive, more personalized, but the market is very difficult to find a suitable brand items, so we need to make some changes underwear franchise business move.

competition is becoming more intense, underwear chain enterprises in order to compete for market share, had to fight the price war, promotions and war. At present, the whole underwear chain industry in China is a big environment, the gradual increase in costs, profit is getting thin. Coupled with rising raw material prices and wages, industry insiders predict that 3 years after the majority of the three line brands and half of the second tier brands will disappear.

two or three line brand mud foot deep reason mainly attributed to homogeneity serious. The past one or two years, there have been dozens, or even hundreds of underwear chain brand at the same time the phenomenon of market. Not only the product style design homogeneity serious, but the store marketing model is highly similar, two or three line brand mutual reference, fuzzy face.

consumers often encounter this situation: there are several underwear chain stores on the street, in addition to the names of different stores, fashion design, product display method, shopping guide way, even the products in the store promotional activities are the same. Consumers in the face of stereotyped underwear chain stores as if playing guerrilla war, passing on to buy, bought on the forgotten, the rate of return is very low.

underwear franchise enterprises regardless of large enterprises or small businesses, need to subdivide the product, identify the differential positioning. Not only to differentiate products, marketing channels, terminal sales model, and even the concept of brand and store display are required to achieve differentiation.

underwear franchise brand features are not distinctive, personality is not prominent, it is difficult to break the siege. Only to find suitable for their own development path, and the general brand to distinguish, to attract more people’s attention. If you want to do worry investment business, it is bound to start from this aspect, to think about business problems.

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Wenzhou businessmen teach you 4 tips for success

business people know that Wenzhou businessmen are well-known at home to do business, they even created their own culture, to create their own legend. So, if you want to start a business, how can you not look at how Wenzhou businessmen in business? Here, Xiao Bian will take you to Wenzhou businessmen teach you 4 tips for success!

"world money in the pockets of Americans and Americans; but the money in the pockets of the Jews", "God" of the Jews to change the economic structure of the world. The Wenzhou people from all walks of life known as the "Oriental Jews", with their wealth of action to prove himself not only to learn more than the Jews, the jews. It is said that in France, the temperature of a unique man, doing things gradually Jew out of the market, the world’s first Jewish businessman exclaimed: there are more than we do business!

as Jewish businessman

1984, founded by Nan Cunhui CHINT group is a registered capital of only 50 thousand yuan, only 10 thousand yuan output value of the family owned enterprises, in 2004, CHINT staff of 14500 people, the total assets of 4 billion 200 million yuan, sales of 11 billion 900 million yuan. From 1997 to 2001, the annual sales income of CHINT group and the average annual growth rate of total assets were 39.46% and 32.23%, respectively, much higher than the average level of domestic enterprises and the average of 6.5%. 2005 statistics show that CHINT group in the next few years will continue to maintain a high growth rate of 50%~60%. Around the world, and Nan Cunhui, like the temperature quotient abound.

in interpersonal relationships, they are skilled in the traditional code of conduct, advocate dignified and imposing shrewd. In the application of money, they should spend money wisely, they like to live, operating costs, the cheapest house, eat the cheapest food. On the other hand, after they spotted a project to bound the suddenness of a lot of money "hit" down, Wenzhou housing investment initiatives can be regarded as the one and only. In addition, Wen is very keen on philanthropy, millions, tens of millions of donations they think it should be reasonable.

How to reduce the risk of food and beverage investment


is a relatively simple business to join the field of entrepreneurship, but also has a lot of risk, how to reduce the risk of food and beverage investment? Most important, the lack of experience to the child is father of the man, entrepreneurs, can quickly find out the catering service management from the details, and flexible operating characteristics can be after the restaurant development experience. So, what are the skills of small restaurants can reduce the risk of entry?

pricing comparison

supply of raw materials

is very careful in reckoningMagic