A rural woman in the road of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship need to adhere to more patience Net

entrepreneurial shop has a lot of business opportunities, many people face boring work life, choose to embark on their own entrepreneurial path, in the entrepreneurial path on the part of the crowd, as long as you want to put into action. Entrepreneurship need to stick to, but also need patience. As long as the determination of the cause, no matter how much the face of difficulties, we must go all the way." In March 8th, in the Dabie Mountain Area of the Shihe River District of Henan city of Xinyang Wu Zhen, Liu Furong’s words of her dream business firm. read more

Han said Bibimbap joined what conditions need to be met

said in Korean delicacy project so much in what project in Chinese market more favored by investors, Xiaobian see also is Bibimbap. In order to facilitate consumer oriented business direction of Korea Korean Bibimbap sangdoo, with the steady financial policy, hard market investment, let the enterprise stability and rapid development, so that employees, partners, investors and consumers of our common benefit. Then the Han sangdoo Bibimbap joined

what are the requirements?

Han sangdoo joined requirements: read more

Miller SA cone pizza bonanza to join

now, the market competitiveness of food is very large. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. How about Miller pizza? Delicious, entrepreneurial worry free. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up!


SA cone pizza franchise headquarters in order to achieve the rapid upgrading of product visibility, specially invited to the star as a brand spokesperson, the unrivaled Star strong momentum of the impact of the market, has become the focus in the field of delicacy. It is a unique Italian pizza making process that makes the delicious pizza into a sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet style, so that people can eat it when they are holding it on the Miller. Delicious, nutritious, fashionable, healthy. It is based on authentic Italian pizza recipe and production techniques, product innovation and technological innovation, which is completely suitable for people’s eating habits and personality needs. read more

One thousand Mian investment house of earned income how good pasta for you the whole

in the food and beverage industry, for those who want to succeed in the business of joining the business, we choose a good business to join the project, is a stepping stone for the success of our business. How about one thousand house Mian pasta? With the advantages of the brand to join the project choice, is the first step of our successful business!

one thousand house Mian pasta specializing in Chinese fast-food chain industry, the restaurant chain project has opened direct nearly 50 stores, to provide daily dining services for tens of thousands of customers. Over the years the material is clear and the principle, without artificial additives; in the process, restore the true taste of roast chicken, pork ribs, sauce noodles and other special pasta, can seize the attention of consumers. read more

The British Philips garbage processor with household helper

in our lives, with the increasing pressure of our lives, we are too busy to deal with the trivial things in life. The Philips garbage processor available, is very attract the attention of consumers. How about the British Philips garbage processor? Not only meet consumer demand for waste treatment, at the same time, to join the British Philips garbage processor. Or hot business to join a good choice!

How much money

Philips garbage processor to sell the price is not expensive?. Then the British Philips garbage processor well? The British Philips waste processor is through small DC or AC motor driven cutter, using centrifugal force to the crushing chamber and food waste discharged into the sewer after crushing, crushing cavity has the filtration function, automatically blocking food particles, the cutter head is equipped with two to four a 30 degree rotation of the head impact no, sharp, safe, durable, maintenance free. read more

Shop operators win heart is more important than profit net

in the process of shop operators, each operator will have different concerns, some shopkeepers will be very focused on profit and ignore the services to consumers, and some shopkeepers are more focused on customer service in profit at the same time, just to win more customers. Different business strategies adopted, the development of the store may have a different development. Here Xiaobian suggested that shop operators, but more important to win the heart than profit oh.

"profit" can be said to be the ultimate goal of all types of operators, however, as a commodity circulation chain in a link of the operator in order to achieve profitability, must not be separated from its downstream terminal – customers. Therefore, the profit is more to win the heart, to be good at grasping the customer heart. read more

Charcoal barbecue join rich good choice

barbecue join the project selection, has been a very powerful choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the choice of a simple way to join the market unlimited business opportunities. Charcoal barbecue? Join the charcoal barbecue, a lot of advantages, small business preferred!

charcoal barbecue stores? Open a charcoal barbecue stores can make money? Now join the charcoal barbecue has become more and more popular, consumers, the taste is unique, so the charcoal barbecue franchise store is , if you want to join the charcoal barbecue stores, do not miss this. read more

Coffee stores location should pay attention to what the whole

coffee is a favorite drink of many friends, if you want to open a coffee shop, then how the site is very important. Xiao Bian on the site for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can help shop.

coffee as one of the world’s top ten profiteering industry, how to choose a coffee shop? Consumer demand, want to seize a huge performance, but how to invest in a coffee shop to meet the needs of different consumers, to open up the investment direction of the coffee industry, then select the project after what to do? Should make preparations for the site. read more

Champs Elysees Home Furnishing joined the project choice

in our lives, there is always a demand for home. Small entrepreneurial choice to enter the home market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. So, start to choose to join the Champs Elysees home? Open a home belonging to their own Champs Elysees stores, shop is earned!

Champs Elysees Home Furnishing company has creative design team from France and the United States, Denmark, Hongkong and China many top senior experts level designers, also has a number of Home Furnishing industry operation, management and planning master sits guide, in the product, brand, service and promotion of all aspects of the comprehensive strength do rise above the common herd, grow with each passing day, target at the Chinese 500. read more

New achievements in the construction of new style of work to promote the development of Xining

August 6th, the construction work leading group Xining municipal Party convened (enlarged) meeting, in-depth study and implement the central and provincial Party’s mass line educational practice the spirit of the meeting, the city’s educational practice preparatory work arrangements. Su Rongzuo, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee leadership team leader.

Su Rong pointed out that the city as the second batch of educational practice activities in the region, according to the central and provincial requirements, in line with the work early deployment, early finding, early to carry out research, build solid carrier early thinking, the preparatory work. read more

Enlarge brand promotion service this year Qinghai tourism earned 22 billion 300 million yuan

This year, our province, give full play to the advantages of tourism resources, accelerate the construction of plateau tourism province, with the development of self driving bicycle, "double car driving and rural tourism as the main path, enlarge the brand, enhance service. As of September this year, the province’s domestic and foreign tourists 20 million 761 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 14%; among them, inbound tourists 60731 passengers, an increase of 34.7%, total tourism income of 22 billion 384 million yuan, an increase of 22.09%.

for the development of inbound tourism market in our province, the Provincial Tourism Bureau has organized several travel agencies, the province part of overseas tourism enterprises held a forum to promote mutual communication, to discuss cooperation in tourism. And with the World Tourism Organization eco-tourism experts, the National Tourism Administration, the relevant person in charge of the talks, listen to experts on the development of eco-tourism in Qinghai recommendations. At the same time in Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea, Italy and other regions and countries, through the organization of publicity and media promotion, etc..
read more

Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron highest altitude power transmission substation

The 6 day at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the construction of the China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Three, the highest elevation of the traction substation, Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron dry beach substation a successful transmission, display all the parameters and the normal operation of equipment. The dry beach traction substation is a substation traction in Qinghai Province, the northernmost second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, located in the Qilian mountains, 3545 meters above sea level, at the end of June 2013 officially started construction, is the highest elevation, the difficulty of construction across the board’s largest substation. The transmission success for new high-speed LAN Gan Qing section electrification project successfully completed and laid a solid foundation, creating a grand new high-speed rail line will be open to traffic smoothly. It is reported that the Qinghai section is the Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron line finally entered the FBI test area, in addition to electrical engineering, debugging for the roadbed, track the rest of the system are also being carried out. At the end of December this year, the global high altitude area so far more than 250 kilometers per hour the first high-speed railway will be officially opened.   read more

Every 1000 people have 2 2 practicing doctors

June 26th is the fifth Chinese doctor’s day. The majority of doctors in our province ushered in their own festivals. Reporters learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, to the present, the province’s total number of health technical personnel 48 thousand people, an increase of more than 2013 of 3.8%. Among them, a total of more than 13000 practicing physicians, thousands of people in our province has a total of 2.2 practitioners.

Bars don’t pay attention to business

business process, a lot of points if you do not pay attention, I am afraid that the development of the business will be very negative. As the saying goes, do great things, not to stick at trifles. However, as a retailer, if in the usual business sales also tend not to stick at trifles, lost business, lost customers, The loss outweighs the gain.

friend Zhang told me that he was in the business of one thing. That day, he was busy in his shop. In a moment, in a middle-aged man dressed in dirty, want to buy a knife. The knife Zhang Shop buckle more varieties, middle-aged man shilly-shally, I do not know what brand to buy. At this time, and came in a young customer, want to buy a fan. read more

He said to me he said the city is a popular language of the people

day, Xining evening news joint of each district in Xining, a city that went into the community, into the public house, and newspaper in our city a city work carried out publicity and reports, a vivid report, a series of carefully planned activities, has aroused widespread influence in the general public, even the day the reporter to take to the streets to now, on the bus or in the street, always hear the people of the city and the subject of hot debate.

has a "rain water on the umbrella, we still use plastic bag, or if the drop to the ground, and the old man and the child is not good, not to mention a city now, don’t let people feel that we are not the quality of the people." In a large shopping mall in the city, two women shopping, while using plastic bags from the water dripping umbrella, while chatting. Xining Chuangwei successful, has now proposed to hit the city, the pace of development in Xining is really more and more quickly, more and more cities feel." In the bus station waiting for the young people commented. "" Xining Evening News "reported that the citizens of a city to now collect golden ideas, perhaps now we should also actively participate in a time, in front of health town, we can all be activists oh." In the center of the square just finished an aunt told the old sisters. "We now have a positive action, a city from the beginning of the children, let the children understand why a city, how to let the children become civilized youth, we are currently using the class meeting and other forms of propaganda to the children." 54 primary school official told reporters. read more

Expand the scope of legal aid

from this year, our province will expand the application scope of legal aid, legal aid application economic difficulties for the adjustment of the standard of "urban and rural residents (Pastoral) according to the residents of our province is located in the minimum living standard of 3 times or less, have the right to apply for legal aid, the legal aid coverage expanded to low-income groups gradually, the difficulties of the masses to benefit more. This is March 18th, the reporter learned from the provincial legal aid work conference. read more

New housing price index fell 4 4%

in the first quarter, the city’s new commercial housing sales price index fell 4.4%, a decline of 0.5%. Of which 90 square meters of new commercial housing sales price index fell 3.9%, 90-144 square meters of new commercial housing sales price index fell 4.1%, 144 square meters of new commercial housing sales price index fell 5.9%.

in the first quarter, the city’s second-hand housing sales price index fell 2.7%, flat. Which 90 square meters of second-hand housing sales price index fell by 2.7%, 90-144 square meters fell by more than 2.8%, a decrease of more than 144 square meters over the same period last year, a decrease of 3.6%. According to the analysis, due to the city’s real estate market is the domestic demand, sales target limitations. The current real estate market sentiment strong, coupled with the city’s real estate market after years of rapid development and large-scale urban affordable housing construction, housing demand slowed significantly. Although the country has recently introduced a series of policies to support the development of real estate, but the impact on the city’s home sales market has not been obvious, loose policy environment has not affected the consumer’s intention to buy. read more

Keep an eye on the target depth to create

February 27th, the city held a meeting of the United Front, the Secretary general. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong, Minister of municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal Party Committee United Front Liu Fade, vice mayor of Jiuchen Kim attended the meeting.

Su Rong stressed at the meeting, the United Front, the people were working to accurately grasp the new requirements, and effectively improve the initiative and effectiveness, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas as the goal, and effectively improve the United Front, the people were working ability and level. Keep an eye on the goal of "two years of strong foundation work, carry out the work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas, to effectively solve the problems affecting national unity efforts in innovative work methods and ideas in the work, and actively create atmosphere to create highlights efforts in research efforts work earnestly. read more

Tiger held public employment recruitment will be 4 hours and 8900 jobs

golden bridge employment fairs held in the south of cool tiger Taiwan Ruins Park, because most of the jobs the recruitment qualifications, age and work experience requirements for job seekers are not high, 4 hours, job seekers as many as 8900 people, the intention to reach 1346 people.

to participate in the recruitment of 124 home units involved in manufacturing, finance, transportation, construction, wholesale and retail, such as the top 19 categories, the more than and 60 industries. Provide 2561 jobs, not only executives, engineers, technicians and R & D, general jobs, most of them work on the job seekers age, qualifications and work experience requirements are not high, the employer’s low threshold to become a major highlight of the fair, also attracted many people to apply for a job. read more