Xining City Forestry Bureau was awarded the State Forestry Administration to protect forests and wil

Over the years, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, in support of the provincial and municipal departments, through the city at all levels of forest management units and the majority of forest workers solidarity, hard work and joint efforts, the city of Xining to protect the forest and wildlife resources work made outstanding achievements, the work of forestry the target management for many years ranked highest in the province

over the years, in the correct leadership of the municipal government, in support of the provincial and municipal departments, through the city at all levels of forest management units and the majority of forest workers solidarity, hard work and joint efforts, the city of Xining to protect the forest and wildlife resources work has made outstanding achievements in the work. Forestry management by objectives for many years ranked highest in the province. Recently, the State Forestry Bureau held a "National Forest and wildlife resources advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the General Assembly" in Beijing, Xining City Forestry Bureau was awarded the "National Forest and wildlife resources and advanced collective" honorary title.

Since the implementation of the western development strategy of

country, Xining attaches great importance to the protection of forests and wildlife resources, have set up the management of forest resources and wildlife protection agencies, the implementation of management personnel; the establishment of the wildlife protection station, the establishment of the Qinghai wild animal rescue and breeding center of Beichuan and Datong District of Heyuan nature reserve actively carry out the protection of biodiversity and wild animal rescue and breeding work; establish and improve the protection of forest resources management target responsibility system, strengthen the protection of forests and wildlife law enforcement work, strictly crack down on all kinds of damage to forest and wildlife resources case, organize rich contents, various forms of promotional activities, the community and the masses participate in the consciousness of the protection of forests and wild animals and plants resources increasing. The city’s forest and wildlife resources protection work has been further strengthened, the forestry ecological construction to effectively consolidate the achievements, and constantly improve the quantity and quality of forest resources, a good ecological environment, beautiful environment, civilized and harmonious new Xining is moving toward a new era.



West District CPPCC research work

In order to fully implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China

in order to fully implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the 17th CPC National Congress, to promote the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings in West district. June 7th, the district CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Guoxuan, Wei Rong and 14 CPPCC members on the work carried out in the area of cultural work.

this research take listening to the reports, discussion and on-the-spot observation form, you have listened to the chairman and members in the district government deputy mayor Wang Yongchang on the development of cultural work in our district report, on issues related to the exchange and discussion with members of the committee, and inspected the district cultural center and cold Lake Road community culture station. Members of the CPPCC National Committee of the Western cultural achievements objectively appraises, also proposed to the construction of West District Sports Center as soon as possible, to create their own brand culture, expand western awareness, strengthen cultural heritage, do the work of grass-roots culture; the use of the area resource advantage, take the cooperation between the government and the school, the school music department, absorption the art students to join to form our region cultural work team, effectively alleviate the shortage of professional talents; to actively collect folk music, minor, rich cultural life of the community residents, strengthen community cultural attraction, centripetal force.


West will build the city’s central business district

In February 27th, a reporter from the west area of the seventeenth people’s Congress of the fourth meeting was informed that the west district will strive to build the city’s central business district, in the foundation of the development and construction of Dalian Wanda, West Street, Beijing Hualian city complex, actively attract high-end consumer formats in driving the Western District of popular and commercial gas, gas aggregation.

it is understood that, in 2013, West District in accelerating industrial upgrading, promote urban and rural construction, improve the public service system, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects have achieved good results. In 2014, the West will focus on commercial pedestrian street, Qinghai Richpower Xiang Xinhua Department store, Wangfujing department store west business leader tracking service, to further enrich the commercial Lane area consumer formats, to build the city’s central business district.

reporter learned that, in 2014, West District, pay more attention to quality and efficiency, and strive to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Efforts to promote the implementation of the project, focusing on the renovation of the street landscape, as well as shanty towns, old homes and buildings, such as the elevation of the facade renovation project. Qinghai, South East, Youyuan Qi Xiang Xiang Xiang youth Sijian old city area demolition work etc.. In order to speed up the development of modern service industry, the West will comprehensively promote the wisdom of urban construction, the implementation of information Huimin project. To promote the integration of the development of business, the western research Huoshaogou basin industrial development planning layout, efforts to build a comprehensive set of eco-tourism, cultural industry, forest economy, leisure and public services as one of the band. At the same time, this year will be implemented in the West for the practical projects, efforts to enhance the people’s production and living standards.


Ten news selection of public enthusiasm

"25 pieces of Xining event let me see how to flourish in Xining this year, the 25 major events in Xining, pieces let me move, pieces difficult to choose!" In December 16th, the newspaper published 25 pieces of 2013 major events in Xining, please the public selected the "2013 Xining ten news from Xining, the 25 event was published, it caused a strong resonance and response of the public, many people call the hotline to vote to vote, have to select the idea of the" 2013 Xining ten news". Newspaper published in December 16th, the 25 major events in Xining,, so that the public enthusiasm, and constantly into the hotline call their minds, the 2013 Xining news". These 25 major events in Xining not only summarize the inventory of our 2013 annual overall work, showcasing the new changes this year, economic and social undertakings and achievements of urban and rural people’s life, but also that the city will move towards 2014 to more vigorous and heroic pace. After a first day of voting, "Xining city issued 15 regulations", "turn style Nanshan by China Habitat Environment Award", "cool summer", Xining among the top city "the city to come up with the maximum intensity of the history of pollution", "Xining 80% financial flowers to the livelihood of the people", "evening news the most beautiful building the construction of" Xining City Award tasting event received the highest number of votes, hundreds of people to vote, almost every vote for more than a few major events in Xining. Vote in the hotline, a member of the public told reporters: "let me see the 25 major events in Xining this year to the municipal government for the tangible things with feelings, see the government departments to effectively change the style of work, my heart feel warm. 25 events can only be selected in the 10 is really difficult to choose, I do not know which to choose the 10 to express my heart this kind of move." There is a public into the hotline, breath for more than a dozen major events in Xining vote, the reporter had to remind the public to vote has more than 10 pieces, the enthusiastic public regret to re elected the 10. He said: "through 25 major events in Xining, I deeply feel that this year the city of Xining in a very positive attitude to move forward, do not look at our Xining is a small city, but still can have a big! I’m proud of being a Xining man." The selection of activities to take telephone voting, Internet voting and other ways to carry out public voting activities. Phone calls can call through the Xining evening news, 8230503 0971-8230534, 96388 television stations in Xining, Xining people’s Broadcasting Station 0971-8248596 vote; network voting can log on the website of Xining municipal government (, sina Xining evening news official (http:// and micro-blog Tencent micro-blog (, Xining evening news, Xining network television ( vote. At the same time, you can also fill in the newspaper published in December 16th;

This year the lake will be extended to Yinchuan

January 16th 10, the Provincial Sports Bureau Feng Jianping guest of the people, with the majority of users talk about the development and construction of Qinghai sports. He said, Qinghai sports from the beginning of this century will start on the sports industry, mass sports, competitive sports in three aspects of the coordinated development of the work, after ten years of development, practice proves that this is the ultimate goal of sports development. He revealed that in 2013 the twelfth round of the lake will be extended to Yinchuan, the total prize money will increase to $700 thousand.

Feng Jianping introduced in recent years, Qinghai formed a unique "Qinghai sports phenomenon", especially after 11 years to build, the Lake Race ranks in the Chinese brand Festival comprehensive selection in the list, won the most prestigious international sports events ". The event has brought us confidence, bringing an open mind, the impact on Qinghai is far-reaching, this year’s tournament will also have a new, greater breakthrough. Feng Jianping believes that it is very important to do a thing. Only persevere, 10 years, 20 years, adhere to one thing in 30 years, in order to eventually succeed. Around the lake can go today, Qinghai sports can go to today, is because of perseverance.

lake after 11 years of competition, but also to Feng Jianping for the entire sports career has its own unique insights. He said that after nearly 12 years of exploration, we put forward the development of sports industry as the core, the development of mass sports and competitive sports concept. In 1978-2002 years, 25 years, our sports infrastructure investment is 2 million yuan, in 2003 after a month to 5 million yuan at the rate of increase, a year is about six or seven million yuan. But where is our short board? Competitive sports. Last year, the London Olympic Games, in the history of the Olympic Games, the first Tibetan athletes to win the Yang Yang sister won the bronze medal, which is very far-reaching significance for Qinghai and china. (reporter Ge Wenrong)


Xining City, the first batch of female workers warm hut construction work basically completed

In order to deepen the care of female workers, women workers do a good job, the mother of the family, the beginning of this year, the Federation of trade unions, the women’s department to carry out the work of female workers warm hut construction activities. It is understood that the first batch of 4 Xining female workers warm hut construction work has been basically completed.

, the construction of female workers in the family cabin "will expand year by year.  

Three cards to promote the province’s traffic card

10 28, Qinghai Card Co., Ltd. was formally established. In the future, the province will be the existing bus IC card, road transport IC card, highway ETC card integration, the formation of three card service pattern.

Qinghai province

card limited liability company is the provincial transport department subordinate state-owned holding mixed ownership of all enterprises, the office is in a careful analysis of the transportation industry is facing new challenges and opportunities on the basis of strategic transformation and development to make the transportation industry, but also the construction of intelligent transportation investment and financing system reform and innovation in the field of traffic and transportation breakthrough is an important measure to promote the development of transportation, traffic in our province to play a leading role in the economic and social advance.

Qinghai Smart Card Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the province’s card platform construction, operation and management. The "one card" is built on the basis of advanced science and technology for urban and rural residents to provide systems engineering life convenient, embodies a multi-purpose card features, can be equipped with body functions such as closely related to the lives of ordinary people can replace cash and information for the construction of intelligent transportation, smart city offers strong support.

the future development of the company will in the construction, operation and management services, and gradually involved in related highway services business operations, will present the province has a bus IC card, IC card, ETC card of Expressway road transportation integration, the formation of three card service pattern, first in the province to promote the application and implementation of Internet traffic card, interworking with the national transportation card at the end of 2016.

It is reported that the

, after the establishment of the company, will be in accordance with the established goals, the enterprise will do fine and stronger, to achieve economies of scale, efficiency, speed synchronous development, and with low cost, increase benefit for the pursuit of the full implementation of the fine management, to build enterprise management advantages, excellent execution, the formation right through the construction of a high speed, high efficiency, high efficiency and development of enterprises, and make new contributions to the development of the transportation industry.


Xining East renovation and construction of a difficult point in the construction of health

after a week of Wei Jian review supervision and inspection activities, in July 29th, the sprint stage in Xining city architectural review steering group first team in Wei Jian review, once again into the east area, review the previous part of the problem. Review found that before the establishment of the basic problem of health to do a remediation, once in place".

– Vietnam International Plaza site: construction waste is cleaned, before the mess is also gone. Vietnam International Plaza site responsible person said: so that the working environment so that everyone is more comfortable, more motivated to work together, will continue to maintain."

– Jinke triumph Plaza site: garbage and construction waste has been completely cleared, the door was also hardened mud, building materials are uniform, and protective net bar.

– South Avenue: Jeeves heshengyuan before the cell door has been eliminated, across the district garbage have been cleaned up. But the new site is more, there is still a small amount of gravel on the road.

– Cao Zhai Market: the overall appearance of Jeeves phenomenon has take on an altogether new aspect, completely eliminated, and the market is becoming more orderly, each business door is decorated with a trash, debris piled up public toilet and odor phenomenon has been eradicated.

– the province two car team in hospital: the recycling station has been banned, chaos phenomenon has disappeared, freight items are placed in each point of the dilapidated walls are arranged in good order, are painted to take on an altogether new aspect. (author: Zhang Chengrui)

The provincial authorities to carry out clean and honest family tree family built – looking for the

March 31st, the provincial authorities and committee held a family tradition, building a clean family tree clean – looking for the most beautiful family forum, the mobilization of women’s organizations at all levels of provincial authorities take positive action to deepen the construction of family civilization, establish and promote clean family tradition, and carry out looking for the most beautiful family activities.

will be on the initiative, now in the provincial authorities to carry out within the scope of honest, honest family family tree built – looking for the most beautiful family activities, promoting cadres of workers and family tree. As long as have the harmony between husband and wife, zunlaoaiyou, honest statesman, science godson, Qinjianchijia, neighborhood and other excellent family virtues of the Chinese nation, focus on the cultivation of honesty, integrity and pursue a scientific and civilized family, healthy lifestyle and positive family culture, can recommend or recommend "the most beautiful family".

in recent years, the provincial authorities to promote the building of a solid family civilization, the emergence of a lot of the most beautiful family". 2014 – 2015, the provincial authorities to get the country’s most beautiful family, the country, the most beautiful family nominated 4, the province’s most beautiful family, the family of the province, the most beautiful family, the nomination of 54 households in the world, the world’s most beautiful family, the name of the family, the most beautiful family of 20. These "the most beautiful family" deeds vivid, full of positive energy, the real interpretation of the rich connotation of the socialist core values.