Automotive beauty shop location should pay attention to what matters

the number of cars surge, car beauty franchise business is also very prosperous, so many friends want to open a car beauty shop. No matter what shop, location is very important. If you want to have a good car franchise business, location can not be ignored, the following three aspects are very important.

3, shop duolong city effect. For automotive beauty decoration industry is concerned, the more the number of shops, the formation of a certain professional market effect, the marginal area of the more customers. But the city also brought store dolong full competition, choose the shop in these places, must be in the product, service and reputation more efforts, ahead of the competition in these areas.   4, the store’s topography and orientation. When considering the store, we should also consider the natural factors such as the direction of the store, the intensity of sunshine and the degree of sunshine.

In fact,

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2012 what shop to make the most money

2012 what shop to make the most money? Do you want to start a friend? The whole network Xiaobian pushing several projects, we go and have a look!

flower soil

position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower. According to the current market spend about 200 yuan per cubic meter of soil, with annual sales of about $200 thousand, to remove the rent, fertilizer, water, electricity, wages and other costs, net profit of 6-10 million, the market prospect is extremely attractive. Flowers can also be sold at the same time, while selling some flowers and trees.

exquisite porcelain

as thin as paper, white jade, such as the sound of catering equipment Xin Bone China, porcelain Ivory made popular; antique porcelain, pottery porcelain, cloisonne became a respected Master of traditional culture, a symbol of quality of life stress. The creation of ceramic stores should be located near the edge of the market, it is best to be adjacent to the grocery store, or choose more customers in the vicinity of the market. People with 2-3 is good, but with their own hands to do more ideal. In the display of goods should be more brains, if the young class as the main object, we must have a sense of color on the display, which helps the sale of goods.

children’s products

car accessories

surge in private car ownership leads to rising car accessories. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. A considerable proportion of car owners want to have a beautiful, personalized car. There are many opportunities to be found in the shop. Like perfume, dolls, steering wheel sets, cushions, etc. have a great market demand.


Why choose to join the brand hamburger West master hamburger

said what good snacks, small have a hamburger. While many of the hamburger brands, is the West master hamburger is better, then a month with the marketing will sell hamburger 300 thousand myths are still visible before the eyes. West master as the industry strength of the brand, provide a more authentic hamburger for consumers, so, you know the West master brand investment prospects? The next Xiaobian to introduce it.

Why choose brand

hamburger to join the West master hamburger

The core product

is Shaanxi Guanzhong West master hamburger hamburger, and make improvement on the foundation of innovation. From thinking to the idea, from the product to the framework, the young master will be the perfect introduction of the Internet, to bring customers a new dining experience. West master hamburger from Xi’an classic snacks, but also have great originality, improved a certain degree of innovation on the basis of delicacy variety, with Qishan Ganmian skin, west dining room is small, hand Tofu pudding beef soup Hu, Changan alcohol Soybean Milk, old Xi’an plum, Bingfeng steam water, to the customer is not the same taste buds experience.

choose the West master hamburger is more reliable, the operating characteristics of a packaging bag by West master no oil leakage of the imported materials, each bar can provide USB charging port, so that people cannot do without the Internet equipment convenient sense experience charging treasure in the shop, and shop will provide special umbrella for customer queuing sun and rain.

rapid foothold catering market, the West master is the first time the Internet will be introduced into traditional dining. Details of the service from the core product, every link is the pursuit of the ultimate experience of the Internet, which has changed the traditional catering industry for thousands of years, the "minimum" taste + service + cost model, it is replaced by the new "product + user experience first" mode.

West master hamburger is a good investment choice, to join the shop a lot of support, as long as a small investment can easily have their own rich career, West master to join the project for your business be on the upgrade.


above is small on the West master hamburger brief, of course, West master hamburger shop is foreign investment, and if you’re interested to join the brand, then please give us a message on our website below, see the message after we will arrange our staff to contact you.

Children’s toys store to find the store to pay attention to what factors

toy has an irresistible attraction for children, but the toy market variety, there are a lot of puzzle toys by the young and old love years, join a toy store Unlimited Business Opportunities, toy stores location need to consider many factors, as the saying goes, a good shop is half success, of course, the site also need how to open a toy store, location? Now we have to understand in detail.

to open a toy store to the site, the main factors are as follows:

and toy stores address related toys is joined rent shop address, even if the toy stores can set up shop in a and B, but not much difference between business, a and B may rent far, toy stores operators at this time can not blindly choose to shop in the wadi, and should pay attention to the toy store location considerations: shop rents, and the final profit etc..

shop customer number and passenger flow law

how to open a toy store location? Toy stores location, you must also understand the local population, population density, population growth, population age structure. Because all the people who are likely to be a toy store customers.

how to open a toy store location? Convenient transportation is a toy stores location should be considered an important point, convenient traffic to passers-by, due to more traffic, have set up shop in the value of the corners of an intersection, the road car can see in all directions, the degree is high, good location also set up shop. In addition, when the toy store location, but also to analyze the characteristics of the street passenger flow, choose more than one side of the street or lot.

shop around

in the toy store location, toy stores operators to understand in detail how many toy store in the vicinity, the toy store size, decoration, variety of goods, price and hospitality > State

Clothing store location four taboo investors must not touch

with the development of economy, people are pursuing higher quality of life, which brings infinite vitality to the clothing industry. But the clothing store Feng Shui location, mainly in the choice of a firm to ensure that the spirit of entrepreneurship, inviting customers, conducive to trading, can bring good business environment. When the site must not violate the following four taboos, Xiaobian lead us to look at.

repellent unpropitious storefront

said not auspicious feng shui architecture, mainly refers to some kind of chimney, toilet, cowshed, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and other easy to make people feel uncomfortable psychological construction. These buildings, or black smoke, or stinking, or crying, or Yin disease. By not auspicious building information, Feng Shui as xiongqi.

if the shop door toward the unlucky building, the stench, howling disease swept will doom yin. Some general merchandise business Sundry Goods can, if business hotel must be opened, diet, less to diners, passengers scarce. Moreover, for operators, often in such an environment, can also cause dizziness, heart qi poor, even severe, will be infected to death, taking up the defeat.

repellent annoying store

the geomancy in site selection, to south. Its purpose is to avoid the summer heat and winter cold. The choice of business address, also need to consider the sun and the wind. So, the best is still facing the south, take the south.

repellent cold store

if the store towards the north, winter is also be unbearable to contemplate. Whether it is blowing the northeast wind, or scraping the north wind, will open the door to the shop in the drill. As cold as a Feng Shui was overweight, evil spirits, harmful to all business activities. The clerk was chill, another kind of suffering, the body also dingyiding, poor health is likely to get sick. Although the clerk is the clothes on fire, but was overweight, so the clerk refused to move, to achieve the purpose of sales of goods. The clerk is reluctant to move because of the cold, it will slow down the flow of goods, resulting in reduced sales of goods.

Chinese food and beverage industry service requirements

it is well known that the civilization of the Chinese nation is the only ancient civilization that has not been interrupted. Table manners will naturally be exquisite, but even Chinese must understand are read without thorough understanding the following small, simple to introduce several basic table manners.

, a Chinese training seating arrangement

if it is a general dinner, may wish to introduce to the guests at the time of the seating ceremony; if the high specification of the banquet, the party will be in the booking stage to consult the owner’s views and requirements. Western guests in front of the seat, used to directly led by the waiter to his own seat.

Chinese food training two, cuisine introduction

the main dishes of Chinese cuisine are popular all over the world, and most of the dishes are acceptable. In the introduction, the waiter should be detailed, infectious, and patient, and then ask the guests or their translation to make a choice. Pay attention to recommend, most Western guests are not in the habit of eating animal offal, wing tips, claws "bits and pieces".

Chinese food training three, food service

serving Western guests, the first lady after the man, the Japanese ignore the principle of first ladies, and focus on the identity of the guests.

Chinese food training four, delicious and custom

allows guests to enjoy Chinese food can enjoy the taste of Chinese dishes and service characteristics, but also fully respect the guests’ eating habits and living habits.

below we will select several major countries and regions, the need to pay attention to the training of Chinese food to do a presentation:


do not use plum, lotus flowers in the decoration cloth; love Sakura and carp. When seated, love eating raw food, such as sashimi etc..


do not use the elephant, the peacock flower decoration cloth; love rose. They like the taste of light food, food requirements of good quality, variety of patterns, pay attention to nutrition. Have a special preference for beef.


do not use the crane in spades, furnishings napkin flower; love lily. They love less variety, meat collocation. Usually do not eat MSG, eat more alcohol, drinking, eating ice cream, fruit, coffee or tea.

How do children store product display

baby industry business opportunities, many investment managers want to join. Want to do a good job in children’s clothing store business we have to understand some common business methods. So what do we need to know to do children’s clothing to join the work we have to know how to do a good job of display. Good display can better attract customers’ eyes, better grasp the psychology of consumers. So how can we do a good job on the small series on the detailed introduction.

people are easily brightly coloured design display to attract good store display good work done, will attract more tourists. Children’s clothing store how to display goods? Today, the rapid development of the children’s clothing industry, the opening of the children’s clothing store to become entrepreneurs hot election, and want to successy opened a children’s clothing store is not simple, entrepreneurs have to know how to display skills. Only choose a good skill, in order to better open up the market, do a good job of the display is very good to attract consumers, is able to easily create profit.

children’s clothing store brand image support, props design, details of the & visual merchandising props portfolio. Children’s clothing store how to display goods? When the main function of the props and the display of goods, the focus of the elements as a slight support. It is important to remember that some embellishment to the models and other visual props, no restrictions on these things, carey designed a set of props programme is supported by the walls and floor area of the display of goods demand.

children’s clothing store visual interest, props design and product strength. Children’s clothing store how to display goods? Reaffirming the importance of the actual commodity, props and merchandise to create a visual image. This means that when designing a prop to make the product a major item, the next item will have more detail and personality, but it is still not too heavy. If a store to do a good job of the display, must be good for the store, is conducive to store profitability.

above is about how to do a good job on the presentation of children’s clothing store, I hope you should pay more attention to this. Children’s clothing store how to display goods? Good display is more conducive to the operation and development of infant franchise stores. Entrepreneurial skills, business needs more methods, want to open a good children’s clothing store, then you have to know these skills and methods of management, in order to help you make more money to make profits.

What matters a part-time business – Business

people in more than -time part-time, and naturally there are people in the business part-time, -time part-time business only, is different from the ordinary part-time, attention is more, also need to attract entrepreneurs attention, so as to ensure the part-time business success. So, what are the points of part-time business?

part-time entrepreneurship is based on existing work on the two work. A part-time business was also a choice of commercial projects to start, operate, generally speaking, suitable for working entrepreneurial projects are relatively small, but this small project is a pioneering project, independent entrepreneurial projects. Since it is an entrepreneurial project, you have to act in accordance with the laws of the business, the operator needs to have a certain degree of business characteristics and related prerequisites. These conditions can play, otherwise, it becomes a victim of the sea tide and stepping stone, specifically what conditions need is suitable to do business while working side.

part-time entrepreneurship five matters needing attention

has a commercial heart

is a business mentality what kind of state of mind to do what kind of thing, do business, naturally have to have a business mentality, then the business mentality, there are factors that constitute it? In simple terms, it is necessary to understand the nature of business where the business process and the outcome of the relationship. Popular point, the fundamental purpose of business is to make money, the so-called market selection, product, project and operation mode and so on are the process and tools, everything should be to achieve profit as the ultimate goal as the core operation, as the guiding ideology.

human resources

has no human resources there is a saying: "money is not earned, but my friend", while working side business for the small start-up cost, various aspects of starting budget are relatively limited, but in the initial stage is the maximum period of consumption of resources, it must be considered by the the relationship strength, to reduce costs, improve work efficiency to promote. Especially in market research, product storage, customer development, backdoor operation, procedures registration and so on, each step involved in the quasi best boss, needs to have some connections, the success rate of entrepreneurship and stability so as to ensure the maximum.

very strong pressure

to work out time in the primary stage of working business, due to the cost and volume of business considerations, not it is not necessary to directly recruit staff, many of the specific work are quasi boss himself everything fine personally. The problem is the need to personally most of the time in working hours, which requires prospective bosses can come out in time to go to work, and it is legitimate to walk out, not every day, please.

Ai Chi Domar’s face is how much the whole – jiamengfei

photoelectric beauty, in our life, has always been a very stylish choice. The photoelectric skin come out, deeply consumer’s affection, is also a very popular choice. If, you are also very heart, then, come to Ai Chi Domar wash your face bar!

how about Ai Chi Domar’s face?

many people want to do skin care and attention is the photo, the price of the problem. In fact, there is a certain relationship between the price and the recipient photoelectric skin in their own body, in addition to the choice of skin mechanism also has inevitable relation. Ai Chi Domar wash it is beauty of the well-known institutions, a number of stores across the country, are provided with photoelectric skin project. Prices are generally very reasonable, both within the scope of the subject can withstand.

Ai Chi Domar’s face. In addition to reasonable prices outside the photoelectric skin, also has good service, first-class environment and excellent. To ensure that every Amy photoelectric skin in Ai Chi Domar wash it, will not have any discomfort. At the same time can experience the service and environment super class, ensure after the surgery can achieve good skin effect. Ai Chi Domar wash it headquarters to ensure that every consumer satisfaction and satisfaction.

how about Ai Chi Domar’s face? Not only has a very high popularity, but also to join the Ai Chi Domar wash it project, or very strong brand to join the project selection! Good business opportunities to become rich, is the goal of our choice, then, are you ready?